Don't fool me with complacency

Do not fool me with the complacency of your unseen praise. I believe much more in your criticisms of lost bulging eyes towards the abyss of the one who tries to avoid the offense. In your fear of my shield arguments in whose flow I always find some forgetfulness. Something ignored that appears again as found at the top of the closet.

Faithfully altered the creative horizons open which sound that furrows the air towards ears that do not ignore it, because otherwise, there would be no such vibration. That being what happens to us when we don't pay attention, what being we are, but with the existence giving us away.

Will that alteration be a beacon illuminating the brilliance of my mind?

Sign in me your most beautiful criticism without compassion and let's check. Encourage my volcano of useless ideas to find some hidden sobriety in them! Let me in through the door of your soul, and I will always promise you to behave.

Everything good that happens in me that new dawn.

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