What to talk about on a date: Never run out of conversation!

What to talk about on a date? That is a question that comes to us immediately when a new encounter is on the prowl. We feel it fluttering through our guts. That nervousness that warns us that something important is about to happen and it is possible that a great adventure awaits us. We want everything to come out of fable! We dream and dream of those smiles that follow each other, the caresses that roam the air and the tension of what may happen. Now let's get ready not to run out of conversation!

First of all, get rid of useless pressures

Accept and control nerves

Okay, the date comes and we don't know what will happen, but where is the problem? We are seduced by the mystery of not knowing what will happen. And it is precisely by accepting that unpredictable reality that we manage to disperse this paralyzing nervousness and even use it in our favor; for example for generate sexual tension. So that Being nervous is natural and I would even say desirable.

That person in front of us is special, isn't it? Well, if it is, and be sure that we will tell you why we believe it, it is normal that we feel a little embarrassed. We are eager to discover Pandora's Box of its best kept worlds ...

Life is mystery; Blind light and inaccessible truth amazes.
Rubén Darío

The best attitude for first and second dates

The attitude is vital so that what we say has the meaning that we want to give it and that we can have lip ample. Attitude is our predisposition to act in one way or another and what we must have before an appointment is not to throw a powder or to meet the long-awaited love that we have been waiting for so long: The right attitude is to "know each other". Enjoying the moment together without worrying about what comes next.

Know each other…. Point and ball. Only that. From there, it will be our philosophy of life and our communication that will guide us according to what is happening. Something that can be an absolute obviousness but that our mind forgets in its urgent need to like and predict the future.


The solution? Forget about whether or not you are pleasing the other and predispose to know and know you in the depths of your honey. Letting what happen next remain a mystery, be assured that it will make it more beautiful!

Make your conversation topics more interesting

conversation topics for an appointment

The conversation topics The most interesting to keep in mind to know what to talk about on a date are those that take us to meet. No more no less. Those who make trust increase and can create emotional connections May they make us cross those rivers that flow into our hearts. That is why in this article we will see how to speak from our philosophy of life, attitudes, beliefs, visions and objectives. Being all these aspects that define us and that make what we carry within contribute interest and relevance to what we say.

You don't have to always try to live to the limit. But if you have to, make sure you are prepared for it. Make sure you are willing to change the old for the new.

Life philosophy

We are accustomed to say what we do, what we like to do, what sports we practice, and so with an immensity of conversation topics. And they are important issues to consider to know what to talk about on a date. But what is behind all those behaviors? Isn't that even more important?

Why do we do all that and not other things? How does all that relate to our ways of thinking? What experiences of our life have led us to choose these paths?

A philosophy of life gathers all the variables of our behavior that we have mentioned before: attitudes, beliefs, visions and objectives. And every time we talk, even without wanting to, we communicate them.


—With that smile and that beautiful body that you spend, I am sure that you hide more than one passion, to start some for the sport, isn't it? I ask as I stroke my glass on a splendid summer afternoon.

"You're not very misled, I've always liked to exercise," she whispers visibly nervous.
Something normal in what is our first date, and that God knows if it could not be the last one we had. But it does not matter. Nothing matters more than feeling in our universes.

"I like to see you nervous," I whisper flirtatiously. What sport do you like the most right now?

"Well ... I've always done a little of everything." But right now for work issues and so on I don't have much time left so I'm doing CrossFit, do you know him?

-Yeah right. In my gym it is also and I have gone to some classes. I have always been passionate about trying to give my best. In any area I like to demand my highest performance and in CrossFit classes you definitely squeeze yourself.

-To me the same thing happens to me! Well, I tend to be a bit lazy. But, I don't know… The sport is always the more demanding the more it helps me get out of my comfort zone.

Talk about your attitudes

In the previous example we have been able to observe certain attitudes: "Demand my maximum performance". That is the most important topic of conversation. From there, the attitude identified and synthesized, we can derive all the issues that relate to it. And this is what we have to always keep in mind: According to what defines me and defines the other person, what parts of our life can we relate to?

Imagine now that attitude is creativity: "We like to feel creative." Therefore, based on creativity, we will use creative attitudes as a lever to talk about ourselves and the other person.


—Perhaps I am an entrepreneur because I have always liked to feel creative. Feeling that I don't have barriers and that I don't do things because they send them to me, but because I trust to create something different that fills me and brings something different to those who trust me.

"You can tell that this is a very powerful part of you," musita visibly captivated.

My gesture catches my attention. I already knew he was attracted to it but now his face discovers a different color.

"What do you notice?" What makes you think that? I could be cheating on you… ”I explain with an arrogant gesture.

"You don't fool me because you transmit it every time you speak." In the way you look, in the way you move… You feel that confidence of not being afraid of anything. Of not being afraid to discover new things. If not to feel attracted to them.

"Looks like you don't dislike the idea either."

"No, believe me not," he whispers with his gaze fixed.

That sexual look that tells me that what you want to discover is me.

Vision and objectives

When we talk about vision we mean the purpose of everything we do and want to achieve. That is why when talking about our goals and objectives we always have to look a little deeper into them to find what justifies them philosophically. Being able to narrate our own experiences that have led us to think like this and also obtaining very valuable information to know how to praise what the other person values ​​most of himself.


—I wanted to get my Marketing career because deep down I felt I could contribute a lot to this world. I have always loved psychology, poetry and everything related to the world of personal development and somehow I looked for ways to motivate others to do so.

-Interesting! And well ... now what are you doing?

"Well, I'm somehow fulfilling it." I have my own project where I offer courses and free material that I see that manages to help many people, and I have the dream of creating a fashion firm that also promotes that philosophy of personal growth that is in me.

—It shows a lot that you live what you tell. Something similar happens to me. Not on such a large scale or professionally, but with my friends and family. I like to feel that people feel supported when they are with me and that I can give them something.

"Yes, I have realized that." You transmit a very positive energy.

- Somehow I think that if we are here it is to enjoy our lives. Here and now. And whatever you try, always keep it in mind.

Beliefs that make us unique

Beliefs form the set of our ideological principles and usually (or rather should) be consistent with our actions. That is why every time we communicate a belief we are saying how we relate to the world. And yes, that is tremendously interesting when we are meeting someone.


"I think the world would be much better if all its inhabitants were lucky enough to wake up every morning next to that smile," I whisper with a joke after my last joke.

"Well, that is a somewhat complicated remedy." You will have to look for something else if you want to change the world.

"Changing the world is easy!" It's just a matter of changing how we look at it. It is we ourselves who forge what we see out there. That is why we are the blacksmiths of what we feel and live.

"I think just like you." There are many people who just look out. Looking to see what can change to be happy, when what makes us unhappy is how we look at what we are seeing.

-That's. The question is whether we look with beauty eyes or if we do it with the glasses of bitterness. It is the perception of reality that makes us form it in our head beauties.

—I like to talk about this with you, it shows that you are a very deep boy. You are interesting.

"Deep and interesting would be that morning awakening with your smile that I told you before." Surely if that didn't change the world, at least mine would give it a good push.

Three tricks to never run out of conversation

Let's now look at three creative approaches that we can apply with total naturalness so that we always know what to talk about on a date and our social skills flow like the spring wind. Being these the basis to improve our lips in an unlimited way and that learn to flirt It goes from being extremely complicated to something much simpler.

Observe how God commands

To have a good first date and successive we have to be in the present moment. That is, attentive to what is happening and the person in front of us; Not in Babia.

For those who do not know the expression "being in Babia" means being distracted and with distant thinking. Without hearing about the movie, let's go!

Some ways to be in Babia is be continually thinking about what we are going to say and what we are going to talk about, which increases our nervousness. But not pretty nervousness, but the one that paralyzes us. Let paradoxically our fear of not knowing what to say is materialized by the constant search for what to say!

To avoid it we have to focus our attention in the person in front of us: what he is telling us, his gestures, his way of speaking, his personality traits, etc. And in ourselves: what we feel, what the other person is inspiring us, our beliefs, etc.

From there, With our focus outside the insecurities of our mind and our conversation directed towards what inspires us the beauties of the present moment, we can get carried away. Especially if you apply the following two tools with expertise.

Conversational Threads and Mind Maps

Threads conversations are the most important parts of a sentence and of which we can go pulling never to be blank. While mind maps consist of making associations based on words. Therefore, both creative techniques together allow us to continue any conversation as far as we want. More taking into account that we can even throw and create partnerships through our own threads, something that I explain in much more detail in my book Wake up beauty. But let's stop talking and see an example:

For my vacation me love go to sites nuevos that never beech visa.

Based on this sentence using these two techniques and pulling the threads marked in bold we could answer:

During: To me during mine I am not very demanding. With having a good book in which to immerse myself and fly in his adventures I am worth it. I love literature. Although if the trip is adventurous, I better leave the book on the bookshelf and start flying, waving my arms if necessary.

Vacation: Don't talk to me about vacations that I don't see when they arrive. This year is being tiring. Now, as soon as August arrives, I need to take a bath in rum jars every day.

Love: I like it too. Above all, know the customs of other cultures. It is exciting to see people live with ways of thinking that you had never imagined existed.

Sites: My favorite place is the thin curve of your belly when I gently support you to receive your sweetest caresses. From there, you can take me wherever you want.

New: I already knew you were an adventurer. I am also excited by everything new.

Never: Well, imagine how much I would like to visit your lips now.

Displayed: Have you ever been to New York? I saw her last year and it's awesome.

Because otherwise! For this…

Emotional connections are general from those “Whys” that invite us to share our reality and that are vital to connect on a date.

In all the previous conversation examples there are those whys. This is because when we interact we like to feel that we go hand in hand. May we move together with the universe in sync. In other words: that we understand, accept and support each other. Getting empathize together taking the emotional communication as a basis when talking about our feelings and emotions. What will make a difference between an appointment ending with a happy ending or that we end up listening to the bells of lament.

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Whatever happens, accept and love yourself. Those are your best cards to face any challenge. Your best moves to squeeze every moment full of passion. Avoid the boredom of perfection, and see how far you can go from love to what you are and where you already are. That is the number one springboard that throws us to success.

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