David Jungle

- David Gracia Belmonte -

Writer & Fashion Designer

My passion for design came at a very young age, when at just 5 years old I dreamed of being a car designer. I spent hours and hours drawing racing cars that thankfully they didn't try to make, because I doubt that none could have moved beyond a few centimeters without jumping into a thousand pieces.

When I got tired of drawing cars I started to draw houses, since my father at that time worked in the construction sector. Staying at the doors of studying architecture to end up opting for Marketing.

In the end, after graduating in Marketing from the University of Murcia, I returned to revive my passion for design by studying Creativity in Fashion Design. Since my dream was none other than to create a fashion brand that would help me to unleash my creativity and that also managed to be a springboard to the dissemination of all those teachings that life was showing me.

It all started writing articles for my blog, now called WE'RE BRAVE and you'll find on this website.

From there, after finishing my studies and publishing some books, I started working to create a fashion brand with integrity and environmental responsibility, capable of promoting values ​​and knowledge that are capable of improving lives through its philosophy. Thus, Brave Jungle was born as a fashion brand.

In this way I began to be inspired by my own writings based on reflections and poems to design t-shirts that were attractive on the one hand, but on the other, were able to convey different feelings. Most of them based on what has allowed me the most to enjoy my life and fulfill my dreams: to love with courage that jungle of emotions that connect us to the present moment when we get ready to experience them with total intensity.


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