The gift of labia: Guide to having labia

Labia It is the ability to communicate eloquently, with ingenuity and being persuaders. Associating this skill frequently with a seductive and attractive communicative style. Something that is not surprising ... it is well known that few things seduce us more than a good combination of well spoken words.


How to have lips to seduce and fall in love
-Guide the gift of the lip-

Can the lip be improved? In past times I resorted to asking myself that question many times. Not having that magical gift from my glorious escape from the womb, forced me to look for it again and again. Especially after 13 years of age, when my sexuality decided to boil without warning.

And of course, I could not settle for seeing those beautiful female faces without articulating some decent words that made them smile. So I do not know if by persistence or already heavy, the lip got tired of running away from me discovering several of its trickery tricks. Which leads me to be able to say yes. Tall and resounding!

We can improve our lips and let's do it!

Best books to improve your lips

Based on the teachings of this article!


3 Ways to develop the lip

God how I like models! This time we are going to rely again on the magic number, which as we all know is 3. Splitting our options to improve the lip in three blocks.

Philosophy of life and wisdom

Our interests, dreams, attitudes, and above all, what we believe in and what we don't, determine the seal we give to what we say. Like the great politicians, we can communicate a series of values ​​and beliefs in our messages. Making our message more attractive when projecting for example, brave beliefs.

Having clear clarity about who we are and being up to date with discovering everything that is deep within ourselves will be vital in a path of self-discovery. Similarly, the wiser we are and the more we know, the more interesting knowledge we can share with others. As simple as that!

Observation and psychological knowledge

Knowing the psychological patterns of human behavior will also help us communicate much better. Being able to adapt our messages to the needs, interests, attitudes, emotional states, etc., of any person or audience that we want to captivate.

So if for example a man attacks us by reproaching us for something, we can better understand what has led him to take offense. A vital information to consider to adapt the next thing we say to those reasons.

That is why one of the most important factors to talk more and better is to be very attentive to what we are hearing and saying. To find out about the movie you have to watch like hawks! Similarly, the more we know about topics like emotional intelligence and emotion management, best.

Communication and social skills

Communication is the visible face of the previous two points. That is, the functional part of the way we have to communicate. If for example we know communicate emotionally and we have that well trained ability, we get people to understand what we feel and identify with our message.

Another example would be to use the humor, which is just another form of emotional communication. Helping us to keep the attention of others better thanks to being more funny and entertaining.

3 exercises to train your lip

In my story Let madness take over us, taken from my own experiences, you will find a very clear example of how useful all this is to seduce and fall in love. In fact, a good exercise to improve your lips and to learn better all the knowledge we will see, is to analyze all these reports.

Another very useful technique would be for you to write your own conversations. Imagine what you could say to a boy or a girl that you like and what they could answer you. Being able to use everything we are going to explain as a base. In fact, years ago I did this mentally. Imagining how I engaged in creative conversations with girls. I used to do it before going to sleep, while waiting for the dream to find me.

How to develop the lip through the power of influence

The labia is like an orchard. The more we influence it with different stimuli and the more we put it into practice, the more it pays off. For this we will see different sources of influence in order to develop the 3 blocks that we saw earlier.


Read about philosophical topics to cultivate our ideas and thoughts.

Listen to music with good lyrics in our language, concentrating on the text and its combinations.


See humor monologues to model how comedians communicate and cultivate a more fun attitude. Being able to develop through its influence different types of humor: absurdity, exaggeration or irony.

poetry novels

Read poetry or novels by authors who often play with the lexicon in their way of writing: «Ships that navigate between the emotional glow of our love». Check out my poems here: We live in poetry.


Read erotic novels if we intend to adopt a more insinuating language with the use of double meanings to sexualize conversations.


Write or perform creative exercises to improve our ability to combine words and express ourselves attractively. As for examples, combining random words within a context where they do not usually appear.

Observation to communicate intelligently

The effect of observation through conscious attention is twofold. On the one hand it brings us to the here and now, helping us to disperse insecurities. And on the other and more important, it guides us to know what to say and how to say it by adjusting our messages to the motivations, needs and attitudes of the listener. For this we will observe three factors: text, context and behavior.

Look at the text

The text is made up of everything we say and hear. To communicate with more labia we can prolong our conversations thanks to the conversational threads and the associations we make from those threads. Let's look at some examples with a brief explanation taken from my book Wake up beauty:

To detect these threads we only have to look at those words that serve as a lever to continue speaking.

Detecting conversational threads:

Vengo de hacer sport y am Greattired.

This phrase contains no less than five conversational threads. Let's see some possible answers by pulling each one of them:

I come: Well, I've been home all day without seeing either sun or shade.

Do: With so much work I don't even remember what a gym is.

Sport: What envy! I'm looking forward to Monday to go play football with my friends.

I am: Well, in my case I am tired of so many hours of study. The laces will come out in my ass to be sitting.

Tired: I'm tired that it seems that an elephant and four hangover pachyderms have fallen on me. I'm tired of so much computer.

In this way we extract the keywords of each phrase to continue the conversation through one or more of them.

How to pull the threads to prolong the conversations

A frequent failure occurs when we do not pay attention to these threads and are more in our thoughts than in what we are talking about. What often causes some insecurities that lead us to be constantly changing the subject but without providing continuity and naturalness to the talk.

Vengo de hacer sport y am Greattired.
"Normal, now you take a shower and relax."
"Well, yes, although for that I will take a better bath."
"Well, how about work?" Did you talk to your boss in the end?

Let's see now how we would do it by pulling those threads:

Vengo de hacer sport y am Greattired.
—I have been all day by A study marathon. Is it possible to consider sport?
"I'm sorry, but for you to know consider sport must sweat at least a little…
-And that sport did you just do it? Is for imagine you sweaty within context Well, at least a little ...
-Hahaha! You should not imagine what are you never going to see.
"That is a low blow." But calm down, my vision He has not been offended. It is spreading its wings in full flight dreaming of that image. Although now you will never know how I have decided to delight you.

Likewise, having a small base of conversation topics that interest us and practicing different approaches on how to talk about them will help us. For that I leave you my article: Interesting conversation topics.

Look at the context

Context is the set of circumstances that occur around a fact. If we meet someone in a bar, the context will be everything that surrounds that encounter: the decoration, the people and what they do, the staff, etc.

If, for example, a waiter drops a glass and you have been attentive or attentive to the context, you may think of using it to spend a joke:

"Don't worry, he's David de Gea's cousin." Not a good time ... Let's give it time.

We make an ironic joke taking advantage of a second context and using something of the present to make humor, as a bad game of the Spanish national team's goalkeeper, the last World Cup (as long as it is something current and recent enough that the people we are addressing also know ).

Another example could be:

—That car that just happened reminds me of my father when I was a child. I remember getting on his feet and making me believe he was driving. What a silly little face I was wearing, and how excited I felt.

Here instead of making a joke, we take advantage of the context to create an emotional connection based on a past experience. In addition, childhood experiences usually have a greater impact to that end. How beautiful we were!

Observe behaviors and traits

No doubt the other person or people with whom we are talking, are a great source of information to wind our lips. But we are not alone in the external. We can also look at ourselves: «On top of being honest, look how well I have seen! If I am a partisan ... ».

We will not focus mainly on:

  • Ways to act
  • Ways to think
  • How they dress
  • Gestures and movements

The information we get from the other person will make us adapt our message to her. Do we talk to a friend like our mother? Right? And a girl or boy that you like about one that doesn't? Surely neither.

Our mind has its natural strategies and depending on the information we obtain about what works best with each person, we tend to adapt.

Let's look at an example:

If you are trying to seduce a child and detect that that person who likes to go slowly and that there is romanticism between the two to create a connection, your communication should be more emotional. If on the contrary it is a person that you have met one night and you intuit that the only thing you are looking for is sex, your communication should be more sexual and provocative.

It seems the most obvious in the world, but sometimes it is overlooked. So said is left! And this influences all kinds of contexts. If that person with whom we talk to a friend from work going through a bad time, we will be more careful not to offend her, right? Always keep in mind the conditioning! Both current and past ...

Emotional communication to seduce and fall in love

To communicate emotionally and radically increase our face, especially to seduce, we will rely on the Emotional Communication model of my book Wake up beauty. This is based on the development of our own natural creativity, as it is not structured in steps. It is the observation that tells us how to communicate and how to appeal to our instinct.

With it we will be able to stay focused to cover the needs of entertainment (trivial talk), support (qualification), acceptance and romance (emotional connection), and play and sex (sexualization).

Trivial talk

The trivial talk includes any type of conversation that lacks depth and emotional direction. We use it to share information and understand each other, but it is superficial when it comes to connecting with emotions. However, it is the type of communication that we use most during the day, giving this foot to develop the rest of the variables of the model we are studying.

Conversation example:

"What a tough class today?"
—Yes, I thought I wouldn't get alive at the end
"Have you been on crossfit for a long time?"
-No way! Just a couple of weeks
-Haha! Well, I've been a year and I keep sticking my tongue out of my mouth.
"Yes, it seems that the more you can, the more cane you get."
"Exactly, that's what it's about."

Notice that any common talk falls into this category, even if it is entertaining and there is a good conversation environment. As long as we do not make the other person feel accepted, valued or excited, we will continue here.


The qualification consists in communicating those characteristics of our own and others that differentiate us. Being compliments in communicating them positively and criticism or judgments in doing so negatively. Of course, here we will focus on putting the positive qualification into practice. What in seductive contexts would establish a connection or a deep meaning of why It is that person chosen to share our time with her.

Qualification example:

"Do you know something, Pedro?" While we talk I can't help remembering that first mysterious look that had me totally rapt when we met at the pub. I feel you hide a lot of depth inside of you. As if you were a true mystery yet to be discovered.

At the same time the qualification is highly correlated with the emotional connection and sexualization. It is not independent of them, because when we qualify we can also be generating a romantic and sexual connection. You can see more qualification in my article: Praise to seduce.

Get your books now, they will help you improve your lips:

Emotional connection

Can we lead the conversation to fall in love and fall in love? Absolutely yes! But for that we will have to feel mutually understood and accepted. Those are needs that must be covered to later be able to inject them with fire through romanticism and sexual passion.

Let's see some loose phrases:

"I don't know how you do it but ... I feel very good when I'm with you."

"You make me feel very special." As soon as I see that little smile of yours, it is impossible for me to hide mine.

"If you look at me like that, you're going to fly me off the planet." So please, carefully ehhh. Before you have to teach me how to land!

"Every night I go to bed reliving those deep feelings that you managed to wake up in me and that were asleep." That innocent and tender smile, that deep and luminous look, and those sweet and sensual kisses.

How you can observe this variable of the model is very related to the qualification. In fact, they complement each other.

Conversation example:

"When I failed with my first company, I couldn't help feeling down." As if I had failed an important part of myself.
-I understand you perfectly! To me the same thing happens to me. What matters most to me is not what others say or if I can get ahead or not. It is the fact of failing myself.
-Exact. That is why the way to compose myself was to try again. And again. And thanks to my first failure I could end up dedicating myself to something that really fascinates me.
"Yes, we never know if a failure is for better or worse." I love talking about all this with you ...

The emotional connection responds to a union and mutual understanding where feelings are shared. Only from that union can you create a intense connection that leads to romance, or in the case that there is no sexual interest, to a deep and profitable friendship.


Sexualization consists in generating sexual tension with words and nonverbal language. It is an alarm of our deepest and sexual desires. A current that leads us to the edges of the deepest and darkest precipice of pleasure.

Some phrases of sexualization:

"Stop looking at me that way or I don't know if I can continue to hold back."

"I'm sure we're going to be able to restrain ourselves and not do anything sexual tonight," I whisper, approaching her to smell her perfume carefully.

To generate sexual tension influences more how we speak than what we say. This is because it is usually a very insinuating language. It is vitally important to have an attractive nonverbal language. A slow and sexual voice, a safe and leisurely body language, a penetrating and deep look ...

Sexualizing requires courage and controlling the situation, as misused when we do not have the interest and willingness of the other person to seduce it, it can bother. But if we do it well, with ingenuity and a nonverbal language between intimidating and jovial, it is sweeping.

Conversation example:

"Do you know that the way you look at me is driving me crazy, right?" She whispers carefully a few inches from her lips. Breaking his voice from the tension. You can't imagine what I can imagine that I would like to do with every inch of your body.
"I doubt you're prepared for that." We don't want your little heart to break ... right?
—That's why don't worry, my heart has strong flavors. If we did not love the risks of this life, what else would we have left?
"Maybe you should try to see if it's worth it," she insists with a mischievous gesture that melts me.
"I know it's going to be worth it," I conclude emphatically before kissing her.

Does this really cool? Let's see who says no! More information in my article: Seduce transmitting sexual tension.

Be an emotional roller coaster

How to start a conversation

Using the communication model of Awake Beauty

Let's look at an example of what a chat conversation, where it is easier to identify the different elements.

The important thing is to realize how at any time we use our lips to flirt, we are talking with: trivial talk, qualification, emotional connection, sexualization or several of these at the same time.

The conclusion that I want you to draw is that you have to continuously vary from one to another. Seducing with more dynamic conversations, unpredictable and attractive, thanks to the power of the lip. Opting more for one variable or another depending on the communicative desires of the other person.

Sample conversation to flirt

"Hello princess of the roses," I say, referring to something I said last night. I hope you have not forgotten me. I enjoyed talking to you yesterday. I do not know if more than now contemplating the photo that you have put on, but there is the thing, lol. (Trivial talk + Emotional connection + Sexual tension, by the comment of the photo)

- Hello, seductive lord;). I see that it hasn't taken you long to talk to me. Thank you for the compliment of the photo: p. (Trivial chala)

-LOL. If I like a girl to see if I will not be able to talk to her when I really win hahaha. (Trivial chala + Qualification, communicating features in my personality like rebellion)

-Well, yeah it's true. That, that, with personality.

(Trivial talk + Qualification, telling us that we have personality)

"Wouldn't you expect less from me?" (Trivial talk)

"I don't know ... I still don't know what you're capable of (sexual tension)

"I don't think you want to know yet, little princess." Are you never going to give me a truce or does it just seem to me? (Sexual tension)

Look at the different ways of speaking ...

—It looks like you: p. How did you end the night? (Trivial chala)

"Taking a chocolate with churros at home shortly after saying goodbye to you, and shortly before my bed sheets claimed my presence." (Trivial talk)

"Hey, in that case your night ended very sweetly." (Trivial talk)

"I think we have very different concepts of what it is to end a night in a sweet way." (Sexual tension)

"A chocolate isn't sweet enough for you?" (Trivial talk with a sexual touch)

-It depends. Maybe picking it up from your body is sweet enough for me. Do you think you are able to sweeten even more good chocolate? (Intense sexual tension)

—That has been a direct one. Even chocolate would be plenty. It would happen to me sweetly. (Sexual tension)

"I had noticed that you were an intelligent girl, but if you are also sweet, this can only go better and better." (Qualification + sexual tension)

—With me things always get better (Trivial talk + Qualification + Sexual tension)

- In all aspects or only in the sexual? (Sexual tension)

—In all, in all. Although to receive love you will have to give it to me first, doll. (Sexual tension + Emotional connection)

"I only know that I can't forget that smile." Although the tenderness of your eyes usually sneaks a lot in my thoughts too. (Emotional connection)

—It's also hard for me to get you out of my head although I anticipate that by tomorrow I have already done it: p. (Emotional connection + Trivial talk with a sense of humor)

More on how to communicate more with this model with examples to link in:
How to flirt: Guide to seduce and fall in love

And what happens if that man or woman I like rejects me?

It is very simple, we can use everything learned in the model previously studied to respond to those rejections. The idea is that after your answers with labia, that man or that woman begins to perceive you more attractive. Or put another way, as you talk more you start to like it.

Some when they are flirting with a refusal immediately leave depressed. But what if I tell you that rejection doesn't always happen because we don't like it? What would you think if I told you that the majority of women I have been with and have had relationships at first rejected me? Some without mercy, by the way.

If you want to discover how I did it and start using the lip to manage those rejections, check out: Rejection of love: What to do when a man or woman rejects you

AIDA to have labia


The AIDA method has been used for many years in communication. Being widely known by both publicists and sellers. Here we will see it in a very short way so that it helps us to talk better.


We need you to pay attention to our message being digested. Innovative stimuli make us pay more attention, as well as increase the interest that the other person has in what we are telling him.


If we talk about something that the other person is not interested in, we are wasting time. It's like trying to flirt with a girl talking about how cool they are the latest Nike shoe model.

Ask yourself if what you are going to talk about arouses the interest of the other person. For example, qualification is something that usually arouses great interest, because we all love to be told positive things about ourselves.


You have to get the other person to want what you propose. Stimulate their desire and attraction to you.

If, for example, we say mischievously to a boy - Tonight nothing is going to happen between us, unless you make me change my mind of course ... will you be able? -. We will be stimulating your desire to play (seductively speaking) through sexual insinuation.


It consists of incentivizing progress. Sellers have to materialize their sales with the client's signature.

In matters of seduction, these advances would materialize in actions such as: kissing the other person, staying for an upcoming appointment, taking her home, etc. Summarizing this part in having the courage to "finish off the job" by helping our labia so that what we propose is accepted.

The 3 basic skills

Next we will see the 3 basic communication skills to communicate with more labia. By helping us manage conflicts, respond to rejections and connect with that person we like. Being these absolutely essential not only to talk more, but to do so with greater charisma.



Empathy is the ability of a person to put himself in the place of another. In this way we can find out or intuit what this person feels or thinks. To have labia is essential, it will help us to understand it and thus extract a large amount of information to continue the conversation. It will also help us avoid unwanted conflicts and misunderstandings.

On the other hand, if that person feels that you listen to and understand him, he will be more interested in talking more with you, and therefore in spreading more in his conversations, and in turn this will lead to more and more conversational threads. Find out more about empathy with conversation examples here: Empathy: How to be more empathetic to seduce and fall in love


Assertiveness is a behavior and communication style that is at a point of balance between aggressiveness and passivity, and is considered the most likely to establish lasting and comfortable conversations.

Passive people tend to have little work, while aggressive people tend to talk excessively and always try to be right.

To have more work, try to communicate without disrespecting anyone and always respecting the opinions of others without being afraid to expose your own. For this it will be ideal that you learn to manage your emotions from observation. Find out more about assertiveness here: Guide on assertive communication and here Emotional management observer.

Emotional communication

Emotional communication is the external expression of our perception of reality, just as we feel and experience it.

Do you want to know how to have labia? Well, if you learn to communicate emotionally, expressing your feelings as women do in their long conversations between friends, your conversations will become much longer and you will connect better with people.

To seduce and captivate someone is indispensable. In addition, you can add a greater sense of humor, which is also part of emotional communication. For that I leave these other articles:

Emotional communication: Express emotions

Communicate with more sense of humor

Be positive and always keep a good mood

Good humor is essential to have a temper, this causes a lot of positive states so that our creativity emerges and we know what to say in each moment and how to do it in a funnier way.

We all want to be with people who generate positive emotions and are cheerful. A good smile is the key to many doors. When you talk to someone, just try to make what you do or say generate positive emotions. There are people who don't stop talking about what they dislike about others.

A great example of generating negative states is jealousy, capable of destroying many relationships by continually talking about the various topics they hide and that generate negative emotions such as being overwhelmed. If a topic of conversation generates negative emotions or conflict, ask yourself if it is really necessary to talk about it, or it can be avoided. It uses empathy and sawdust before seen.

If sometimes it is difficult for you to remain calm and your emotions dominate you, I leave you here a technique can help you: A technique to keep calm


Flows naturally

For our mind to be clear and we can have a lot of work we need to feel natural and release her useless thoughts. It is necessary to flow so that our head is not thinking about other things.

Hence, it is especially catastrophic to try to speak more through phrases learned. Well this would focus you on looking for answers in your memory. As if you were in a parallel world instead of focusing on capturing those responses through what is really happening during each conversation.

Learn to leave your mind blank

The practice of meditations such as Mindfulness helps us to live in the now and to be able to pay attention to the present moment, and therefore, to be more creative. Dissolving fears and anxieties that hinder our communication from flowing. Although it is also important to overcome those fears and insecurities working on them.

In my book Wake up beauty I comment on this fact by developing the following metaphor: could you write a beautiful poem on a paper completely full to overflow? No, right? Well, you can't say anything eloquent if your mind is full of insecure thoughts.

Thus, improving your self-esteem You will also get to talk more and better. Self security is crucial. We have to get rid of those natural fears what others think of us, accepting us as we are. This will give you the freedom you need to talk without sabotaging yourself from the thought.

Guided meditations to improve your lips

With thousands of positive opinions on YouTube, I have been developing for years guided meditations in MP3 with hypnosis and NLP techniques. These will help you feel more free and secure in your relationships. This way your creativity to talk more will increase. Being this one of the many Benefits of meditation to improve our social skills.

Clear your mind

The so-called "structured seduction methods" also limit our creativity to a specific structure and patterns to follow. That makes us continually think about how to carry out the method and prevent us from being free and creative in what we say and do. This prevents us from having the natural labia that needs mental fluidity. That is, having a clear mind.

Here is an article so you can see the importance of linking without methods. Feeling the true seduction of now: Seduce generating intense connections

Therefore, be natural and although at the beginning to learn something new it costs you, you will end up learning from your mistakes and creating your own system.

How to flirt on WhatsApp using The gift of the labia

I invite you to see my new guide to incorporate all the knowledge of this article into your WhatsApp conversations. Being very useful for the development of our labia to train speaking through a chat, where we can see what we are saying in writing: Guide How to Flirt on WhatsApp with Conversation.

2 techniques to have more lip

The power of associations and mind maps

When I studied creativity in my Degree in Marketing career I found two creative techniques extremely useful to improve our labia. Some resources that curiously I found again in my specialty of Creative in fashion design.

From the first time I learned them, I started putting them into practice. Then, I started teaching them in my courses with surprising results. These are the basis of my workshops on creative communication.

Its effectiveness is absolutely brutal with a little practice and perseverance. I talk about associations and mind maps. Two techniques that I explain in depth with many examples in my book Wake up beauty, and what can you learn for free in my article: what to talk about on a date.

brave jungle

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Life is a set of experiences. The sum of moments that escape from our hands, unforgettable is its beautiful transience. To those we add others that we would like to release and never see again. One and others at the stake of life make us jump and cry. Wander adrift or at a straight pace. Drift is sometimes scary, but without it nothing would make sense. So make it intense! Get ready to enjoy intensely and jump to that beautiful bonfire. Be charmed by passion! You have nothing to lose, but much to feel.

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