T-shirt People Are Not A Scientific Study

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The design of this shirt is born from our belief that it is important to love people, even counting on what seems to us defects. These being able to seduce us if we attend to see them with a beautiful and enthusiastic vision. Moving away from social judgments to choose to focus on the positive feelings that others can bring us.


  • 100% combed organic cotton that takes care of your skin and the planet: Cultivated without fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Its seeds are not genetically modified and its cultivation needs 90% less water and 60% less energy than conventional cotton (Textile Exchange).
  • Manufactured with a 90% reduction in CO2 using energy from solar panels
  • Fair trade respecting workers' conditions
  • 145g high-quality slow-fashion premium quality
  • Timeless design with illustration printed on the front and embroidered logo on the sleeve
  • Designed in Spain and United Kingdom

Size and cut:

  • Regular wide cut, you can check the measurements in our size guide.
  • If you doubt between two sizes, we recommend choosing the lower one.
  • Our model is 1,80 and is wearing a size S
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Poem that inspires the design of this shirt:

People are not a scientific study. People are not perfect and life without laughter, is a madhouse attacked by heart attacks. So don't look for me out there. Don't look for me with people who demand respect to extreme points and who, in a joke, see an insult. Don't look for me with those who, from a gesture of friendship, take an interested act out of you. Do not look for me with those of an innocent comment, understand an expression of high derogatory sounds.

Just don't look for me with spoilers because the sense of humor is what gives us more strength every day. We are not perfect, nor do we surround ourselves with perfect people, and we must always give thanks to that, because if that were so, our most beautiful poems would not exist.


Brave jungle

The best designs of our brand. Organic cotton, printed with messages inspired by poems, natural acetate sunglasses. #AlwaysBeatYourself