Love And Feel T-shirt

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A design whose purpose is to feed our capacity to love because yes as a path towards the discovery of the beauty and passion that surrounds us. Moving away from the conditional love that often frustrates us so much through unsatisfied expectations in order to feel its true purity ruling within us.


  • 100% combed organic cotton that takes care of your skin and the planet: Cultivated without fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Its seeds are not genetically modified and its cultivation needs 90% less water and 60% less energy than conventional cotton (Textile Exchange).
  • Manufactured with a 90% reduction in CO2 using energy from solar panels
  • Fair trade respecting workers' conditions
  • 190g high-quality slow-fashion premium quality
  • Timeless design with printed front illustration
  • Designed in Spain and United Kingdom

Size and cut:

  • Regular wide cut, you can check the measurements in our size guide.
  • Our model is 1,86 and wears a size L
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Reflection that inspires this design:

Loving feels a deep gratitude towards life despite having given more than what has been received. He who truly loves always gives more love than he receives. It does not keep an accounting. He doesn't need it. Always charge more at the time of giving.

That is why he does not expect others to be perfect or meet all his expectations. That would reverse their numbers. Love because it multiplies, wait for logic in the return of love divides. The ego always divides; He is a chronic dissatisfied. So you decide where you take your accounts. Be clear: love and you will not need a heaven that awaits you waiting, you will already live in it.


Brave jungle

The best designs of our brand. Organic cotton, printed with messages inspired by poems, natural acetate sunglasses. #AlwaysBeatYourself