Keep calm: A brief and effective technique

We must learn to remain calm, it is our livelihood, even though we expose ourselves to painful situations. Life is like that, the more we accept it, the less we will suffer.

Keep calm

That's life

In situations that I do not understand, I often take a deep breath, and when I release the air I say to myself: IT IS LIFE.

Life must be loved in its dance of positive and negative present moments. It is not always sweet, sometimes it is bitter. But if you try to taste a lemon, you will notice a big difference when you acceptso its bitterness and you try to enjoy it, that when you run away from it to make a face of disgust.

I have tried it, and although at first I did not like it, in the end I managed to accept its intensity and find some enjoyment in it.

Accepting our vulnerability instead of trying to hide it is the best way to adapt to reality.
David Viscott

Don't demand what life doesn't offer


To remain calm you have to accept in the deepest part of your mind that this is not always going to be fair. To tell oneself that life is not fair, while falling into a deep pit of frustration, is to kill yourself inside.

Do not seek justice with mental reasoning. Justice is sought by fighting for what you want with all your efforts, while you understand that you will never have full control of what happens to you. Justice and calm are obtained hoping for the best, without depending on obtaining it.

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Worry less, act more

Whoever tries to enjoy his now under any circumstances, does not depend on obtaining anything. Fight for the love and passion he feels for life and the achievement of his dreams, not for possession.

Accept the risks, all life is nothing but an opportunity. The man who goes further is generally the one who wants and dares to be.
Dale Carnegie

Test it. Try to understand any situation that hurts, and accept it. That's life. You choose how to interpret what happens to you so that this interpretation forms a better now and tomorrow.

And when do you lose your temper?

Still life ...

I really like this phrase, and I often repeat it to realize that the reason is totally subjective:

All wars are holy, I challenge you to find a belligerent who does not believe he has heaven on his side.

Jean Anouilh

Everything is a matter of perspective. Naive is to think holy and paint the other demon. When we only think about our reasons. Because let's not fool ourselves, our mind will always look at the arguments that make us feel winners. That is the mechanism of the ego. Protect yourself.

The absence of intelligence is equivalent to seeking happiness within a society, when we only look at our needs without taking into account those of others.

Take over

You are the one who decides with what objective you act

Look with a empathic attitude and comprehensive. Relive situations that you do not understand in your imagination in the first person. Close your eyes and put yourself in the place of the other as if it were you, and imagine any hypothesis that led him to act like this.

This will save you many wars, because you will stop criminalizing 90% of the world (at least), and stop reverence yourself as a saint before them. But most important of all will not be that. The most important thing will be that you will remain calm in the face of the attack of others. Simply because you will understand and accept them.

With that understanding and acceptance, from the calm, you can act intelligently, always putting your goals before your own ego.

Remember: THAT'S LIFE. That's the trick, take a deep breath, and release it all ... all the stress, frustration, discouragement, or resentment ... and repeat yourself: THAT'S LIFE.

brave jungle

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It shows attractiveness with the control of the situation. Sometimes anger makes us interpret that we are acting well because we demand and become aggressive. But it is only the ego that rewards us for it. The results do not accompany, and after the anger sores the downturn. Better to act from conscience and intelligence, keeping calm.

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