Stop postponing things: 10 tips to be consistent

Benjamin Franklin already said: Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. However, as much as our parents insist on this advice, we often escape their influence. But do we have to leave the illusions we have today for tomorrow? Is it free for us to postpone the realization of those actions that will lead us to our dreams of tomorrow?

I remember when I read in the famous and motivating book of Og Mandino "The biggest seller in the world" the following phrase: Tomorrow only exists in the calendar of fools.

Tomorrow is the day you will work with more motivation. Tomorrow will be the day you will start reading that book you bought a few days ago. Tomorrow will be when you get the promotion you are looking for. It will be tomorrow when you will talk to your boss to ask him and make him value your ideas. Tomorrow you will be more fun, more sociable, more energetic, smarter, better husband (or wife) and better lover. Yes! And to eat, a turkey!

This is how postponement works:
I know I should do it, but I'm really afraid of not doing well, or that I don't like doing it. Therefore, I will tell myself that I will do it in the future, and therefore, I will not have to admit that I will not do it. This way I find it easier to accept myself.
Wayne W. Yesterday, Your incorrect zones.

We must be consistent, look boldly towards our past, and drop our "gossip" of deception. Whether to find motivation to work or for anything else, Postponing and postponing only serves us to live with the weight of guilt. Have you not felt miserable hundreds of times for not doing everything you had planned? How many times have you pulled your hair to think about the amount of time you've wasted on superfluous and unimportant things?

10 tips to stop postponing things


1. Remember your forced achievements

Remember those moments when you wanted to postpone but you couldn't because you were obliged to do it, and in the end, even if it cost you to motivate yourself, you did it and you ended up doing a great job. It has happened to me hundreds of times, even in situations where I am really tired and unmotivated. And it is that in many occasions, Obligations, demands or difficulties bring out the explosion of our highest levels of talent.

2. Don't think too much, just start

Many times what happens to us is that it is difficult for us to start. From now on, think for a moment about how bad you have felt other times to postpone and not end up doing what you needed and Before leaving for another time, start doing it for 5 or 10 minutes.

You will see how the next 30 or 60 minutes are not as hard as you imagined. You will notice that the anxiety you felt ends up dissipating as you act, and the satisfaction of not having postponed your task will lift your spirits and will excite you to continue with greater force.

3. Identify your usual excuses

Now I am too tired, tomorrow I will be more active. I don't feel like it right now, then I wear it. I need a clearing, I have time to do it later. What am I going to do it for now, anyway, nobody is going to value it, I will do it at the last minute. I have plenty of time, I will. I am not in the mood for that.

If required, use a diary or open a document of notes on your mobile and constantly point out the excuses you use to postpone. So you can have them identified for reflect on them and destroy those that are false (most are).

4. Plan strategies

Make a list of the things that you have to do and that you usually postpone, and organize in your calendar the exact date and time to do them. You can do the same thing during the day, organizing your tasks by hours and amount of work. Try to be realistic.

5. Feed constant habits

Related to the previous advice, you can plan habits with tasks that you previously postponed. For example, I value reading habits a lot, so I usually have to read at least 30 minutes a day before bedtime. Obviously, there are days I read for hours at any time, and maybe I skip those 30 minutes from the end of the day. But if I have not read, those final 30 minutes do not fail, no matter how tired you are.

Identify when you can do what you should do every day and always postpone, and place it as an obligation that you impose on yourself for your own benefit. After a while it will become a habit and you will enjoy it more.

6. If it is out of fear, do it now!

Sometimes the reason for postponing things is that we are afraid of doing them wrong, or that as a result of that bad result, things that we do not want can happen to us. Be brave! Relax for a few minutes, and reflect as if you were observing yourself from the outside. You can do it as if you were watching a movie. So, Aware of how prepared you are to do your homework. Visualize yourself throwing yourself and getting a great result. Then open your eyes and throw yourself!

Improve your self-esteem and nothing stop you:
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7. Decide not to get bored

Postponing is usually a fruit that falls from the trees of boredom. Having idle or undemanding time at the cognitive level feeds our laziness. Many times it has been said that the one who works the most, is more active instead of more tired. This is due in large part to a greater release of cortisol by our body. Demanding yourself the maximum performance is a great remedy against boredom.

For example, if you are in a talk and have trouble keeping your attention, think about what you might ask or what your own opinion can contribute to the group. This happens a lot to students, where the most participatory in the classes are usually the ones who have the most fun in them. Always look for the greatest fun and demand in everything you do, and Replace in your mind the "I must do" with the "I wish to do."

8. Visualize your future with two faces

Think of an exact deadline. For example, in 10 years. Then imagine yourself after those 10 years. On the one hand, imagining that you would have achieved if you had not been constant and persevering, and you would have postponed day after day those actions that you yourself know you want and should do (you are the one who has chosen them as good and appropriate for you).

Now, on the other side, imagine what you have achieved by not postponing those actions, and how each one of your acts has led you to fulfill much of your illusions in all areas of your life. Focus on these two faces, and reflect on what you want to look like.

9. Avoid perfectionist inaction

Better to try to do something and do it wrong or regular, than to live a slave to fallacy. Do not fool yourself, perfectionism is often only fear disguised as poetry to look better. It is the coward's favorite excuse. Have the courage and confidence of those who are not afraid to drift!

Act even without being sure that if you are doing it right or wrong, then only fools expect the security of perfection without action. The true artist knows that only on the move creativity is born and made. The expert is an expert for his hours of experience in battle.

10. Tiredness only exists at bedtime

Our mind has the power to create tunnels that cross large mountains, and even large metal ships that cross the skies from country to country. And if he is able to do these things, he is also able to Ignore that healthy tiredness from work. Take refuge in the attitude of struggle and overcoming our pride.

Sleep your 6 or 8 hours a day of recommended rest and never fall back into the most used excuse. If it goes through your mind, just think: The bedtime has not yet arrived! My dreams await me and I am impatient!

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