Seduction Stories: Good things always come out of the stripes

As usual. When something attracts us it is inevitable. Fear, tremors. Unsafe thoughts fighting each other to gain a foothold. But no. I don't let them stop me. I enjoy walking firm.

Maybe so that my nerves are not noticeable, while I feel that the ground vibrates at my steps.

-Hi!! How are you? He asks me giving a smile.

"Hello ... Pufff, I've spent more than half an hour looking for parking." I still insist that they should invent cars like Son Goku's.

- hahaha, if at this time what you expected

-Hears! You have become very pretty, right? I continue to hold her hands as if I were going to take her out to dance. I look at her while smiling. I like…. I like this sexy look.


- hahaha, now, I wanted to leave a little more insinuating

"You have good taste to take advantage of it." As I like. Well, do we move?

Good vibes and laughter shared in the first moments come an appointment that can certainly be worth remembering. On the way we began to flirt, getting a little with each other, playing funny and joking.

Finally we sat on a large terrace. A quiet place, although for my taste, too public. Once seated and already with the most temperate nerves, we started talking about everything a little.

—I used to think about things a lot, but now I have become a much more carefree person. I like to get carried away and whatever happens has to happen ...

—I'm listening to you and I am the opposite, I always end up doing things a thousand times.

"Well, we complement each other, don't we?" The problem would be that we were both carefree ... so we would always forget the toothbrush on trips.

"Hahaha, yes, the truth is that you're right about that," he replies with a flirtatious smile that makes me want to eat it whole.

"I love your smiling attitude." Come here that you have earned a kiss on the cheek and a hug. I feel generous today, ”I say joker as I approach.

I feel his face against my lips and his smell begins to penetrate me. Sweet, like her. I don't lose the opportunity to feel your touch. Who knows if we end up forgetting that toothbrush in a hotel. Forgotten happy carefree. There are no better ones.

"Tonight is being very funny, as I get to know you, I like you more," I say with a confident smile.

"I'm having a great time too."

—Among how well we are falling, and how sexy you have come… I would kiss you everywhere right here, in front of everyone

- Hahaha, with the old ones behind as spectators?

"Of course, so sure they get warm home and give the husband a joy."

After a little black humor, we continue talking, but this time about sex. I am sure that bringing this issue up will now make it easier for me to march dancing towards a more intimate and padded place.

However, my plan is shattered when he tells me that he has to return home soon. Something that would not be a problem, provided he went to his parents' house. But that's life. His age makes me believe that he still has a time to return home. I decide to accompany her and enjoy her a little more.

"I live there in that portal," at that moment I stop her cornering her in a previous portal.

Our bodies begin to vibrate in unison. I feel her breasts crashing into my chest and her gaze now looks at me somewhat bewildered. Bewildered, but excited. Walking on the edge of my desires.

"I'm going to stay wanting to feel much closer to me," I whisper softly in her ear.

I provoke her. But not invasively. Not trying to convince her. It is only a game. A game to the delight of our feelings. Like tasting a tasty dish that you know you won't have. Enjoying together our little stop sign.

"Next time you will have to come before."

"Take note, and believe me I keep my notes."

I stare at her. Feeling the desire contained as I caress her firmly from the bottom to the top from her thighs to the waist with my hands to end up placing them tenderly on her face.

I notice how his pelvis trembles ...

"Come on, but Papa and Mama are going to punish us."

At that moment I abruptly separated from her and took her hand to take her home. In the glow of his eyes I feel that look that makes me feel so powerful.

The one that tells you: «I hate you, I love you, you are a bastard. You put me. Keep playing with me ». Glares of that now I turn you on, and now I leave you with the desire.

Finally we arrive at your home portal. And this time, games aside, we say goodbye with love and tenderness. Promising to see each other again soon. Without a doubt, she is one of those girls who can end up putting a key to my little heart. But not today…

Brrii Briii (WhatsApp)

"Yes, we have left." Come, we're on our way to Glamor, ”my friend Antonio tells me on WhatsApp.

The night is not over!

After meeting my friends, we put direction to a small disco in town. That where almost everyone knows each other, and where almost everyone knows.

After an hour of laughter and enjoying the friendship of friends and acquaintances, El Garito is about to close its doors. 4:00 in the morning ...

Upon departure, we met with two friends who have a proposal prepared for us. We will call them Zipa and Zapa. He already knew Zipa and had been joking with her during the night.

"Well, David, you don't know him, David she is Zapa," he tells me as he leaves the pub ready to introduce us.

I don't pay much attention to him and I go to mine.

"Embrace the two that I am very cold," I grab them both and we are about to walk, but they stop waiting for a friend.

And there we stayed the three as pasmarotes. Waiting.

"David, won't you tell me today?" That you always tell me.

"I don't know what you mean, what do I always tell you?" - I answer my Zipa with a mocking tone.
Zapa just kept the hug with a little shy face.

And I so happy!

"Boy, don't you always tell me that I smell very good?"

"Ahhhhhh, well, but I tell everyone that," I say in a gulf tone and catch in equal parts that makes us all laugh.

"Go and give it to you," my friend tells me playing and goes to find that she has not yet arrived.
I still hug Zapa.

—You also smell very good Zapa, did you know?

"Go on, but if you just said that, you tell everyone."

"Yeah, but you smell really good," I insist as we fall back into the grip of laughter.

—What gulf are you made….

"It's too soon, we're going to Zapa's house to have some drinks," my friend Zipa proposes when she returns.

"Pufff, I think I'm going home now ..."

"Come on, don't be party pooper David," Zapa replies.

"I'm sorry, new friend, but you're going to have to convince me better." Let's see, what exactly is the plan?

"Let's see, in my house I have rum, gin ..." he says mockingly, explaining the obviousness of the situation.

As if he did not know how well he had a drink in a communicative attempt to prolong the party.

"I can't convince myself ... I don't know what you could do to me," I say, giving them innocence.
Hinting that something could happen, and in that case, I would be the poor victim.

But how could it be otherwise, I just let myself be convinced. So we arrived at his house. A friend, my friend Zipa and my new friend Zapa. With good or bad fortune, as you look, that once inside my friend Antonio decides to put the typical song of striptease on his mobile.

Very smart of you!

"Eiiii, we could make a striptease," they say quickly.

- For my delighted, to see that he takes a good position ... ok, when you want.

I sit in the center of the sofa with a vicious pervert face that does not have the slightest intention of moving from its comfortable location.

"Ehhh, but then it's your turn ehhh."

"Sure, of course, then we." Come start.

Among many laughs, they are going to change to become sexy for the striptease.

"In the end we don't do stripties, which makes us very ashamed."

"I need a lot more alcohol for that."

"Don't even think about cracking," I tell them in a warning tone. Ok, don't worry, drink.

We start

Here to take the matter. If we need to start we start, but the stripes always end well. My friend is responsible for making the striptease to our friend Zipa. I'll take care of the other girl I've met that night. And after a strip of shit mixing messing with sensuality, more messing than sensuality, it's up to them.

"Can you touch no?" I ask as if taking for granted that it could.

"Don't even think about it, you handyman outside," Zapa replies (yes, my friend's friend haha).

"We're going to do serious things, if you're not going to put anything on me." I don't know, show some chest or something, I've taught more - I say in a humorous tone.

He kept laughing, it seemed very cut. Something obvious, in principle because we barely knew each other and had spoken very little.

"God, I can't with you ..." she replies with shame.

Finished his striptease, my friend tried to make me another, by reaching the same conclusion. He was also ashamed. Probably because of the way he looked at them and smiled, taking it all out.

There was a moment of pause and messing in which things began to change course, which I did not like a hair. You had to pull the stripes again and this time, give a more sexual direction.
With all the nose!

"Well, now I'm going to make you one at a time."

- hahaha, come - they are encouraged by my proposal.

I start doing the striptease, first putting myself on top of Zipa and covering her eyes. Meanwhile, Antonio gets up to do the relay, and I happen to make the striptease to Zapa, the only one of the two that could end up jumping sparks.

They immediately realize that there is no sonnet and that we are both in garlic. I hurry then to catch an ice to give a clearer direction. He placed it in my mouth and began to pass it gently down her neck and the top of her breasts. Making it as sensual as possible, smelling it and realizing that I felt my breathing fast.

I take a few laughs, this time more sexual, to leave the ice in the bucket again. I continue with my mouth, kissing her and running my tongue slightly through the traces that the ice had left, until it ended up plummeting on her lips.

At the end of the strip there was nothing at all. They were dances more sad than sexy, but in the end the important thing is that we had a good time and that some mess would probably end up. And what a mess! But that part, better to reserve it for an erotic story.

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