Put me Don Lord

With your gaze you prick with a thousand devils needle. Maltratame perfect mamón, but then do not complain if you suffer havoc on your mattress. I already decided not to get mad at you, nor with your pangs of bossy annihilator who abused his position. In your position there are too many, I decide to forgive you and even love you if I feel of bravery to spare.

But my forgiveness is not what matters, but your own. Well the dictotacy incompassive turns against the bees that defend their honeycomb and can leave you bored in their poisons.

Ayyyyy smile of mine, I will not abandon you for more hosts that give me.
You release my endorphins when you show my teeth
to the reflection of the sun that expands within me.
And if one day I lose you in the night,
if one day they ambush me,
I will always remember that you, my smile,
You are my most weighted weapon.
Yes, I know, maybe I lose you sometimes,
but I will always recover you one more time.
I promise you.
I will always have you in green.

So put me on, sir, stay at ease by venting on me. Well, I visit the Moon every day and from there I laugh up to me. Maybe one day, when you forget to send and scream, take you with me. For as much as I hate you sometimes, I will not be infected by the pangs of evil. I prefer to see beauty and thus awaken beauty everywhere. Even in you, however hidden it may be. Sometimes it is better not to respond if one does not want to sit back at the children's table. Because there are discussions of adults that show a total lack of intelligence and it is better to haggle them.

If in spite of everything, one day you make me fall and I can't hold the tears, as they slip on me they will clean me. I know they will clean me. I know. For every tear will be a luminous flash sprouting from my heart. A heart that reminds me that I am human, that I am not of stone, but the more heart I am, the stronger I become. Because the facades are not a sign of strength but of weakness, and to break them down only the heart has enough gunpowder.

So put me don sir, put me whatever you want, you'll never see me beaten.




Farewell of the boatman in love and hate

Fly from the hand of the moon

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