We live in poetry: Poems and thoughts in prose

This work is a compilation of David Jungle's best poems and prose reflections. In it you will find deep poems about life, love, society, personal attitudes and existential moments of our lives. Always with a marked psychological and spiritual character that endow them with meaning. Inviting us in turn to act with awareness and courage.

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Society has lived a lot but is still far from what we call living with love and awareness. We keep falling again and again into the grip of the ego and the suffering of our pride. So much that we often end up wilting a great part of those moments that could be eternally beautiful and eternally ours.

This work is nothing other than a call for the courage of the one and only great change. The psychological and spiritual change that in the XNUMXst century begins to slide over our hands. I am convinced that it is not the time of poets, but of all those who are willing to live in poetry. Because the words are carried by the wind, but there is something that always remains in their whispers. And that something is nothing other than the feelings experienced here and now. A nice combination of letters is the least. The most important thing is that through the beauty of language we discover firm defenders of the depths of our interior. Of everything that makes us feel completely alive.