Discussions in the social jungle

If I tell you that everything goes, you may not believe me, but that is the only truth. In the social jungle, sometimes we tear our skin apart. Discussions, ohhhh blessed drowning agonies in shallow water. When we feel that maybe we could have avoided it. Maybe we shouldn't talk so loud, we thought. But often we fall again and again among the same rubble to savor the mud that makes us human.

Sorry, I apologize but the damage is done and nobody has that beautiful time machine that the drawings showed us.

But if free, I have to taste mud, I will swallow it with pleasure. Well, it is better to recognize an error that does not get carried away by not erring.

Ohhh, love me without fear, sweet mermaid of resentment, for nothing I wanted to do to you, but I fell back into your provocations. And let us not pay attention to those who, by the silver flag, give lessons of perfection, since they are the first to hurt and light their hells behind their protective armor. Glued masks that then preach garbage behind the back of what is worthy of a king's killer whale.

Love is not a word, it is a Pandora box from which we always extract wise solutions. Because although they hurt us many times, others love us too. And I will be the first to solve an argument with a kiss. Leave unresolved problems untreated? Nothing further, but if I have to treat them, it is starting with the delight of your lips. And if there are no lips to kiss because love is friendship, a hug will first be given. Because I love you. But the more I love you, the freer I feel and the more I hurt you. Confidence disgusts, yes, I know, it's an ugly expression. But it is trust that makes us insensitive at times to make us free. Shooting then when we never wanted to even touch the trigger. Maybe there were grudges hidden in us. Small wounds without healing as tears made over the years.

We live in a social jungle. Accept it, mate, and don't mess too much. Learn from the jungle, open your eyes wide and be like a mold that adapts which river flows in its paths. Only, when you feel bad, think: how would I have felt if I had taken the opposite path? Remember that once Buddha was spit out and he just asked that man if he had anything else to say. Because we always talk, and they always talk to us, but we decide how to live in our jungles. We decide if we want to live scared by worms or if we do what we can to make them beautiful butterflies. We all have a butterfly inside us that dances with the clouds in the background. As if the sun was only his and was created to shine his wings. We are all butterflies, only, unwittingly, we sometimes behave like real cocoons.


Don't fear the jungle my love. The brightness of your eyes illuminates the darkness and frightens the snakes, and even if this does not happen, even if the darkness consumes you, remember that love is you inside.

Love and be free, ask forgiveness, you, the affected and the evildoer. Because everything, absolutely everything, is a matter of perspective and there is no army that does not believe that God is on their side.

And it is to fall, what is to fall,
we will fall We will fall together hand in hand,
and we will stand up to each other supported.

Sorry, I apologize. I will meditate on my actions to try not to offend you again, although I know that sooner or later I will do it again. Now you are wrong, me too, but we love each other and if we do our part, without being perfect or seeking perfection, we will find with the key that we always open new doors, although others will close them.

Book poem: Wake up beauty



Fly from the hand of the moon


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