Overwhelming personality: Develop charisma skills

What is a sweeping personality? How can you develop charisma and skills to be more attractive? Can we prepare our personality to attract success and love to our lives?

In my previous article in which we talked about attitudes to have a attractive personality we find many of the traits and abilities that make up a overwhelming and really charismatic personality. In this we will review some of them and see some others.

However, we will pay more attention to how. That is, to how can we develop these qualities permanently and forever. So that they become part of your own natural personality and we just have to be ourselves to be successful attractions.

What is an overwhelming personality

The psychology of attractiveness is defined by us

There is no conceptual definition in psychology to define overwhelming personality. What for some can be an overwhelming personality, for others it will be otherwise. It will depend on our own perceptions.

What is clear is that there are some personalities that are more charismatic and attractive to us than others. Starting from these differences, we can extract a series of qualities that once developed, will allow us to achieve that overwhelming personality that we want adapted to our own tastes. Let's see them!

Qualities of an overwhelming and charismatic personality

  • Conversation Skills: What most differentiates a charismatic person is their abilities to be good communicators. They are people with a high empathy, dominate the assertive communication and they have a great gift of labia. All this with a personal style and differentiated from the rest.
  • Voice Tone: The voice is an external trait to the personality, but it is what gives melody to what we say. As well as other components of a seductive nonverbal language, like walking upright and with firm steps. The voice is persuasion in itself. The charismatic speaks to leave a mark.
  • Gestures: They are always alert to campaign implicit messages. They are good observers and manage to extract intuitive information from the nonverbal language of others.
  • Life philosophy: They are clear about what they want, when they want it and how they want to live. Charismatic people do not usually have many doubts. That is why you drag others behind you and are usually perceived as good leaders. Most people may not know which way to go, but they have no doubts.
  • They solve problems easily: They do not lack answers. They usually have knowledge of many different topics and always find some quick solution to any problems. Sometimes they expose them indifferently, as if they find it difficult to find the solution. What still increases his creative aura.
  • They inspire others, they are visionaries and they like to help others: As widely social people and not devoid of virtues, they are always inspiring others. They never refuse to give good advice, not even to a rival. Increasing their appeal even more when they accompany these attitudes of humility and a good sense of humor.
  • Courage and trust: They are not afraid of others. They are fighters. They do not fear what others think. They know that they will always have followers and detractors. Therefore, they limit themselves to being more and more themselves without forgetting their resources and strategies.
  • Overcoming and nonconformity: Some think that the charism is born, but the story says otherwise. All the charismatic people who have left a well-marked stamp in history, have been hardworking and have always thought of becoming better and better. They have been polishing their personality over the years, so that in the end, they end up looking like people touched by a magic bar.
  • Creativity: The charismatic person is always looking for new ways of doing things. When he sees something, he thinks how he could do it differently and with his own style.
  • Physical appearance: It is not an essential feature, but in the long run it makes a big difference in perceptions. The overwhelming personality also overwhelms with his style. Sometimes it can be very different from the rest of society. Others fit more to the canons. However, when his fame increases, everyone knows how he usually dresses.
  • Good mood and control of your emotions: They know how to keep calm and react with a sense of humor to the attacks of others. They present a high degree of understanding, acceptance and control of their own emotions, and those of others.

Can we improve our personality?

What a personality can change is a fact more than evident. People change at every moment, and over time those changes become palpable.

Well ... not everyone. There is always who in general never changes, but that is because he has no interest in changing and develop your personality for the better. That, or that they are too lazy to take on the effort involved in getting it.

If you want to be better, you will need to love him with all your soul. That will give you the motivation to move any obstacle.

Develop a sweeping personality while still being yourself

The mistake that many make is that of trying to develop a more attractive personality or with more social or work success, Trying to resemble something they are not prepared to be.

Imitating others may work, but only for a while. In the long run, being another person without having the same skills that she has developed, will leave us with her ass in the air.

Be yourself, the rest of the papers are already taken.
Oscar Wilde

To understand this concept I like to use the analogy of Formula 1. A sport where competition is maximum and the development of cars is the most important thing to achieve victory.

And is that in Formula 1 you can not take the part of a car and put it to another without more. Each piece is millimetrically designed to fit each car. You may think, if that engine is better, I put it on this car that has a worse one and should improve. But that would change the entire design of the car from top to bottom. Even a simple spoiler, makes you have to change many other pieces to fit it.

Yes I know. I love Formula 1 even though many are bored. But the same goes for personality. You can make many changes to it, just like in a Formula 1 car, but Every change takes time. In a reasonable time, you can be someone unrecognizable. Have a much more overwhelming personality. But First you have to know where you are from. The first thing is to know your car. Know yourself and accept yourself. From there, we can make modifications. I recommend these other items:

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The important thing is that the changes are permanent

The end result with this system, will be that little by little you will see that you are better in different areas of your life that sit on the floor like a tile. Changes that will last forever without having to think about making them.

And best of all, is that as you change, you will feel more motivated and more proud and happy. Because life is change, and this is how you will walk on it. In fact, for me there is nothing more exciting than being a spectator of my own progress. Not even Steven Spielberg's films cause me so much interest.

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The success triangle method to develop a sweeping personality

If the bigger ones use it, you can too

Having read the previous concepts, we will see a very simple method and widely used by companies to develop their products. Companies like Apple, Intel and other large multinationals use this method every day. So please pay attention. Why in the assimilation You will know the formula to change any area of ​​your personality to make it more charismatic.

I bought a piano once because I had the dream of playing with him and the girl who leans over him while drinking a martini. What a great image. That never worked, but at least I have a piano in my house.
George Clooney


Without going into issues about the law of the universe, in which some believe and some do not. What is undoubtedly for everyone is that what we put our attention to is where we are going.

Imagination generates dreams and ideas. Dreams motivate us, and ideas provide us with how we need to fulfill those dreams.

To improve in order to be people with magnetism we need focus on specific objectives. That is, in the concrete steps that will lead us to reach that magnetism.

Many times we overwhelm when we see that a desire is going to cost us a lot, or we simply try to get it at once. As if we could climb a long ladder in one jump. In the end as is logical, the blow we hit is huge (do not try on the stairs at home).

However, since everything has its good and bad part, We cannot lose sight of the main objective. That in this case it is to reach that overwhelming personality that we dream of having, and imagine already being as we want to be.

If I remember my own personal experience, imagination for me has been a fundamental aspect. Well, thanks to her you get the other two components of this method: Motivation and techniques. For me it was a delight to imagine myself with a sweeping personality. Triumphing and fascinating other people with my appeal. A movie that repeated myself in my mind and in my dreams every day, and that with the passage of time, it became a reality.


When I talk about techniques I don't mean tricks or tools that help us achieve our goal. Much less to link techniques to pretend that we are magnetic, or to solve certain specific situations of communication. No, that is only resources that can be used or not.

When I talk about techniques I mean: Everything we learn, practice and internalize and serves us to meet our goal.

If you only listen to yourself, you will not learn much.
George Clooney

For example. Imagine that one of our desires (Imagination) in the face of having an overwhelming personality, is to get used to being more empathetic people (specific objective).

Empathy helps us to put ourselves in the position of other people, so that we are much closer to understanding them. Thus we find out why they act in a certain way, to act accordingly. It helps us to have an open mind, which is an essential feature towards magnetism. It is a basic aspect of being good observers, and possibly the best skill that can be developed as a communicator.

To develop this skill we would have to understand it first, then practice it. To understand it, it can help you read, attend courses, or even learn it from other people in your social circles who already own it.

As you can see, the techniques are ACTION! Those things we do to meet that goal we have. All that knowledge that we will absorb and practice.

However, be careful, not all sources of information are correct or right for you. So you must be critical of them. As I mentioned, the first step in developing your overwhelming personality is that you know yourself. If you still do not know who you are and what your strengths or weaknesses are, you cannot know where you are from and, therefore, what you have to improve. You will give blind sticks and it will take you much longer.


Every personal improvement has as its starting point a state of motivation. I speak of that energy that makes us eat the world and drives us to improve and fight for our dreams. Without it we can not get anything.

The only failure is not to try.
George Clooney

The problem with motivation is that if something really doesn't excite us, or we prefer to do other things, it may end up going through the toilet. That is why it is important that we use our imagination every day and without exception. Imagine achieving those goals we have will motivate us to fight for them without abandoning.

Keep your motivation without fear of the opinions of others with:
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Get organized, live the present and enjoy the trip

Your overwhelming personality will flow with him now

Many people dream of improving in the long term. That is fine, because it will prevent us from setting unrealistic goals and avoid abandonment.

As we commented on the point of imagination, the key is in set realistic and concrete goals, around a major goal that makes us dream.

For this you must organize. Avoid delaying and leaving your progress for later. The really important thing is that every day you do something to develop your overwhelming personality.

Tomorrow is the time of fools. Wisdom is always here and now. Around us. Living now will expand your consciousness and with it you will be more attractive in everyone's eyes.

To achieve magnetism, we need to tattoo this on our retinas:

Now, in the present. Just a little, but NOW! Everyday. It is the fine and constant rain that soaks the earth.

Don't binge on an afternoon. Between half an hour and an hour dedicated to that improvement that we have considered, after a year there are many hours. From my personal experience, after a year doing this, I have a bookcase full of books that I have read, internalized and put into practice every day. I look back, and I have many experiences that have allowed me to grow. And above all, I feel more capable of doing anything I propose.

Assume this commitment and it will be impossible for you not to have the charismatic personality you desire.

To avoid postponement I recommend my article:
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Steps to develop a sweeping personality

  1. Create a great goal that excites you, and imagine yourself fulfilling that goal. In this case, see yourself with all the new qualities you want to have in your overwhelming personality.
  2. Know yourself and find out what you have to improve to achieve that magnetism. A very useful tool is to make a personal SWOT. And something for me essential, meditate and reflect a little every day.
  3. Focus on improving your personality step by step. But at the same time see creating synergies between what you are improving. Many knowledge complement each other and serve several different objectives. Create specific objectives around that general objective of point one. These will be the steps that will lead you to achieve your goal. In this way you will find yourself closer and the enthusiasm will be renewed. Imagine putting into practice that specific objective and everything that can contribute to your life.
  4. Assume the commitment to improve a little every day (30/60 minutes).
brave jungle

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If you fall, stand up. When life knocks you out, get up. If you get hit and fall to the ground, get up. If you collapse, get up. Fall, get up and move forward. You fall again, you rise again, and you move forward again. Life is for the brave. Life is for those who risk. But above all, life is for those who have the courage to get up when it collapses them.

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