Innocence Is Force T-shirt

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In Brave Jungle we love that innocence that, far from becoming weak, makes us strong when it comes to feeling each moment in greater depth. That is why with that design we want to appreciate that sensitivity that helps us to have a richer and artistic vision of the world around us causing our relationships to reach our souls.


  • 100% combed organic cotton that takes care of your skin and the planet: Cultivated without fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Its seeds are not genetically modified and its cultivation needs 90% less water and 60% less energy than conventional cotton (Textile Exchange).
  • Manufactured with a 90% reduction in CO2 using energy from solar panels
  • Fair trade respecting workers' conditions
  • 155g high-quality slow-fashion premium quality
  • Timeless design with front printed illustration and embroidered sleeve symbol
  • Designed in Spain and United Kingdom

Size and cut:

  • Fitted cut
  • Our model is 1,67 and is wearing a size M

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Poem that inspires the design of this shirt:

Tears that are loaded with emotion are not weak, they are willing to shock the earth. Doubt and suspicion are the only thieves existing before the vibrations that arise from a hug. Do not do things halfway, do them with the devotion of not fearing anything or anyone. Caution never takes us too far. He is not able to forge beautiful moments.

Innocence makes us stronger. It is presented in the carefree laugh of the child who does not think about anything, just plays, as well as in the way he touches us when they feel worried to get us a smile that can avoid us from everything.

Take that girl out of your interior and you will never see closed doors again, you will only see those that, with the softness of your touch, will open with the sweetest breath.

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