Keys to seduce with your nonverbal language and bewitch

Bewitching consists in provoking a feeling of pleasure or intense admiration that moves and attracts the person who contemplates, hears, etc., and makes him forget about the rest.

It is a very pleasant feeling, because it completely connects us to the present moment. When we rapt each other with another person, we looked at each other as if we were deeply in love. Even when you have known her for a very short time. Even if only minutes.

The embelesamiento is a crush. Respond to the loving concept we have of that word. We look dumbfounded, as if nothing else exists. It is mindfulness. A seductive meditation.

Three keys to seduce with your nonverbal language

We are always communicating despite not saying a single word. Our body speaks for us and sometimes it does for the elbows. Bla bla bla. Even if you don't realize it, don't stop gossiping.

But within all aspects that encompass our nonverbal language, without doubt the most important are: the look, the tone of voice and the positions and movements of our body.

Seductive look

There are sensual looks and voices, affectionate, mischievous. Some hide a playful and fun instinct, others a more sexual one. But if we have to be clear about something, it is that both our gaze and the rest of our nonverbal language have a two-way communication with our emotions and feelings. Influencing each other.

Your feelings send letters, telegrams and even carrier pigeons to your body. If you feel sexual and powerful, that instinct feeds a powerful and inquiring look. If that sexual instinct is more shy, you will show a more nervous look that will clearly convey certain romantic flashes.

A seductive look is one that adapts to the feeling shared between that other person and you. Why? Because it is a look that synchronizes. Bodies talk and caress each other without touching or articulating any word when we get generate an intense connection with the other person In psychology call it mirror neurons. What we feel we transmit. It is not a poetic invention, it is backed by science.

One of the effects of enchantment occurs when we cannot avoid looking at that person we like with some innocent nervousness. Generating silly smiles between them. Being also very useful looks that contemplate the most sexual body parts of the person we want for just a few seconds, to end up staring into his eyes.

Attractive voice

A seductive voice is a voice that feels the intensity of its vibrations in its vocal cords. That fire will burn you with its insecurity, it will burn you with the passion of excitement, or it will set you on fire with the breeze of romance.

The attractive voices move away from the linear and the commercial. They are accurate, but nothing monotonous. Being able to crack at times and raising and lowering the tones of voice as if they echoed hypnotic in our ears. Speaking more slowly when seeking to generate sexual tension through innuendo and double senses, and increasing its volume and speed when speaking with a sense of humor.

On the other hand, it is important to merge with your voice what each word inspires. Dragging is not dragging, it is dragging. The word itself drags you. You can say shyly or with confidence. The natural attraction of seduction is to live what is said, because the seduction of the one who communicates with great control of what he says is not more powerful, as if they were trying to sell us something, but the one that is more authentic.

Body movements

We have to pay special attention to our hands and our posture. Betting to place our hands at the height of our waist or stomach and raise them at most to the height of the chest when we are talking normally. Always adapting their movements to the speed and rhythm of our voice.

A very common mistake in people who talk a lot with their hands is that by raising them too much, they can mislead the other person of the most important thing: look into each other's eyes. In addition to that it can be a little threatening, the same thing that happens when hiding them behind our body or crossing the arms transmitting a closed posture.

On the other hand, the back must always be straight and avoid chicken pecking when we bend over to speak. If we are in discos with loud music, it is better to raise the tone of voice without shouting or approaching your ear approaching with our whole body.

Finally, remember to look at sources like erotic tales, novels or movies how this seductive nonverbal language develops. Thus once understood as soon as you practice it a few times, you will have it mastered.

Do not hide

When you feel those emotions that the other person inspires within you, do not hide them. Don't try to look like something you're not feeling. It is very unattractive to hide in falsehood.

It is better to be sincere and be nervous and authentic, than to show your insecurity with hidden gestures that we clearly see are forced. Look at the cinema. In those scenes where they both like each other, they are nervous and do not know what will happen.

Be brave to expose yourself to those scenes in your life. Most people who do not feel them are not because they are not good seducers, but because they do not let their inner seducer out. They do not get carried away with the confidence of love towards the impresivisible and someone cannot fall in love with something that does not transmit what they are living.

Connect emotionally speaking with passion

When we meet someone we have to project who we are considering our past, present and future; using the emotional communication to evoke positive feelings. Which will lead us to inject powerful doses of passion into our messages that will be transmitted in our nonverbal language.

  • Speaking of our past to teach you what we have felt in our most special moments, and how we have learned from the hardest.
  • Commenting on our present to show you our worldview. How we live and how we interpret what happens to us. What are our passions, and how much we love our life in the course of its present.
  • And we will talk about our future. Of our deepest goals, dreams and desires. Where it is possible that we can integrate the other person to be part of them, or that we simply cause them to want to be seen in those images.

All this from an approach in which we feel immense desire to live every moment of intensity of our lives. With a desire for love towards the adventure that is to live despite its adversities that will attract it to be part of your life.

Provide utility with your learning

What we can teach others demonstrates how useful we can be. Everything we have learned can become attractive if those learnings are able to arouse the interest of others. It is vital that our nonverbal language is not like that of a counselor or a teacher, but like that of an accomplice.

But how do we know if it will be of interest? Well, looking at their motivations. If your motivations are romantic, talk about what we like poetry and what we have learned from it will fascinate you. If your motivations are more work-oriented and success-oriented, you will certainly absorb what we tell you from how much we have learned in our experiences at a professional level.

From the great power of knowledge I realized when I began to learn spiritual wisdom through Tantra. All the girls ended up wondering what Tantra was, and I noticed how they dropped curiously on each word. And it is that in itself the wisdom of someone on a subject that we do not know, always fills us with a certain aura of mysticism.

Show a broad and conscious vision

Over time, the more people I have met and the more I have known about the world, the more I have realized the great attraction of the knowledge of emotions. For example, with knowledge about emotional intelligence.

These allow us to support a person and motivate them to overcome their feelings of guilt, fear or anxiety with our opinions. An excellent demonstration of very attractive utility showing that we are aware and mature that translate into a nonverbal language that inspires security and awareness. In other words, we are not going to leave the jar nor are we going to fall into extreme emotions that can even be dangerous.

That of what we know communicates how we are since we give it importance, and the more it connects with the interests of the other person, the more emotional connection will be generated. The trick is not that we are interested in exactly the same, but in finding synergies between our interests. That other person may be fascinated to read poetry, and to my listening to rock music, or hip hop, two types of music that use poetry a lot. I already have a common bond to explode! She tell me her passion that I tell her mine and links that unite them.

Spread emotions and positive feelings

Finally, we have the most important. A tip that includes the previous 3. Watch the energy you spread. The emotions you transmit.

To do this, you must have a purpose and objectives in your relationships so that these people want to be with you. That purpose is to enjoy your present intensely with them. Appreciate, love and share. And above all, accept. Accept others under the protection of a purpose that guides you: Enjoy yours now.

Emotions speak louder than words

We may feel insulted by a man or a woman, perhaps because he is not going through a good time, or simply because he has lost his nerve. But we have options. We can choose to make her feel better, or fall into the networks of her anger by returning her offered offense.

We can choose between seducing her, or ruining everything definitely.

What is evident is that a nonverbal language and seductive instinct do not react with negative fuss. Quite the opposite. We could captivate that other person thanks to our ability to remain calm, speak calmly and take things with little humor. Perhaps thus waking up its hidden beauty to end up discovering that in its good moments it is sweet and pleasant as the cool summer breeze.

The final results of any situation depend on how we decide to manage it. You can take the test by learning to respond to a rejection with a sense of humor and check it out for yourself.

Manage your emotions towards the end you want

Let's give an example, you have stayed with your partner and she tells you that she is fed up. You spend it on weekdays and you hardly care about her. She is really pissed off. Then you answer that it is a heavy one. That he has to live his life and not always be scratching or watching you. Then you judge it, create a conflict, and what could have been an afternoon of sex and netflix the sea of ​​pleasure, ends up being an afternoon of nose with the two pissed off.

And I'm sure that your goal was not to piss off your girl, but to enjoy the afternoon.

Well, let's rewind and imagine that we respond as follows using the empathy: I'm sorry, I know I don't give you all the attention you would like, and I don't like the one I would like. But I'm somewhat overwhelmed with work lately, and when I get home, all I want is to read, or watch TV. Luckily when the weekend comes is to see you and all the problems of everyday life, are left behind as if they did not exist. Even so, I will try to pay more attention to you, to see if in the next weeks the situation at work improves.

Imagine that we say this with understanding, keeping calm and keeping our serenity. That is, without raising the tone of voice or lowering it as if we were afraid. Attitude that we will maintain as long as the discussion is. What will happen in the end? Well, surely the souls calm down and that wonderful afternoon ends up happening thanks to the captivating power of our non-verbal language along with a proper assertive communication.

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