How to respond to a rejection with a sense of humor

El rejection or social rejection It is what occurs when a person is excluded, or under-served, intentionally by another person or group of people within a social relationship or interaction.

On issues of rejection we have all bitten the dust:

  • Good because that boy or girl we liked in the disco has sent us to fry monkeys with a certain sarcasm. He turns his back on us. He tells us that he has a boyfriend or girlfriend. And thousands of other reasons.
  • When our partner tells us not to have sex because his head hurts. Poor dear! And all day without complaining ...
  • The day our brother told us he was leaving the motorcycle and then we found the garage empty.
  • That dream trip that we have been planning for a month so that later they tell us that we are alone in the adventure.
  • When Pablo Iglesias told Pedro Sanchez that he died before that simple. I mean when he voted no to his government with Rivera. Fun story!

For millions of reasons we can taste the sour taste of negatives. But if there is something that sweetens all the sorrows in this galaxy and the ones next to it (the rest I have no knowledge for now, but I will have it ...) is the sense of humor. Using the gift of labia so that our ingenious responses become yes What looked like a resounding no.

First of all, important warning: If you are one of those who, when faced with a rejection, get angry, lower your head, or run away to tell your mother, start changing your attitude now. Not later, not tomorrow or the day after. ALREADY!. Your mom has had enough mass. Open your mind!

If you pay attention to this article, before the next rejection to be thrown instead of pissed off you will think: Wait, wait, there goes my answer ...

1. Replace "rejection" with "rejection game"

What I want you to do from now on is that you search your mind for the word rejection. REJECTION. You have it? Well, from now on replace it with "THE REJECTION GAME". I want you to forget about rejection and start seeing it as a game. Especially if your main objective is to learn to how to flirt best. Although this approach is useful in any rejection context.

For me who immersed myself in the writing of these lines, it may be the most fun game I have ever encountered. Are you ready to meet him? Well, let's see how within that game of rejection, we can respond with a sense of humor.

But before moving on to the next point and seeing my examples of loving rejection, I want you to see the effect caused by the sense of humor in an aspect as important as politics. Where the seriousness of the matters discussed is maximum. The magic of humor is such that a few well-played jokes cast hours of speech from the opponent.

Did you know that the mind memorizes and assimilates information with a sense of humor? This means that what you say with humor weighs more than what your opponent says logically.

2. Prepare to make humor

When we deal with other people our emotional states are transmitted. If your energy is positive, because perhaps you are excited about something or have had a good day, you will notice that the rest of the people treat you with greater pleasure.

If your energy is negative, your words no matter how good they end up losing their effect. That is the more lively you feel and the more you get Improve Your Self Esteem, more jokes you can do.


"Hello, how are you?"

"What are you coming to flirt with?" (Response with negative energy / Rejection)

"Fuck ... You have a better nose than police dogs." (Positive energy response / Rejection management with a sense of humor)


"And from what I see, your smile doesn't have anything to envy either of your nose or those police canids."

"I don't show my smile too much to strangers." I am more than teaching teeth. So you better keep an eye out!

"Yes, I had already noticed." Everyday I like you more…

"I think you just met me, but come on, I'll take it as a compliment." I'm Monica

-I am David!

There is no rejection for those who feel happy inside. Your positive energy will spread and turn off the negative energies of others.

If they insult you, smile. And calm, because you will not be like a fool, but quite the opposite. As someone with high self-esteem that does not depend on the approval of others To feel proud in your own skin. Someone who looks at every moment of life as if it were the biggest party.

3. Are they rejecting you?

A first rejection when they don't even know us is nothing more than a rejection of our first image. An image that changes noticeably when we begin to generate positive emotions in the other person through a sense of humor and other forms of emotional communication. Proving that this rejection does not affect us in the least and that we are able to play it with joy and high doses of fun. What is undoubtedly a sexual confidence and high self-esteem that attracts itself.

Many variables influence rejection and that is why it is vital that we know be empathetic people and that we dominate the assertive communication. In this way, with the necessary skills to understand and respond to the person who rejects us, accepting any of their reasons, we can obtain the audacity necessary to respond appropriately and manage our emotions so that they empower us instead of inhibiting us.

Let's see an example of conversation taken from the 100 that appear in my book Wake up beauty.

You don't look like a bad muse to be inspired by
(example conversation)

-Get out of here! "I would be serious at the mere fact of approaching to talk to her."

The pub is very crowded and sure that more than one bored boy, and more than one drunk too, has come to try his luck with little luck. It was expected. It's part of the jungle and I'm not afraid of challenges.


"Can you repeat that" get out of here, "please? I have been very sexy impetus you have put. It has sounded poetic. I would dare to say that even a bit melodic.

I respond with mordant irony as I appreciate a beautiful gesture of discoloration on his face. It is clear that he did not expect such an answer and his unpleasant seriousness becomes a few first laughs contained.

"No, once is enough!" If you are deaf, it is not my fault - this time, more flirtatious and player.

While giving cane, as I like it.

—I become a little deaf before the red dresses and yours has taken the deafness prize of the year. Although we do not take recognition of the hanger ...

"And what prize is that supposed to be?" —He replies this time with a more relaxed laugh.

"Well, aside from being deaf, I had thought about giving away a giant gold ear, but I was on budget." So I thought… Am I not charming enough to be enough prize?

"Well, I don't know, I think there's the right thing ..."

"It's the second time they accuse me of lack of charm." The first was a monkey in a zoo that spit at me. I don't know why he did it but I've been preparing my revenge for 10 years now.

"Does that mean you also plan to take revenge on me?" She insists with dizzying sensuality.

-It's possible. I am a faithful lover of creative revenge and, no doubt, you don't seem like a bad muse to be inspired by.

We both started to laugh again and confidence fires like a rocket in a hurry. My ingenuity begins to awaken its beauty and between joke and joke we begin to forge our history together.

A story of the good. Of those worth remembering.

4. Keep track of your goal

When we feel that the other person attacks our self we have to be able to manage our emotions properly and ask ourselves: What will I gain with my answer? Will I be closer to my goal or further after what I will say?

There are boys who have been telling me that the girls have rejected them harshly and put them in their place. Before an attack of them, they have responded with an attack. My question after was:

  • Has that helped you to attract her more and you can move forward?
  • Are you closer to having a relationship with her or living an adventure together?

Obviously, the answer is always a resounding stop: No.

In these cases, the ego cheats us and puts us in a trick, causing the game to end and only resentment remains. GAME OVER. You are out. To tell mom and that the poor can no longer hold us.

Eye! I do not say that you should not send someone to hell when you really deserve it, freedom is above all. But let's be smart and don't lose sight of our goal. In an environment of seduction, offending and responding with an attack is the best way not to catch or crumbs.

That is why it is so important to know how to respond to a rejection with a sense of humor. Well, even if they reject you harshly, instead of responding with an attack, you will do it with wit and charisma. Demonstrating attitudes of an attractive personality That really will bring you closer to getting what you want. A balm capable of injecting a good dose of seductive magic into the environment that reverses the situation.

5. A set of two

On the roads of seduction, counting since we start a conversation, the most common is that the conversation begins. More in party environments where competition is high and there are many stimuli that distract us. Although these rejections can be taken as an opportunity to seduce and uncheck us from the rest, as we saw in the previous conversation example.

In this way, we can not forget that there can be a very fun game in which the girl is usually the one who emits rejections and the boy responds to them with ingenuity. Although roles can also be reversed.

In reality, each interaction is a different world with gardens of different colors. There is no fixed structure, even in homosexual interactions the game remains the same. No matter the moment or the situation, since even within marriage there are rejections that we can manage by changing the mood of our partner. The important thing is the attitude and our predisposition to respond creatively.

Let's see it in another example of Wake up beauty:

It was the priest who said it
(example conversation)

"Hi, how was work today?"

"Very well, I think they will finally promote me."

"Well, I think we have to celebrate it tonight with fireworks that are highly charged with sexual impetus," I propose to jump as I approach to kiss him.

-I'm very tired. I think it's going to have to be another day, ”he whispers.

My stomach is stirring but I don't get discouraged. I approach to reposition some of the strands of blond hair that fall on his forehead.

I get excited to start joking with the sound of my bagpipes.

—I insist. The priest said at the altar that we had to provide love and sex every day. I would not like that man, the witnesses and God to be angry with us for not keeping our promise.

"Surely the priest said about sex?" He asks, rumbling in a small laugh. Won't you make it up?

"I would never think of it!" I quote the priest word for word! And with good lyrics! Let it not be said ...

Finally, after my jokes and subsequent insinuations, the fireworks end up jumping ...


  1. Change the concept of "Rejection" to "Rejection game". Start seeing rejection optimistically. Not as an attack on your ego, but as an opportunity to play and have fun. In this way if you finally have to retire, at least you will do it with a smile on your mouth and having shown a strong and high self-esteem.
  2. Although not always, at first the girl is usually the one who acts as a repeller and the boy who manages it. She plays to reject us and the boys play to overcome those rejections to try to turn them around. It is a very fun game, both when we meet for the first time and for stable relationships or even marriages.
  3. Set aside your most rational part and meet your most childish, player and natural part. The end result matters less than the feelings we feel with our own attitudes.
  4. In addition to managing rejection with a sense of humor, we can also respond to rejection generating sexual tension. Very suitable to help us with seduction in order to generate the necessary attraction and play that we needed to make us feel attractive and exciting.
  5. Improve your sense of humor It is essential for you to have the necessary skills to launch everything we have explained. Something that is undoubtedly within your reach and will bring you many benefits in any relationship, be it friendly, loving or even work.
brave jungle

The mind feeds on constant doubts. Do not fall for its destruction; Find your refuge in the sense of humor. Nothing will give you more security than being willing to laugh at the mechanisms of your own head. Perfectionism does not exist, you do not turn gray in your search. Bet on living in full color with a smile in your heart.
#wearebrave #captivatesensations

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6 replies on "How to respond to a rejection with a sense of humor"

  • Demystifying, which is gerund

    I do not agree, I am sorry.

    In the first place, it is not too true that your mood ends up changing the other: you can be happy and treat others with education and, nevertheless, receive rudeness, abrupt answers, bad words. And an example that we all know is enough: you are going to make arrangements, or buy something, you address those who serve you with kindness and even affability and ... they look at you as if they wanted to kill you. The mood depends on personal circumstances, not on the mood of the person in front of us. In your way of understanding reality, Marino Pérez Álvarez calls it "sympathetic magic": pretending to obtain affability and good vibes with affability and good vibes. The real world, boys, is not so.

    Secondly, in a disco it is very difficult to flirt if you do not enter by sight; so, if they reject you, however ingenious you are, you will not be able to reverse the rejection and make it a success. You can barely talk to her, because the noise is deafening; besides, there are many competitors, some of them more attractive than you ... If she can hear what you say, the more ingenious you are, the more pissed off she will be; The girls bear many heavy every night. In other areas, what you call "rejection management" may work.

    I have the feeling that you are trying to beat the staff: you intend to make them think that a rejection can become acceptance. But that happens very rarely and, when it happens, it never happens in a disco, a difficult place for what has already been said. That is, the kids who want to tie up and don't know how (there really isn't any tricks), read that you imply that rejection can become successful and get hooked and try to put your tricks into practice. I would advise that, if they reject them, something that will happen more frequently if they are not especially handsome or especially funny, that they look for another girl and that they only insist in areas such as work, university, group of friends, and so on; areas in which knowing each other is more important than first impressions, a factor that dominates areas such as discos and bars. And let them know when to stop insisting: if they have been behind a girl for more than a year and she does not give them a ball, let them talk and forget. We know that there are stories of couples that started dating after the boy insisted for a long time, but they are, eye, exceptions. The norm is that, if you manage to seduce her, it will be in a not so long period of time. If it doesn't happen, you don't like it. Of course, you can try to see if you are the exception; but that would imply that you would be investing time in a girl who, with a high percentage of probability, will not give you a ball and, consequently, you will not invest that time in any other that could give you a ball. Of course, life is difficult, so you should not give up at first. But when the difficulty exceeds certain limits, it is sensible to prepare the withdrawal. The foolish thing is to insist for a long time, because you are missing other opportunities.

    A greeting.

    • David Jungle

      Thank you friend for your comment, it is appreciated to read solid and well written arguments without falling into the clutches of the fast criticism without foundation.

      For my part, I would not teach anything that I myself have not tried and it has worked very repeatedly. In the same way I met my current partner. After several hard rejections where she was very serious I kept the sense of humor, I turned them around and ended up liking her. In a disco. Later, he told me that I was not particularly attracted to him physically but that I ended up liking him for my attitude. And before I met her, it happened to me with many other girls. I have eaten many rejections, and later many of those times the thing has finished well. I say many, not always. It is clear that nothing is infallible and in matters of seduction accepting rejection comes first, because for obvious reasons you will eat many.

      The sense of humor to manage rejections and seduce even though at first they tell you that not many men use it in discos. I have not invented it. You can believe it or not. But communication is very powerful and seductive. Mood is spread in others and there are studies that prove it. We could spend hours debating it, but we would talk about nuances. If someone is deeply pissed off, obviously because I arrive in a good mood I will not take away the anger. But if someone is a bit bored and discouraged, before certain ingenious communicative stimuli and good humor if I can change it and generate rapport. Every situation and context is a world. Review your memory, and you will surely find moments where you or other people significantly influenced your mood.

      On the other hand, I don't try to beat anyone. I am quite sure of what I write and offer and who believes it well and who is not free not to read me. There is no problem. I expose my truth as an expert in this subject, everyone has their own. On the other hand this article is something old and needs updating to catch up on the overall quality of the blog. I point it for editing. Add that it is not a matter of tricks, it is a matter of empathy, assertiveness, sense of humor, acceptance, self-esteem, self-esteem, courage, ingenuity, and much more. Attractive features that one communicates when reacting to a rejection with a sense of humor and not pissing off, insulting them or leaving ashamed with their heads down.

      Of course, without giving up the first as you say, if there is no remedy, the rejection is accepted and one is withdrawn until the next game. There is no problem, you can not like everyone at all times. And all this I have seen in handsome and ugly, in me and in others. And I would bet that if you think a little and remember once more, you will have seen someone on more than one occasion end up coming to a girl when at first she rejected him simply because of her naturalness and ingenuity, whether in discos or other places. I already tell you, this is not something of science fiction and although the appearance counts, if a personality attracts us it does so even if we have a speaker nearby.

      It is a matter of perspective. For my part, I invite you to open yourself to test how with creative and eloquent communication, you can end up discovering answers that you did not imagine existed before and turning to situations that you did not think possible. It is also very fun!

      Greetings and thanks again for your comment, we always appreciate some interesting discussion and sharing opinions.


  • Alisson

    Hello david jungle greetings
    I really liked your explanation about rejection, I also think about it like this but I had never found a way to describe it as your

    I find your ways to deal with these situations very accurate and I also share the opinion that the first impression sometimes blocks the true person that we are and this can take away the people with whom we want to socialize, the good thing is that there is always a second chance to change it and depending on the other and your reaction you can always make a good friend, a date, a boyfriend and others

    • Helena B

      Hello david! First of all congratulations! I loved your post. Seeing the game in the rejection can be a great solution, although sometimes, the word rejection sounds strong and it is difficult to put the word game in front especially if the person likes you a lot! Hehe

      The truth is that in my case, when they have rejected me I have felt terrible and my ego has come out to get angry, to give the downturn to feel below and fall into negativities! and I really realize that it is not the right attitude because that further distances the other person. That is why I lost a very important and special person in my life, which I would like to recover. because he had a lot of self-esteem and was always joking about things and they affected me more and I got angry because I thought I didn't take it seriously. Finally, I think it is I who must change my vision to rejection or when things do not go as I wish, or do not answer me as and what I want, I would like not to get angry and look for the joke version, which on the other hand also I have and I love it when it comes out! But if you give me the downturn, it does not come out so much ... And so far in these cases I have always left the other When I liked someone very much, and I want to change my attitude. If the person does not like me, or I have no expectations with him, I am more relaxed and if I can always make jokes and the truth is that I make people laugh a lot, but when I really like a boy, I feel like a flan and on certain occasions I would do whatever it took to like it and I want to like it so much that I am not relaxed or even being myself.

      What I wonder is, how do I not fall so much into emotions when something does not feel good to be able to respond with a joke as if it does not affect me? And how to be myself if I really like a boy?

      And another question, if the girl is rejected, could you give some example of the reverse? That is, for example when a girl asks a boy for a second chance, and he says no? (She was very angry and believes that He has not seen her how she really is because they have known little and when they have met, because she was an angry xD)

      I want to ask this special guy a second chance that I like him a lot, but I want to be prepared with a joke in case the answer is negative, just in case, because that is what scares me. That when he met us as something else when I told him that I liked him and he told me that tb felt something special for me, 1 year ago, he sometimes acted in an infantile way, getting angry, and now I'm afraid that if I ask him for a second chance so that he knows me better, he doesn't want to give it to me, because most of the time I got angry at my ego and he has that memory of me, and not the positive ones.

      That's why I want to change and take things differently, and so that at least I think about it.

      Thank you!

    • David Jungle

      Thanks Erika! Rejection is part of life, it would not make sense not to accept it and take it assertively and with a good sense of humor as I tried to expose in this article. Although, unfortunately, many have not implied rejection in this way and become resentful, frustrated or even aggressive in the face of rejection and hence divert those frustrations to other areas of their lives. A shame, but good. That is why we are trying to help and share what has helped us improve ours. I hope you have drawn some good conclusions for your therapies. A greeting from Spain!!


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