Seduction stories: Seducing a shy girl

The night was fun. I had spent almost two hours in a bar talking to a group of girls with my friend Jorge, whom we met prior to “coupling” to his table. I felt encouraged. The self-confidence and the nose that never fails. But the time had come to continue the night in a more festive atmosphere. We decided to go to a well-known disco in Murcia that was always full.

Once inside, we are talking to each other and suddenly I see a group of ... How many were they? I think about 6. One of them was taking a picture of two others, while a third was a little apart. I take this situation to join the group through which I had been off the hook.

"Hey, and you because you don't put yourself in the picture, won't they be discriminating against you?" - I hope with courage and a good dose of confidence.

Meanwhile, my friend Jorge, who never loses a second, had already found his particular goal within the group.

"I am very little photogenic," she replies with a smile.

—Poor thing… do you want some advice to look better in the photos?


-Let's see…

"Look, when they are taking a picture of you, do you see the target?" - I say pointing to the camera lens, while one of her friends was taking another picture. He is thinking that he was going to put his hand on me with a small swipe with grace so that on the other hand. Fuck what a trip your friend hit me - she smiles and we both laugh.

After some trivial conversation without much weight or importance, more than continuing to gain trust with each other, ask me again about what you should do to go well in the photos.

- Let's see, it's a trick that models use. What you have to do is look about two fingers above the target - I say while listening attentively and impassively.

She is a brunette girl, of medium height, thin, sweet and contoured face and wisely horned eyes. Important to add, his ass: round and very tight that boasted a perfect balance between size and shape.

"Uuhh, what warmer hands, I don't let you go all night long," I say after offering my hand when he introduces me.

"You have them frozen instead." She replies laughing and showing off a perfect denture.

—Yes, well, I have always had a little cold hands, but with the touch of yours I am already warming up.

We keep laughing and it seems that everything starts well. He tells me that they are celebrating the birthday of one of them, who in his presence I congratulate and play to sing happy birthday.

We continue talking about various topics: What we study each, how we decided to study that, age, etc. Meanwhile, I stare at her. The greatest power of seduction is in the eye. I let myself be carried away by her feminine appeal and allow my eyes to be more prologized in silence as she captivates me.

"Man, don't look at me like that, I'm not used to this," he says, blushing.

"Go on, but in the end you're shy," I let go, showing me a little bit of a scumbag.

"Puufff, I'm super shy, you can't imagine how much."

"I was also very shy before, but I have never been happy with that facet of mine, and for several years I set out to take it off little by little." I tell her by showing me vulnerable while I reveal my ability to overcome and how proud I am of her.

-Go now! If you are shy, you have nothing, do not fool me!

"Seriously, I now see my nephews, who by the way have two, an 8-year-old nephew and a 5-year-old bird, and when they see strangers they don't cut anything." However, when I was his age I hid behind my super-cut parents. I tell him sincerely but without losing my sense of humor in my voice.

He puts on the face of continuing without believing it too much, which suits me well to continue expanding in my personal history. As if it were an American romantic film, I perceive how my confession makes us feel closer to each other.

"At age 13 or so, entering adolescence, I hated being shy," I continued to open. I wanted to interact comfortably with others but I couldn't. So I started to pull forward even if it cost me. I set out to take away that shyness, fight it ...

"And how do you get rid of shyness?"

"Well, normally we all find it hard to integrate, and sometimes we don't allow ourselves to meet people for that." Maybe we are in a group of people where we meet a friend and we don't introduce ourselves to the rest, we are passive and we don't talk. I decided that whenever I wanted to meet people, even if it cost me because of my shyness, I would.

—Jolin is that it costs me a lot, I get very nervous.

—You can also make fun

"How mocked?" - Asked question.

—Burradas, for example I once went to a crowded park, and I started shouting that I had won the lottery. And when they came to congratulate me, I told them that it was not a joke, that I had not touched anything - I say in an interpreted way, jumping in the disco as if I had touched the lottery and causing wide laughter to the girl.

"You're crazy, I don't do that or dead."

"Well, another trick is also to do surveys and things like that, which force you to talk to people."

—And as you do, do you approach a person and tell him that you are going to do a survey? - I can't help laughing at the strangers on his face.

"If you look, let's do the test, imagine I don't know you."

-Okay come on. "After his consent, I slipped my hand into the back pocket of my jeans to get a typical invitation card from the clubs. Then I start with the game.

"Hi, how are you?" - I say slowly and in a tone with sexual apices.

-Hi very good.

"You see, it was to see if I could do a survey." It is a very short survey, there are only 3 questions - I begin to dig through the creative depths of my mind, to think what are the questions I am going to ask you.

"Come on," she says, smiling.
The fact of interpreting this situation is very funny, which makes it inevitable that we both start laughing ...

—First question: You think the guy in front of you is nice. Yes or no?

"Yes." Loose with a face of who discovers the game has a trap.

"Okay, one second." I pretend to look for a pen in my pocket, take it out and cross out the option chosen. "She breaks up laughing. "Very good, second question." What do you like most about this guy?

"Well, I don't know, he's very nice too."

"Very well, let's move on to the third question." Do you like that guy?

Here I begin to give an address to the matter. We had already talked a little about each one, he had sexualized the conversation with his eyes and it was time to go preparing the ground to move towards the kisses and caresses that he wanted so much.

Then her shyness began to amplify, even making gestures of wanting to leave. You could tell she was nervous, and it was my duty to soften the situation and adapt it to the shyness of the girl if she didn't want to spoil everything.

"Well, nothing happens, I allow you to not answer it." I will answer it. Go, practice, do me the survey - I hope to relax the situation and she looking at me with light in her eyes comes back into the game.

"Hello, it was to see if I could do you a survey."

"Yes, of course," I answer, looking at her lips with desire.

"Good first question." Which was? He asks and I whisper it in his ear as if in secret.

"Well, do you like the girl in front of you?"

"Yes, I think it's very nice and pleasant."

—Second: What do you like most about her?

—Well, I like it… that she is an attractive girl, very close and that inspires me a lot of peace. In short, I feel very comfortable with her — she begins to wear jora.

-Third question. Do you like the girl in front of you?

-What do you think? "I tell him with provocation while my eyes devour his.

Here he gave a kind of attack of mild nervousness. He pretended to leave. I obviously prevented it. I tried to kiss her, but it wasn't going to be that moment. Her friends were still in our sight and the most convenient thing was for both of us to go outside where we could enjoy more privacy.

-Do you smoke? I ask with a gesture and tone of going outside.

-Do not

"What envy!" Do you accompany me outside and keep talking more quietly? —Dogs and looks pensive. There are goalkeepers you know, at most a little scream and they already take care of getting my body. Besides, you see that I am no danger to humanity.

"Okay, a second to take the jacket."

My mood manages to reassure her and finally she is encouraged to accompany me. We went outside, lit a cigarette and kept talking. The theme derived from participating in the red cross, which triggered the interest he felt in it.

—I give talks on the red cross so teenagers don't start smoking and stuff.

-Seriously? I love that, give me a hug, ”I say excitedly, showing how much I was captivated to be voluntary and we both merged into a more than loving hug. I've always wanted to do things like that, be more supportive. I know that, within me there is a lot of love to give, but I have not yet found time or form. Between the race, languages, gym and more trouble, I have no time for anything.

—Yes, it happens to me the same, but in the end if you wear time.

His body, his lips and his gaze only tell me one thing, that he is wishing that my lips bump into his. Let us forget everything and find ourselves in a kiss. He pulled her close to me to hug her again, but she gave him a small but sensual kiss.

"God, I can't believe what I'm doing," she says.

-What do you care about? I reply wishing to hear it.

- Let's see, I've always been relationships. I had never messed with an uncle in a nightclub.

—It does not seem normal to me what is happening, but if I value something, this type of connection is so intense that we are feeling. Or well I don't know in your case, but at least I feel a lot of connection right now. We have been talking for a short time and I am already losing my mind. I value this much more than getting to connect after being there for a month, yes, yes, if not for the end, get to experience connection.

I tell him by communicating how special this moment is for me.
What is special is that I have known it as if it were a point-blank shot.
She hugged me.
It throws on me.
He kisses me, kisses me and kisses me.
A rain of kisses that penetrate me inside.

"I had never done this, seriously."

"What do you think this happens to me?" Today I have something to drink, I didn't even think about going out of discos. In life I would have expected to meet a person with whom I made this sensation taste.

"I just can't believe it," she continues to say more and more sulphured.

"I want to keep getting to know you more," I say in a dictatorial tone like the one who is completely convinced to jump into a road with no possibility of going back. What do you think if you give me your phone and tomorrow afternoon I'll call you?

—Yes, sign it up 6XXXXXXXX…

"Okay, I'll call you tomorrow, and well, we keep talking and getting to know each other a little more." And see if we can see each other again soon. What time can I call you, do I send you a WhatsApp first?

"No no, from 6 until 9 or so, whenever you want, you can call me."

-Very good!

After exchanging phones and making sure that I have your consent to continue talking tomorrow, trying to avoid risks of not answering WhatsApp responsively, start asking me more things about me in a somewhat insecure way.

I wanted to know if he really was a normal boy and he wasn't a weird guy who was later calling her two by three and stuff. Choose again to give me some vulnerability.

"Let's see, I liked you a lot and I'm going to call you." Now, I'm not going to ride a candle in your life. I am very reserved for that. I call once and no more. If you take it well, if you don't give me a touch and I'll call you again later. I'm not a stalker, ”I say, and we both laughed.

Resolved this new concern of the girl, we talk a little about us as kisses and touches become increasingly present and hot. Unfortunately, you can not always end with a happy ending and this had to be postponed a couple of weeks later.

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