Seduction stories: The seducer

The night was calm, but that tranquility was going to wobble soon. Because there she was, brunette and more brown than coal. Pointing the pub its spotlights towards a smile that gives me the innocence of who loves prey. And prey would. All mine, I think.

Tied, handcuffed and with my mouth kissing her sex.

Nerves, nerves and more nerves.

I love his angelic face and that mixture of color that between youth and maturity transmits his tenderness to me.

It must be something older than me. It is seductive. I'm sorry. Very seductive The sexual glow that my green eyes inspire me drags me towards a spiral of sexual innuendo that I will hardly be able to contain.

I don't doubt it for another moment. I throw myself in the head.


"I guess that when you finish taking off that jacket, I will love how you have the little dress you are wearing underneath," I say with a gulf smile, taking advantage of the moment he makes a gesture of taking off his coat.

"It's not a dress that I wear underneath, it's a shirt." Answer nice, but at the same time cold. And I deduce without mistake that it has not been my best entry phrase.

"You are absolutely right in the world." You like chess? "Suddenly, and in the face of such a meaningless question, he can't help smiling." I think that those pants you wear, which by the way fit you very well, are perfect for that kind of game.

"Yes, well, although I'm not very good at playing chess," he replies, laughing at my insinuation.

"I will not lie to you." Chess is not my favorite game either - I continue to imply my second interpretations.

"Ahhh and ... What kind of game do you like?"

"Mainly those that go into the bedroom," I let go without thinking for a moment.

His face begins to draw an infinite mixture of wonder, laughter and natural charm. Starting to surround himself with the attractive mist of mystery. I notice on his face as if he said to me: "Well, finally someone different."

"I see you're a pretty straight boy."

Now I could start telling him about me, I think. But what does it matter to this girl who knows me in a couple of minutes how the hell I am? I'd rather she find out for herself. There will come times when I tell him how I think I am and how the hell I think I see life.

"We agree that the fault is yours alone." Your gaze does not stop communicating sex to the four winds. I am only an interpreter and victim here ...

"But it was you who came to talk to me," he says as he struggles to contain his laughter.

"Sure, if you look at me and take off your jacket so insinuously, what do you want?" What leave that splendid little body you have without my pleasant company? That is by no means! —I finish saying with gesture of indignation.

I love seeing her smile and feel that she is enjoying our incoherent conversation. Her face begins to reflect more astonishment and I see her more and more like a flower that opens to show its smell. The continuous sexual advances catch us to want to know more.

-Hears! I'm a good girl, ”she says, now showing herself more flirtatious and tender.

"Go ... if deep down you're a little princess."

"Man ... what do you think?" He says laughing.

That was the perfect time for no friend to interrupt me. But as we are not alone in this world and the breeze moves us from local to local, my friend Angel meddles in breaking our spell.

He tells me that if we do not leave now, we spend the time to enter a disco if we do not want to pay the bill to enjoy your stay.

-I have to go. But I'm enjoying Marta very much. What do you think if you and your friends come with us and keep talking? Or come with me.

"I can't, we just got here and they've already asked, but sign up for my phone."

I put his phone number, and I also signed a charge when I said goodbye. Always risking and falling in the precipitation. And I'm glad!

In a matter of an hour, I receive a WhatsApp on my mobile: We are here!

In response to his call birth to meet him. His cheeks are still tattooed on my retinas in a glazed gesture.

I want to see her smile, I need it.

"I see you can't live without me," I say with irony as I attack her with my most mordant smile.

"Well, you told me to let you know if I came, now don't blame me," she replies gracefully.

"Of course the fault is yours." More if we have the desire that you have stopped giving me a kiss on those cheeks of a good girl.

He blushes and I stay as if we were walking together for a romantic movie that never got broadcast.

"I don't know you enough to start kissing now." You will have to wait, and I warn you that the wait can be long, ”she explains with a scathing tone.

Do you want game? Done deal!

"It is a pity, patience is not one of the virtues that I can boast most about." I keep lowering my voice and getting closer to her.

—Well, patience is the mother of science, have you never been told?

"Do you still have any hope that he is a man of science?" - I answer with double meaning.

"And what are you man of then?"

"You should start to be clear that I am more emotional," I answer as I approach.

Very close and letting the silence corrode us I incline to smell his neck. Her hair slips and caresses my face serving her perfume.

"You smell really good, but you sure know a lot better." The bad thing is that you like to reject me and I may win another cobra - whisper, whisper and whisper ...

His eyes open like plates with an unknown glow and fear that is fueled. We let time run unanswered until we collided slowly in a kiss.

Wake up Marta! I hear it coming out of your mind.

"I won't let you keep kissing me." I don't know anything about you — try to conclude affectionately.

"I didn't know you were that kind of seduction strategy," I murmur as I repel myself.

"It's not a strategy, it's a reality." It is not no, remember?

"Okay, let's play a game." I am telling you how I think you are, and you are telling me how you think I am. So we know each other better and hopefully we transform a no into something much better.

"Mmm ... I don't know if I bought you the idea."

"Perfect, let's start."

"I begin better," he interrupts me. You're from that kind of guys who never give up, what if?

"It depends on when, where and whatever the defeat is," he continued as he took a quick look at his body.

"What a cocoon!"

"You have two that are relatively true." Now it's my turn, right?

"Sure, freeway."

"If something outstanding about you is your insight." Surely when you work, you find out who is going to do a stunt even before he does it. You see clearly in your gestures that intelligence of those who know how to anticipate any play.

"Not bad," he says, smiling with a white indifference.

"And of course, you're also a bit of a chapel." Look, something we have in common.

The conversation gradually continues. Of course, she continued with her attitude of not wanting to the idea that we both know the true truth; But we play

Great circumstances to meet them. Wandering among the ins and outs of persuasion. I want to, but no. Del may be, but my friend, you will have to work it.

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The more we appreciate the other person, willing in the front row to fall into the deep depths of sexual tension, the greater their influence for both. Do as the artist and be like the brush become the tool of your energy. That way you will rise among the magical flow of bodies attracted by magnetism.

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