Meditation and Mindfulness: 10 Benefits for your social relationships

In the middle of 2013 when the world of meditation fell on me. As a sudden rain that devastates everything in its path, my life would never be the same again.

As a Coach in social skills I soon started looking for benefits that meditation and Mindfulness could have in our social relationships. Either for loving or friendly relationships, the benefits to seduce and meet new people were gradually dazzled. In the first place, using myself as a guinea pig, analyzing how the feelings I felt and what I thought changed.

To my surprise, the benefits have been so many and so noticeable, that over time I decided to incorporate the teachings on meditation from the Mindfulness path to all my seduction courses. Over time, it was the attendees of these courses themselves who have been reporting to me and confirming that they themselves were getting those same advantages. Better relationships with everyone else, but especially with the couple, adding a capacity to seduce and fall in love that enchants and connects spiritually.

Let's see why!

10 benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness to improve your social and loving relationships

social relationships

Greater observation capacity

Improvements in empathy and receptivity of sensations

Observation is basic for human relationships. It is the ability that tells us how we should communicate according to what we seek to generate in the other person. Its difficulty lies in its multiple focus of attention that in turn can be contradictory.


You can observe the Spoken message (what they are telling us with words), the message body (what their gestures tell us), the message of your actions (what you are doing or done) and even the sensations and emotions that transmit us under an intuitive and sensory observation and interpretation.

For example, if I have a friend who is going through a bad time and wants to talk to me but is ashamed to tell me, The greater my ability to observe, the sooner I will realize.

If I find myself talking to a person that I like, thanks to the observation simply because of the emphasis and the emotion it puts on talking about something, I can identify what you value most in your life and appreciate it to connect emotionally with that person.

Thanks to the practice of Mindfulness, what we get is that our ability to attend to all these messages is amplified by improving our empathy. Thus we obtain valuable information so as not to go blind and be more aware of what others need so that our social relations are fruitful.

greater appreciation

Make them feel unique

Meditation and Mindfulness help us have a greater sensitivity to the beauties that surround us. Thanks to his continued practice, I have sometimes seen myself smiling foolishly at stimuli that I did not even perceive before.

I remember once that after meditating I went out to dinner with some friends. A waiter dropped a fork on the floor, and every clink of the cover against the floor echoed in my head.

This appreciation that amplifies everything to the smallest detail, also increases when we talk to someone. If for example a girl likes a boy and she really appreciate, that appreciation can captivate you. The boy will feel truly heard and understood. It will make you feel wonderful, accepted and loved. Positive feelings that this boy will associate with her presence and that she will be able to transmit only by her mere presence.

Feeling of happiness

Joy is what seduces the most

social skills

Let's be honest. If you ride a farewell party tomorrow because you're going to study in England for 6 months, the last one you're going to think about inviting is the typical party pooper.

The benefits of meditation on anxiety have a liberating effect allowing us let go of our past. Makes we divert the focus from our insecurities to what is happening. Being precisely that focus of attention that directs us.

For example, if I have my full attention in enjoying myself now with my partner, I don't have it in thinking if it is possible that I am being unfaithful or not. In this way, I am avoiding a paranoid attitude of causing myself unnecessary jealousy that would not help me at all. I avoid thinking negative!

I am being happy and I am making my partner happy, both attracting positive emotions from our present and avoiding past or future negatives that I will not pay attention to.

Better attention and memory

Get what they tell you and don't forget it

Several investigations have shown that Mindfulness improves students' academic performance. Better verbal reasoning and better memory. That is, improvements in cognitive abilities are appreciated.

This cognitive improvements help us to capture and retain information that may be useful to act more intelligently within our social environments.

Similarly, when we turn our attention to what is happening, We avoid nervousness and blockages.

more creativity

Be more attractive in the way you speak

This is one of the benefits that I have noticed most on my own skin. When I am in front of my students giving a course, when doing an exhibition in public or simply when I speak with a girl that I like, All I have to do is put my mind blank and use my full attention.

Thus mi Mind flows rapidly without the hindrance of insecurities and thoughts that can sabotage me. Noticing how they arise more interesting conversation topics I can talk about and improving the depth of my expressions.

This mindfulness helps to connect more broadly and quickly with the information nodes that we have in our memory, thus being able to have more work and flow with the conversation. It increases our ability to find divergent paths and link words in less frequent contexts. If we try, The clarity of our mind helps us avoid falling into topics and creating new linguistic conjugations.

We will feel more able to make creative jokes, praise in a more ingenious way, or excite with sexual advances the people who attract us.

Improvement in sexual relations and premature ejaculation

You will have greater dominion over your mind, the most powerful sexual organ

improve sex

Thanks to meditation we live more now. This produces a perceptual change and attitudinal towards how we conceive the sexual act. That is, it helps us to free ourselves from those conditions that over sexualize sex as something sinful or forbidden to something beautiful, where The goal is not to ejaculate, but the constant delight of the senses.

Enjoy every feeling here and now.

If we support the practice of Mindfulness with the philosophical development of theories from Tantra, little by little We can take control over our most potent sexual organ: "our mind."

In my particular case, when I have sex and I'm about to ejaculate, I simply adopt a meditative attitude. That is to say, I put my mind blank, take a deep breath and loose tensions, and the desire to ejaculate passes over to me. In this way I manage to have control and ejaculate only when I want it. In the same way, I have noticed an amplification of the sensations, such as caresses and kisses more alive and felt and a greater enjoyment in general. So meditation can help you last longer in bed Already have a better sex in general.

Less nerves and insecurities

You will feel free from thoughts that sabotage you

The practice of Mindfulness has begun to be taught both in private schools, as in business and even in the United States Army.

Many studies show its great influence in the face of reduce stress and feel more relaxed in handling the situations we face and our own emotions.

A boy may be afraid to start a conversation with a woman he likes to the point of being petrified by nerves. His mind tends to think in future terms: "and if he despises me and makes me ridiculous." Then he begins to analyze all those «and if, and if, and if ...» to the point of, sorry for the expression: «shit in your pants».

Thanks to meditation we feel more relaxed, and as I said before, more cheerful in general. It is a difficult feeling to explain. When I was living in Liverpool I went through some very stressful moments. For several days I was not meditating and there came a time when I felt overwhelmed. What did I do? I started to meditate like crazy. What happened? After two days I was great, happy again and facing all those fears without any problem. It is almost magic!

Now imagine how you would feel if before those situations that previously intimidated you you will not think about the repercussions and only feel totally at that moment. No past or future thoughts.

Feeling that you are is time and nothing else!

Exact! There is no place for fear, because we do not have it conceived in space time. We are so attentive to what is happening, that the repercussions or insecurities we have for unpleasant moments of the past are simply not addressed.

Less affection towards rejection

I won't screw you so much that they tell you no

face rejection

Humans We are afraid of not feeling accepted. However, the philosophy that invades every current of meditation and Mindfulness itself starts from our own acceptance.

We accept ourselves without judgment and without identifying ourselves with our thoughts or actions, which causes a constant decrease in the mechanisms of the ego. When they reject us, we avoid beginning to judge ourselves: "I am too shy and bored, normal that they don't want to be with me."

These thoughts begin to correct themselves and each time they have less space in our mind. Hence rejections affect us less because the mental repercussions are minor. Entonces We begin to feel freer and braver, With the positive effects this has on confidence and self-esteem. Thus increasing our ability to respond to rejection without losing calm and even in an attractive way.

Less attachment and emotional dependence

Owning will cease to be your goal

Another of the premises of meditation is to be happy in our own individuality, which helps us not to fall into situations of emotional dependence or love obsession. We train to be happy from the same silence. Happiness no longer has to be provided by another person. Happiness is no longer dependent on who we are with, but we feel good about being alone.

We appreciate others more. To everything, to people and to what it gives us naturalizes. But also to ourselves, because all emotion and attitude is bidirectional.

How we treat others will come back to how we treat ourselves. If I love myself no matter what happens, I will also love others even if they sometimes do things that I don't like. I will also love their ability to make decisions, understanding that they are free just as I feel free when I meditate.

The concept of the sense of belonging changes. When you meditate you feel so attached to the universe in general that the concepts of another person belonging to you simply become ridiculous. There is no place for emotional dependence. You free yourself and free others by awakening many benefits in your emotional health.

Owning will cease to be your goal, because owning is an act of the future. Instead You will focus on appreciating and enjoying the most you really have: "this moment."

Greater delight of each sensation

Each moment will become unique and will connect you to the other being who you really are

enjoy every sensation

Imagine you are on a date with a person you love. It excites you. It drives you crazy or crazy. Imagine with her somewhere you like, maybe in your favorite cafeteria, or on a sunny day at the beach.

Now, focus and look at this situation in two ways, A or B.

In A you are thinking that you still don't know if that person is going to want to have a long-term relationship with you or not. You feel insecure because you are afraid of being hurt. Then you get that topic of conversation, but that other person dodges it. You keep thinking about whether you might not like it enough. In the end, you enjoy the date, but you leave with a bitter taste.

In B you think absolutely nothing. Any problem dissipates, the past and the future no longer exist for you. The way he looks at you, every gesture, or kiss of the other person fills your chest with a pleasant vibration that makes you sulphide. You do not think about how to like it or not or what will become of you in the future, you just let yourself go and allow what has to happen to happen during the present.

Everything changes

In scenario B you are enjoying the now. Every moment is appreciated. Kisses are more felt, more intense looks, more sexual silences. These are the benefits of meditation and the practice of Mindfulness over your attention. You are being who you really are in this instant. Without fears or prejudices or conditions that wither what is happening. No toxic emotions from the ego.

You forget your desires and goals and connect in totality with the essence of the other person. This pressure-free scenario is ideal for both of you to connect, generate intense connections and end up falling in love. The other person will feel more free to do with you what they really want and feel. It will spread the instinct of adventure that lies in the unpredictability of now.

As a final note, say that in addition to all these psychological benefits we can also find changes in how they perceive us from outside. Our nonverbal language also changes. A person who is usually nervous, stressed and tends to suffer anger does not move the same as one who is always relaxed.

The movements of this second will tend to be more harmonious and attractive, inspiring more confidence and security. This can favor you in many contexts, from making a public presentation to having a conversation that conveys sexual tension. So meditation is very helpful for improve self-esteem of anyone.

Guided and Mindfulness Meditation Audios

Guided meditation audios are ideal to start meditating when we have no experience or want to perform specific exercises to meet specific objectives, as I do in my guided meditations in MP3 with the use of hypnosis and NLP techniques.

In this way we just have to relax and listen to what is being said in the audios to be able to meditate efficiently and learn to do it for oneself. Since we can silently guide ourselves as we learned by listening to the audios.

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Life is a set of experiences. The sum of moments that escape from our hands, unforgettable is its beautiful transience. To those we add others that we would like to release and never see again. One and others at the stake of life make us jump and cry. Wander adrift or at a straight pace. Drift is sometimes scary, but without it nothing would make sense. So make it intense! Get ready to enjoy intensely and jump to that beautiful bonfire. Be charmed by passion! You have nothing to lose, but much to feel.

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