Seduce to generate an intense connection

Seduction, love and meditation: an especially captivating union when it comes to generating strong and intense emotional connections. Of those that make us fly ...

In contrast we find a society that desperately seeks to have everything under greater control. But let us not forget that morality and reason quickly fall defeated by the magic of passion, whose currents are always impressionable and mysterious; as much as we feel we dominate them.

Boys and girls, we want to own the great castrant of our lives. When I mean that we want to own, I don't just mean owning a new car, the latest iPhone model, or how many will intuit a boyfriend or girlfriend. I mean that life becomes a possession.

When we make love we do it to possess the enjoyment of a new orgasm. From an early age they set goals for us, to the point that in life everything begins to be limited to the fulfillment of those goals.

If you love a flower, don't pick it up. Because if you do this will die and cease to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.

A change of possession for appreciation as OSHO proposes, does not approach the present. An artist is able to fall in love every day and while that love lasts enjoy all fragrance. It is not about continually falling in love with many people, but about exchanging our desire to possess the other for a desire to appreciate and admire him detached from having him. So that the seduction experienced becomes vivid and real.

Appreciate the flower, enjoy its aroma and beauty, but do not become obsessed with tearing it from the ground.


Sometimes they ask me, but are you not afraid to fall in love and be hurt? How can you give yourself so much to someone you barely know? What if they leave and abandon you? What if they disappoint you?

It is simpler than it seems, because we have to value the enjoyment of an intense life. A dangerous life, in which you are continually exposed to new emotions. Do not fear that they will harm you, because you understand that pain is part of life. Be brave

An attitude in which the damage they can do to you is too temporary, and can even be enjoyed. Even what harms others for you ceases to be important, because psychological damage depends on the importance given to it.

At the same time we have to be optimistic, because life and the people who live there have much to offer you in different contexts and situations.

If you change your attitude of possession for one of appreciation, don't you think you would be much more able to concentrate on everything that makes the other person unique? Don't you think you would be able to connect to a much deeper emotional level? How would you enjoy something that can only be offered once in a lifetime?

Love is not repetition. Each act of love is a cycle in itself, a closed orbit in its own ritual. It is, how could I explain, a fist of life.

Mario Benedetti

As the great artists do, we can have the ability to fall in love every day and embark on other people's emotions towards the direction of a more magical and romantic present. Remove the most illustrious poet inside us from his ashes.

Single or as a couple, we can marvel just by seeing the other person and feeling an intense appreciation for her. Sit next to her, kiss her, smell her, hug her, pamper her ... with our mind in the background, maybe going on strike ...

It is your skin, your eyes, or perhaps your beautiful forms that drag the orchestra of my senses to produce the most beautiful melody of the sunset. And energetic and leisurely it contradicts itself again and again, undulating in the pleasure it loses me and drops me into a white and crazy void. A mischievous smile awaits me, and you throw it at me in what is the culmination of a fire that does not want to wither.

So disconnect from your thoughts and feel the energy of the other person. Let yourself be swept away by the beauty of your physical and thought forms. Meditation led to seduction and sex. Or, rather ... seduction and sex become a meditation.

My main occupation was always to cultivate the enjoyment of my senses; I never had another more important one (Giacomo Casanova).

The problem of many boys and girls is that instead of focusing on appreciating the other person and feeling captivated by her while seducing her, they place their focus on the tornado of their thoughts. Fears and insecurities that start from the desire they feel to possess the interest of the other person. They worry about liking and not shit! Unfortunately, thus his natural creativity dies without remedy.

When you leave all that aside and enter a meditative state of "no mind" caused by that connection generated by the other person, is when seduction and sex go completely natural and without thinking. We become creative and unique. What they say we can be attractive being ourselves, then it starts to make some sense ...

Never sell your individuality. People have to learn to be happy every day without relying on little more than our ability to feel alive in the now. Sometimes it is difficult, because we become addicted to people and things just as a drug addict becomes addicted to crack and thinks that he can no longer be happy without him.

If you learn to love and seduce knowing that whatever happens, you love yourself as an individual, you will feel the magic of loving without dependence. To love not for owning and expecting a return, but from the freedom of the one who intertwines his time with another person for the simple desire to share it together.

Enjoy as a deep breath the feeling of danger that not everything is forever. The desire for security kills people before death, while the true life that resides in the present is always insecure and beautiful. Beautiful because what is today tomorrow has already ceased to exist. Beautiful as the delicacy of the petals and roots of a flower.

Download my free guided meditations in MP3 where you will find the Seduction audio now, based on this article.

Without thinking that maybe tomorrow you can go with another, since the fear of tomorrow destroys your today, and an intense desire for possession will invade you with destructive jealousy. Today's appreciation is enough, someone loves you, celebrate it and be happy. Possessiveness and jealousy will only serve to keep you away from others.

When your senses are shaken in the embrace, enter that shudder (Tantra Sutra).

When you feel seduced by a person go crazy, absent your mind. Connect with your naturalness more animal, be more body. There is no finish line, there is only the way, enjoy it now or lose it wandering among a sleepy future. Become one with the other person while you seduce her, entwine your energies and become sensitive to the desire you feel for her.

Live in the present with that person, convey happiness and desire for an intense life full of ecstasy. Connect with her and her energy, do not fear tomorrow or give importance to possession. In this way I promise you that you will know the deepest seduction you can imagine. A seduction that It will imply a union of feelings and emotions on a spiritual and sexual level.

brave jungle

#wearebrave #captivatesensations

Lying on the mattress the sheets wrap us in defenselessness. We drifted over the worlds we felt toward the glare of our eyes. Loving what makes us different. Immersed in that amplification of our reality. Living in our fantasies by choice, without looking for a beginning or an end. Without looking at dates or commitments in the calendar. Making ours in that moment.

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9 replies on "Seduce to generate an intense connection"

  • ruth figueroa

    It is very interesting to be able to deliver everything to the other person without pretending to retain it, but you can give me some advice, if you fall in love with a married man, you are very attracted, the man is a good person and he is also your neighborhood neighbor ; How do I not be affected to see it, and only appreciate it and not retain it ?. Thanks for your help.


    Electrifying your advice, your words, ... all of you, ... David ... what intensity and passion in what you say! Today is my birthday and I am totally convinced that this is one of the best gifts I could receive! ... I have concluded that you are my soulmate if or yes… .hehehe, because how is it possible that you can put words to everything I think ????. Well, the truth is that if we look inside ourselves, in our essence ... we find love and passion, and that is what you are ... a hug from ours! And, as always, THANK YOU for being and sharing! ¡¡¡¡¡

    • David Jungle

      Felicidaaaaaaaaaaaaadessss Consuelo !!!!! If we see that we are very much in our ways of thinking. I am glad that this article has fallen as a gift of reading on your birthday. Someday we have to meet to share wisdom. Enjoy your day!! A hug

  • Mara Navarro

    I loved this report, sometimes it is difficult not to be possessive of the person who has captured my interest and we mistakenly want to monopolize not only his attention, but his tastes, his life, his individuality and we become slaves of our emotions.

    • David Jungle

      Hi Mara So is. We often fall in love so much with someone that we would like to put him / her in a little box to take with us everywhere. But of course, that is neither possible nor desirable haha. We must learn to manage our emotions while feeling and directing our communication and our actions towards the common good.

  • Jess

    After 14 years of being married, I just separated 4 months ago. I'm about to have an appointment with one of my best friends, just to have sex, we planned it a few weeks ago, I was sure that nothing was going to happen beyond a simple night of passion, until he told me I had to have very clear that it was just that and nothing more, that he did not want to have a relationship with me beyond our friendship and now. I leave thinking about that condition, as if they told me, you're going to try the pizza, but you'll never be able to eat it again, so now I have an obsession, because yes, I think I'm already feeling things I didn't feel, yet , I am already conditioned not to feel them. I still don't see it or do anything, but now I have doubts about whether I should do it, or better say no and continue to be as friends as always and not get hurt. How could I seduce him in such a way that he even wants more than just one night?

  • Fountain pen

    Hi David, I have days that I found with the blog and several posts have caught my attention, especially being that he talks about how being in the present is a key to seduction, I am interested in asking you a question, since it has been somewhat confusing to me

    How to take it to daily practice? How do you go from theory to action, in these situations, what mentality do you have to open up to and how curious is it done? there is a phrase to repeat, I don't know .. That is not clear to me.

    It would be great to tell me from your experience, bases that work for you to flow like this .. Greetings from Guadalajara and good vibes.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    • David Jungle


      Sorry for the delay in answering, I am already in the final phase of my first paper book and I hardly have time to go through the web lately.

      Conscious attention, not only to seduce and interact with others but in any other field, can be trained with meditation. Hence, Mindfulness practices have opened up in many areas, from business to relationships. It is the way we have to train our mind to stay focused on the present and what it is living instead of on its frequent ravings from thought to continuous thought.

      In turn, there are conditions that prevent us from being carried away, such as certain taboos, topics and beliefs that make us more moralistic and encourage the launching of judgments. Well, it is precisely all these judgments and the ego that prevent us from reaching a high level of empathy that invites us to connect with the other and lose ourselves in that union.

      For my part I recommend that you take a look at my guided mediations about seduction, because they all seek precisely to foster that current of seducing from power now, being more ourselves and letting ourselves go without the fears that increase our insecurities and put us A mask that does not belong to us. You will find them for free download here and on my YouTube channel

      And if you're interested in a month or so, my book will come out where I treat all this much more deeply and with a huge amount of examples and anecdotes.

      Greetings and thank you very much for following the blog 😉


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