Seduce transmitting sexual tension: Sexualize your conversations

The sexual needs of excitement and play have gained more and more relevance in our society. It is a hurricane that after hundreds of years repressed, since the last years here, destroys with its strength all the foundations that previously conditioned us.

Sexual liberation is already a reality. But do we know how to transmit it with emotions and words that seduce?

Sexual tension, the best ally of your seduction

Chivalry and patience are not enemies

Sexuality returns to its most primitive origins, where it is a need that we can celebrate and satisfy. The energetic birth of the sexual act and the beginning of new lives. A need that large companies use in their communication campaigns, especially if we take a look at the perfume ads.

However, most of the boys who have come to one of my seduction courses They confuse respect, go slowly, gain confidence before having sex, etc., with a fearful absence when it comes to showing their sexuality.

A student told me:

"David, the other day I had an appointment and I don't understand what happened." I was very comfortable with her. We laughed and had a good time, but now he tells me that he didn't feel the connection he needs and that he prefers we never stay again.

"Did you sexualize the conversation?" Did you arouse sexual tension in her?

"No, I didn't worry because at first she told me she wanted to go slowly."

"And that's very good, but as slow as you want to go, if you don't get her to be sexually attracted, isn't it obvious that she doesn't want to have a second date?" Isn't it obvious that I have doubts about whether she feels attracted to you?

It is necessary to create sexual tension

When we are meeting someone, either at a first meeting or a little later, We have to try to make sure that you perceive that with us you will have all your needs covered. And as you can guess, one of them is the sexual one.

In the case of my student, the girl he stayed with lived alone, picked him up in his car, and was dressed very sexy and provocative on the date. All these factors favored a premature sexual environment. Meanwhile, he only noticed what she said at the beginning. I wanted to go slowly. Something that girls sometimes feel, or simply say to mislead or avoid pressure, but that It doesn't have to correspond to your real desires if we finally like them. The same happens when we seduce a boy.

Sometimes it is difficult to know what we want at the beginning, so it is common that we remove important and pressure. But in the end the really important thing is to live the moment when we seduce. Letting ourselves be carried away by its magic, because any present act can refute a past one and take weight away from reasoning and words. Especially when we talk about communication as emotional as the one that generates sexual tension, since we can even respond to a rejection by sexualizing and transform it into a sexual advance soon after.

Have a brave and adventurous attitude

Seducing requires assuming a brave and adventurous attitude where everything is possible if our senses ask us to. Sexuality needs the present. To abandon thoughts and gallop on their energy.

From my point of view, as much as a woman or a man does not want to kiss us or have a sexual relationship in a few first meetings, what he wants and needs to know is if we are able to arouse attraction. Y if we are capable now, we will show that we will be in the future, when you are truly ready to take the step towards a sexual relationship.

Turn power transmitting sexuality in our meetings makes us be perceived as wise connoisseurs of the art of lovemaking. That is, we intuit that the issue of sex is controlled. We know how to enjoy it and we can be good lovers.

Do you have a couple? With more reason, sexualize!

As for couple issues, knowing how to sexualize a conversation can have many benefits so that passion is always booming. Time wears out relationships, that's obvious. But without needing to be an Arbert Einstein, we can conclude that keeping the flame burning will cause us to have a more pleasant and satisfying relationship where conflicts tend to pass more frequently. And for that, what better way to feed our sexual instincts?


-What! You have left the room a mess again, right? If I don't order it any day we find one raccoon playing with your socks - I recriminate my husband with humor.

"Yes, today I shot out and left a good pack."

—Well, it's time to set the alarm a little earlier or not to leave your clothes on every time we take them off.

-You're right. Although since you talk about taking off our clothes, I think it would be a good incentive to become more orderly that we take it off now. We can take it off, leave it in the closet and then start to warm each other — he jokes as he approaches.
He kisses me and starts stroking me around the waist.

"No, you are grounded." Today you run out of play ...

"Okay, it seems fair." But it doesn't seem fair that you stay without enjoying yourself. You are not punished and deserve a prize - it is provocative as he lowers his head to my sex and begins to kiss him.

-Not to…

But it does not make me the slightest case. On the contrary, I lower my pants at a stroke and the licks start to suck me.

"Don't think that this is why you're going to get rid of ..." sulphide excited.

"Easy, tomorrow, the day after and when I order the room." The times it takes. Now let me taste you ...

Example in narrative taken from my book: Wake up beauty

Sexual tension is energy

Feel it and spread it


Many men and women complain that girls only like "gulfs," but that's not true. What they like about gulfs is that they tend to be better able to arouse their sexual instinct. They tend to create more sexual tension in their encounters with them. Transmitting a most attractive personality thanks to that sense of power and high self-esteem that inspires mastering that two-way language full of sexual impetus.

So we hear those conventions that we all know as: to succeed with girls you have to be a bastard, my mother told me that women had to be treated with chivalry but they all end up happening to me, the more I try and the better the I try less like, etc, etc.

"The ladies first, please."

"How chivalrous," he replies playfully.

—It's the least I can do to thank your company. Company that I am really enjoying, and I know for sure that we can still enjoy much more - musita with a smile that attests naughty airs.

But you don't have to be a bastard or treat a woman badly to seduce her. Not much less! If, in addition to being sexual and managing to awaken your passions, you are a gentleman who cares about her, respects her and helps her in whatever she needs, you will put yourself several steps above any selfless Don Juan. It is all a contrast. Very effective also to seduce men. The nice and friendly women who in turn hide a naughty and sexual air we love. The key: Awaken emotions.

Be unpredictable

We have already said that being gentlemanly, or in the case of girls, being kind and cheerful, is a very attractive feature. However, sometimes these qualities are associated with boredom or insecurity when we forget about be playful and unpredictable, or we don't play for fear of offending.

Conversation when flirting is a dialectical game that requires courage and naturalness. What helps us to be more ingenious and unpredictable. We must keep our fear of rejection from our mind and begin to see it as an opportunity to be more attractive with our way of responding to them. Learning and educating our intuition to know well what to say and what to do when those rejections occurn.

In this way any man without the need to be a hummingbird can transmit a powerful sexuality if he turns away his fears, begins to see seduction as a fun act, and is willing to show his intentions.

"I like you very much, but I recently left him with my boyfriend and I prefer to go slowly."

-I think it is a great idea. Although if I tell you the truth, the last thing I've thought to see you is to go slowly. Surely that depth with which you look at me has some guilt.

"Don't you usually miss words to provoke truth?"

"I just limit myself to being honest." I will not pressure you. I understand your concerns and what you can talk about last. Now, excuse me if I have trouble not expressing what you make me feel.

We like to feel wanted

Make her feel seductive

Any woman likes to feel wanted and is able to awaken that energetic sexual volcano that men carry inside. And in the same way, something similar happens to men. Boosting our self-esteem, feeling with the power to captivate others until they lose their meaning.

For this it will be important that in this game that two that is seduction, both parties feel seductive. If not, and give the appearance that one seduces and the other is only his victim, the charm would be lost and the distrust that would stop the process would increase.

Therefore, remember that regardless of whether we want to go faster or slower, Feeling seductive and seductive powerful makes us feel more confident. Create an atmosphere conducive to the most pleasant intimate conspiracies. To achieve this, it will be essential that we know praise a seductive way, without being too obvious or falling into the topics that everyone says.

Become more sensitive and let yourself go

Get carried away by what that person inspires you


Merge with the moment and learn to live the present when it comes to seducing. If we really like the other person, sexual tension will arise naturally and you will not have to retain your energy. It's nice to show it with your words and movements. Let yourself get nervous and at the same time feel confident, with nothing to lose. Let that volcano move your inner foundations. The desire should not be hidden. It is very nice to see and in turn shape it with language.

-I like looking at you. I don't know if I could stop doing it - he whispers as he approaches her slowly.

"If you get so close, you are in danger of a doll." I don't know if you're prepared for that risk, ”he whispers slowly

to the ear while her tits almost brush her chest when she leans over him.

"Would it be worth living if we didn't take risks like this?"

- Sometimes it is better to hold back a little, we don't want you to get too upset. Truth?

-You're wrong. I'm already quite upset. And if you keep looking at me that way, holding me will stop being one of my options.

Start kissing her slowly, carefully and gently by the neck, while holding her neck with the other hand. She closes her eyes and a gasping sigh escapes her. He finally stops him to hold a withering look over his eyes going down to his lips.

-I like your lips. You shouldn't have deprived me so much of them.

"Don't deprive yourself, they were born to satisfy you," she insists visibly excited with shy airs.

Feel and experience sexual tension

Any energy is spread. If you laugh, the world laughs with you.

Passion, insatiable instinct. It is first about feeling it, then containing it and gradually releasing it and infecting it. Each word in its most sensual tones can cross the walls of conventionalism. Fire our emotions with their networks of seduction. But for words to make us vibrate, it is we who have to feel life intensely. His fire Your sexual emotion Imagine what you want. Look at her (or him) and let yourself be dragged.

Your words transmit the energy you feel inside.

Sexual tension is born from a deep sensitivity towards beauty. The energy is ours, it is within us. Latent and alive, but asleep. The other person through their forms, and above all, their actions, movements and words, causes our mind to get to work and make us imagine. Our mind takes possession of our sexual energy to launch it towards a high and blind flight without fear of falling.

To seduce with lip, you can see my guide:
The gift of labia

Always look for emotion

Provoke it towards adventure

Life imposes too many structures and rules on us. Closed and corseted in multiple chores and banalities. False appearances, false smiles, false words. We copy garbage day by day and we drag it as if those words were ours. Seduction must be a liberation from that world that we live every day as if we had seen it before.

"You are a very pretty girl, but too young for me," he says, fighting the battle for loss. A feeling of sadness fills him, but he decides to do the right thing. 19 years are too few for a man of 36.

-Do you like fruits? She asks, leaving him quite baffled. He smiles at his bewilderment. I love it. I've always liked it, more even than any kind of candy. But I hardly know or wonder about her.

"I don't understand you, you leave me somewhat confused." What does that have to do with what I just told you?
She looks at the floor exposing a playful shyness.

"It has a lot to do." Sometimes things happen. I don't know anything about fruit, but I love to taste it. With that I am worth it. ”He bites his lip and looks rapt into his eyes.
He begins to feel seductive and feels like arousal begins to flood his senses. He feels he wants to protect and pamper her. Note the desire to hug her. He perceives that his corseted life is meaningless, and that her youth understands more to live than all of his possible reasons. Smile fascinated, and sigh.

Avoid being rational

The sexual tension that starts from seduction is a current opposite to the rational. It is a provocation of intense emotions. Not an insurance contract. We need to let the balloon of our thoughts go. Release it and watch it fly until it disappears. Leave all brake. Looking at the other person and feeling embraced and united by energy is created in the connection of our worlds.


-Do you know something? I ask between whispers as I approach her. Slowly ... very slowly. I cross it with a direct and penetrating look. A look that is born from it and because of it exists. I don't care about our age difference. Does matters? I have got your message. Let's travel together at a golden age.

"I think you're absolutely right," I continue telling him in a dominant tone. Make me fly with you to that wonderful world you hide. That in which there are no whys but life vibrates.
I feel my voice calm and deep among a nervousness that is hard for me to hide. I can hardly believe it, but this is already uncontrollable. I want to let myself be dragged… Let myself be helped by the lifeguard of his waddle.

"You are my favorite philosopher," she smiles amusedly. Although I don't know another. Kiss Me please. Or else, I will force you.

"I already said that asking for things please didn't hit you much," I reply, unable to contain my joy.

Escaping through my face the excited child inside.

"Shut up at once," she says as she leans over me to give me the sweetest and slowest kiss.

Without closing the eyes. Leaving me shipwrecked from their childhood infections.

Book narrative example: Wake up beauty

Transmit sexual tension

Use a nonverbal sexual language

At the end of this article I will leave you a video as an example of nonverbal sexualizing language. However, it is simple, it is not necessary to become obsessed with nonverbal language.

The key is that our gestures are slower and calculated. If the voice is sharp and muted, no matter how exciting we are saying, it is difficult to arouse sexual tension. Our tone of voice should evoke desire and wrap gently. We can speak more slowly, and emphasizing some words such as: desire, weak, provoke, sexual, fire, surrender, fall, etc. All those that can have a double meaning.

Furthermore, the look is usually more fixed, more penetrating. The greatest power of seduction lies in the look. Even a careful and romantic look can be very intense and exciting and become sexual. Without fear of them seeing that we are staring. We can even look without saying anything, with longer pauses between our phrases. Without hiding our desires. With smiles that open and close slowly.

Be romantic and protective

Romanticism increases sexual tension. Falling in love makes us feel the most powerful desire. There are many movies that we have seen where the protagonists go from complicit glances, jokes and spiritual conversations to a sexual explosion initiated by a passionate super kiss.

And if there is a deep emotional connection, nonverbal sexuality with the feeling or romantic language are more than enough.

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Keep the mystery

Have you also noticed how exciting it is not to know what will happen? Know that we both feel something but not have it all clear, It makes nonverbal communication transmit much more sexuality.

As for the verbal, the only certainty is that if it is not accompanied by a deep sexual feeling and a non-verbal sexualizing language, it is hardly strong, unless it is a written communication (WhatsApp, letters, social networks ...) where our Words stimulate the imagination in the absence of real images.

"I think I won't be able to stop looking at you for a moment." I would like us to spend the night at my house, I live here nearby. If you dare, of course… "He tells her with total poise and confidence, and even with a dark and defiant air.

"It's too soon, we just met tonight."

"And you don't think it's much more fun like that?" I have to warn you, you are not dealing with a band-aid. I love you as close as possible to me, and as soon as possible.

More than one will be scared by examples like this. I would have thought this to be something strong. But if you say this kind of thing having previously shown that you are someone consistent and pleasant. With the feet on the ground, and not the piggy out of turn. You can see how the excitement increases in the faces.

It transmits sexual tension from the internal feeling

Sexualizing is a natural instinct we all have, but due to the lives we lead within our social contexts, often excessively rational, it is hard for us to develop and take out that instinct. It is not the same to be a poet than an engineer. That is clear to all of us.

However, as we have seen earlier in this article, if we manage to dive into the present moment and get carried away as if that person we want to seduce was our muse, we can let that energy be born. It belongs to us. It is only hidden behind the barriers of thoughts.

Likewise, the continuous practice of meditation and philosophies as in Tantrism or the practice of Yoga are also helpful, as well as physical exercises that in men increase testosterone in the body or the food we carry.

Habits to learn to sexualize conversations

Finally we will see some entertaining habits that will help you to be more and more sexual when you seduce. Either because you are meeting someone you want to attract, or because you are interested in improving this aspect in your relationships.

  1. Read erotic novels: Gray's 50-shadow-style novels are loaded with dialogues that in turn narrate the character's feelings. Its reading is especially recommendable, especially if we think about how we can adapt those references of conversations to our own style and way of being.
  2. Read out loud: The voice is of all the features of nonverbal language that transmits the most sexuality. We must be able to modulate it in a really sexy way. For that, read aloud texts like poetry or novels and play with your voice until you find your most provocative tone.
  3. Watch series or movies with sexual characters: Series like "Lucifer" or movies like "The ghosts of my ex-girlfriends" have very sexual protagonists that focus on hedonism and seduction. It is also common to see this in novels, such as "El cuerpo del deseo”Where Mario Cimarro squeezes great sexual potential.

Finally and as you know, Practice makes a master. Try to be more sexual and sexualize the conversation when you seduce. In discos it is especially effective and consistent. Also if you already have a partner you can practice with her. Even during sex, you can whisper, look and touch more evocatively.

You can start with hints and gradually increase the volume of your sexualizations. It's also good to start with nonverbal language, especially staring confidently (although without going over, we don't want to look like a weirdo either). For girls it is especially useful, the look tells us boys who have an interest in us. So little by little you will cheer up and make it better and better.

Finally, I invite you to take a look at my new book. In it you will find a guide to sexualize your conversations much more complete, with an entire chapter dedicated to it. Including a multitude of examples, advice and attitudinal philosophies conducive to creating sexual tension naturally.

Find out more about sexual tension in:
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In the fine rubbing of the bodies we discover the passion for emptiness. For the wandering of the mind towards everything and nothing. All at the same time. Discovering that sex is not only pleasure, but that it is much more. A wish we could never escape. From which we never wanted to escape. Only fall into it again and again. Opening our Pandora Box to the lost delights of time.

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  • Elasa Patricia

    Very interesting the subject, very deep, the true meaning of a woman and a man is scrutinized, here in Chile, there are no topics of conversation where we can all listen, it is only for a privileged few, the rest we sink into ignorance. you thank you thank you

  • Ms. Blunt

    It's amazing that someone can swallow so much trash. There are people for everything, and that's why I understand that someone writes it. But that it is believed that we all want the same thing is of immense stupidity. Cheap and vulgar “Philosophy”, which sets as an example of ideal the couple relationships of the simple and vulgar Hollywood movies, how aberrant! Surely Mr. Jungle’s golden dream is to write a saga like “500 Shades of Gray” - a guards' song for a hot and unthinking audience that wants to feel “daring”. Give David, that these are the ones left over in the world, keep producing shit and you will surely get your best-seller.

    • DavidJungle

      Hi Ms. Blunt,
      I am sorry that you have not questioned this article in the way I intended to convey. I will never say that everyone wants the same thing, I doubt that has come out of my fingers in the form of writing.

      What is obvious to me is that human beings have sex and play needs that are part of our hedonistic needs. At least that's how I studied it from psychological studies, and lived in my experiences. Perhaps that is why books like the one you mention have been so successful in a society that over the years it has been repressed in sexual matters.
      In any case, this article also contemplates the creation of sexual tension from romanticism and feeling, which I intuit is the way in which you feel most identified. On the other hand, I do not write for an audience, I write what I think and each reader may agree with some things and not with others, based on the fact that absolute truths do not exist and that we all think differently, and that is why we must not categorize thoughts of others as guardas or unthinking. Whenever we judge, the ball can come back to us, and any corseted and closed thought leads to lack of awareness. Each one forms his own path. Shape yours to your liking and respect that of others, that is my philosophy and not another.
      Also, thank you very much for reading me and enjoy a happy weekend. Greetings!!!

      • Alvaro

        No matter David, your articles always put me to think and analyze many different points of view, it is interesting and I try to get for me what attracts my attention and I like it, the rest I contemplate as other ways of seeing life; and since they write resentful or envious people, I think that they should not be taken care of, since if we are here it is because we are interested.

  • lore

    Excellent !! .. Read you, it was like listening to my sexual instinct "talk" .. Ecstasy .. I always said it: Life without sex, is not full life .. In human sexuality merges, in fullness .. 😊 .. Let the successes continue !! (ah, with all due respect ... high façade David 😍 .. 😊) good looking kisses .. 😘


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