The boastful person: Seduce without bragging

Braggart! Braggart! Tell me what you presume and I will tell you what you lack!

According to the dictionary provided by our friend Google, the qualifying bluff It applies to the person who boasts or boasts of qualities that he does not really have, especially of courage or superiority.

Although this definition invites us to think that this quality is not very seductive because of its “false” or “lacking in sincerity” aspect, we will actually talk about the bluff here as a person who presumes what he is and what he has mainly from two perspectives :

In the first place we have the pious little liar which tries to appear more than it is, in principle due to a lack of self-esteem. This type of seducer bases his successes on deception and on pretending what he is not.

The capital punishment is to be caught being a liar and boasting of something that is not or something that does not have. When a person is hunted lying, we undermine the confidence we could place in them, causing us to close and be more suspicious. Let's not forget that lack of sincerity is one of the most repulsive characteristics a person can have.

Secondly, we have the one who loves himself or herself so much, or feels so proud From what it has, it can't help but publish in the New York Times how crack it is. The typical uncle who if born with two jets would go all day with eggs in the air.

This type of persons they generate repulsion for the simple fact of boasting. It is that person who is always talking about how fantastic he is, or mainly, what he has. We can punish in the case of the typical presumed handsome, or that friend who is always showing that she has a lot of money or that she has many successes. Not only is a person's unattractive attitude, but also they can generate jealousies that put others against us or even repudiate us (Those who like football can think of Cristiano Ronaldo as an example).

In both cases this attitude stems from selfishness and of an uncontrolled desire of the human being for feel accepted or praised for others.

A magnetic person does not need to seek approval, since he loves himself unconditionally, and although he enjoys the appreciation and admiration that others may have about him, he is happy and enjoys his life and his successes on his own and no need to show them to anyone but herself.

All this does not mean that we cannot share our achievements or qualify as valued people in front of others, this is perfectly healthy and convenient to do, the difference lies in how to do it in an attractive way.

Depending on the person or group of people in front of us, we can show our achievements to a greater or lesser extent, thus attending to the balance of value, or what is the same, to that we all feel valued at a more or less similar level and that it does not seem that anyone is more than anyone.

Let's give an example: If you are a handsome and attractive boy with a red Ferrari that runs more than sperm in search of an ovule, and what you want is to seduce that baker who puts you faster than the Ferrari, you have to understand that this girl can feel intimidated before such a tiarrón and a priori little valued for you. What is the solution? Balance that value qualifying it y sexualizing conveniently so that you feel valued and desired enough to deserve it. Boasting that you're handsome and have pasta would be the best way to sleep alone and miss the many advantages of your expensive mattress.

Now let's put the same example but in the place of the girl: she knows that this uncle does not value her a priori enough and what she wants is to take her to the cot. Here you can fall into the mistake of beginning to boast about his achievements to feel up to him, but he is not stupid and knows that if he does this he will realize and will notice a very unattractive insecurity. So what he does is treat him as equals, maintaining a pleasant and entertaining conversation in which both value each other reciprocally.

It causes much better effect than others discover your qualities without your help. Judith Martín

We are already clear that A boastful person can be labeled a liar, selfish and insecure. However there is always an antithesis. In seduction there is nothing wrong or 100% good and We must feel free to do what we want at all times. Without imprisoning our creativity and freedom to act. No doubt the antithesis of being a bluff is the funny chulito or the funny arrogant.

The arrogant funny or that funny chulito or funny chulita of a lifetime is a way of being a boastful person, the difference is in its grace, freshness and spark. He / she does not show bragging or boasting about being a liar, selfish or insecure, but does to have fun and have fun. Playing spikes to see who is more cool is undoubtedly a very fun game that ignites the attraction and generates a lot of sexual tension. However, it is clear that it is being played.

This way of seducing has spread a lot, especially among the youngest, the problem is that many confuse the context. When they are in a context of fun and play, they are doing so well by showing themselves in this way that in other more serious contexts they are the same, thus falling into the sack of the "fanfare". At the same time we will comment that going from chulito and funny to seduce can give great results, but in seduction you have to learn to use a wide variety of resources, since always the same ends up boring.

Where there is pride, there will be ignorance; But where there is humility, there will be wisdom.

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