Responsible for the environment and the conditions of the workers

We know that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting and in which there is more exploitation of workers' rights. That is why in our creations we bet only on products that offer great quality without putting our planet at risk and respecting decent working conditions and wages.


The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an independent, non-profit organization that works for companies and factories with the aim of improving the conditions of textile industry workers.

In Brave Jungle you will find the Fair Wear badge on all our garments, so you can be sure that it comes from where it is manufactured, the rights of workers will not have been overlooked.


The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the international standard for textile processing for organic fibers, including social and ecological criteria, independently endorsed and certified throughout the supply chain.

In Brave Jungle we care that all our textile products are made of organic cotton, taking care of the planet and your skin. Being able to opt also in some of our garments for cotton and recycled polyester.


Our textile products are 100% organic with a CO2 reduction of 90%. The carbon footprint has been calculated according to the BSI PAS2050 methodology and certified by The Carbon Trust.

The 90% reduction has been achieved thanks to a combination of low impact organic farming, transport and manufacturing efficiency and the use of renewable energy instead of electric energy. Making calculations, one of our shirts saves about 7 kilos of CO2 and a sweatshirt saves 28 kilos.


As we do with our textile products, we ensure that our accessories are as respectful as possible with the environment without renouncing the trends of the fashion world. That is why we are committed to offering sunglasses made with renewable materials in most of our models. As is the case with those manufactured in cellulose acetate, a plastic made from natural fibers of cotton and wood. These being also much more durable than those manufactured in a standard plastic derived from petroleum.


It is currently very difficult to develop textile products that are respectful of the environment, the fashion industry being one of the most polluting. Only 1% of the cotton produced is organic, but with your help we can change that. The power is in the hands of consumers. That is why at BRAVE JUNGLE, in addition to offering environmentally friendly products, we decided to allocate 15% of our benefits to actions against climate change and deforestation. Adding this initiative to which we had been carrying out with our monthly donations to Oxfam Intermon to fight against social inequalities.