20 phrases to link and conquer: 100% tested and how to apply them

The phrases to link are very useful when we use them to feed our own intuition. Being very important that let's avoid memorizing them by heart, since memorizing your mind will have the tendency to introduce them into the communicative context in a very forced way. Even if they don't come to mind!

What seduces most is not the phrases you say, but how you say them and what you transmit while doing it.

Try to stay with the essence of these phrases to help you improve your dialogues and allow you improve your lip. So that your attitudes influence you to create your own similar but completely new phrases, improvised at that time and adapted to your conversations naturally while you are talking with someone.

When we are seducing a person we can never forget that What we have to pay attention to most is emotions, not the message. Observing the feelings behind her at that moment, what is happening between the two and the energies that navigate within us. Relating all that with our ways of thinking and our experiences. Being able to adapt these phrases and everything you learn to your own natural style.

4 phrases to fall in love with your wits

Never forget your joviality at home. Nothing is more effective to seduce than the good sense of humor.
Keep these phrases with the essence and start spreading that party that dances inside you!

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i love you

-We have two options! Or we accept that we love each other and start eating like crazy kisses, or we will leave it for in 5 minutes. And I don't know your mother, but mine told me to never leave what I wanted to do now.

Use the phrase "we have two options" in your dialogues and explain two options that clearly favor you. The more exaggerated they are and the more obvious it is that what you say you say for your own convenience, the better. The important thing here is not that our arguments convince her, but that our sense of humor seduces her.

"If I got to know that dressed like this, you weren't going to say anything to me all night, almost that I'd put something else on."

Start a conversation with a good sense of humor it makes our guarantees soar; calling the attention of the other person and encouraging them to prologize the conversation. A phrase like this can be very useful when we are in a bar and we have a person we like next door for a while without saying anything.

"You don't deserve my kisses." I plan to deny them until the end of time or at least until I forget that I have told you, and that you know that I never forget anything. Well, all this, what were we talking about?

A very common resource for communicating with a sense of humor is to use the exaggeration to defend a hypothesis that we immediately throw down. Looking for the bewilderment of the other person to laugh. Incorporating dose of seduction and play whenever we talk about any type of physical advancement.

"Imagine how much fun we could have if you told me to see each other this Saturday." I don't even want to think about it ...

We can use the sense of humor to make proposals being flirtatious, such as for example request an appointment by WhatsApp, trying to get out of the ordinary. This way you are much more likely to be told yes, since we make sure that the other person is in a better mood.

4 phrases to link creating sexual tension

Knowing how to create sexual tension in our conversations is what makes the difference between flirting or just falling well.
Feel the sexual energy flutter inside and let it out to cause arousal!

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"I don't know if it's early or late, I just care that we feel comfortable." I just know that I love to get carried away and right now I would go with you wherever I went. Surely somewhere where only our breaths and those of no one else will collide.

In this sentence we use the word "alone" as a lever to build the future of it to focus the attention of the other person "alone" on what is happening between the two. Being these levers very useful to encourage us to speak although we do not know very well what to say. Just start talking and let the passion we feel build the sentences.

"Do you dare to kiss me or plan to protect yourself in that attitude of false security."

When we create sexual tension It can often be very interesting to provoke the other person with small attacks said slowly and whispers. As if we caressed her ears with our words while showing great confidence in ourselves while she is increasingly vulnerable and exposed to our charms.

—For me, sex is a way of feeling and knowing the other person. It is not just a matter of pleasure, but of getting involved in the intimacy of the other.

It is important to know how to talk about sex and give it a meaning beyond that of the sweet exploration of bodies. Mentioning her spiritual part so that the other person sees that we are not interested in having sex with her only because of her physique, but because of a desire to know her more intensely.

"You are making it very difficult for me not to imagine completely naked right now." Maybe getting lost in the rubbing of our skin. Smiling nervously like you've been doing all night. Releasing the knot of our desires, feeling inside ...

The erotic narrative is very effective when we have guaranteed the interest of the other person but we need a much greater impulse of sexual tension so that the adventure ends in sex. Being very useful this type of phrases to make her imagine having sex with us in a subtle, elegant and provocative way. Also incorporating these phrases we have seen some suggestions to make the narrative much more vivid and powerful.

Both resources will be found in depth in the last chapter of my book Wake up beauty.

4 phrases to praise as a teacher

We need to learn to praise others without thinking that we only want to receive something in return.
Make realistic and genuine compliments that you can say subtly!

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couple smiling

"There must be a whole spring full of flowers and light on those lips." I don't know, but something very interesting happens in that area.

You can use poetry to link and use it to formulate more creative phrases. Just when you do try to adapt your nonverbal language to the context. For example, imagine the previous sentence saying it to a girl or a girl in a disco, using a tone and expressions that evoke a slight sense of humor as well as serenity and sexuality. Notice how that touch of joviality and humor in the expression makes a phrase that might seem cheesy end up being very exciting.

"I love your look, it's very intense." As if dragging me by the hair you know? So it is very difficult not to come talk to you.

Another way to start a conversation is to praise a specific physical trait of the person we like. Much better than telling her that she is very pretty or attractive, since that would be to praise her in a very general way. Causing a greater effect to concentrate on something very concrete such as his gaze, movements or some gesture that has caught our attention. Being very effective to tell you the emotional effect that has caused us (as if dragging me from the hairs).

"Do you know what I like most about you?" That smile and the energy you had with her. In fact I have to thank you because until now I was having quite a problem for a week and you are getting all of them, and nothing matters.

Sometimes there are gestures that we love about the other person but we simply say that we like them. In this last example it is not so. First we call your attention with a question towards something very specific: only one feature (what we like most). And then, with all your attention, we comment on that feature emphasizing more on the effect it generates on us than on the feature itself. Being this kind of compliments loaded with emotional communication ideal to find that emotional connection that unites us.

—You see, I have been looking at you for a while and I wanted to get close to tell you what I like most about you, but the truth is that I can't decide. Probably that would be with that overflowing energy that you manage to spread in all your friends, but then I think of your lips and I am not so clear anymore ...

One way to start a conversation by praising is to communicate a personality trait that we are perceiving by a lake, and by the other a physical trait that conveys a more sexual direction. In this way, as I expose in the emotional communication model of my book Wake up beauty, we cover your support, acceptance and sex needs at the same time. Or put another way: we seek to create a connection on an emotional and sexual level in the same blow. Being able to lower the tension with a later joke if the input is too intense, as for example, continuing the previous example: Although watching your friends jump, almost because of solidarity with them and not waiting for the party, I stay with your energy.

4 phrases to connect emotionally

We cannot fall in love with someone if we do not know how to find emotional bonds that unite us under an aura of romanticism.
Give importance to what is happening between the two and leave your mark on your heart!

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—I prefer that it be the now, the present moment, that leads us to do what our hearts and our feelings ask us. I don't care to meet someone for an hour now than for 6 months. The important thing is that I feel connected to that person, and that is what I feel right now with you.

These types of phrases are very useful when the other person is determined to postpone things. Like for example when we propose to go to our house for sexual purposes, but it tells us that it is too soon. Since if we really liked it, the best way to motivate her to get carried away is to talk about our passion to live that now without regard and even the last consequences so she wants to do it too. Giving more importance to what is being felt and what the body and our souls ask us, than the external circumstances that encompass the interaction or the possible consequences of tomorrow.

"It makes me a little nervous to talk to you." I feel as if I have to find a formula precise enough to know you without making a mistake, but in turn, feeling that it will be our mistakes that bind us the most.

In phrases such as these, we seek to convey a poetic contrast between that string that pushes us to seek perfection and avoid making mistakes, to later give the message that we love those feelings that make us feel a more intense reality within its own imperfection. For what is vital to say these messages with some content nervousness that conveys that vulnerability that causes the moment to become so special.

"As long as you keep looking at me with that depth and continue to make me vibrate like that, I don't need anything else to happen."

Applying conditionals is another very productive resource for creating creative and emotional phrases. In this example the conditional is while, from which we start to communicate what we are feeling, giving more power to those feelings than what is going to happen or not between us. Ideal this to free the other person from pressures in response to the typical phrases and their derivatives that tell us that nothing will happen:

  • I don't sleep with a boy the first night.
  • I need time to trust someone and I don't like to mess with a person at the first exchange.
  • Etc, etc., etc.

"I like that we have our differences." I have always thought that someone like you can't learn anything, you can even get bored. But with you I feel that we will always have something to contribute.

If we concentrate on finding the usefulness of anything, we end up finding it. That is why to seduce it is important to have an enthusiastic and positive vision of life that leads us to have phrases that help us raise any doubt that may separate us from the other.

4 phrases to seduce with ideas and attitudes

Our beliefs, ideas, attitude and ultimately, our way of thinking and seeing life is what will tell the other person how we really are.
Do introspection and start talking about what makes you more attractive; using it to manage situations simply by talking about you.

For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.

"Personally, I don't care how things should or shouldn't be." I try that my life is not dominated by social impositions. All our perceptions of right or wrong are distorted. In my opinion, we only need freedom and visualize a sky loaded with stars so that we live through that spontaneous self that is truly invincible and creative. And while we feel this way, everything else is secondary ...

Phrases like these make the perception of our personal appeal shoot through mysticism hidden deep within our most spiritual side. Breaking full with the typical habitual responses that are usually given in a multitude of contexts derived from rejection in which they tell you how things should be, to grant again, a deeper value the feelings that govern in our present moment.

—I like to feel that every moment is new and that I am nothing more than the energy I put into everything I do and live. I don't care what others think. I don't even tend to generate opinions about myself. I do not seek to be perfect nor do I intend to give anyone an image of idealism that is not real. I do not know, but somehow since I think so, I have felt as if life opened the doors to all the adventures it proposes.

When we talk about ourselves transmitting this kind of philosophy of life. Being able not only to end up being very attractive, but we also encourage the other person to leave behind his past and external opinions to concentrate on what lies ahead: us. Something crucial to be able to seduce people who have had past relationships in which they have suffered or that drag certain feelings of guilt and problems from that past that allow us to flow.

"If I don't like something, I try to like it." Life has shown me that no matter how suspicious we may be of things we don't know or don't do well, if we try to look at their beautiful side, we end up discovering it. We just discovered. Everything hides a great beauty and can be considered as art, you just have to focus on finding it so that our mind allows us to dazzle with it.

It is important that when we talk about ourselves we use phrases that spread an enthusiastic view of life. Especially before their difficulties or what we do not like, because of what the rest most lack. We all feel a great motivation towards what we are passionate about, but when do we find someone who infects us with that passion towards what even a priori we do not like or are making us suffer? In fact, almost all of us have lived through circumstances so you can definitely end up talking. As an example that this other person ends up telling you how the sport did not like anything, but one day he joined the gym to lose a few kilos and now he loves it.

"I firmly believe that heaven is here with us." In all those moments in which we provide ourselves with pleasant feelings and forget to be continually facing each other.

Transmitting the idea that we will always be willing to bring good feelings away from toxic psychological patterns is very useful to seduce. Given that we live in a rather conflictive society, they will always see us more as a possible future partner if they see that you are capable of manage your emotions in favor of a healthy and satisfactory relationship.

brave jungle

Leave the flow of the senses and feel how nature protects you. All anxiety arises from a mental state of continuous comings and goings. Make depositing all your attention in the present moment is the only therapy you need. That which will make everything around you gain greater meaning by opening you to a world full of experiences.

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    David thank you for everything for your book, longing for you to create another, your book leaves the farce of mechanical seduction and the natural one is pure gold, it has allowed me to connect with the girls and open up without so many lies, alpha male to show little interest in not to value the person in front, the girls open up although they tell me that they are tired of lies I am moved you helped me empathize to see that the girls are tired of lies just to get a body and not value other things. You have given me the desire to continue improving my skills and I make special and unique girls tell me that no one else has spoken to them so they have inspired me to take courage and seduce that girl who seduced me that although I do not notice the signs I captivated me I would love to make her happy to transmit what she transmitted to me and if it does not work keep improving (david you are a crak we need and not to that mechanical methods that do not satisfy you) you are have the elegance of a cougar the sight of an alcon and the empathy of buddha . people like egoland, zan perrion and you are my heroes not mystical but those of flesh and spindles the real thing in seduction. continue with your work greetings from Colombia you have to change the relationship models help people to really connect, I authenticated I have already tried a lot of seduction and read a lot at my young age 16-19 for the need to be timid and not feel enough to fall in love with that girl who takes my sleep away but your book is pure gold I no longer feel fruited for hiding my truth. I will always remember you and the previous ones marked my life for good to be a genuine forward sailor with jungle adventure. bye I have affection for you even if I do not know you in person I feel as if you were my older brother a great brother.

    • David Jungle

      Thank you very much for your message friend, you have brought me a great smile. I see that you have captured well the essence of those that I teach in seduction issues and I am sure that very full relationships await you at your young age. Keep it up, getting better every day.

      I take this opportunity to invite you to leave a comment on my book on amazon or google books or any other network where you have purchased it. In this way you help me to continue spreading better.

      We are in contact, any questions you have you can ask me here on the blog or in forumseduccion.com where we do community 😉

      A greeting!

      • ESMOL

        have it assured older brother, you will find it in google books since amazon does not allow me, your poems have enchanted me now I read it as one of my habit and the part of sense of humor to awaken beauty has come to me wonderfully I hope you get to More parts of the world since, here in Colombia, these companies' methods predominate (copy behavior), they continue to see the same patterns of fruity men, without knowing how to do it, without showing what they are like, although I accept that I have used it only works with girls With low self-esteem it is a pity to do that when I did not understand it and connect with the girls. David I will continue to be recommended so that your seed of your philosophy grows in more people and more people improve. I hope more book since you write very well I am pleased to read awakening beauty and living poetry over and over again for pleasure, I would like you to write another one. (topics like sense of humor I love it, emotional control (you are a Christian), from I love what you see but what you write I love) although I understand that now you are with your videos on yotube I also love it. I would like to express myself as your masterly voice, you express yourself in a moving way.


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