How to motivate yourself: Reach your personal successes and achieve your goals

The motivation according to the SAR is a preparatory mental essay of an action to encourage or be encouraged to execute it with interest and diligence. But how to get motivated to get what we want? Maybe that is the question we are most interested in answering.

Today we are going to talk about motivation from the perspective of success, since after all, motivation is born from that desire for success that we turn towards our goals.

Success is something personal.

Before motivating you to succeed, reflect on what success you want

The patterns that mark what is or is not successful are not the same for all people. No one will ever forget Mahatma Gandhi. The imprint he has left on our beloved planet can hardly be erased. However, when he left this world these were the objects he left us in inheritance:

This is a clear example that The measuring stick of success is not made in dollars. Unfortunately in today's societies one of the most common comments when one is motivated towards some goals is usually: already ... all that is very good, but is pasta made ?.

How do we evaluate success in society?

External questions:

  • What is success for others?
  • How can you be perceived as a successful person?
  • What do I need to get to be considered a successful person?
  • How much money or what material possessions do you need to see that I am successful?

These kinds of questions focus us towards meet socially valuable goals. You could say that their answers are aimed at situations or events that are more tangible and evaluable by the rest of society.

Internal questions:

  • What is success for me?
  • How can I consider myself successful?
  • What goals do I have to meet to feel that I have succeeded in my life?
  • What mark have I left in the world after my passage through it?

Internal questions focus us towards a different success, regardless of what other people consider as success, and they are based on our own perception of what success is for us, those dictated by our hearts. Success is something individual.

Avoid falling into the frustration that hides success

100% success in all our actions is impossible. We can only measure success in terms of averages.

A craftsman can be considered a person of great success because of his ability, although he will not knead great fortunes. You can make your work an art. But even if you are an artist in your trade, you will always get results that are better or worse than others. More or less accepted.

The artist who proposes perfection in everything does not get it at all.
Eugène Delacroix

A single word can make a book look better. Perhaps in a very small percentage, almost negligible, but it can always be improved. And that is wonderful. The road of life never ends and can take us higher and higher and that our motivation always renews. Those who try to be perfect often use it as an excuse to stay idly by.

Free yourself from the pressure of fear and fight for your ideas. You can leave reinforced failures, because you will achieve great learning with them.

We all have the right to make mistakes and things go wrong, if we were always perfect we would not get bored. We have to love the risk and creativity of doing something new even though we risk not liking it. As always said, who does not risk, does not win. And the risk has two hidden faces, one is the one of the great success, and another one of the great failure, the best of all is that we learn from both sides.

Without effort there is no satisfaction, but be careful ...

People value more those things that we consider have a cost. When we know that the fruit we collect is the result of putting our skills and sacrifices at stake.

However, satisfaction thanks to the effort also implies another cost. And if we only concentrate on getting and valuing those things that cost us an effort, We can fall into the error of being unable to assess what we already have at our disposal. What would be the use of fighting for successes if we are then unable to enjoy them?

We rarely think about what we have but always what we lack (Schopenhauer)

How to motivate yourself to achieve your successes

Check your sources of motivation

Throughout my student career, due to my studies in Marketing and Business Administration, I have read a lot about success stories in the most relevant companies.

If something has become clear to me, it is that Those who base their lives solely on earning more and more money, even if they manage to knead a good amount, do not usually go beyond mediocrity. Or worse, they do not survive in time.

In other words: they leave no trace. To motivate ourselves to achieve success, we must think of something more than money or the much-desired social recognition.

Exceeds the limits of money

If there is an experience that I can emphasize in my life, it is certainly that of my experience as a writer and coach. I have been writing and sharing free content on social networks and in my blog since 2012. And although it is true that I have had income as a coach, I can assure you that money is not what motivates me to do it.

People who have achieved great success have rarely been motivated by money in the first place. Have any of them become millionaires? Yes. But normally that has been the consequence of carrying out his passions.

During these years I have received many messages. Like this about one of my article in which I talk about the acceptance: I thank you so much for this article. It has almost completely changed my life and my level of happiness, I had a serious problem of acceptance. I kept repeating that everything was fine, no matter how bad things went or did, causing me great internal stress and permanent nervousness due to cognitive dissonances. Thanks a thousand again.

Receiving messages of thanks every day is what has always moved me the most. But you don't have to be a writer, doctor, psychologist, or coach to feel this. In any job you can perform a great service that brings quality of life to other people.

The purpose of the actions is what motivates the most

Money can be a source of motivation, because we all have to ensure our survival. We all want to live well. But it is not the only one.

There is a much more powerful motivation that consists in seeing how much we can contribute to improve the world and how much we can get to enjoy life while we do it. That is the motivation of a person like Mahatma Gandhi. And it is a motivation that we can find anywhere ...

A mother can try to learn to educate her children better, and thanks to her effort to build a better world. That may be your source of motivation not to fall into the grip of monotony and boredom.

Get motivated every day thanks to your ability to dream. Immerse yourself in your most real and deepest desires, and imagine that you do something that brings utility to your life and the lives of other people. That way you will never miss a good dose of energy to use.

And now I ask you, and what can you do to improve your life and that of other people? What sources of motivation do you have at your disposal? Are you valuing them?

Answer this question. Build a series of goals, and you'll always have a latent illusion in you that encourages you to get the most out of your life. Ask yourself these questions in your work, when dealing with your family. Throughout! Find that superior purpose that will help you be better and motivate you for it.

Be a visionary

They say the last great business visionary was Steve Jobs. His illusion was to achieve perfection and excellence in the products that his company manufactured, as it is well known that little was invented. His goal was to innovate in what was already there to make it excellent.

Can we consider that Steve Jobs changed many lives? We never know if for the better or for the worse, because just as it could facilitate our lives with an iPhone, it has undoubtedly also been able to create an addiction that causes us stress. But undoubtedly, he got something big that now almost everyone values.

Your dreams will give wings to your actions so that all the changes you want to make in your life occur.

Feel motivated towards simple things

It is not necessary to invent the iPhone to feel that we contribute something to this world. A housewife (or master) can be very creative and live excited to make her home a unique place. I have a friend named Nahir, who works at a beauty center, and going through her house is an experience worth repeating and enjoying. He worries about taking care of the details so that we can all disconnect completely from the world. Scented candles, relaxing music, tasty food, and if possible, disconnected phones.

I was born to be a tramp. I was happier when I had nothing. Then I had a raincoat with big pockets. He carried a pair of socks, an abbreviated edition of Shakespeare and a bottle of whiskey. He was happy, he wanted nothing and had no responsibilities.
William Faulkner, Nobel Prize winner.

We don't need to go far to learn from people. I have another friend whose greatest motivation is simply Enjoy all you can of each moment and the people you love. If I had to create an advertising message, I think it would be something like this: "With a Gin Tonic in my hand and the smile of my friends, I am happy, and not precisely in that order."

Life is squeezed and drunk enjoying each of its drops. Little things bring infinite happiness if we can see and feel them clearly.

Dreams and desires that fill our day with fullness, welcome. But welcome also the small and simple pleasures that give us every beat of our existence. Because today they are free, but tomorrow they may not continue there. Now is the time to enjoy and feel what life gives us.

Become your own reference to overcome

Those who grow and progress in life are not the ones who look to be better than others, but those who look to be better every day than themselves.

Highly successful and leading companies such as Intel have the focus of making their new products obsolete their previous products. They consider themselves as their maximum competitor, and their goal is to surpass themselves more and more. Only then can they maintain their leadership position without falling into the complacency of the success that would make them be overcome by the rivals.

Stop looking at others and take yourself as a reference to overcome. Day by day and step by step, with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, overcoming your own internal strengths and weaknesses. Thus your dreams, successes or desires will go from being wanted yearnings, to found consequences.

Everything is in your hands: dream, learn, live and act. That is change.

The changes accompany changes in goals, objectives and illusions, and in how we can achieve what we set out to do.

A new job, a new project, a personal improvement. They make us imagine fighting or meeting those goals. Then enthusiasm and motivation are renewed because you have a new way to go. Something new to live for.

Hence Those bad times we can go through must be moments of reflection that lead us to new personal or professional goals. Or simply continue with what we do but be excited to do better.

Sometimes we tend to judge and judge ourselves while we look for all kinds of excuses to justify that we are not where we want.

Gandhi said: Be the change you want to see in the world.

It is very easy to complain that our life is not our dream ideal. It is very easy to search and analyze all kinds of external factors or blame other people for our failures.

We found a problem and we put on the glasses of unhappiness. We can only see life through the reflection of that problem. And so we can spend years and years, being unhappy because our blindness prevents us from looking beyond, towards the immense beauty that surrounds our lives.

Lacking a goal is the worst enemy of success.

Visualize the change. Remember those dreams you left behind or recreate new ones. New dreams and goals that you want both personal and professional. Imagine loaded with joy fulfilling them.

Your dreams will give wings to your actions so that all the changes you want to make in your life occur. Everything is in your hands: dream, learn, live and act. That is change!

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Meditation to achieve success

Try my meditation audio that will help you motivate yourself to achieve your goals. Resist difficulties, reduce the volume of problems, and get the energy and perseverance you need to make your dreams come true.

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The important thing is not to embark on the search for a new change. The important thing is to never stop learning and dreaming. Lend to protect your illusions by imagining how much you can do and achieve. That will give wings to your actions so that all the changes you want or need to make in your life are produced by mere attraction. Everything is in your hands: dream, learn, live and act. That is change! The change comes from the enthusiasm that keeps us moving ...

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