Rejection? Respond sexualizing, creates sexual tension and advances

The goal of responding to a rejection by sexualizing the conversation is to cause desire in the other person to keep the interaction alive or generate progress towards an environment of seduction. Which greatly increases our options for link in a faster way. Let's see how it works ...

Are you rejecting me because I don't provoke you sexually?

That is a question that we should always ask ourselves before a refusal. Because if the reason they are rejecting us is that we do not transmit sexual tension to the other person, a change in our behavior that causes the awakening of their sexual instinct will be the best solution.

We show ourselves as more sensual and attractive people to your eyes. So that her (or his) opinion can change from wanting nothing more to wanting absolutely everything.

Conversation example 1:

"It's one of my friends' birthday, I think I should go back to them."

"I'm sure they manage to get along without you." I think you and I alone need each other more. In fact, we could be our birthday present.

"A little hasty," he opens a smile. For my birthday there are still several months left.

"For mine too, but it would be a great show of generosity that we should not deprive ourselves of giving us some early gifts."

"What kind of gifts?"

"Well, for starters, keep looking at me like that," I whisper, approaching her ear and stopping to smell her. Although I don't know if I like your look or your smell more. I like both gifts ...

Prepare to manage rejections

La rejection management It is what we say and do to gain temporary space or produce progress. When we talk about gain space we mean as if it were a negotiation process, to Get more time in that interaction.

That is, spending more time with that person gives us the opportunity to continue moving forward when the windows of opportunity open.

If, for example, a girl rejects us saying that she has come to dance with her friends, the management of that rejection will help us gain time to continue talking with her, take her out to dance, etc.

However, to produce an advance would be to give an immediate response to that rejection. That is, we take advantage of your refusal to respond in a way that overturns it (the negative, leave it right). A clear example would be to provoke it and then kiss it after a refusal like the one in the previous example.

The rejection management can be carried out in four attitudinal ways:

  • Rational,
  • with sense of humor,
  • with sexual tension
  • or generating an emotional or romantic connection.

As you know if you know my communication model, these answers correspond to each of its points. If you don't know it, find out in this article The gift of labia or study it in depth with more than 100 examples of conversation in my book Wake up beauty.

If there is no solution, retire with elegance

In case that we cannot gain space or move forward, we will proceed to make a dignified and healthy withdrawal. You have to know how to accept no with elegance and avoid being too heavy.

Let us also avoid entering into battles of egos, scorn or insults that are nothing more than children of pride that lead nowhere. Remember that rejections are always transitory. They are a thing of the present moment and of our current emotional states. In the future you never know! So Do not close doors without winning anything or judge yourself or get involved in a rejection of someone who really does not know you.

Next we will see how we can turn those rejections around by generating interest and desire in that person we want to seduce thanks to sexual tension and encouraging action. Impatient? Come on!

Respond to a rejection by sexualizing

Move forward with decision

As we have indicated in the definition of rejection management, It influences both what we say and what we do. I emphasize the word WE DO, because managing a rejection depends not only on what we say, but on what We generate and project with our actions and our nonverbal language.

A great way to manage sexual rejection is to move forward with determination and generate high sexual tension.

Conversation example 2

"You are very young for me," he says reluctantly after knowing my age.
That doesn't stop me. I approach her. I know he likes me and that is not a sufficient excuse. Our bodies rub against each other and I caress their waist with my hands.
Do not worry. We can be just friends. You put the experience and I the youthful energy - I whisper in her ear as I immediately draw her slowly to my body to kiss her.

Surprised or surprised? Do not do it. Examples like this I have done many times. The important thing is that there is attraction and the seduction itself destroys all doubts.

Always keep in mind that seduction is an intuitive art whose rationality is sometimes hidden under the irrational. It convinces more with irrational acts that move the desired emotions, than with persuasive words that only contribute arguments. Is the exciting communicationl the one in charge.

Before an excuse, it provokes

When we feel that there is a certain attraction and interest between the two but things do not progress, it is normal that certain excuses arise. We seek justifications for the lack of adventure. We do not know very well why, but the stew does not finish tasting good ...

What spices are missing? That is what we have to ask ourselves.

Knowing how to retract or take a step back is essential. Even apologize using the assertive communication if we go from the ralla occasional town.

Sometimes we can take a break to return to work later and get it right. However, others is a mistake if when precisely what causes the disinterest that leads to rejection is the absence of emotion. The drowsiness of boredom is the big culprit on those occasions. That is when the answer comes before us: We need to provoke that excitement on which the foundations of desire are based.

If things are going well but suddenly you are rejected, ask yourself these questions:
Could you make him change his mind more seductive?
Could I want something else if I provoke an emotional state that stimulates it?

Sexualize as a rejection game

There are cases in which everything goes really well, but suddenly, the other person rejects us. Girls usually play this for two reasons we derive from the game: First to test our worth and second to have a good time. Although of course they can also be real and totally genuine rejections.

In the case of men, less often something similar happens. If the girl does not move our fires, we look for where to escape.

That's why you have to be careful. Be careful! Well, we can bet on a withdrawal when we actually had good cards to play with. It is in these cases that even after that withdrawal, we see how the other person continues to look at us with interest. In which case it would be very feasible to resume our progress.

There are excuses of little power that must be answered with more seduction. They are a call to the game. It is detected in this unpredictable provocation loaded with double senses.

The key here is in Be true to our instinct. I have often encountered people who have told me: What a bad luck! I had connected very well with that girl and we are having a great time together, but she says it's a friend's birthday and doesn't want to leave the group alone.

Do you think that excuse of the first example of this article? Well, I assure you it can be resolved. Even more if you take advantage of the birthday excuse to get close to the rest of the group, spend a few jokes and gain their trust. Getting her friends to become your best allies so that you end up triumphing with her.

Play rejection with sexuality

Prove our worth. Have fun in a sex game where we show disinterest while our excitement increases. Erotic innuendo with aromas of prohibition. Wit as art of provocation. A whole arsenal that the enjoyment of seduction by the mere enjoyment of the moment puts at our disposal.

Conversation example 3
From the book Wake up beauty

"You are making it very difficult for me to consummate this kiss that I am wishing to give you," I say very close to her as I take the opportunity to take her by the waist.

"I like you very much, you're very funny but ... I'm a lesbian," he lets me go, refusing my continuous attempts to kiss her.

In her I see a hidden smile. A mischievous smile. Will she be a lesbian or not? The chances of it being an excuse and not a real objection increase in my mind every time I see how excited he looks at me. So it doesn't matter! Well, it is clear that playing does want to.

And that's what I'll do.

"I haven't heard you, what did you say?" —I become deaf, avoiding the matter; throwing myself to the networks of la pillaresca.

We stared at each other for a moment with the clear gesture that his excuse does not bring me even the slightest care. I play the fool with more brazenness and follow mine. She can't help laughing.

"I told you I'm a lesbian, deafness!" He goes back to foaming at another failed attempt to tie me to his kisses.

I don't know how many are going!

"I still don't hear anything," I laugh. But I think you're right. The best thing is that we forget to kiss each other tonight. From now on we are forbidden. We are going to behave well and we are only going to dance like two good Samaritans. Give me your sister hand!

She starts laughing and agrees to my raised hand to take her out to one more round of dance. Our dance of daring waddles and unpredictable whispers. And, of course, I return to the same card again to point a new charge to me and more than an extensive notebook.

(This example conversation continues in the next section)

Be free with tension

Be unpredictable, provocative or shameless. Become shy. Go victim. What you want. But feel that submarine of emotions that runs through your stomach.

Reject me that I will play

We hate people forbidding us things, and everything forbidden is likely to attract us. It is nothing more than human psychology. Impose a ban that incites and provokes it. Keep creating jokes with a clear sexual character. Tell him you're going to behave, when in your eyes you can see that you may not have behaved well in your whole life.

Following the previous example ...

We had stayed at the dance.
Of course, I skip my own ban, and try again to kiss her.

"You told me we were forbidden to kiss us," he tells me as I rest my right leg in hers, making a slight pressure on his sex.

We are very hot but the kiss is still rejected. Let's see if it's going to be true that he doesn't like men ... That is a doubt that quickly escapes my head when I feel her temper slave of desire.

"At no time have I tried to kiss him." It's your cheeks and that smile that you don't stop drawing in my pupils that has prompted me to kiss you on the cheek. The kiss on the lips is still forbidden — I caress her neck with my hands.

Without controlling the tension any more, it is she who throws herself to bite my lips in an outburst. He bites them once, looks at me and now yes, kisses fall on a thrombus.

"I think you owe me one!" You have skipped our ban on kissing us and now you will have to earn my forgiveness. You lied to me, why are you lying? You don't know what sin is?

"It's you who hasn't stopped a moment to provoke." Now don't come with nonsense!

"Watch that tone or I'll have to bite you and it's going to hurt." "And, indeed, I bite his lower lip firmly." She growls. You still owe me one. But I will charge it. For now I want to enjoy more. Enjoy more of everything forbidden, ”I whisper as I stroke her from her shoulders to the bottom of her ass, where I stop. I squeeze, I feel. I feel the energy that runs through us.

A vacuum with the smell of sex unites us. It unites us and dismisses us from all our clarities as in an unexpected trip. Heading to Las Vegas.

But without casinos, we put the chips.

Face rejection by proposing sex

When we want to have sex with that other person we are making a proposal that can be rejected. The reasons for that rejection may be several. The principal being the one that derives from the other person considering that it is still too early. You may need more confidence or feel insecure or shy. It is here where we we have to cause those doubts to dissipate.

We must put aside the fear of being told no and be faithful to our instincts. To what he or she causes us, and how we need to free ourselves from that tension with the natural and beautiful sexual act that we appreciate so much.

In other words, if we feel fear and our words vibrate inspired by that fear, we will transmit that same insecurity in her. If on the contrary, we feed even more that sexual energy that we both have, it will be that energy that destroys any objection.

"Puffff, I can't anymore," I visibly excited after our last kiss. I'm already tired of disco lights and noises. I love her alone. I live here nearby. I would like to enjoy these lips where there is no one but me to look at you.

"Now to your house?" It is very soon, we just met an hour ago.

-I am aware of it-. he whispered staring into her eyes as if he could see her most mischievous soul through them.

"I never sleep with a boy the first night."

-Do not worry. I am sure that if you are so sure of that conviction, we can have a pleasant conversation without anything else happening.

-Hahaha! That is not worth it. You know very well that the last thing we would do would be talk.

"Then, if we are both so clear on how well we can have, why stop it?" I encourage her by finishing my question by merging with her in a pronounced kiss.

I notice his body grooming in ecstasy against mine. We both want each other, and that can break any barrier.

"Well, do you have alcohol in your house?"

-Of course. I have for you to choose what you prefer. Gin, Ron, Whiskey ... And these lips.

-Haha! Ok, we went up to take the last one and talk for a while to keep getting to know each other. But the other thing you're thinking forget.

-Done deal.

And obviously, neither of you forget ...

Final keys

In the example where the girl tells me she is a lesbian, I avoid verbally convincing her of anything. I just be provocative and inspire sexuality. I could have started telling him stories about having friends who had been lesbians and now they are with boys and rolls like that.

I could have tried to convince her that there was no impediment in getting to know each other, that I was falling in very well and that we could be friends and keep talking without seeking progress.

But for what? Surely it wasn't even, or if it was, it wasn't going to convince her to stop being one. Just causing sex was going to take me to sex. Bored with arguments would have led me to get bored and say goodbye.

That kind of impediments by way of rejection when we have the interest of the other person, they do not mean that we have to take a step back. We can use them to take one or several steps forward. How? Bringing out our most jovial side.

They are rejections that are nothing more than a way to get to know each other while having fun with each other. The key is to let that attitude leave you from the first moment.


Sexualizing the conversation is the most powerful way to provoke a quick adventure. However, it is also the most complex. We must be prepared to reduce sexual tension. Well using the sense of humor, switching to other topics of conversation or carrying several simultaneous conversational threads.

When we use sexualization to respond to rejection, we assume certain risks. They are answers that They usually work best in disco or intimate environments like a solo date. In case it goes wrong, we will defend that we were just playing ensuring that we both had a good time, and that excuse us if we offended her.

Furthermore, If the other person does not respond well to our sexualizations, insisting on them will not excite her. We may not like enough input or need more confidence with someone to want to play seriously. Also keep in mind that not everyone knows how to generate sexual tension. There are boys and girls who either because of shyness or lack of seductive ingenuity, will not enter the verbal game. That does not mean that we do not provoke his instinct equally. You just have to walk with more eye.

You can also learn to how to respond to a rejection with a sense of humor

Last tip

If you're not good at sexualizing or you still don't know how to do it, try to start small. As you feel more secure, you can take more risks. Sexualizing properly requires observation, expertise and intuition. Do not demand results or push yourself too hard until you have some practice that makes you feel comfortable.

Finally, to wake up your seductive instinct if you have something rusty, it is recommended that you take a look at my guided meditations in MP3 of the Seduction series now. As for example this:

brave jungle

#wearebrave #captivatesensations

Life is a set of experiences. The sum of moments that escape from our hands, unforgettable is its beautiful transience. To those we add others that we would like to release and never see again. One and others at the stake of life make us jump and cry. Wander adrift or at a straight pace. Drift is sometimes scary, but without it nothing would make sense. So make it intense! Get ready to enjoy intensely and jump to that beautiful bonfire. Be charmed by passion! You have nothing to lose, but much to feel.

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