Dance, let's get the keys of the world together

Oh, the, and in black and white you paint the photographs
than we ever had
Just a dance, brief and awkward for a moment.

I hope not to step on you, I think.
But if you think, you step. And you can end up on the brake
when something in you just wanted to accelerate.

And we dance among the rubble of the Titanic,
Among those who run to be the coolest
and among those looking for the best teach for their Instagram.
We hit several, but it costs.
It's hard to concentrate when your body is an invitation,
Adam and Eve dancing around the forbidden tree of a god,
hitting your hips more in my mind than in your bones.
A mind too tired to love.

Just a caress, please,
which begins with the feeling of our hands,
a calculated gesture, bouncing between the lights
of an elusive cowardly Cupid.

But there is no surprise,
I already knew that his arrow would not appear
and we would miss a kiss walking choppy,
a bite on your tattooed shoulder,
petals in my mouth that shake the senses,
Hookah smoke floating released.
Feel without thinking,
brave without looking forward or backward,
red petals that cross the curves of your breasts
And they fall on the moon at your waist.

Look at me with your wasp and sting eyes until it hurts,
Send an air kiss that I will send an entire army to look for.


Napoleona de Davides, now and more now,
Well, there is nothing else,
Become my accelerator
fill me with your rebel independence,
make my hands run through you firmly
and what about Aladdin's lamp
Let's get the keys of the world together.

Book poem: Wake up beauty



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