The ambiguity is more sincere than the truth

Any fixed idea that we have and has been strongly introduced into our mind has to be questioned and reflected. Because life is not mathematics and if we do not accept any kind of possibility starting from our own language, its doors can end up exploding in our noses.

It is a typical communication failure and I will explain why

We usually say things as we think and feel them, but many times we say them in imperative. They ask us what we want to do in the future and we say imperatively what we want to do: «Having children? Well of course. I want to start a family!

But a resounding response regarding the future is always a lie. It is false! No one knows if he will want to have children tomorrow. You may think that you would love to have them and that you are very likely to have them as a result of that desire. That's the truth! But it is a flexible truth. It is totally hypothetical.

Communicate in a more conscious and conditional manner

One of the principles of emotional communication It is speaking in a subjective way. More politics Avoiding flat answers. These are subject to the turns that life can take. So that it is more difficult than when you change your mind, nobody can recriminate your change of position, because you already warned of its viability.

You don't know what you're going to think tomorrow, you just know what you think now and how you thought about the past. It's like life itself. The truth about our intentions is always ambiguous, always going around the bush. People change, we grow, we develop and our ideas flow and change too.

Nature changes at every moment and we with it.

What you repeat conditions you

At the same time the absolute truths when we repeat them again and again fall within us and do not allow us to be flexible to the curves that life presents us. This is how the conditioning.

That person who answers with a resounding yes to the question of whether he wants to have children in the future, is rigidly programming himself before an uncertain future. If you finally cannot have children for any reason, you will feel a strong frustration and unhappiness. It is very difficult for him to adapt to a different future than he had imagined so many times in a concrete way.

Fixed ideas are rot, but we try to hold on to them because we feel safer.

What would be a possible correct answer to that question? Simply something like this: «The truth is that right now I think I would love it. If everything goes well and life allows me, I would like to have at least one or two ».

Right now I think I would love to ... but that can change. We do not cling to the idea!

Do we want things clear?

I want a guy who has things clear! That is a very frequent statement by women. A whole topic, and a whole lie. At least in part. I explain…

Clear things become boring. Nobody has things clear, you can be sure of many things and have them well internalized, that is very good when they are positive. It saves us time too! The same goes for our values. It is very important to have solid values ​​that protect us and give us fast and efficient solutions.

However, if you don't have the ability to be flexible, understand other points of view and accept that tomorrow you can think differently, your mind will be blind. Many problems will arise that you will not understand, because you will not see beyond your feet and the line they mark when you step on the ground.

The ambiguity is more sincere than the truth. Because what we want today does not have to be what we are going to want tomorrow.

Be honest and sincere accepting your own internal ambiguity

Don't be a liar, be ambiguous. Because that's nature. Today it gives us sun and tomorrow it gives us rain. Today the forest is dry and in a few weeks it has flourished. Like nature our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and dreams will vary. Every day we change and he who does not accept this reality will expire, because he will live tied to the conditioning of the past, that is, slave of his own mind.

Open up, accept life in all its nuances and interpretations, and live according to its flexibility. Be smart. Dance with her as the birds fly free leaning on the gentle wind.

brave jungle

#wearebrave #alwaysbeatyourself

Let the tide guide us! The ship sailed while we were playing love. Living one of those moments in which you feel that, whatever the future that awaits later, will never make us feel guilty, only ... freer.

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2 replies on "The ambiguity is more sincere than the truth"


    Once again, grateful for your advice David, and surprised because I had never spent time on this successful reflection, so double thanks for showing another reason to continue opening and making my mind more flexible and dedicating my energy to living life intensely instead of try to understand her ... arms!

    • David Jungle

      Hahaha, we will never understand it 100%. I love knowing new things, reflecting, researching, writing, etc. But always from some basic pillars, accept and enjoy life. If you accept yourself and enjoy life, all the growth that occurs will come in handy, if those two things are achieved, in the end, thinking too much can be counterproductive.


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