Start discovering yourself in the mysteries of the unpredictable. Enter the deepest part of the jungle that is life. Navigating through the unknown. Betting on an intense life in which to overcome yourself is the path that will lead you to awaken all its beauty. Experiencing intensely all those completely unique and completely ours moments.


Assertive communication: Guide with assertiveness examples

Assertive communication is somewhere in between aggressive and passive communication. Allowing us to present our arguments without judging or attacking the receiver of the message or his own convictions. Being assertiveness is an essential skill to negotiate and avoid any type of conflict. How to use assertive communication? To be more [...]


5 tricks to dress well with minimalist style

Possibly even Sancho Panza would manage to transmit elegance by incorporating minimalist clothes into his wardrobe. And it is that reducing to the essential, the minimalist fashion style is characterized by offering us a timeless, natural and modern aesthetic. Its design patterns advocate the use of straight lines, seeking in turn to evoke architectural elements in the [...]


Seduce transmitting sexual tension: Sexualize your conversations

The sexual needs of excitement and play have become increasingly relevant in our society. It is a hurricane that after hundreds of years repressed, from the last years here, devastates with its force all the foundations that previously conditioned us. Sexual liberation is already a reality. But do we know how to transmit it with emotions and [...]

Feeling our presence and enjoying the beautiful sensations that each moment hides is the only destination that truly matters. That is the purpose of the real improvement. The part of a total acceptance from there to reach the highest levels in the development of our gifts.


Be brave and consistent with reality. Never give up. When you fail, you will, keep trying. The moment only understands presence. From the flexibility of water flowing in its continuous adaptation to any situation, which will never be good or bad. It will always be neutral. It is our way of looking at it that gives it meaning and that is why we can prepare to look at it with all its beauty. With the eyes of art! With the eyes of the poet!

Racism Poem: Never Made So Much With a Defeat

There is only one nationality and it is called humanity. To despise others for being different from oneself is inadmissible. To classify yourself as superior is only a sample of the insecurity of character; no matter how loud it is said. Hate leads nowhere. Those who defended and still defend the […]

Different realities

We all live in a different reality from the way we see it. Two eyes can look at exactly the same place and never see the same thing, and even if the same eyes looked at that same place, in two discontinuous moments, these could contemplate a completely different reality without changing anything. […]


Captivate every moment of your life. Sharing your now in the touch of a smile, in the electricity that transmits a look. Words that walk through the air and ignite us with emotion. Loving ourselves, loving others and letting ourselves be enveloped by the magic that is created. Live intensely by opening yourself to love and sex in all its glory.

Erotic stories: Scattering doubts

Sometimes I have felt tired of accumulating adventures that like paper boats, are sinking little by little towards the horizons of nothingness. But I can't say that this is a thought that goes too deep. It may even be unbecoming of me. I who flaunt my own infinites [...]

Erotic stories: Let madness take over us

In the depths of the night I was gradually losing myself in their smiles. I had already known her and her friends for a couple of hours on one of those summer nights where the holidays never seem to end. There is always a little more partying waiting at the end of the [...]

Life is a jungle full of contrasts that must be received with the best of smiles. It is in the case of the challenge where our energy explodes releasing all the creativity, intuition and intelligence that we possess by conscience. Let's not pretend to have everything under control, because that often kills the emotion. Let us not make blind ears to the continuous changes that occur by nature on the other side of the doors. Let's love the challenges from realism. Fighting for what we want without fear of collapse. Because falling what is falling we will fall, but we will taste the mud just before getting up again.

There is nothing to fear because there is nothing we cannot adapt to. Nothing escapes the understanding and appreciation of the one who loves his now unpredictable.