Worry less and act more: 6 essential tips

The moment you accept that life is not always rosy, you learn to stop complaining uselessly. It doesn't matter in which area it applies. The hard doses of reality do not turn off the one who never stops dreaming. It is to worry excessively what inhibits the resurgence of our talent.

Sometimes unforeseen arise. Life is not a stagnant ocean, it is a scrambled ocean. It is always unpredictable. It is a jungle full of chaos that will subject you to crash your face against the earth if you don't stop it…

Worry less and act more

Leave the complaint and encourage your enthusiasm

Complaining does not help us change absolutely nothing. The complaint is the appeal of the resigned. I know because I have complained many times myself. But there are other occasions in which, no matter how unrest the waters were, I have gone into existence to send my message:

That's better, unruly capricious life. You won't see me take a step back. You will not see me pleading to heaven for protection. You will see me fighting. You will see me getting stronger and bigger for more difficulties you send me. And when you find me subdued, biting the canvas of failure with my teeth, even in the depths of the soothed pain, do not give up, because inside I will still smile. Ready to get up again. Ready to play another game, with a little more grip than yesterday, whatever the next cards that touch me today.

Watch your focus

It is often our concerns that stimulate our failures. The mind is a powerful instrument, but it is our focus that guides it. Worrying is not the result of what comes from outside, that is stimuli. Worrying is the result of our own search.

He who cares about calamities suffers them twice.

Og Mandino

If we keep our attention on the negative that may occur, the darkness will inexorably fall upon us. We cannot find the way to the light if we get lost in the possible gloom.

It is our duty to direct our attention so that our mind finds lights where before it only saw shadows.

Leave worries aside and concentrate on your actions. Feel on the move Perceive each sensation through the look of love and enthusiasm. Focus on the solutions and dreams that draw your successes, and finally you will find your treasures. Everything is born and comes from your conscious attention.

Learn to keep calm

Many of the times we go through times of downturn, all we need is relax and empty ourselves of all those doubts and concerns, which are often not even important. Meditation, physical exercise and yoga, are some of the activities that I usually resort to when I see that I worry too much.

It is well to allocate numerous cognitive resources to think about solutions to our problems, but at the same time we must ask ourselves if those problems are really vital for our life, or are rather the fruit of our own state of mind. We can avoid worrying unnecessarily thanks to meditation and awareness stimulation.

A poem by Pessoa ...

An excessively clear day,
one day they wanted to have worked hard
to not work anything,
I glimpsed, which path between the trees,
what may be the Great Secret,
That Great Mystery that false poets speak about.

I saw that there is no Nature,
that nature does not exist, that there are mountains, valleys, plains, that there are trees, flowers, herbs, that there are rivers and stones,
but that there is no whole to which that belongs;
that a real and true set
It is disease of our ideas.

Nature is parts without a whole.
This is perhaps the mystery they speak of.

And that is what without thinking or stopping
I guessed it must be those truth
that everyone is looking for and that they don't find,
and that only I, who didn't go looking for her, have found.

Fernando Pessoa, Poetry.

Don't fear pain, experience it


Do not fear pain, just accept it and experience it. Taste it like a bitter fruit, closing your eyes and feeling its electricity.

Intensity makes us land in the consciousness of now. It helps us feel our presence and merge with it. It allows us to perceive each sensation with greater sensitivity.

I will welcome happiness because it magnifies my heart; but I will also endure sadness because it discovers my soul.

Og Mandino

To be happy we do not need to be unchanging robots with a strong inability to suffer. What we need is to appreciate the intensity of pain as a meditative experience With gratitude. It may cost us at a time when the pain is more intense, but surely you remember past situations where the pain is now reflected as a beautiful and energy-charged part.

Receive the pain in all your feeling, seeing it as a meditative experience, and it will become love. In lighting.

Define and pursue your mission

If we do not know what the purpose of our actions is, that purpose that prevails behind each objective, goal or project, we will take meaningless steps. Thus it is difficult not to worry. We will climb the stairs, but as much as we climb we may not find anything up there.

The worst thing that can be done is to set superficial objectives for no purpose. Earn money, have a nice car, ride big projectsos, write a book, etc. etc. All of these can be wonderful goals for us, but they need to be based on a greater purpose. A higher goal A sense that makes sense of everything else, and avoid worrying unnecessarily.

Have goals you can meet every day

A good purpose is to try to make those around you happy. Another good purpose is to grow and learn more and more about life. Another great purpose is to enjoy as much as possible each day. Although for me, the most important, is to fully enjoy every moment of my life under any circumstances, and at the same time that these moments lead me to my dreams.

What is truly significant when you set goals, is that those goals make you feel that you are moving towards a higher purpose. If you only think about objectives and goals, you don't see the light at the end of the road. And without that light it is very easy to plunge into darkness. Losing the direction between goals and jobs to do and feel the nonsense has led many to madness.

Define your purpose now. Do not procrastinate. Consider that purpose that will move all your actions. Maybe you can write a couple of them. And make sure you always have them near you. Remember them every morning, every night before bedtime. Thus your goals and each of your movements, in your now, will be charged with meaning for a purpose that nourishes you and enlightens your soul.

Be constant


In this life, the difficult thing is not to change. We are all changing day after day. Our ways of thinking change. Our goals vary. Dreams are modified. New ideas firmly come to us.

The seal of mediocrity is not the unwillingness to change. The hallmark of mediocrity is chronic inconsistency.

Jim Collins

And change is good, but it is good when it is sustained by a mission of consistent and enduring life. The change eIt's good on the basis of healthy beliefs and values ​​to guide us.

There will always be times when our ship deviates from the course. But the problem is not drifting, because it is in those moments where We feel lost when we learn the most and look for creative solutions and ideas for change. The problem comes when we lose the map and begin to change course constantly without meeting. That is when it is inevitable to worry.

Accept the change, appreciate the difficulties and observe its beauty, but never forget where you are going and what you want to feel. It is that consistency in your mission, in your purpose, that will make the changes stronger to always go beyond.

Don't judge, offer your hand

It is easy to point the accusing finger and judge others for their mistakes. The difficult thing is to imagine is your skin, place yourself in your circumstances, analyze what may have happened to make a mistake, and help you out of the well.

Inevitable is losing consciousness at some times. The circumstances that surround us can overcome us and leave us blind, both you and others. Don't forget it the next time they hurt you, well maybe the other person what you need es help and advice, and not to point it out with your finger.

Focus your attention on offering your hand from compassion and love towards others, so you will avoid falling into the precipices of the conflict and avoid touching that great background of worries. That is to worry less and act more.

Appreciate the moment


Ask a millionaire on his deathbed what he would buy with all his money. What would you buy in exchange for running out of a penny. Your answer will always be the same. Weather! That is our greatest resource. Let's not waste it in bad ways.

Happiness is not just about appreciating what we have. You are not happy just for what you have already achieved. You are happy because you value what you are and what you can get. You are happy because you have this moment! You feel happy when you notice your presence here and now.

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Smile and open yourself to life with courage. Rate it that you already have and enjoy it. Do not fear the future or what you can lose or stop winning. Happiness is now. Life is now. Open your eyes wide every second of the rest of your life! Every moment deserves to be appreciated.

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