Erotic stories: Let madness take over us

In the depths of the night I gradually lost myself in their smiles. I had been meeting her and her friends for a couple of hours on one of those summer nights where vacations seem to never end. There is always a little more party waiting at the end of the day, even on Sunday nights. However, even if I wanted her, it was with her, Colette, that I had less contact with.

Leaning on some chairs, I decide to go talk to her at a time when she is away from the group while the rest of those present move their hips.

"I think I should get you dancing a little since your friends can't convince you."

"No, I'm not good at it," she says nervously with marked gestures of shyness.

"I'm sure that's the least of it." Dancing is not my specialty, but it can even be more fun, don't you think?

"What could have that fun?"


—Well, I would surely step on you at some point and maybe at another we would look into each other's eyes without knowing what else to do than to give us a few turns… I do not know, feel that nervousness of not knowing more dance steps and find comfort in looking at us eyes Maybe hugging us ...

Little by little I am telling Colette how much I would like to feel those moments of vulnerability in which, without knowing what will happen, we discover the beauty of our emotions in their insecurity. In the constant knowledge of two completely new bodies with each other.

This makes me sigh as if there is something clenching my throat. A desire that longs for more and more freedom and that I can clearly perceive that she is also feeling.

"Your words show that you know how to talk to girls."

-Oh yeah? Well, I keep some more secrets on my lips. Better ways to tempt you.

"You're not tempting me at all because I've seen you coming."

"Well, not to be tempting you, you don't hide it very well," especially with charm and a contained laugh.

"Okay, my actions speak for themselves." I like this captivating game, but I'm good enough to resist, ”she whispers accompanying my laughter. Just a simple moment of madness ...

The conversation is becoming more and more fun. His reactions and gestures are lovely and I never stop imagining how much I would like to hit her next to me and taste it as if our worlds collided by hatching together.

- Those simple moments of madness are those that form life. At least when we try to live at the bottom of its core. And as Oscar Wilde said, the best way to resist temptation is to fall into it.

"Oscar Wilde was smart, he said that in his interest," he replies with a slight laugh. It would be too simple if things were as we wished at all times. Although I like the way you think.

—That's the good thing about temptation, which makes things easy. As if we woke up again every morning and everything else didn't matter.

"You are too good to put the words in their place," he whispers with a flirtatious distrust.

"It's you who inspired those words." It is not a matter of knowing how to put letters in place, but of what feeling puts them there. It is the bodies that speak the most. Saying if they are tempted and want to succumb or not. This is what your captivating gestures are about, resisting and falling between shyness and lust, or not doing it.

At that time the rest of the group appears to tell us that they have thought about changing the environment. Begins to get late and the place where we are going to throw their curtains. Without thinking too much my friends and I decided to accompany them to another place where the party is more lively, the music louder and the closing later. Upon arriving, it didn't take long to recover my conversation with my Frenchwoman. This time much more lively as it has begun to melt and captivate us with his dance.

I accompany her for a few minutes enjoying the brush of her hands and the count of her body walking near mine. We stop, talk and keep dancing.

"I'd like to kiss you here and here and here ..." I eat to whisper in his ear as I touch different parts of his body with my index and middle fingers.

"Do you want to go crazy or what?" This is very exciting but ... these moments are misleading.

"It may be, but it is important that they exist." Although they are misleading. Life is a constant perceptual flow, and these magical moments are necessary to keep us sane. Chaos balances reason. Without chaos, reason alone destroys us in disgust.

Live with me in these moments of chaos, I think. Balance your mind and wake up freer and happier in the morning. As if you had taken some loads off. The typical of everyday thoughts. The typical frustrations of lost times. You may not fall into my temptations but your mind will also regain its joviality in that unstructured disorder, out of a perfectly organized and planned life.

It will be in the mystery fueled by the passion of the heart where we will end up succumbing.

"It's very good to know that I can inspire you, but over the course of one night, I don't think I gave you anything interesting.

—What you give you give with what you transmit. With the effect you cause. What they convey to us, if we are sensitive to perceive it, tells us much more about someone than words. Through that sensibility you can know much more in a night than in a life where only superfluous facts are appreciated.

—It's complicated to answer what you just told me, I feel light and serene. I like to live like this, without complicating my head and enjoying everything. My mystery will remain my charm for sure.

"Don't forget my kisses on your back while you stop complicating your head," I whisper, stroking her waist slightly again with my fingers. I want the naughty inside you.

"What's naughty?"

"Naughty is a girl like you who likes to play and get her share of a bad girl."

"I'm not bad, I'm an angel."

-I disagree. In any case an angel who plays to be a demon.

"Surely you are whoever that demon is."

"Surely that is because I see that what you most want is to be."

"You will make me shiver more than I am." And nobody has said that he just wants to be an angel.

"True, only your words have said it, not your content body wishing to explode." We all have a dark part. One that is fascinating to open and discover. To get it out we just have to dodge San Pedro and sneak on our own through the gates of paradise.

We both began to laugh leaning on a wall of the disco. Sections of the eternal bustle of Trap music. Looking at us at loose glance. Playing cards with shyness of looks.

"It fascinates me to see how you understand the human mind and how you know how to provoke me with every word," he breathes visibly captivated without losing control.

Embedded in their analysis but falling before the effect of a seduction that makes us one in the space time of this energy union that we have together.

"I understand you because I pay attention." I have always liked to learn about psychology and I love to meditate and explore myself. Discover myself in the sensations and explore in those of others.

"My personality makes me more pleasant than bad ... which sometimes hurts me," he snorts.

—That's because everything has its positive point and its negative point. There is nothing we do that cannot be subject to criticism or that is misunderstood. The ideal is to know how to balance that balance so that you can continue to be yourself without giving rise to erroneous assumptions that others can make of you and that harm you.

The conversations are getting deeper. We look for that depth behind simple appearances. Looking to the bottom without getting lost in the straw. Accepting the good and the bad, and appreciating its beauty for its mere awakening regardless of its direction.

"I admit that sometimes I just prefer to get lost," he says for sure.

"And how do you imagine when you prefer that?" What do you want to do or do with me now?

"That is still a secret," she smiles flirtatiously.

"I imagine kissing you." Slowly, very slowly. With your bare back on the sand of the beach, caressing you with my lips just like I just did on your shoulders. On all those points of your body that I have been touching. Feeling you smile on my hands even without trusting me completely ... As you can see, I am not so much keeping secrets.

"Imagination is the best way to dream about things you can't have." And yes, of course, it's always good to be told things like that.

"Do you prefer that what I imagine doing with you stay in my secrets?" Maybe I can't have your body, ”I whisper, stroking her arms, standing right in front of her. But what does your mind say? You really don't want to know a little more?

—The temptation is always there, telling you the opposite would be a lie. You are a little demon! He drops suddenly while laughing. Your prayers do not help me know what I want.

-It is true. I am, ”I answer with a smile. That's why you should be careful with me if you don't want to burn yourself. Sometimes a withdrawal in time is a victory if we see that we will succumb in battle. Unless succumbing is what we most want ...

"Aren't you afraid to suffer when things go wrong?" And if the other does not give you what you are looking for ...

At that moment I realize his reluctance in the face of an uncertain future, perhaps bathed in a past of pain where expectations have attacked him with his dissatisfaction.

—Although we suffer we can always turn to poetry to see passion and beauty in our own feeling of suffering. That is why Oscar Wilde defended temptation so much, because he had that same perceptual love for the burns of passion that are forged on the skin of a life lived with intensity.

–I think I understand what you want to tell me ...

"You learn to be happy by shaping your perceptions to find happiness in everything, even in bad times." Simply by the appreciation of energy through beauty, no matter what you win or lose. It matters what you are living. Here and now. Everything else is always temporary ...

"You tell me things that I have a hard time understanding but at the same time so beautiful ... But you're absolutely right." Poetry heals wounds.

- In the end I will spread the passion for poetry. I am from the city of a very famous poet named Miguel Hernández. In Spain throughout history there have always been very good authors. I imagine that in France too, although I don't know. Here there is a lot of poet culture and recent movements that are making it very fashionable. It can help you to continue improving your Spanish and to write something beautiful to me.

"I think I still need a lot of time to write those things to you."

"Don't worry, I teach you between kisses and kisses." Provoking you with my tongue.

"Don't play with that, you know you're not going to get it."

"Only little by little." Kiss by kiss from the line of your waist to your neck. Savoring your skin with the fine touch of my tongue. Shivering with the vibrations of your body. Traveling with my hands through your curves. Line by line Holding your desires firmly while we close our eyes and let the bodies speak. You can say whatever you want, but you can never deny me fantasy. Live it with me in the touch of your senses.

After this conversation, their negatives fall to our feet materialize in a kiss that tears my lips. Feeling all the passion explode inside your glass bottles; Without being able to contain it anymore.

"You have no right to use your poet skills to tempt me." I call it cheating.

-Maybe you are right. But that doesn't make it less fun, right? Although we know that they are tempting us, our body responds to the words and even if we don't want to, inside we want it.

"I recognize that I like talking to you very much." And maybe our bodies speak for themselves.

"That's dwarf, and I still want them to talk and vibrate much more ..."

"What is a dwarf?" - Asks again not knowing that word in Spanish.

And for some strange reason I shudder with his innocent way of asking.

"It is an affectionate expression." It means small.

"Are you saying I'm small?" It is true.

-Yes! A very sexy little girl who transmits a very beautiful energy.

"For the energy I can agree with that, but the sexy side ... I'm not much ..."

"I don't know how much or how little you consider yourself, but I could show you by loving how much I would enjoy you." I would not hesitate to admire your whole body with some dementia. Wandering every inch of your skin in its nakedness.

After my insinuations, he explains that self-confidence is not his strongest point and that it is difficult for him to receive compliments, especially to believe them. Something that is hard for me to understand here how I find myself enthralled by each of its subtle and seductive gestures. Enchanted by his mischievousness as a good girl and at the same time very bad.

—A person with low self-esteem does not usually recognize him. You don't fool me so easily! Maybe you just need to believe it a little more.

-Yes, but I can not. He's stronger than me, I don't think so.

"Well, look, if it's worth as a therapy, you can imagine you're accompanying me in a shower while gladly stopping to savor that body you say you don't trust." Feel how I want it. How I wish to make you mine from head to toe. And by the way, feel free to do what you want with me. Let's see what you can think of and see if we avoid leaving it again in the grip of the mystery.

"You are too strong ... No one can remain insensitive to that." I want your madness to take care of me tonight, ”he whispers before kissing me and melting me into a strong and affectionate hug.

"How we like to get out of the dotted line, right?"

Let it be madness that takes over us. Feeling more ourselves the more crazy we get ...

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