Without fear of criticism

Understand the meaning of criticism and never give up no matter how much they shoot you with their sharp stinger. There will always be people willing to criticize us no matter how well we believe we are acting. We will always find people who only see the negative parts and throw their lack of confidence on the backs of others to share their weight.

Neither Buddha, nor Jesus Christ nor any president of any country, escapes criticism. There is always someone who thinks differently. You won't pretend to be the exception, right? Criticism does not escape anyone, as there are subjective perceptions of reality as people inhabit the earth.

Therefore, the problem is not the criticism, but how we react to them. If we are sure of our actions and willing to face any repercussions that precede them, we will face criticism with a very high face. Even the sense of humor, always a rain of joy in our lives, can help us understand criticism in its most emotional and avant-garde touch. More poetic

The way in which people go around today is criticizing you behind your back for things that are absolutely and completely true.
Oscar Wilde

If you are sure of something, follow your instinct. Those who have not been able to do something that you try are always the first to criticize. "Don't be naive, I tell you that is impossible because of blah blah blah ..." They always find all kinds of reasons to defend that you will not get what you propose, or you will not achieve the changes you want, because they have failed before you and the resignation only allows them to see the reasons for failure.

Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?
Groucho Marx

However, never stop listening and observing. Criticism is a great source of information. They can be very constructive, because you can learn from them. Especially if they are well grounded. But one way or another, don't let them affect your happiness in the now. Accept or ignore them, learn, change, renew, and move on with your ideas and purposes. You will find the way!

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We don't care what they say about us. Bad are the mouths that waste their time criticizing others. Don't waste your time with those "bad habits." Thus your originality will leave its signature in the memories.

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