Poems: I hope you do too

Maybe a day will come when we feel dejected in helplessness. A day in which the flowers lose their color and the crossroads of time succumb to us in the bitter touch of pain. It will be a day that maybe arrives or maybe or not. I do not know! I only know that from those days I have already lived many. I just know that I will live them again. But from all that knowledge there is something I have learned, and whatever happens is still here. I'm still willing to fight. To raise my voice loudly even though only one person stops to listen to it.

Even if it is only my self that stops to lend an ear. My nobody ...

I know that when I get up from the acid taste of the soil, that bitterness will return to my forgetfulness. I know that from that floor I will have learned something. Maybe something I needed, or maybe nothing good. But I will continue to rise. Moving! One step further! And I hope he is firm, because we all have a great warrior inside us. The question will be to get it out and play!

I know that it will be so I assume that no matter how fucked up I am, I can get ahead. I have shown it many times, and when the time comes, I look forward to doing it once more.

I hope you too.

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