Live the present: The art of seducing now

Live the present It is an indispensable way for us to enjoy our life to the fullest. But it is not only important for our happiness. further It is one of the greatest powers of seduction in order to attract other people and enjoy truly magical moments.

Focusing on living the present is equally important for both women and men so that we can like and understand each other.

Love the insecurity of the present

Let's realize that what is guaranteed is not loved so much, as what we know we can lose. Only desire arises when we are aware that what we have can be lost. Does it seem tragic? I would say it's wonderful!

Forget about owning and focus on appreciating

Insecurity makes us value life more. We can lose it at any time. This is no reason for sadness. It is cause for joy. We can lose our partner. Get angry with our friends. We can lose our most precious possessions. Losing the interest of that person we are meeting. But if you dare and manage to live in the present, these desires for possession that generate so much fear and insecurity and that somehow make our lives bitter, end up disappearing.

Some are willing to do anything but live here and now.
John Lennon

Suicides and murders have been committed for loss of partner. The ruin has comeFord very intelligent people to jump from the top of a building. But those people did not understand life. The society had contaminated them. They did not see beyond their possessions. But we are not what we have or the people with whom we share our path. We are ours now!


We are our ability to get up when the world is upon us. The regrowth of our senses rising in a special moment. And when we feel this way, when we simply feel this moment, we are better able to appreciate the beauty of what lies ahead. Knowing, for example, how to praise better the qualities of the other person, because we will see them float inward.

Value who you are and what you can get

You are not happy for what you have. You are not happy for what you have already achieved. You are happy because you value what you are and what you can get. You are happy because you have this moment!

Ask a millionaire on his deathbed what he would buy with all his money. What would you buy in exchange for running out of a penny. Your answer will always be the same: Weather!

That is our greatest resource. Let's not waste it in bad ways. Smile and open yourself to life with courage. Rate what you already have and enjoy it. Do not fear the future or what you can lose or stop winning. Happiness is now. Life is now. Open your eyes wide every second of the rest of your life! Every moment deserves to be appreciated.

If you direct your life to plan your future you run the risk of missing it.

If we don't live in the present, the attraction dies

Only what we have trouble getting and what we can lose is given value. You can have sex with a boy or a girl whenever you want, and feel it fully with all the fire and romanticism that prevails at that time.

The problem is in the future, in that that person perceives that you are making future plans with her when that other person is still not clear. Let him perceive that he already has you! That completely kills the attraction by destroying the sexual tension Born from mystery.

It is like food. If you have fully guaranteed food you don't give it any value, now spend a couple of days without eating, and you'll see what attraction awakens you.

If instead of focusing on enjoying that person's company at that time, you focus on thinking about what will become of you in the future. What will this boy or girl want from me, not only do you waste the intense depth and pleasure of that moment, but you will kill the attraction and the seduction process will be imperfect.

In this way you suffer the risk of generating value imbalances, Or what is the same, that one of the people shows much more interest than the other, thus losing the latter attraction.

Enjoy ... don't let it get away

The future is the murderer of your present and for this murderer there are no maximum security prisons. Do not tell me that you like to live in the moment and let yourself be carried away immediately to question what will become of us. Fairy tales through the flames of a lighter forgotten in a sad bathroom. Forget those doubts that kill us.

I will enjoy your breath now, because maybe tomorrow I will be crowned with an Everest of ignorance. Or it may be that I no longer want to shelter him in the drawer of my desires. I love it that way, intense and fleeting. As if a light dripped between my hands towards the seasons of oblivion.

I will enjoy my tongue skating gently along the imperfectly beautiful lines of your body. Enjoy watching the walls that imprison your desire break down. Let's be orchestra conductors of sensations and incendiary passions.

You can never own anyone. You will never find the end of the fairy tale. Life is built with moments. You can own a moment, you can feel intense happiness for a moment. But you will not be able to surround it with velvet cords, it will drip back into your hands. Enjoy this moment. Do not let him escape and do not ask me again what will happen to us. We cannot know for sure. Whatever it has to be, it will be. Let yourself go and mark sentence with a kiss that will never be repeated exactly the same.

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The dance of insecurities

If I start to walk among my memories, I lose track of the girls who have stopped attracting me just to start planning a future with me ahead of time. Then I will write some of the questions and affirmations that some girls have already asked me on the first or second date, and therefore I recommend that you avoid at all costs when you begin to meet someone. Some of them show the great insecurity that some women feel at the desire to have a boyfriend and the fear they have to feel used only to have sex with them.

  • Surely you just want sex with me
  • But do you like me for something else or just love me for sex? I'm not one of those eeehhhhh
  • I don't know, I don't think a boy like you wants to be with me
  • I have come home well, I tell you even if you are not interested
  • Are you looking for something serious? I do know someone is for a relationship.

As you can see all these phrases are oriented towards the future. We have managed to like that other person and have sex with her, before which the other person begins to think about what will happen tomorrow, if that boy or girl will continue to have an interest in her or not, instead of focusing on letting them things happen, thus avoiding pressures and stress.

Let's do an empathy exercise: put yourself in the place of the recipient. What are you communicating? Without a doubt you are communicating that you have won. And worst of all, you are doing it very soon. You are selling your future interest at a very cheap price, remember that we hardly know the other person to be considering a future with her.

Seduce living the present

When you disconnect from the present to plan a future with someone you are not only giving him your full interest, but if you do it before that other person gives you his own you can fall into the error of overwhelming him.

As I said, because of this I have had to give up many girls for fear of hurting them, and they immediately told me they wanted something serious with me and I didn't know what could happen. I just wanted to continue knowing her, but not knowing if I could satisfy her illusions of the future, led me to stop staying with her for fear that I would not like it at all and had a hard time when I decided to put an end.

Make the other person also live the present and get carried away

It's hard to live in the present if the person you're meeting doesn't do it too. That is why it is worth trying to infect her with this attitude. If you try to answer your insecurities with questions or statements such as those we have seen at the beginning of this article, just calm down. To tell you that you barely know each other to know if you are really going to like it in the long term, and to tell you how magical it is to live in the present without thinking about what will happen in the future.

Seduce is the art of generating positive emotions

If every time you see that person that you like so much you provide positive feelings and emotions, this person will want to be with you. It's that simple. And whatever has to be will be. If you enjoy your mind now, you will know that life is only made up of moments. Moments enjoyed and wasted moments. And of course moments invested to guarantee a good present in the future.

Children have no past or future, so they enjoy the present, which rarely happens to us.
Jean de la Bruyere


If you feel the desire to possess someone, you are generating a fear, because fear is born of desire. From the desire to possess him, the fear of not getting it is born, which creates insecurities that you end up throwing towards the other person. Insecurities not attractive and that generate negative emotions.

Forget about owning and enjoy. Live the present moment, focus only on everything that that boy or girl can bring you at that time. As if it were the last time you could see someone, you would enjoy their presence to the fullest.

Happy endings do not exist, not because life does not provide placid aromas of happiness, but because life does not have the end of the movies where they lived happily and ate partridges. It is not a camera of filming and after the credits it stops working. Tomorrow continues, and if you focus on an end bringing you the happiness of the fairy tale, you lose the residence of that happiness, its habitat, and its habitat is none other than the present.

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Let us decide to live in that fairy tale that is a moment experienced with intensity. Grab every moment as if it were your last breath, with the sky orchestrating misdeeds in your skin. We don't have time to get bitter; let's wake up to see everything sweet.

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