How to create sexual tension with NLP

I found this post in a Facebook group several years ago and I really loved it. I do not know the author and origin to cite it, but if you know it you can leave a comment in this article. The important thing is that this content is not lost.

On the other hand, I already attached my new audio with hypnosis, meditation and NLP techniques focused on being more sensual, sexual and daring, and that you get to arouse sexual tension in others. Enjoy it!

What is sexual tension?

There are many different conceptualizations of sexual tension wandering the seduction community.

Some examples are flirting and joking in a gritty way, explicit sexual interest accompanied by false barriers, using the word "sexy" to convey a sexual intention, and of course the old Speed ​​Seduction route: complex linguistic patterns intended to implant sexual thoughts in the A woman's mind.

Some of these techniques are better than others, and can certainly improve the quality and success of your seductions. I prefer a purer definition of sexual tension because it is based on true sexual desire, and it is a very natural way to amplify the tension a woman feels.


Sexual Tension is the presence of a state of controlled arousal, in the absence of a manifest sexual interest.

In due course, I create sexual tension by concentrating my sexual desire on my girl, but without making any explicit sexual advance. I keep the intrigue, a sense of ambiguity, that keeps it centered on me, and directs your mind towards sexual thoughts. My state is transferred to her, and now she is also excited. From there it is a matter of taking care of logistics through leadership and disposition techniques.

Status of Controlled Sexual Excitation

There are two reasons why a state of sexual arousal is so important. For starters, women love sex. A sexual man is valuable to a woman because it can give them pleasure. Women are attracted to men who are attracted to women.

The second reason is more subtle. There is a phenomenon that I call State Transfer. Have you ever been in a bad mood, and have you met a friend who was in a magnificent mood, truly excited?

Probably your mood changed, and you found yourself smiling and cheering in spite of your original bad mood.

How do you feel when you are near someone who is nervous?

You also feel nervous!

Think of a time when you were with a girl, for example with a girlfriend, and she was obviously very hot and sexually aroused, but you weren't doing anything sexual. You probably got excited because she was excited.

This is how humans hypnotize each other in everyday life: we transfer states to each other.

Do you see where I want to go?

The transfer of state can occur at a level of psychic or metaphysical energy. But even more, the state is transferred by nonverbal subcommunication. When you are excited, your voice subtly (or not so subtly) reflects your state, as do facial expressions, eye contact, the way you play, body language and a million small details too numerous to try to manage.

How to have a State of Controlled Excitation?

It's not as simple as being horny, although that's a part. Control of the state is vital - if you are nervous or uncomfortable, you will not be able to get sexually aroused. (Control of the emotional state is not only vital in seduction, but in life in general. It allows you to remain calm, generally happy, and more productive. In spiritual terms, it is sometimes called “being centered” or having “peace mental".

The best way to remain calm in social situations is the experience. Socialize more, go out at night (sober), get experience talking with women.

Meditation, a good diet, avoiding harmful indulgences such as drugs, television, internet porn, etc., and exercising regularly, help.

For the "horny" part, increasing your testosterone levels will have an incredible effect. Natural ways to increase your testosterone include weight training in the gym, zinc supplements, eating lots of animal protein, and if possible, frequent sex.

And you already know how to get excited. In your interactions with women, simply concentrate on imagining her naked, or having sex with her, or any other fancy that you fancy.

Creating Sexual Tension

The tension component is really an extension of the second level of the Hierarchy of Attraction: Intrigue. The intrigue can be described in two ways: it can be seen as a lack of over-validation of a woman, or get her to focus on you being ambiguous and withholding information.

They are two faces of the same coin. Applied to sexual tension, we enter a sexual state, but we do not verbalize our desire.

If we do, she may like it or not, but now she knows where she is - it is validated.

That is not bad, but it is not optimal. She has already discovered you, she knows that you want her, which gives her the option to forget about you and focus on something else. You are "resolved."

Another key point about verbalizing the sexual interest is that it puts her in a position where she has to consent. You have to consciously admit that this will lead to sex. Again, this is not bad, but it is not optimal, as it can sometimes create a mental barrier in your mind when it comes to being alone with you.

Imagine you are in a room with a treasure chest in front of you. Then you open it and discover that there are gold coins inside.

When is the chest more interesting?

True, gold coins are great, but there is no mystery. You can even forget about the gold coins for a while and go to watch TV or call a friend, because the coins are not going anywhere.

But before you know what's there, that chest occupies your mind and keeps your attention.

This can be done with the following verbal techniques. We can amplify the tension by increasing ambiguity, that is, intrigue, with the following techniques:

Loaded vocabulary: add sexual or sensual terms such as: "push", "hard", "deep", "wet", "throbbing", "tongue", "pleasure", "lick", "touch", "excite", "Wish", etc.

Double meaning: speaking of non-sexual issues, say things that would be highly sexual if they were taken out of context: "in the deepest", "you are a very open woman", "you are a very fast girl", "how do you feel in your inside ”,“ inside you are soft ”,“ let's do it ”, etc.

Sensually descriptive stories: tell stories or describe experiences in very sensual terms, such as: "I felt the water so cold in my skin, it feels really good to be so hot and sweaty to play volleyball, and suddenly dive into the water", “I love the smooth texture of vanilla milkshakes,” “When I go to the gym I love to end up completely sweaty and give my all - I feel like a caveman lifting weights,” etc.

Casual Kino: According to the "DiCarlo Physical Escalation" ("DiCarlo Escalation Ladder"), he spends more time in casual kino, playing it for various reasons, not just touching it by touching it.

Open Kino: when you are touching it by touching it, create ambiguity and irritate it by approaching its erogenous zones, but without touching them. Walk your sides with your hands, avoiding her breasts for very little. Support your hand just above your ass. Put your little finger on your waist. Approach and smell her neck, but don't kiss her. Playfully, push it against a wall and get close to it, then back off without giving explanations.

Her attention is focused on you, and she gets excited, thinking “Did I really mean that? Did you intend to touch me? What's going on? Is sex approaching? She will get really excited due to ambiguity.

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