Rejection of love: What to do when you are rejected

When you receive a loving rejection they are telling you directly or implicitly that They don't want to do something you are proposing. Being able to imply sexual or emotional progress.

In this guide you will learn to manage rejection in your social relationships and in your adventures of seduction. Focusing mostly on resolve rejections of girls or boys that we are meeting. Although its principles are also applicable to relationships. Looking for these to avoid or manage conflicts in order to have a healthier and more pleasant relationship.

In this way we will focus on what to say and what to do in situations of loving rejection, With the ultimate goal of achieving our goals while being attractive and seductive. Or attractive and seductive in the female case ...

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is overcome a rejection considering its most psychological aspects, I also recommend this other article more focused on that purpose: Emotional dependence: How to overcome a love obsession


Frequently asked questions about love rejection

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Why do they reject us when we try to meet a person?

Some reasons why they can reject us when we try to seduce someone are:

  • They don't consider us interesting enough.
  • The other person says he has a boyfriend and indeed that is the case even though we may like him.
  • We do not attract you physically.
  • She is busy and does not want to pay attention to us.
  • He is a shy person and is ashamed to talk to strangers.
  • You feel vulnerable and not worthy of our attention.
  • He is not in a good mood to interact with us.
  • The other person thinks it's too early to move on ...
    For example towards: kissing, having sex, formalizing a relationship, etc.
  • There is no adaptation between the interests of one and the other, resorting to rejection to cut the relationship.

Why do they reject us when we try to return with our partner?

Some reasons why they can reject us when we try to return with a person we have already been:

  • The other person thinks that at this time in his life he is more interested in being single.
  • There have been problems in the relationship and you are not willing to face them.
  • The reasons why the relationship was broken have not been resolved.
  • He has lost the sexual or romantic attraction he once felt.
  • Consider that you can find someone who best meets your needs.
  • There are professional reasons that separate you and you are not willing to have a distance relationship.
  • He has met another person he likes best.

If they reject you, does that mean you don't like them?

Before a rejection we don't have to consider first that the other person doesn't like us physically or psychologically There may be many other reasons.

If we are talking to a guy we notice that he likes and he runs out of conversation, telling us that he will return with his friends, a management of that rejection could be to say:

"Wait a moment, I promise you, if you don't like this, I will let you come back with your friends, okay?" Come closer… ”he obeys shyly as she gives him a soft and warm kiss.
The two end up laughing as they look into each other's eyes.

In this case, the girl knows that she likes him and that he would be happy to continue meeting her. However, his shyness leads him to flee back with his friends when he remains without knowing what else to talk about. What she manages with play and daring approaching him to plant a kiss. Something that makes him feel more comfortable to see that she is also interested in him. What in turn encourages his talks ...

Note that before a loving rejection Sometimes we have to risk if we want to solve it. Many times they don't reject us, they reject the situation. The important thing is to be more attentive to what our bodies say than to what our words say. Always being careful not to screw up ... From here I defend more than anyone the phrase: "A is not a no." But as long as that is not true and does not mean yes.

When to keep insisting and when not?

Insisting on a loving rejection is perfectly healthy, natural and seductive. In my personal experience, I wouldn't even have a partner if I hadn't applied the knowledge of this article. My girlfriend rejected me many times when I approached to try to meet her. Why did I keep insisting? Simply because the more I talked to her, the better I was doing. That is to say that little by little he felt that he liked it more.

When should we stop insisting? Easy, when their refusals are increasingly dry and their nonverbal language does not make gestures that we like each other. That is when a withdrawal in time is a victory. It is not worth insisting too much trying to convince someone of something that is very clear that he does not want.

When can we continue to insist? When the negatives of the other person are performed as part of a seductive game environment. That is, they tell us no but in a flirtatious and player way. With increasingly intense smiles and looks of attraction even though the negatives persist. Those negatives can be part of the game itself.

How does communication rejection work?

Difference between objections or excuses

Whatever the reason they reject us, A refusal results in objections or excuses. Both concepts are widely used in sales and persuasion. In matters of loving rejection, what we must be clear about is that there is always a real objection behind a rejection. That is, a reason that encourages the other to say no. However, the way of saying it may be covered up by excuses. Let's see an example:

"I live around here, do you feel like we are going to have a drink at my house?" - she asks a boy with whom she has been talking for a while in a bar and it seems that there is attraction.
-I would like, but I can not. I have come with some friends in my car and I cannot leave them alone.

In this case we would face an objection if that is the real reason why the boy does not accept the girl's proposal. Now, let's imagine that the boy said that because he has a partner and although he is faithful, he likes talking to other girls when he goes out. In this second case we would be facing an excuse. The real objection would be that he has a partner, but since he does not want to reveal it, he avoids the proposal with an excuse.

Observe with intuition

In order to give convincing arguments that can reverse a rejection, if it is possible to reverse it, we need to detect the information that is really true.

It would be useless to try to convince the boy from the previous example to leave his friends alone and pick them up later, when that is not the reason that leads him to reject her. Hence the importance of being wasted and through intuition try to see beyond what they tell us. The girl could answer gracefully and mischievously that her friends are old enough to take the chestnuts out of the fire and return home alone. Or maybe tell him that it is only going to be a drink and that you will be back soon ... And this is when you see that the excuses happen to be less and less convincing, to realize that there must be a more important motive behind. What can lead her to give up and focus on meeting other people if her goal was to meet a boy with whom to have a sexual or loving relationship.

Win time or produce progress

When we talk about gain time, we mean, as if it were a negotiation process, to get more time in that interaction so we can have the opportunity to continue moving forward. Which is vital if what you want is flirt with a person you like. Regarding produce a breakthrough It would be an immediate management. That is, we reject that rejection by moving forward. This being somewhat paradoxical and not rational, but this is the seduction.

If, for example, a girl rejects us saying that she has only gone out to dance with her friends, the management of that rejection will help us gain time. Maybe changing the subject and talking about something that interests you so you lose interest in returning with your friends. OR produce a breakthrough seductively speaking if we venture out to dance with a playful and fun gesture, and from there he prefers to be with us than with his group.

What to do and what to say when they reject you?

Our main objective to respond to a loving rejection will be that of persuade and convince towards the ends we want. Highlighting in this way the positive parts of what we propose and making the other person see that what we offer is beneficial for her:

  • An atmosphere of good humor where you can have a great time with us.
  • An exciting seduction game environment for both of you.
  • An emotional connection that leads us to know more and feel magical sensations.
  • Talks with interesting conversation topics that entertain us and contribute knowledge.
  • Etc, etc., etc.

This will make us see the other person that our proposal is beneficial for her. Playing with both logic and irrationality. Hence, our way of communicating will not always be explicit (communicated verbally and supported by reasoning). Many times we will focus on stimulate and provoke emotions that persuade by themselves, without having to verbalize those benefits that stimulate persuasion. In this case we would talk about emotional communication.

3 emotional ways to respond to rejection

If after taking a cut or a love rejection you don't usually know what to say, Stay well with these three proposals. In them we will learn to direct our responses from the sense of humor, emotional connection and sexualization. Well as we have seen to gain time, or to produce progress.

Sense of humor

If you have seen the series Californication You can take Hank Moody as a clear reference in this to solve rejections using the sense of humor. This approach is intended relax and captivate the mood while showing intelligence and increase our attractiveness. It provokes emotions and attitudes that help us lower the defenses of the other person.

Examples answering a rejection with a sense of humor:

"Hello, how are you?"

"What are you coming to flirt with?" - she answers with the face of few friends.

"Fuck ... you have a better nose than police dogs," he replies with great appeal appealing to ridicule.

After her response, she can't help a smile from escaping and immediately begins to spread his good mood.

"Very good that one!"

"And from what I see, your smile doesn't have anything to envy either of your nose or those police canids."

—Don't believe it! I don't usually teach my smile to strangers too much. I am more than teaching teeth. So you better keep an eye!

—Every day that passes I like you more…

—And I who raised that you just met me… but come on, I'll take it as a compliment. By the way, my name is Monica.

-I am David!

Another example:

-Get out of here!

-Can you repeat it please? I have been very sexy impetus you have put. It has sounded poetic and everything. Can you say it a little louder this time?

-Hahaha! No, once is enough. If you are deaf it is not my fault.

"I get a little deaf when I get fired with smiles like that ..."

Find out more at: How to respond to a rejection with a sense of humor

More on how to develop your sense of humor in: How to improve your sense of humor

Emotional or Romantic Connection

We manage rejection based on the emotions we feel for each other, thus giving a reason to make advances in the seductive process. Although yes, make sure before connecting emotionally.

Example of resolving rejections with emotional communication:

-Go to my house? We can have a last drink there and we talk more calmly, ”the boy tells the girl after having kissed her several times and connected with her. Come on, there's mandanga!

"I'm not a fresh one of those who throws an uncle the first night," she says, moving a few inches away from him. (Objection)

"Maria, as I told you before, you make me feel very special when I am with you," she whispers, approaching her as he takes her hand. It does not fit into my plans to spoil this connection that we are feeling.

—The truth is that it is being very pretty.

"That's why I would love to be with you in a quieter way, without the bustle of a disco." I promise you that nothing will happen that you don't want to happen.

"But ... I don't know ..."

"Look me in the eye." You feel the same than me? I think being alone with you tonight can be something magical ...

"The truth is that what is happening is very special," he says, nodding to the proposal.

"Okay, let's go." I live here nearby. Then I accompany you to your house to make sure that your beauty arrives in full condition at your palace ...

-Hahaha! It is not exactly a palace, but it seems perfect.

Learn to communicate emotionally in: Emotional communication: Express feelings and emotions

Sexualizing - Generating sexual tension

We respond by generating sexual tension when we understand that the energy of sex is the most conducive to resolving negatives. That is, the best way to persuade the other is to excite him. Since the more excited you are, the more possibilities you have to do what we are proposing.

Example responding to a rejection for the age difference:

"You're too young for me," she says, denying my intentions to kiss her.

-Do not worry. We can be just friends. You put the experience of living and I the youthful energy - I whisper as I get closer to her. Taking her from her waist. Allowing our bodies to rub.

"Something tells me that being just friends is just an excuse to keep talking to me," she replies mischievously entering my seduction game.

"Are you always so smart for everything?"

"I try to give it a try, although you're not very good at lying." You make it easy for me!

-You're right. When they taught to lie at school I was thinking about other things, I whisper as I stroke his arm with my hands. My gaze remains fixed on his eyes.

"Very bad, you have to be more applied."

"I promise I will be very applied with you." Do you want a little demonstration? —I hope to approach to kiss his neck softly. I look her in the eye again. And what can you teach me to educate me better?

Example responding to a refusal to have sex:

"I feel small, but I'm a little tired and I don't feel like sex tonight."
"Okay, relax and rest," she whispers, approaching as she starts to wiggle her tongue around her neck.
"Seriously, nothing is going to happen," he replies, laughing at the tickles.
"Shut up, that's something I've already assumed." Let me enjoy your body for a few minutes.

She keeps kissing and caressing her partner. Objective? Excite him so much that he can't contain himself. Will you get it? You never know, although I have already been played several times in this way. I always fall!

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5 Tips to overcome rejection effectively

message body

May your body accompany the message you convey

We have seen three ways of acting in the face of a loving rejection. None is independent of the other. Of course, they lack strength if the issuer does not accompany their message with emotions. For this to have persuasive strength it must be sincere.

  • If we want to provoke arousal to turn around a rejection, we must be the first to feel excited.
  • If we want to make the other person feel how special we are feeling, she has to notice in our eyes, voice and movements that we really feel that way.
  • As for the sense of humor, it goes without saying that if what we say we say without grace, not even the most smiling person in the world will laugh.

Words alone don't say anything

Many times we remain alone in the message. There are boys who study phrases by heart like those in the examples thinking that they will get results with them. But pulling memory to say something that doesn't feel or isn't even happening is the most direct way of telling the other person that we're lying to you.

What will they pay more attention to, what our words say or nonverbal sensations? Obviously, and more after he has been able to fool them before, they will trust more than their own intuition tells them. Lighter water!

Honesty is one of the most powerful weapons of seduction. Be honest and do what you really feel. That way you will lose some battles, but rest assured that you will win the most important ones.


Get ahead of rejection with your observation

Another way to resolve rejections is to condition them not to occur or anticipate their responses by saying how we are, understand and feel life.

Personally, I am a quite spiritual person. I think of life as an enjoyment of the present moment. For me without enjoying the now, we would never enjoy anything. The future never comes, it is always a distant present. And this way of thinking coupled with my ability to transmit it makes many of those rejections that do not correspond to that way of life cease to make sense ...

It's better to prevent than to cure

If, for example, during an appointment you manage to convey that philosophy of life of the enjoyment of the present moment, if the other person had in mind "I do not have sex in the first dates" but that thought goes against what he feels he wants now. This philosophy that you have transmitted during the appointment can prevent this possible rejection and that ends up being carried away by what you really want at that time.

If we can intuit what are the possible objections or excuses that they will give us later, we can see through communication how to solve them before they tell us. Thus conditioning their future behavior. You can learn more about the conditioning here: Watch your conditioning and take control of your actions.

In the case of looking for a sexual encounter, we could talk freely about sex and how wonderful it is during the appointment. So that it is seen in the framework of the interaction as something that is not taboo for either. So when you have to take that step, there will be less chance of being rejected.

Don't take it as personal

In many of the students who come to me social skills courses I can see how those most insecure consider rejection as contempt for themselves. Which leads them to judge themselves negatively through the subjective view of another person, who in many cases has done nothing but reject a first image we have projected. A first image that gives little data of people who really are everything they can contribute.

In those moments where our mind begins to navigate the negativity caused by a rejection, remember your successes and personal strengths. Reflect on what other people and yourself value yourself and see that many of those qualities have not been seen by the person who has rejected you.

Improve your self-esteem and security with a guide:
How to improve self-esteem: Ultimate guide to 7 factors

Accept rejection with a positive attitude

There is no rejection for those who feel happy inside. Your positive energy will spread and turn off the negative energy of the other person.

If they insult you, smile. And calm, because you will not be like a fool, only as someone with high self-esteem whose happiness does not depend on the actions of others. Someone who looks at life with optimism.

Let's begin to see rejection as an opportunity to show who we are and what emotions and feelings we can transmit to people. A first rejection when they don't even know us is nothing more than a rejection of our first impression. That image changes noticeably when we begin to generate positive emotions in the other person through humor.

When we show that rejection does not affect us in the least and we are willing to play it, we project that high self-esteem and correct management of our emotions.

Get ready so that rejection does not become a love obsession

If you are aware of how the mechanisms of your mind work when you fall in love, you can avoid falling into unrequited obsessions. In turn, high self-esteem and self-awareness with thoughts that value your emotional freedom will make you feel stronger and smarter in your relationships.

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brave jungle

#wearebrave #captivatesensations

Rejection is just a test towards our consistency. It puts us in front of our desires to say no and see if the pasta we are made of leads us to fight or give up. Fight, learn and advance until you get what you want. You are the owner of your destiny if you never stop fighting.

10 replies on "Rejection of love: What to do when you are rejected"

  • Comfort

    Hoooola David ... once again you have healed it !!!!! ... Great, I often work. are made a real seducer, in addition to many other things as or much more interesting! !! Thank you for continuing to share your extensive and illustrative knowledge. …Hugs!!!!

  • Antonio

    All this is totally false. If a girl is interested in a boy, she does not reject him but will accept the former. Because if not, how does he then know about her interest? Because in addition, in a relationship sincerity is essential, and a woman of that class proves to be a liar that is not worth it. Because even if she accepts me, what does not make me think that being so fickle, even though I strive for the relationship, one day she tells me she wants to leave the relationship?

    So how long to insist on a woman? NEVER. At the first rejection or show of selflessness on your part, to throw in the towel and withdraw as quickly as possible

    • David Jungle

      Hi Antonio, thank you very much for your opinion.

      Obviously we do not share the same thinking on this subject, but I respect your ideas that are not badly founded.

      One option is the one you propose, in the event of a refusal not to manage it. I explain why I try to manage them.

      In a first approach, we still don't know if that person is going to like us or not. At least we are not even willing to meet anyone at that precise moment. But if we talk to her long enough, we may love it.

      It has happened to me particularly many times. With my current partner, in fact, just approaching her rejected me very hard. But I took it with a sense of humor and kept talking to her rejection after rejection in a pub. Finally we like each other, we had an appointment and it has been more than 3 years since then.

      At one point we may like it or not, but our personality and our abilities in the end is what makes us fall in love. This rejection management helps us to get to know us really as we are. And it is perfectly understandable in my view that a person rejects us from the outset if at that time we are not attracted to or do not feel like it. Which does not mean that he is not a wonderful person for us who can change his mind.

      In any case, I understand your posture and its you think is better for you, perfect then. I do not write for the gallery or to please anyone. I write what I think helps me to seduce myself better and I have seen that it helps my students in workshops, and of course I also studied it. But be that as it may, I hope that each of my readers will choose and decide their own path freely and adopt whatever he considers appropriate for himself.

      I hope you agree more with other articles and my blog can bring you more things than if they match your way of thinking.

      Greetings from Alicante!

  • Maria

    Hello david!
    I love everything you write☺️
    I think it is the best that can be read as sensations and emotions.
    I have a big question:
    Is there anything that can be done to get someone not to see you only as a friend?
    I have gone through many other pages looking for an answer for this and I can't find any that convinces me either for yes or not, hahaha. I know there are no miracles!
    I mean if there is that remote possibility that someone who sees you in one way starts seeing you in another, working on some aspects of the personality.
    Turn the tortilla around but without noticing that you are trying.
    I have a personal experience that could say yes ...
    I remember when I was 16, another 16 or so lol have passed from this, and I had a best friend. I saw it that way, just as a friend. After a lot of time we spent together, he declared his love to me and I said no, that I didn't see him as a boyfriend, just as a friend. Also the people around me had a lot to do with this. I think that sometimes we can let ourselves be influenced by what others think and not let us see what we really feel.
    He told me something that I will never forget.
    "We cannot continue being friends then ... I see you in another way and I cannot continue seeing you"
    I did not understand why we could not continue being friends, I needed him every day of my life!
    The fact is that he told me that he would surely regret it over time and that he felt it but we couldn't see each other anymore.
    It was only a few weeks and I missed her smell ... It was as if I had lost a brother. A long year passed and I met him again.
    Something had changed and I couldn't believe it! I was going crazy over his bones at that moment! How could it be possible that someone who didn't attract me at all for a year, now made me feel that attraction so strong ??? What was happening? What had happened in this time? What was the secret and what made the thing change? Apparently it was the same ...
    Is it true that you want what you can't have?
    And if so, how to apply it to someone who is not your best friend either? It is someone you like and know only a few months but although I have not rejected you directly if it has made you understand that you just want to be your friend.

    I hope you can help me in my consultation.

    A greeting.

    • David Jungle

      Hi Mary,

      First of all I apologize for my delay in answering. I am having quite busy days between courses and consultations. But better late than never, right? Here goes my opinion:

      For my part I went through an experience similar to yours in which I was the boy and the girl rejected me, to which I acted the same. He could not remain his friend. Maybe thanks to that today I have this website and I dedicate myself to what I do hahaha. But that is not the case. The fact is that the connection we feel towards someone if it awakens feelings of love, romance, and sex, we can hardly control them and be just friends. Hence, we resort to the option of completely cutting off that relationship before hurting our self-esteem too much, because the mind always tends to think about why it doesn't want anything else.

      On the other hand, when someone likes us but sees us as friends, that person is clear that he does not want anything else and as a general rule his perceptions only change with a radical change. With a reset. The most common is what you say and it is what works most, stop seeing that person for a while and when you see her again, start as 0 and show that you are different. Then that person begins to create new perceptions while you travel are no longer just recurring and can fall in love with us as it happened to you with that boy. Everything is a matter is a psychological question. The general idea is that, change the perception. How we see that other person in our life. Other times it is by pure contact, someone who did not like us as a couple as we see her and is seducing us perhaps with insinuations, play, emotional support, etc., can end up falling in love because it covers all the needs we demand a couple covers us.

      Come on, that everything is possible, but to move from one point to another if we have pigeonholed a person in one way or have done it with us, we must demonstrate a change that makes these associations created wobble to us and sometimes so that this is credible a separate time is appropriate to justify it.

      I hope your question has been resolved, and of course the answer is yes, we can go from being seen as friends to fall in love sexually and emotionally with us. But as you say, nothing is magical hahaha, in some cases it can be almost impossible.

      A hug and thank you very much for reading the blog,
      I hope to see you again soon here!


  • Ingrid

    What nonsense. The way you tell it seems to be that everyone is going to fall at your feet, that you will seem attractive to everyone. There are people who, due to different reasons (you don't like or like, have a partner and are in love, etc.), they will simply reject you a thousand times. Each situation is different, and in many cases it is better not to insist, especially if your goal is to have a romantic relationship.

    • David Jungle

      Hello Ingrid,

      Sorry if you have the impression in my way of writing what you say that I think that everyone will fall on my feet, far from it.

      This article proposes some solutions to solve certain types of excuses and objections when we receive a rejection, because what they reject is not us but the image we give of ourselves, and that through communication can change. You can meet us and start to see how we are from our way of responding to those rejections.

      I totally agree that there are people that we are not going to like, including the cases you mention and surely there are many more and there are cases in which it is not worth insisting or it is better to stay away. If I remember correctly it is something that I explain within the article and I will review it to put it.

      Thank you very much for your comment, it sure helps me improve this post.

      Greetings and happy week!!

  • CFM

    Hello David Jungle.
    I wish I had read you before, since sometimes we have made so many seduction mistakes that, when we want to change, our dignity is already on the ground before the other person.

    My story is too long to tell here, but I would like some advice on how to proceed with a person. It takes me sixteen years and I don't know if that could be the reason for his rejection (which I don't know if it's a rejection in itself). He also had a toxic relationship in the past that left him bad, has responsibilities, etc.

    My question is the following:
    When I said I liked him, he said he didn't want to be with anyone in bad ways, but after a few hours he started following me on Facebook. Of course, he always left me on sight and never responded to anything even though he followed me.

    Eventually she gave me a fit of jealousy over a comment to someone else. He was angry when I asked him if he liked another one and he blocked me, then he unlocked and then he blocked me again but only the conversation, not the profile. The locks and unlocks I had done before and instantly, it didn't take long to lock.

    As the months passed, I would give him some greetings on WhatsApp and he would read me instantly but he did not respond. I was more than three months without saying anything to him, until he decides to cut it healthy I made one last attempt and called him. He took the phone from me and then he cut himself off. He called me at the hour and we were talking. He seemed interested in knowing how I was, how I was doing, he asked me various things, etc. It lasted about seven minutes. One thing I observed when the call ended is that he did not add me to the agenda. However, the wall of solitary confinement had finally been broken.

    After a month I added it to Facebook and the request was rejected. That same day I spoke to him on WhatsApp and he answered me normally (in the past he always left me on sight), but I made the mistake of proposing to stay one day to go hiking on a friendly basis. He changed his attitude and told me that it couldn't be, that he had a partner and was very happy with her. It should be said that I know for sure that he has no partner and has been alone for years.

    I let him know that he did not believe it and that I was sure that he was afraid of falling in love with me, that age was a problem for him, etc. Far from taking rejection well, I began to tell him the reasons why I thought he was acting like this. He read everything to me and answered nothing. I told him to tell me if I was wrong and he gave me a go. He went back to the attitude of months ago.

    I need some advice. He doesn't have me blocked so he can still read me (and he does if I write to him). At the moment, I have not said anything else but I give it all up for lost. What attitude should I have after I have rushed? She had already made it start to open again, but because she was impulsive, she ran away again.

    Physically I know I attract him. My theory is that you distrust me or are afraid of something. This person hired me on a job and I failed to leave, but that was a year and a half ago.

    I'm 27 now, he's 43.

    • David Jungle

      Hello Carlota,

      Yes, it is true that we inadvertently make some mistakes that without a time machine in hand, are already very complicated to correct haha. But hey, as I always say, it is best to learn and stop commenting on them in the future to grow.

      From my point of view simply because of what you tell me here, it has not seemed to me at any time that he has any interest in meeting you. I do not know if I am missing information or you have even felt otherwise, but if you read your message, what you see from him is that you chase him and he literally runs away from you. I don't see any sign of seduction anywhere.

      We must be careful because when we become obsessed with someone we can see signs of interest in the slightest display of simple cordiality and sympathy when in fact we do not interest the other person. Which doesn't mean we don't attract you. I am attracted to many women, I even talk to them, I play and I am sociable. Simply because I like to have a fun life in which I can enjoy sociability and sensuality, but always within a plane of friendship because I have a partner and I have no interest in breaking their trust.

      I mean, you might physically attract that man, I don't deny it. He may even like you, otherwise it would be very rare for you to insist so much on seeing each other. But emotional attraction and social interest is completely nil on his part. My advice is to take a look at articles like this that I leave you here:

      Learn a little more about your emotions, about seduction and relationships. On this website you will find a lot of material on the subject. And put all your illusion that thanks to all that learning later you will find a man really suitable for you and with whom to have a really healthy and exciting relationship thanks in part to the interest you have put in learning how to have it. I think that would be the best way, rather than continuing to chase a man who clearly is not giving rise to it.

      I hope I could help you, a big hug !! 😉


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