Wake up beauty: Creativity in the art of love


Through a loving and conscious attitude in the here and now, this work invites us to abandon the words that lead us to the ravings of the ego to bet on the awakening of the beauty that is born of humor, affection and passion through emotional communication Stop judging us to choose to discover ourselves in the depths of our sweet differences.

Wake up Beauty is a new philosophy of life that accompanied by 100 conversations in narrative and 40 poems in prose, urges us to be more creative in our social relationships and transfer that instinct to all areas of our life. Waking up the artist we carry inside in what we do most: communicate with ourselves and with others.

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Softcover in UVI: 368 pages.
Published by: David Jungle
Editor: Azur Editorial Group
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 978-84-94-8997-2-0
Includes 2 exclusive guided meditations in MP3
(Only with the purchase of the book)

Reviews around the world of Beauty Awakens

It is an incredible book, I improve in every aspect, when you buy this book you buy a new life, everything improves. Now I am doing excellent in relationships, my life sincerely changed a lot. I congratulate David for this excellent work and that I hope his book reaches more people is that if I saw it the first thing I would say would be a huge thank you 😀

ManiPe review on amazon.mx

Sincerely, with so much love with which its author David deals with everything around him, he inspires you so much enthusiasm and so much positivism without receiving anything in return that the mere fact of seeing the progress of his students thanks to his teachings which are very deep . I owe you the best year of my life David, thank you for supporting me and helping me so much to overcome my entrenched fears.

Regarding the book, he has simply managed to capture his entire philosophy of life related to seduction, social skills and personal growth, so, we are facing a 3-in-1 pack that also includes countless examples and conversations where creativity is done echo between the pages of the book, leaving blue dwarfs from some pages of such ingenuity with which the author deals with them. It includes questions and philosophical reflections, poems of the best universal authors, Buddhist influence of enjoying the now and much, much emotional communication that has served as a basis for me to have deeper relationships with the people around me as well as with my partner. If Michelangelo sculpted his "David" with such beauty and dedication, "Wake Beauty" is the most beautiful work that David has managed to capture.

Review of Funkopoptorcal in amazon.es

It is a different book, a book that with words is able to get the artist inside you. Really every page in itself is an odyssey towards creation all focused with a philosophy that It matches, living the present. The author knows how to convey very well what he means, so much so that with each reading you can get a different meaning by the type of poetic writing.
I would really recommend this book to those who want to see life differently, differently. Those who want to look at it with the prism of poetry to bathe their days of love and enjoy, in the end, a good life.

User Review on books.google.es

It's perfect. I am completely absorbed with each chapter and my girlfriend always comes next to him, of course after taking off from me ...

Oscar Sotto, YouTuber, Influencer and Social Skills Coach Review

I read it a few days ago, and I can tell you that good adjectives are too much for you… I write only now because it was hard for me to digest it, and I know that I will have to read it again! Not for obligation, but for pleasure.

I will speak from the deepest and deepest of my being:

At first I had certain doubts about acquiring it, but I didn't ask myself so much and I just bought it. I can assure you that not only was it worth every penny it costs, but every second, every sentence, word, even letter.
It is not a book that will change your life, no, I do not think there is such a book, but it will change your perspective. It is somewhat magical. It envelops you in the wonderful and sweet claws of each of its words that with its poetic brushstrokes do not leave you indifferent to anything, or anyone.

Doesn't it happen to them that when they love someone they see it more beautiful in all their senses, more capable, more intelligent? Imagine if we not only look at everything, but also at ourselves ... It sounds crazy, but let me tell you that this does not take away your credibility.
That is what the book is about, to see everyone and everything, with those eyes, the eyes of living the present in its fullest, that this becomes our favorite moment since we will be living a dream. Our dream. Also, if you change the way we look at things, the things we look at change ... The idea is not to be of someone, but with someone. That is why it teaches that you have to know how to observe, that is where magic is born, by giving someone enough confidence to be oneself.
No, at no time ignore seduction, on the contrary, but explain it with the eyes of a poet and inspire you to be, to awaken all your creativity, because it is we who draw the reflection of life every day. Because the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts, so it is not in what we have but in what we feel in the dance of this moment. Happiness is not the absence of problems, it is the ability to know how to deal with them. The idea is to be able to see the positive side of things, as if life were pure poetry. Everything has its beauty, but not everyone can see it. You see why I still can't digest it completely? Haha.

Loving, for me, is an art. But not everyone is an artist. And "Wake up beauty" invites you to be.
To be more creative in your life, in your surroundings, either when you go to conquer a girl, as well as to interact with your friends, boyfriend, husband, family, in our labor relations , etc. It is about communicating assertively and emotionally, of connecting with people, in order to bring out the best of them!

All this and much more, he showed me this book. Packed with wonderful examples and poems. In addition to having a few exercises to put into practice.

To me, as a future architect it came as a ring to my finger! Since I can't enjoy almost anything from the race, from now. I just think about studying to receive me, and that's it. Instead of seeing it as an opportunity to penetrate the beautiful world of knowledge. That will also lead me to receive me. Logical. But not so much without first reading that book.

He woke up in my things that I had numbed in the deepest part of my being, and he did nothing but bring them to flower. But I also know that there are still a few others, of course. But now I see life and people in a very different way. Now I feel as if I painted the sky and my life in watercolors; blue on gray ...

To close: "The authentic artist is one who strips his soul in each of his works." So,

Thank you very much David for this work, for this book ...!

Consumer review on amazon.es

Discover the creative philosophy of love

In a society where we frequently fall into the trap of judging and criticizing others, Wake up beauty He invites us to adopt a brave philosophy that will take us out of the grip of the ego and lead us to enjoy the now. Adopting a creative attitude that makes all the beauty around us emerge while we discover ourselves inside.

Bet on communicative creativity

Wake up beauty It invites us to be more creative in our social relationships, betting on charisma and seduction as ways to arouse beauty in ourselves and others. Emphasizing that what we say is not only the result of something we think or want to achieve, but of what we really feel and experience with total intensity.

Get carried away by the poet's attitudes

All our life is full of uncertainty and conflicts, but whatever happens, a poetic attitude that observes the beauty that surrounds us allows us to stand firm to its ups and downs. Thus Wake up beauty He instructs us to look into the depth of external events and find through them what is moved within us. Appreciating the intensity of the moment is good or bad to make it beautiful.

This book includes:

15 exercises related to their knowledge that you can easily practice in your day to day to internalize them.

A guided meditation in MP3 to download from the author's website and a second guided meditation that you will receive in your email after commenting on this work: leaving a comment on Amazon or on bravejungle.com. Being able to ask what you want to the author in that email to help you answer any questions.

12 habits to be more creative thanks to the power of influence.

Models of emotional communication, communication with a sense of humor and psychological behavior.

What can this work contribute to your personal development?

  • Awaken your creative instinct in all areas of your life through a philosophy based on the enjoyment of the present moment.
  • Increase your emotional and social intelligence by understanding human behavior and everything that moves us.
  • Communicate with more creativity, improving your lips to awaken all the good that is in you and in the people with whom you interact.
  • Be braver and increase your confidence thanks to a philosophy that will motivate you to take action by accepting and releasing your fears and insecurities.
  • Learn to meditate by modulating your perceptions so that your vision of life is increasingly beautiful and enriching.
  • Stop judging others to discover what makes them unique. Captivating and seducing from positive and artistic feelings.
  • Reflect on whether what you say and do is congruent with your beliefs and leads you to arouse positive emotions.
  • Improve your love relationships avoiding falling into the ravings of ego and pride. Appreciating the beauty of the moment you are sharing.
  • Increase your sense of humor from its psychological aspects to the most functional. You will meet a model with the different types and styles of humor and creative resources to make your relationships more fun. Being able to use humor in addition to resolve conflicts.
  • Connect emotionally with others to generate intense emotions that enrich your relationships and what you feel in them.
  • Take advantage of the energy power of sex to generate sexual tension and attract your partner or meet new people.
  • Face rejection by showing high self-esteem and security thanks to creative attitudes. Using ingenuity and persuasion.
  • Improve your social skills by developing empathy, assertiveness and emotional communication used with courage and sincerity.
  • Understand your past and everything that conditions you and prevents you from being creative to find your own solutions through this awareness.

Where can I buy it?

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  • Guided meditation available for download via download code on this page.
  • A second guided meditation that you can request after leaving a comment on Amazon or bravejungle.com by sending us an email to bebrave@bravejungle.com
  • Author's dedication.


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This copy includes:

  • High quality printing without flaps and matt cover.
  • Guided meditation available for download via download code on this page.
  • A second guided meditation that you can request after leaving a comment on Amazon by sending us an email to bebrave@bravejungle.com

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