How to start a conversation on Tinder or Instagram (With Examples)

Start a conversation in a seductive way through social networks such as Tinder and Instagram due to the high competition that we are going to find by attracting the attention of the person we like; especially in Tinder.

If you start the conversation with the typical, the most likely is that they respond with the typical.

"Hi, how are you?"
-Hello, very good and you?
- ...

That in case they take the trouble to answer. In most cases, if at the beginning of the conversation you do not call your interest minimally, your ignorance is almost guaranteed. That is why during this article we will see with some examples how we can start that conversation in a more creative way that arouses your curiosity to meet us.

In order to give you clearer examples, I will use images of real models of open profiles on Instagram. These examples are invented, and they will serve as inspiration to understand the concepts that we are going to explain and that you are able to improvise your own entries with that boy or girl that interests you in the future.

Start the conversation using the images

Difference between Tinder and Instagram

start conversation tinder instagram

Both Tinder and Instagram are social networks based on images. In fact, In Tinder profiles can be connected with Instagram. Hence, if within Tinder itself we do not find enough images, we can see if he has his Instagram connecting and go look at them there.

The main difference between these two networks is that In Tinder you will have free way to flirt. It is a social network created by and for that. However, Instagram is not, So we can find many more difficulties. Especially if the person we are talking to has a partner or has no intention of meeting people through this network for seductive purposes.

Look closely at the photos, they all provide information

Photos are a fundamental source of information within these networks. We can rely on them to give a genuine and sincere touch to our entry and to prolong the conversation later.

Let's look at some examples using Instagram as a source of real photographs. But I insist, these images could also be used and commented on in the same way to start the conversation for Tinder.

Example 1

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Zomer Bar (@barzomer) on

"After seeing your picture wrapped in the towels, I don't know what to do, whether to make an appointment to go to a spa or take half a liter of lime to relax."

"I have a box of 96-color markers and as much as I've looked at your eyes, it doesn't appear anywhere." These Chinese always play it for me ...

Look at the details and look for associations. In the first example we take the first thing we see (towels, shower, relaxation) and we turn it over to communicate the feeling of sexual agitation that has caused us (We sexualize). In the second example, we bet more on the sense of humor, taking advantage of the particular color of his eyes.

The important thing is to start the conversation with originality and ingenuity, but without extending too much.

Example 2

"You look like Moses in that picture!" The snow opens in your path without resistance. Although I don't know if Moses had so much style ... I already doubt that.

In this example we use the sense of humor again while we praise to that person highlighting who knows dress up in style. Keep in mind that if you get someone else's fun from the start, chances of responding multiply. So if you're good at jokes, use them.

Example 3

View this post on Instagram

Australia, I miss you so much!

A post shared by Aida Domenech (@dulceida) on

"After seeing your picture under the bridge in Australia, I have had a tremendous desire to be kidnapped and taken there by pignick." And that I am not very similar to chat with kangaroos.

Example 4

- If after the good roll of free and independent boy that you have transmitted to me with your photo I do not speak to you, what girl who considers free and independent would have been?

We begin the conversation by praising, qualifying and qualifying ourselves with mischief as we consider ourselves in a similar way to how we are praising him.

Example 5

Imagine that the person with whom we want to start the conversation has an image in Tinder in which he comes out watching television face down. Lying on the couch in a creative and flirtatious posture where television is very close. We could say:

"I've always wanted to watch TV like that." I am sure that the feelings that actors want to convey should be felt much better.

We associate the proximity to the screen with the transmission of feelings. The closer, the better. We look for the ridiculous to get the fun part. In case you feel bad, we can always apologize if we have offended you and quickly change the subject.

Look at the text and use it

On Instagram, many of us usually put text under the images. Sometimes they are poetry, others are reflections, or simply comments on what we are doing. That is a very privileged information to consider.

In the case of Tinder, there are usually small phrases and descriptions in the profile that we will then see how we can use. All that information is important because they give us an idea of ​​what the other person is like and what he likes. Vital information that we can talk about during our first talks with that person and even to have more conversation topics what to talk about on a date future.

Example 6, start conversation based on Instagram text

-Hello Rocio!! I loved the reflection you left in your last photo. It seems that when something bad happens we see everything through that negative optic. Until you realize that this is just a mirage, and that there is never anything to fear if you respond with the first blow with a smile.

Below we will see some ideas to feed the conversation that you can expand with my books Wake up beauty and the 4th Edition (2019) of Flirt on WhatsApp:

How to continue the conversation after the first sentences ...

Make the conversation lasting

A good way to start the conversation should encourage the conversation to continue. It is useless to tell you something witty and laugh, if then you no longer respond to anything else and we do not know where to continue.

In the previous example we ended the conversation by leaving an open door to also comment on the photo, just in the last conversation thread "smile". So before a trivial response on your part, we can pull that previous thread:

Examples to continue the conversation:

"Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!"
"Nothing, thanks to you." Your smile is a great example of what I say. Surely if guys like Hitler had seen more smiles like that, they would have taken away the desire to mount wars and given them to the carpe diem.

It is important to move quickly from seriousness to humor. In this example we do it by praising your smile in an exaggerated way. We can even continue to encourage that attitude of humor by expanding on our arguments:

"Hahaha, how exaggerated."
-I'm being serious. With that tenderness I see you very capable of paralyzing any war.

Other comments with humor could go by way of: «Do not underestimate yourself, peace in the world is behind smiles like that». The key is to play, play and play and not be afraid to always attract attention with education and without being vulgar.

From here we can Start personalizing the conversation by talking about the two. If that girl is from our city, we can continue saying:

"In fact, if one day we meet on the street and you see that I have the face of being a little pissed off, smile at me." You will see how I immediately start dancing in the rain.

Never forget that initially gaining time is crucial. We need that margin that leads us to attract that other person and connect emotionally with her.

Basic principles

Take on trust and check it out

Starting the conversation spontaneously conveys two things. On the one hand, that What we are doing is born and natural. And on the other, we are not doing anything wrong. That is the effect of assuming confidence, which is immediately spread and allows us to know each other much faster and that the topics of conversation are generated fluently.

To present ourselves in a formal way and wait for them to answer us animatedly does not usually work unless we already like our photos very much. Why? Simply because we don't attract attention or arouse interest. Almost everyone is presented with the typical "Hello, how are you?". And if that girl or boy we want to meet is attractive in her photos, she will surely be in great demand.

It would be better to take a bit of a nose and make it easier to answer as we have seen with the conversational threads. Use the empathy to connect with the other person and if there is any misunderstanding or fight of egos, you can use the assertive communication.

Generate emotions and attitudes with your ticket

For many articles in this blog we have talked about the 3 basic emotions that we have to wake up when we seduce someone, and the ways we had to do it. In order not to repeat ourselves, this seductive communication model is explained in more depth in my articles The gift of labia y How to link on WhatsApp with the conversation as in my book Wake up beauty.

Example 7
Trivial talk

"Are you one of those who think that maturing is starting out of the pool by the stairs?" I have always been more of taking the straight path than the easy one.

Example 8

—After seeing your photos and taking a look at your profile, I have the impression that you are one of those sexy men who know very well what they want and when they want it. Is it true or does intuition fail me?

Example 9

—Get that curves come… good profile phrase. I introduce myself. I am David and I like to enjoy the curves slowly. Kiss to kiss and rub against the lips against the body.

Example 10
Emotional Connection

"Hi Carolina, how are you?" I have seen in your photos that you are climbing. I also like it, since I was a child my father taught me and I have never lost my hobby. You feel really alive ...

As a quick review, remember: we can generate emotions of acceptance and esteem through qualification, play and sex through sexualization and understanding and romance through emotional connection. Similarly, we talk about trivial talk when we cover the need for entertainment without thereby covering any of those emotions.

On the other hand, do not worry if at first you have trouble being witty and start conversations in a simpler way. The most important thing is to launch and practice so that we link or not with a specific person, that in the long run our results improve. And if you want to see more examples and phrases to start a conversation, check out my article: How to start a conversation on WhatsApp

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