Books to learn to seduce: Best books of seduction and other useful

The best books to learn to seduce do not necessarily have to be books about seduction. Relating effectively and being attractive depends on a wide variety of factors to consider.

To seduce is not just what we say, but what we think and how we feel in a language that communicates and transmits emotions.

Is my opinion well founded?

If you do not know me and you just fell on this website for the magic arts of our beloved Google, I will tell you that I am not new in this matter. The first seduction book I read was only 13 years old, back in 2003. What a time! Times when there were virtually no books on the subject.

Since then I have read many and practiced much of the teachings of all of them. Reflecting on how these books influenced my way of thinking, and more importantly, acting.

In 2012 I started writing and teaching my own courses, always without neglecting my great passion for reading and my incessant hunger for knowledge in social relations.

So, having said that, I will explain to you which books I recommend the most and which are not. And if, in case you ask, I have read them all. I would never talk about whether I recommend a book or not without giving a sincere and informed opinion. It hurts to who it hurts!

How do we know if a book of seduction is good?

For me for a book of seduction to be good it must be based on observation. It must be a book full of examples and advice that inspires us to be better communicators, or if it does not include examples, that at least has a good dose of well-founded theory.

The idea is that these books feed our own intelligence and intuition. May they inspire our own seductive instinct.


The techniques, routines, and tricks of seduction in the long run do not work if the person who applies them does not do so during context and the exact emotional moment. And that kind of intuition takes time to develop, and it is very difficult to do it if it is not practiced naturally. That is, without continuing without rigid patterns.

Thus, study structured methods step by step with routines so that you think as little as possible and do only what the book tells you, In the long run it doesn't work. On the contrary, they end up castrating your spontaneity. A feature that is absolutely vital in this attraction.

These types of methods are useful for one thing: to get excited and motivate you to take action thinking that the path will be easy if you follow that structure. For little else! And for that, we better motivate ourselves directly thinking that we can seduce naturally without having to remember what another told us we had to do. Improving what we offer and contribute as I explain in my guide on how to flirt. Because only a real improvement in our social skills, attitudes and knowledge can lead us to be more seductive.

The best books to learn to seduce and why I recommend them

My own works
David Jungle books

Wake up beauty: Creativity in the art of love

Also available on paper!

Now available in Google Play ebook!

Wake up beauty is a book that sees seduction in a very different way than most books that deal with this theme. His approach is completely natural and teaches us that seducing is something we must experience and feel with total intensity. Letting ourselves be dragged by what we feel here and now in the presence of others. It is not based on the use of tricks and techniques to give a feigned appearance, but on a conscious development of our perceptions, conditioning and social skills.

Its approach is simple: to adapt the attitude of awakening beauty in others while we discover the immense beauty that is in ourselves through creative communication.

It is divided into three blocks that correspond to: Philosophy of life, insight and emotional communication. Within the philosophy of life we ​​find reflections to be more creative and experience our life as an artist. Through the block of insightful observation we get rid of dogmas and learn to use our own intelligence and intuition to seduce effectively and at the same time naturally and felt. And in the last block, based on the model already explained in my article The gift of labia, I present a multitude of resources so that your words never dry out and satisfy emotions that seduce: creative techniques, improve our sense of humor by studying their different styles, learn to praise and talk about ourselves, create intense emotional connections, generate sexual tension, etc.

All this accompanied by 100 conversation examples written in narrative (as if they were excerpts from a novel) where the philosophical attitudes behind seductive behavior develop, while we are inspired to see what we can say in a multitude of different contexts.


“I have read several books of seduction, self-help and improvement, but this book is simply the revolution. I have not found anything deeper than beauty awakens. It is a new philosophy that breaks with the teachings of seduction experts transporting this art to another new level. Also, in no other book or video on YouTube you find the same teachings, based on the author's philosophy, novels, poetry and others. It changed my life personally.
Anderson's opinion on

Flirt on WhatsApp

The fourth edition of Ligar by WhatsApp (March 2019) that you will find in ebook and on paper. It has more than 50 creative conversation examples and a multitude of phrases and concepts that will help you improve your lips. It is also accompanied by the We´re Brave philosophy of this blog.


Books by Luis Tejedor “Egoland”

His seduction books are based on the experience of the author and his team in the field of psychology. Luis Tejedor is a psychologist and sexologist, so his theories are well founded so that they do not attack our self-esteem.

His way of seeing seduction is based on observation. For me, his main argument would be: here are the resources, now do what you want. And so are his books. Always loaded with examples, real seduction stories and all kinds of tools. To inspire you a natural seduction where the main weapon is the sense of humor and whose goal is to have fun as a means to achieve your ends.

Seductive Egoland

A well structured book that summarizes the author's entire proposal in 500 pages. It came out in 2012 and for me that you read to me, this is the book of seduction that I recommend most. It is focused on men, although personally I think that women can also learn a lot from it.

It is a book focused primarily on communication, like all of this author. In it you will find examples to get bored, almost all using the sense of humor as the main weapon. Good theory based on concepts of psychology.

As it hits, it is that there is a central part of the book that particularly bored me like an oyster and that cost me a lot to overcome. If you get to it, don't leave the book. Skip it because the last chapters are the best. You can buy it in Amazon.


150 ways to start a conversation

This is another book that I liked a lot. It follows the same line as the first, but focuses on seeing example after example and with some exercises between in how can we start a conversation with a girl or a boy at night. Although honestly, many of them are valid examples to start conversations for the day.

The theory is similar to that of his previous book, only in this one it comes very and very well summarized. Come on, that's super to the point. Ideal to get going as soon as possible. Also available in Amazon.


More on how to start a conversation in my articles:
How to start a conversation to seduce y How to start a conversation on WhatsApp

Robert Green books

Author of five international bestsellers. There is nothing! American psychologist and writer known for his books on strategy, power and seduction. Well cooked food for the most analytical minds.

It will help you improve your observation skills so that your seduction assumptions are more accurate.

The art of seduction

The art of seduction It is a book that I recommend only to those who have interest in studying seduction from its historical side. The book focuses on analyze seduction from power and manipulation. Vision that for me is not the best. I bet on naturalness, fun and feeling loving rather than exercising power.

However, I like the Lots of information that contributes, from which one can reflect and draw conclusions.

It is not a book for inexperienced beginners. I would gladly refute with the author many of the statements he makes that for me are very open to interpretation. Things that have worked great for me and that he directly tells you never to do, to tell you later something that can contradict them.

As a study of seduction over the years, I insist, focusing on the conquest and its strategies from the side of power, it is very good. But as a guide to start seducing better, I don't think it helps much. You will not find examples of communication, or personal stories of the author, or anything of the kind that serves to take action during the day to day. It's more a book to reflect on the most strategic parts and the attractiveness of personalities in seduction with a very open mind.

Still, the book is of outstanding quality. This author sticks some admirable writing works with a sublime writing style.


Law 50

This is one of my favorite self-improvement books. I'm already on his third reading and he has become a regular on my little table year after year.

Seduction is a complex art that requires a lot of courage and perseverance. You must be willing to survive the bullets, and that has a lot to teach 50 cent, who survived 7 shots, one of them in the head.

A book that, in order to seduce you better, will help you overcome rejections, frustration and moments of shame, inspiring your perseverance and courage.


Eckhart Tolle books

If something is clear to me after so many years dedicated to this it is that to seduce more and better the most important is that we learn to enjoy the now. That is, we live the present moment with greater awareness and intensity.

Currently the success of this type of philosophies is resounding for its many benefits for our psyche. In fact, we find this attitude of squeezing the sensations here and now in the majority of referents in seduction, perhaps Giacomo Casanova being its greatest exponent. We need only look at some of his quotes: «My main occupation was always to cultivate the enjoyment of my senses; I never had another more important ».

The power of Now

An essential book on our bookshelf; of those that it is convenient to read little by little and to reflect on each section. In fact, the author leaves a mark between them so that we can meditate on reading.

Thanks to him you can record how your ego works so that it stops sabotaging you in aspects of seduction. Being able, for example, to stop offending you against rejections and keep your calm and good mood to respond more creatively to them. Although its greatest benefit is precisely what we have commented previously; to obtain the keys to live more naturally. What undoubtedly arouses great magnetism in all our actions.


OSHO books

He is one of my favorite authors par excellence. It's amazing how much I've learned from that Indian who died shortly before I was born. I have read yours: Fear, Courage, Emotional Well-being, The passion for the impossible, Intelligence, Creativity, Tantra spirituality and sex, Learn to love, Tantric transformation, Joy, Love, Freedom, Freedom, The Book of sex, and I don't know if I leave some more.

They are books whose texts have been extracted from the conferences and talks he made. In them you always find many anecdotes and even jokes that enliven the reading and give you Big dose of wisdom.

The main drawback of these books is that their citation of religions sometimes ends up boring, and that sometimes antiquity weighs on them. However, I always recommend them to my students and they love them.

One of its strongest points is that They do not stop transmitting you a brave and loving attitude towards a life that must be lived freely. Here and now. Essential arguments to get carried away and that are useful to seduce by breaking all the social conditions.

The first time I read books by this author, it was only enough for me to have an appointment with a girl to see that their arguments had not only changed me, but also caused women to be charmed with that same philosophy that had so much me . In my article on 14 beliefs to be braver You can see part of it.

To seduce you better, I recommend the following three. Although obviously, these books are not manuals on seduction. Simply they will influence you in many aspects that will help you seduce naturally, and will give you things you should know.


OSHO fear is a book Very motivating that helps you understand how your fears and insecurities work. It causes you to break your barriers and go out there to look for experiences. I love the phrase in which he says: «light the torch of life on both sides».


Emotional well-being

This is vital in the long term. A book that helps you understand your emotions and those of the other person. It is light for your consciousness. Jealousy, anxiety, frustration, fears ... A very complete book that is very useful to manage your emotions and that of the people you want to seduce so that Be well together and may your magic never collapse. It will also help you Improve Your Self Esteem.


Learn to love

If you are looking to adopt a good attitude in this of seduction, there is no better book. With this you will learn to accept, appreciate and love women as they are, something that you will then transmit in them. You will seek to live the present to the maximum exponent only by appreciation. And when a woman feels that ... believe me, it's a unique sensation. Even if you have a clear thing, you will fall in love too.


Betsy Prioleau's book

A feminine vision that analyzes the art of seduction from the greatest teachers of the past to the most current. It includes reflections on the authors of American methods such as Mystery, who are well placed. Analyze among others George Clooney and other celebrities today.

The great seducers and why women fall in love with them

It is a book that follows the line of The art of seduction. It's based on study different personalities and factors that increase the attractiveness of men.

He quotes many characters and has very good reflections, and differentiating him from the art of seduction, he perceives something more updated and less manipulative and Machiavellian. Very useful if you want to know what really makes women fall in love with a man, as the name implies.

On the other hand, this is not a guide either. You will not have conversation examples or communication models to practice. It is only theoretical study.


David DeAngelo books

One of the authors that I liked the most at the beginning, and that with the passage of time I still like them. Also known as Oscar Garrido in its Spanish commercial version. I have never stopped recommending it.

Was the creator of the arrogant and funny style, presented later in Spain by another author with the name of chulifresco. However, David DeAngelo teaches this style of filtering without forgetting that it is only useful for playing, and that it is essential not to be afraid to show our interest in the girl to move forward.

It also promotes the teaching of creating lasting emotional bonds to connect with girls. Ideal especially for younger people who will feel in their sauce with the style of this author.

Seductive Conversations

This would be the book that I would most recommend to any young boy who begins to want to seduce. Actually, Seductive Conversations is not a book that can be bought. It is an agglomeration of newsletters that this author was sending to a group of subscribers by email every week. Being ideal to help us have more conversation topics.

The good thing is that you can read these newsletters a week and practice them as recommended by the author, or read it at once as if it were a book. It is available only in "pirate" version to download in PDF. You can search on Google, where the one you are looking for finds encuentra


Double your appointments

Another of his books is Double your quotes, one of the first ones that I read and that even today can be recommended for that same group. Guys with little experience seducing you want to solve doubts and start creating a natural seduction style. No step-by-step methods and with a Seduction style that starts with the basis of humor and fun. I have not found it for sale at the moment, you will also find it to download if you search well on google, or listen to it in audiobook here.


Zan Perrion's book

The Alabaster Girl

100% natural. A fucking inspirational book with a unique philosophy about seduction. To fall in love with women and love them as a more powerful form of seduction. Appreciation of beauty in every way. Casanova style.

It only has one catch, and it is quite fat. That is only available in English. But if you know English, you can start.


Bernardo Stamateas books

From this psychologist and sexologist so famous and easy to find in any bookstore I have read several: Toxic people, Toxic emotions, Emotional wounds, Extraordinary Results, I want a change and toxic Passions.

They are easy to read, motivational and very well organized books. The one of toxic Passions did not finish me to square and is the one that I liked least. I think that in this book you can see that he is a religious author and the issue of liberal relations does not end up squaring him.

Of all of them, the best and for an essential to improve social relations is one of my head books:

Toxic emotions

Toxic emotions is the easiest to read and best structured book on emotional intelligence that I have ever had in my hands. Very different from those of Daniel Goleman whose staff seems to me infumable.

In his chapters the author talks about 15 emotions. This in order to seduce can help you know how to identify those emotions and how to manage them both in yourself and in the other person.

Thanks to him you can emotionally support anyone who is with you, which can take you to connect with others at a very deep level. Especially when you're trying to seduce someone. You can also take a look at me guide to manage emotions, based on this same book.


Mario Luna? ¿Mystery? Neil Strauss?

I do not recommend them ...

This is the stream of authors with books based on step-by-step methods. Personally, I don't like anything. I read years ago Sex code, Sex crack, The method, the 30 day method, The Secret, and many more. I read them all and practiced them for about 3 years. And every year that passed, I felt worse. Until I finally abandoned them completely to promise never to touch them again.

They are authors who classify. Either you are an aven, winner, or whatever you want to call it, or you are a frusco. A loser. A trapped. Something very negative, because when you're doing well, you feel successful, but when you're doing badly, you feel like a fucking ruin. And that destroys self-esteem. Logical, when you promote categorizing and judging others as a way of teaching.

They are methods that promote you to do this and that and that to please. Some authentic nonsense things without any scientific basis. That you follow their structures and their tricks, and that you practice until the calibres that when you do it will bind you to any woman.

They are books that excite you a lot, that make you dream, but that don't deliver what they promise. Now here near. They promote forging an imposted personality and I have seen many people very screwed by this form of growth. You cannot grow alone from the outside. The feeling you have is that you are not changing your personality, but acting with a different one. As an actor. But in the long run your personality is still not working with these books.

I have had many students who have arrived having read this kind of books, and I insist, I followed them for years. In the long run, they are very harmful psychologically. You fill your head with too many birds. You are becoming less natural and more mechanical. A lot of pseudoscientific and sometimes macho information. You end up obsessing with flirting and with what the girls think of you, with how to project courage to be a guy like them they classify: "an alpha male."

They set you in motion and motivate you. Improvements at the beginning, but in the long run, they make you more insecure.

Honestly, I threw myself across a bridge to a river without water just to know nothing about these books. I win. Mine was hard for me to take away all the shit beliefs I adopted from these teachings. Warned you stay!


Of all of them, this title for me is saved as long as it is well combined. His method of seduction is a bit more natural than that of the other books, and it is a good base to start if we finally decide not to pay much attention to the structure and use it without barriers. Especially if your interest is to go out to flirt butt and as soon as possible, more than to love women in a process of seduction deeper and more elaborate.

On the other hand, you will have to try to survive the value part without grabbing insecurities and withstanding the bullshit of Mario Luna. An ultramarketinized author and at times unbearably geek, who puts their names to everything and creates even a vocabulary dictionary. Anyway ... no comments. Available on Amazon.


Direct your life, by Pau Navarro

A great reading book enjoyable and interesting anecdotes. Finding many references to scientific studies and in which we will learn the most common concepts in terms of social skills.

His only downside is that although he accompanies his teachings of some examples, these are still scarce and quite basic as well as rational. What, after all, is not a very inspiring book. An objection that is key for a few, as reflected in the few negative comments of this work on Amazon, does not obscure the one that for me is the main contribution of it: to be an initiation manual with the best keys scientists to support our improvement in the development of our social skills.


Erotic novels

Read erotic tales and novels can serve as a great source of inspiration to learn transmit sexual tensionl. Some provide very good dialogues loaded with play between their characters that can influence us to better sexualize our conversations. Examples and more examples to feed our most provocative lip!

50 shades of gray

It is the best known and I have read for my taste of the best to learn to sexualize. By the way, it serves to see what we can say in bed and thus improve our sexual relations. Also if you look at how the character of Anastasia thinks you can learn a lot from female psychology. The only downside is that sometimes it becomes somewhat repetitive.


Thirty nights with Olivia

I liked the game between the characters in this novel. Between them they do not stop biting each other to end up having sex anywhere. I found it fun and inspiring.


Álvaro Bonilla books

This is an author I've been reading for many years. When nobody wrote about seduction on the Internet in a well-founded way, he was already there. If you were looking for seduction on Google, practically only he appeared. Other psychologist who knows what he is talking about. I don't know how many articles of his will have been on my blog: The Seduction Strategy.

Recently he released a new book, The Smart Seduction, to whom I have not yet had the pleasure of putting the glove on. However, there was one that I read and liked it a lot:

50 persuasion patterns

This is a great book, also free and short. I gave it away for subscribing to your email. It is very well written and provides very useful information based on NLP but explained in a simple way.

For me it is essential for those who want to improve their emotional communication. Of course, you will have to search on Google in PDF. Nor can it be bought.



Reading and writing poems is an excellent habit to improve our creativity and have conversations that help us to connect emotionally expressing feelings. The latter being absolutely vital to seduce and make someone fall in love.

Hence, both poets and philosophers have been in their own right the kings of seduction, something that is palpable when you study the history of their most illustrious representatives as they make books that we have already recommended.

In my book Awake Beauty, which we have already talked about at the beginning of this article, you can appreciate how incredibly useful poetry reading is for seductive language. That's why I'm going to recommend some books to start based on prose. That is, without rhymes. Since what interests us here is not to impersonate rappers or make a few cloying rhymes, but to enrich our natural language and how we combine it.

On the other hand, reading poetry will also help us to know ourselves more and discover ourselves inside as if it were an introspection exercise. Bringing us this multitude of benefits in our seductive wanderings and in our life in general.

We live in poetry

In We live in Poetry you will find a good part of all my poems. Always loaded with psychological and philosophical aspects that inspire us to be brave, love and seduce with consciousness.

You can read it for free at Google Play, download it in PDF on this website, or buy it on Paper or on Kindle at Amazon.

Poems by Luis García Montero

Luis García Montero was the author with whom I began to enter this wonderful art of poetry. The book that I recommend here I will have read about 4 times. As I said before, it is not poetry with rhymes. At least it is not what predominates. What makes it ideal. Its reading is entertaining and quite fluid, with a lot of richness in its lexicon but without abusing an excessively elaborate vocabulary. Something important, then, what we want is to learn to better combine and enrich our language with words that we all understand. It is also available on paper here. I recommend format because it is possible that as I give you several readings.


Poems by Fernando Pessoa

Fernando Pessoa is one of the most recognized poets in the history of mankind and I would tell you that he is probably my favorite poet. Without abusing technicalities or excessively complex words, his poems have a truly overwhelming spiritual intensity and depth. I recommend it especially if the spiritual themes attract you. If the Osho books previously recommended and you liked their philosophy, Pessoa will love you. I have not found link in amazon to the complete poetry book that I bought, weight if you have it available at Casa del Libro pricked here.


The new poetry of our time

If you are up to date on Instagram and follow more than one reputed instagramer, you will have noticed that poetry is very fashionable lately. What is partly due to the emergence of new authors who, betting on prose and forgetting about rhymes, have been able to communicate in an emotional and creative way what they feel to connect with the needs of today's public.

Among those authors of all that I have read I recommend:

Marwan in his books: All my futures are with you y The unstoppable loves.

Angel Zero in his books: Ella y Scars.

For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.

Finally, you can also take a look at my poems on this website and read them for free online or follow my writings in the stories of my Instagram where I usually hang poems and reflections every day.

brave jungle

#wearebrave #captivatesensation

Nothing is more seductive than life itself. And in case life is predictable? The answer is no. Be unpredictable, live in a way that you are, and you'll be adapting to nature. Appreciate the beauty of any circumstance and act with a young and playful spirit. Fun is not an option. It is the best variable at our disposal to discover and feel alive.

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27 replies on "Books to learn to seduce: Best books of seduction and other useful"

  • Anonymous

    Hello jungle first I want to congratulate you for your blog is very good.Excellent article to know other sources of ideas and knowledge, what was missing in the article is the book how to become an alpha male of John Alexander I do not know if you have read it or if you You know your opinion of him, greetings from Chile.

    • David Jungle

      Hi crack! That book sounds like I had it years ago but I don't remember it, so I probably wouldn't finish reading it or it didn't stand out too much for me. I can't give you an opinion hehe. The title in itself does not tell me much, as you have seen in the article I am not going the roll of the alpha male appellants and stuff. Anyway, if you like it and it has helped you great then, that's the important thing. Keep reading and broadening horizons, in the end the important thing is that everyone creates their own style and beliefs according to their personality and interests. A hug and greetings from Spain !!!

  • Daniel

    Thank you David for this great article. I totally share your philosophy of seduction, I also started with those books that made you look like a robot or pretend to be someone you are not and in the end your true personality came out and you ended up with your self-esteem on the floor.For now reading several of those you recommend! and looking forward to your new book! Greetings from Colombia

    • David Jungle

      Thanks Daniel! There is very little left for him to leave, and he can see many examples of how to live that philosophy and its usefulness in our conversations. I'm already finishing it, there are a couple of months left to review, polish and make corrections.

  • David

    Hello david. He called me just like you. I have a doubt and I know many too. If a man is already physically attractive (a beautiful girl) and likes many women, what would he have to do to sleep with them? He is supposed to have created value naturally and the girls are attracted to him ...

    • David Jungle

      Hi David,

      Being handsome and physically attractive makes things a lot easier. But it is not the only thing. As I explain in my new book Wake up beauty, all human beings have basic needs for entertainment, acceptance, support, feeling valued, sex, play, etc. And those needs are covered with the communication and experiences we offer when it comes to living and relating. Personally I have met very physically attractive boys who were later very bored and hardly contributed anything philosophically or psychologically.

      Seduction needs passion and the feeling of adventure running through our skin. If you are very handsome but you do not offer emotions, physical attractiveness can end almost without effect. It's like when we see a girl that we know is very pretty but that "does not put us." He loses it because of his way of being or what he transmits his physical attractiveness. Having a good conversation and knowing how to emotionally communicate a deep life behind appearances is vital. Although so far I do not know almost any book that has dealt with this topic in depth, only the one I just released and that I have linked a paragraph above haha.

      A hug and thanks, whatever you need you are in your house 😉

  • Raul

    Hello david. I just read your article about recommended books in seduction and the truth is that I can't agree with you anymore.

    But I have a doubt and I am currently reading one of Alvaro Tineo's books (The 3 pillars) and the truth is that I think it fits quite well with this natural seduction that you defend so much and with which I strongly agree. That's why I find it strange to see that you don't mention it in the article.

    What is your opinion about this author and his books?


    • David Jungle

      Hello Raul,

      I know that Alvaro Tineo's books are very good. In fact I know the author personally. I have dated Murcia several times with him and he is a crack. The problem is that I cannot recommend books that I have not read personally. I started reading one of his books but I had been in this for so long and I have read so many similar seduction books that I found a little more of the same despite what I said I liked.

      I recommend that you take a look at the one I just published that I do believe that the subject of seduction sees it in a very different way from everything that had been written so far. It is combined with other artistic teachings on creativity, poetry, overcoming and the spiritual world of living the now; Accompanying him with 100 examples of conversation in many contexts and poems related to what he teaches. Seeing seduction more as the result of a philosophy of life in all our relationships where the important thing is that we enjoy ours now, be brave and get carried away. I leave here the link: Wake up beauty: Creativity in the art of love

      I also invite you to when you finish reading the books of Alvaro Tineo or any other that you like, comment here and that other people know your opinion about them. I can recommend the ones I have read, but of course there are many more and depending on the person who reads them and the time of their life they will be better for each other.

      A hug and thanks!

      • Raul

        Thank you for your response and for your work David.

        I have read the book of the three pillars of Tineo in 2 days haha. And, honestly, I have fit many pieces and I have been able to see things from a very enriching point of view.

        I have been reading books and watching seduction videos for more than a year and I think one of my problems was that, as Tineo says, within the things I knew I "should do" I was not sure at what time I should do them. It was like a hodgepodge of concepts.

        The truth is that this book and the one before this one that I have read (Seductor Egoland) have helped me more than all the previous ones together (books by Mario Luna, Neil Strauss ...)

        I congratulate you on your work and, when I read your book, I will give you feedback 😉

        A hug

  • James

    Hi, how are you David? What book would you recommend to start if my goal right now is to go out and party with a girl? Later I would like more in the long term but for now it is that. Thank you very much and great article

    • David Jungle

      Hi Jamie!

      Excuse me, it seems that when you left me this comment it happened to me to answer you. I do it now if you are still interested.

      To go out to party and kill some girl I recommend Seductor Egoland or my book Wake up beauty. The reason why I recommend these two over any other is the large number of creative examples that both books contain. Because the theory is important, but when we are at the bottom of the canyon with a person in front of whom we want to seduce what makes the difference is how inspired we are. So the more and better communicative references you have to start, the better.

      On the other hand, before going out you may want to see some humor monologue, read some stories like the ones you will find here on the web, or read some poetry. Giving you a previous creative impulse before getting going 😉

      A greeting!

  • Nicolas

    The book of the art of seduction helped me find my natural personality, which in fact is what I call 'cool coke' in the book the tactics I use are good but it is for long-term seduction, because of the twma of the personality helped me a lot and I have never read another book about seduction, but I will follow your advice to read poetry

  • Manuel

    Hello, very good recommendation, in this world I started with Mario Luna, not with his books, if not with his videos on YouTube, I thought he was a good guy, anyway, my question is, you have read the book of egoland “the little one book of seduction ”?, if you finished what you thought ?, in my country the“ seductive egoland ”is very expensive and the one that is reasonably priced is that, or you recommend me better save for the“ seductive egoland ”, thanks.

    • David Jungle

      Hello Manuel,

      I began to read the Little Book of Seduction but to my liking it seemed too dense and theoretical. It was repeated in excess and the writing style did not seem appropriate; often with exaggeratedly long paragraphs and mentions of very purist scientific theories. I was quite bored and on page 60 I abandoned it. I think if you are interested in the author Seductor Egoland it is a better option. Although, as I say, I am also not who to evaluate much The little book of seduction because I barely reached a quarter of its content. Ideally, if you have it at hand in a bookstore, browse all its pages and see if it is interesting for you.

      On the other hand in Kindle you have my new book "Wake up beauty" at a very economical price. It came out this summer and where you will find everything I teach in my courses at accompanied by hundreds of examples of conversation based on my own experiences so you can get inspired. Something that is essential for me in a book of this kind.

      Choose the one you choose I hope you come to comment on it 😉

      Thanks greetings!!

  • Daniela

    Hello dear, for my other very good book of seduction with erotic load and that I have read more than three times and I do not get tired is 11 minutes of paulo coelho ... I LOVE IT, I FASCINE! If you have not read it, I recommend it… it also gives you another perspective, which people tend to think about escort whether they are fancy or not (not to say vulgarly prostitutes)… THIS AUTHOR IS MY FAVORITE.

  • Nicolas

    Damn, the first 3 books I read about seduction were from Mario Luna, if I had known before! ... I have noticed that you do not name Ross Jefries, which personally is that the most catches my attention

    • David Jungle

      Hi Nicolas,

      I read Ross Jeffries years ago for one of those that I don't recommend either. In my opinion it exaggerates the results of NLP too much, surely to sell more.

      I control the issue of NLP and although I use it mainly in meditation and coaching sessions, without a doubt in seduction I have also used it and it works. But I have not done it intentionally. Simply communicating emotionally, because if it is done well, the suggestions in this type of communication leave themselves even if the subject is not studied too much. Thing that I mention in my book "Wake up beauty" in the final part on sexualization, for which the suggestions are especially useful. Especially if, as I say in the book, they are allowed to emerge naturally as a game and are made with tact and joviality.

      As I also say in my book you have to be careful with everything that makes the process of seduction unnatural. Well, if we are thinking about what to say using NLP instead of being carried away by the magic of seduction, we can end up spreading many doubts and lose the spontaneity that makes us so attractive.

      Greetings, I hope I have cleared your doubts and if not, you can ask me again here.


  • Juan Camilo Suarez Londoño

    Regards David !! I really liked your bloock, I also love your theory of natural seduction. The best way to seduce is emotional seduction, I have read many books on neurolinguistics and emotional seduction; I am able to feel also with myself that I don't care about their opinion, I just enjoy every encounter with a woman and her femininity, so I naturally attract her mind. I believe in my many positive erotic sensations and tranquility which I transmit with just feeling it and then I see it on his face, but I would like to know a good book of conversational hypnosis since we can get into a state of attraction and fascination only Listening to what she likes.

    • David Jungle

      Hi Juan Camilo,

      From my point of view, this state of attraction and fascination in matters of seduction does not only occur with hypnosis. Obviously hypnotic patterns and NLP can give strength to the message, but from my experience, nothing beyond reality as some sell. What you call a state of fascination is usually what some call embelesamiento; and to produce it influence many factors. Among them emotional communication, the most important. But we must not forget one thing that is vital: what we feel when we communicate. The words have strength but if we don't feel what we say and we don't feel that emotional and sexual attraction towards the other person, we can hardly transmit it through many hypnosis patterns that we know. In fact I met a boy who knew a lot about hypnosis but with the girls he was not doing quite well, precisely because he was too rational and although he uses that kind of patterns, being so much in his head and not feeling the moment, he killed his naturalness . And when they see us too controllers we drive away.

      In my book "Wake up beauty" I present many examples of emotional communication in contexts of seduction; in turn transmitting values ​​and beliefs with what we say fascinate the person in front of us. Because we do not forget that our way of seeing life and how we transmit it with full force is what you can fall in love with most.

      You can also take a look at the book 50 Naxos persuasion patterns, although as I say, the patterns alone do not work too much and can be counterproductive if we give them too much importance and lose their naturalness.

      I leave the video, greetings!

  • Leonardo Cabrera Álvarez

    Hello david. My name is Leonardo. I really liked your blog and what you say about seduction based on a natural and spontaneous style. I perfectly agree with your ideas about this topic. Just like you, I have read several books of this type, starting with the pioneers of American seduction to the most current. I must say that for me, all renowned Aven have good things to teach and I think it is necessary to know at least the most basic of them all. It is true that there is a lot of trash behind everyone and there are also exaggerations and blind worship of his method, claiming that he is the best ... I know that and I think that everyone who gets into this should know. However, I always argue that there are different ways of doing the same thing, in every way, hence my thinking. All methods have their place and their peculiarities, none is infallible. It should be noted that being natural when having a seductive attitude is the basis of everything, although it has sometimes been so difficult, especially at the beginning. But that metamorphosis from seducers to seducers is necessary. I admire the form of Juggler, DeAngelo, Egoland, but if you look closely they have their peculiarities when it comes to the type of woman or context and there are other methods that cover their gaps. With a girl or with groups of girls with self-esteem through the clouds it is not always good to enter directly, create rapport or be funny, usually that does not become enough ... Sometimes it takes courage, disarmament and denial (which from a In the beginning, it has been explained that it is something mild and supposedly naive that does not hurt his self-esteem) - for those who follow Egoland and his care for not damaging the Girl's Self-concept or Self-Esteem - What happens is that many do not understand this and they pass or from the beginning bomb the girl with these tools without having observed well. The same goes for the other side of the coin, a normal girl, a Cocky & Funny attitude, will make you look like an unbearable believer. I may not have as much experience as you but enough to have learned this.
    As for everything, I say it depends above all on our individual personality, on the result you want to obtain, the girl you want to obtain with your individual personality and your mood or your situation at that time.
    Mario Luna is one of the first in our language and it seems to me that SexCode is his most extensive work and at the same time the least important in terms of his Method. SexCrack for me is a revolution of this and is very successful and even more natural, and according to its method to follow, you can change the order, skip steps or even go through several at once. For me it is his best work of seduction and condenses everything related to seduction until that year. ApocalipSex is already simplifying everything to make it even more natural, just like Ligar is easy if you know how ... And according to that mistake many seduction coach make of telling you what to do, but not teaching you to be, he took out his book: The psychology of success, to complement his previous works by giving you an intelligent and attractive way of life, which I think is very useful. Something similar but a little more radical happened with Neil Strauss and his book The Truth ... They have realized many of the mistakes you mention and have corrected them or give possible solutions.
    With this comment, I want to show that we must always appreciate the good and the bad of all things.
    I have not read your works yet and I have no doubt that I will love them. Above all, it has attracted my attention, which, like our friend Egoland, you recommend reading more than seduction books. I will incorporate into my bedside books, which you recommend now, something tells me that they will help me a lot. I am a faithful advocate that we must have something better to do than seduce first of all, and that seduction is a complement to our lives that we must put in our favor and never the other way around.
    The downside of reading your work is that I am Cuban and getting my books is going to be difficult because I have no way to buy them. But without a doubt, if I get them, I don't doubt that I will have a very good opinion of them.
    Kind regards.

  • Alberth Valencia

    David, I saw that honesty is important and being natural without following patterns, my question is if you read Alan Roger Currie's book: Mode One. Would it fit with a model of natural seduction? Would you recommend it?

    • David Jungle

      Hi Alberth! I'm sorry, I haven't read it. I could not comment. However, almost everything we learn will often depend on how we want to integrate it into our knowledge and attitudes. So even if we read some concepts that are not entirely natural, we can decide not to internalize them or see how to do so that they arise naturally.


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