The law of grace

Beautiful forms compose us…

Perhaps we were just that, beautiful forms before these eyes of ours that respond to their rhythm. Levitating in the feeling of the bodies subordinated to the protection of the law of grace. Coming and going like the comrade who put our drinks in the bar to the sound of his routine. Abandoning ourselves to nothing, without constitution or obligation. Only the law of grace elevating us to a world without reason, just before hearing that you could not stay.

My naughty tongue slipping slowly down your neck. Sweet kisses in her pleasant company accompany her, as my hand presses on the increasing humidity of your sex. Nerves, shyness, you are ashamed to look me in the eyes while I force you not to remove them.

Feel yourself in every vibration. Shivering that connects us to a forgetfulness of emptiness where nothing matters.
Only our ecstasy.

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