8 Secrets to make love using the power of seduction

Let's make love and not war!

During this article I will share with you 8 secrets that, thanks to my intense desire for learn to seduce every day better, they managed to improve all my sexual relations. Based above all on harnessing all the power of our mind so that it helps us to last longer in bed and that in general, we enjoy and make our partner enjoy more in each sexual encounter.

For this we will look for a practicable union between the wildest and rampant sex alongside that transcendental sex that connects us on a deep emotional level. Combining the most spicy teachings of this society so focused on pornography in which we live today, with the most transcendental and spiritual from Tantra, love and seduction. Is there any desire? Let us begin…

Let's dive into that ocean of places that love and sex will supply without suspicion. Let us drag ourselves boldly through the sensations of the sexual act for the sake of a seduction that stimulates us and makes us completely crazy!

1. Stimulates body, mind and spirit


To stimulate the senses of our partner we must take into account both his mind and his body and even his spirit. A person can have an orgasm without even touching it, only with exciting images walking through his mind that evoke him to let himself be dragged by the senses. Especially when we care about generate an empathic connection That makes us feel connected.


As we all know, the mind is the main sexual organ. A caress at the same time that we whisper something in our partner's ear can shake your body and drop it into the deepest senses of pleasure. However, that caress would not be the same without that provocative whisper. Making love is not the same as doing it while trying to seduce each other. In what we also have to take into account what we feel and what we are transmitting with it.

Therefore, as a first step: stop thinking that sex is about what is done to start thinking about what is done, what is said, what is felt and what is transmitted.

2. The preliminaries are also sex

Are we going straight to the point? Without preliminaries I will tell you! If you do not use preliminaries or tend to skip them, making love will look more like something that interests you to let off steam than what the expression itself implies.

Whenever I have taught a course on seduction I have said the same thing to all students: sex as a simple relief for me is not worth it. And in this surely most women agree with me.

It is the preliminaries of seduction that drive us towards the release of an unstoppable desire. Preliminary that for the sexual act to reach its climax (if possible, repeatedly) needs that seductive stimulation constantly. It can be achieved by learning to generate sexual tension with our gestures, insinuations and two-way languages.

Let us also bear in mind that most women have many problems reaching orgasm only with penetration. Pleasant and lasting sex needs variety and constant stimulation of our body, senses and emotions. We cannot limit ourselves solely to the physical and hope that orgasms will happen one after the other.

On the other hand, incorporating the approach of seduction when making love gives us other benefits such as:

  • Increased desire, moisture of women and erection of men.
  • Longer duration of the sexual act to be considered as a pleasant and entertaining process loaded with constant stimuli.
  • Release of insecurities in men with a tendency to premature ejaculation, since their focus goes from looking towards their fears to concentrate on seducing. Causing this change of approach that our mind does not leave space in their thoughts to those fears that end up turning them into reality.

3. Making love is not proposed, it is provoked


- Honey, are we going to have sex tonight?

- I just don't feel like it, my head hurts a little.

Making love is not signing a contract. We do? Come on, or ... better not, I don't feel like it. What the hell is it?

Some say that trust disgusts, but the problem is not trust. The problem is that we abandon the path of seduction and begin to see sentimental relationships as if they were labor relations.

Often our social behaviors become so rational that sometimes we are unable to distinguish our co-worker from our sexual partner. Forgetting about excite with our words in a use of language that combines sexuality and romanticism.

Do you have much left to finish your report? Do you have much left to run? For heaven's sake. If you want your partner to reach an orgasm and another and another, stimulate his senses to the point that he can not resist another second without releasing all the energy inside and collapsing on you. That is seduction! It is not proposed, it is stimulated and it happens.

In short, you never have to leave the game. We have a good example in erotic tales. No one would read them if they only narrated a here I catch you here I kill you. Your pages should be loaded with provocations, interesting conversations, adventures and sexual advances that keep us in suspense. Being the sex consequence of all those incessant stimuli. And the same thing that excites us in the literature, we can use it in our own lives to give them a boost of emotion.

4. There is no goal

Why do you want to make love better? Answer this question.

Already? If the answer is that you want to get more orgasms in your girl (this if you are a clear boy), again we are misguided. Orgasms must be a consequence of enjoyment and passion so intense that they need to be released.

You must forget about orgasm and concentrate on the stimulation of the senses in each moment.

Having an orgasm is not a goal, it is a consequence!

It happens to many girls that they are so pending to run (probably because they have had difficulties in the past, or because the boy has pressed them) that they are continuously thinking of arriving and his mind prevents it. Causing this tension a deviation from the state of flow that makes us enjoy making love, to end up causing what we did not want to happen: stay at the doors.

5. Happiness and joy are contagious


It is impossible to make another person enjoy without first enjoying yourself! One of the biggest mistakes made in sexual intercourse is to maintain attention with high doses of insecurity in which the other person enjoys, while we inhibit ourselves from enjoying the process.

To make another person enjoy sex with us, the first thing we have to do is set an example.

One of the things that excite us the most in bed is to see our partner enjoy. This makes us relax and enjoy the process more. And if we are continually thoughtful and worried about whether the other person is enjoying it or not, we will only get the opposite. Thus contagious our doubts.

On the other hand, if the other person detects that "we are sacrificing ourselves" to make her enjoy, her excitement will plummet. The key is to relax and fully enjoy the pleasure that sex gives us so that the other person is infected.

Don't ask me if I'm happy, just show me that you are with me.

6. Be aware of your actions and forget everything else

Most of the time we humans operate on autopilot. If you are used to going somewhere along a path, try changing that routine and start going a different way. Surely it will happen to you that without realizing it you have to turn around to get distracted, because you will automatically have gone down the road you were used to. That is what happens to us when we are not aware of what we do.

In the same way when we make love this fact can make us incur a loss of sensibility. It would be something like eating without savoring, or touching someone without feeling anything for him. We do it, but we are not really there.

On the sexual level we have to set aside our thoughts and concentrate on the stimuli we perceive. This is what the theories of Tantra defend. We must enter fully so that we not only make love, but that we become the energy that shapes it.

The rubbing between the bodies, each caress, each look, each smile, each gesture ... If we are aware of each of these actions and we are sensitive to the sensations they generate, sex becomes an act of spiritual realization, like a meditation that connects you with the whole.

Therefore, forget to review the shopping list, how cool the latest model of the Ferrari house is, or the problems you have recently had with your boss and focus on the magic of the sexual moment. As if it were a healing moment in which you disconnected from everything to enter the depths of sexual energy.

When eating or drinking, become the taste of food, satisfy yourself.
(Tantra, Fifth Sutra)

7. The greatest sin is repression


Over thousands of years the human being has been given to think that sex is a sin. There are people who receive pressure from their families or close or religious circles that condemn sex as an act of pleasure and joy. These religious currents that condemn sex as an act of "sinful delight" have always promoted sacrifice as a spiritual path.

Sex is not bad or sinful, we are the people who look at it from one perspective or another. Sex is part of our nature. And by the way, one of the most beautiful parts, because it is what gives us life. Nowadays we barely condemn sex openly, although unconsciously the thing is not so clear.

Sex is an act of great beauty that life offers us that can lead us towards a True spiritual union with another person. It is the responsibility of each of us to get rid of past conditioning They are not beneficial to our well-being and way of life. in order to be able to enjoy and let ourselves be carried more and more when we make love.

For this I recommend you read a book about Tantra, a really fascinating philosophy. Of those that I have read to me the one that I liked the most is this: Tantra: Spirituality and sex, from OSHO.

8. Avoid putting "logical" pressure on your partner

Before starting the sexual act we must take into account the Mood of our partner. We may want to do it very much, and as we saw in a previous council, instead of proposing it, we encourage it.

However, there will be situations in which not even provoking the wishes of the other person through seduction, we get a mood that is prone to sexual intercourse. In this case it is recommended accept it and let it pass before exerting excessive pressure, since if the other person detects that we only provoke it to satisfy our interests at that time, we can be selfish and make the sexual desire diminish both for that and for future sexual encounters.

It is important that making love be for a couple an act is triggered by mutual enjoyment, not as an exploitation of the bodies at the times that demand it.

brave jungle

The freedom to experience sexual enjoyment is a right that nature gives you. Enjoy sex in all its exponents. Do not spot yourself! Make the other person fly! Experiment and make the world fade around you. With respect, love and gratitude for every feeling.
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  • Oscar

    Great article David! I loved it and I enjoyed it. Osho fascinates me, but this ebook that you recommend has not yet been read, so I pointed out;).

    • David Jungle

      Thanks Luz, don't forget to put it into practice 😉 And of course there will be more articles like this. In fact, this is a base since, as you can see in it, I link to many other articles, since to make love as indicated here we also have to have our seduction skills hahaha. Although the one who is encouraged to improve and try new things in all this is having a lot of fun 😛 A hug from Spain !!


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