How to have lasting success: 11 secrets to succeed in life

The success is with relative concept since what for some is success, for others not.

During this article we will analyze 11 famous phrases from people who were especially successful. Giving some advice so that we can learn from them and get what we set out to do. Because in the end, success is nothing more than getting what one proposes. Whatever area we get it in ...

How to have lasting success and succeed in life

1. Failures plus enthusiasm equals success

La frustration and discouragement can attack and sting us. But not even the strongest of their bites will end a powerful dream. So never lose faith. Even if you failed!

When anguish and despair knock on your door, remove them from you with a kick. Visualize yourself enduring the situation, persisting and fighting for what you want. Thus the force in you will come to light and fall like clear rain that cleanses your eyes. And the frustration that used to fog you up will have to go away. Outside of you!

Nothing can stop you, not even failure, because as Winston Churchill said, you know that success consists in going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Weakness is fought by gathering strength, just as darkness is shedding light on it. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and your fists, and notice your inner strength. You just have to take it out so that the darkness goes away.

Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding in the twentieth.
Julie Andrews

2. There are always new paths

Sometimes things happen to us that we don't want. Our partner leaves us, we lose a job, or maybe we fail to meet some important goal. But let's never fall into discouragement. The story is full of people who had many doors closed and thanks to those knocks they found better ways to finally achieve unimaginable successes. If you don't believe me, look for the Walt Disney story.

When one door closes, another opens; but we often lament so much about the closed door that we don't see the one that has been opened for us.
Alexander Graham Bell

3. To know is not to create, to create something more is needed

Knowledge is the cornerstone of most of our achievements. Only an open and reflective mindset is able to find divergent paths. Different paths that lead us to opt for completely new strategies. Often as a result of old knowledge associations about new challenges.

Many people search and search the books for answers that have never been written or focus solely on looking for them in what they already know they have read and others have told them. Where then are those genius that arise from spontaneity and meditation?

Before and during daily learning, try to think about answers that escape the conventional. Meditate on it. Even if they are crazy and impossible with the naked eye. Great ideas have arisen between jokes and laughter, because that relaxed atmosphere allows us to reach those conclusions that not seem crazy at first, does not mean that they can not be the next great discovery.

Creativity is intelligence having fun. (Albert Einstein)

4. Stone by stone, day after day, large constructions are made

We cannot seek excellence in any area overnight. Anything worthwhile hides a great sacrifice behind. Consistent long-term results are based on good habits that have endured over time.

Good habits formed in youth make a difference.

The big problem that most people have is that they fail to get to establish these habits. That or that fatigue and failures end up weighing on them more than their faith.

They say that spacecraft spend much more fuel on the launch, because they have to overcome the resistance of the earth's gravity, which during the whole journey once they leave the space where there is no gravity. The same goes for habits, since at the beginning it is very complicated to break our current habits to implant others. However, if you manage to fight and endure between 20 and 30 days with that habit you want to take, then you will need much less fuel to maintain it.

5. The superficial is public, the divine is internal

We see every day on television great winners taking prizes. Successful characters surrounded by other people, or perhaps with great fortunes, and we believe that this is the beautiful part of succeeding. But let me tell you, not for fun, that is the part that these successful people value most.

Many of them, as seen in their biographies, often remember the struggle and satisfaction they felt for doing something big. Their faces and smiles light up when they talk about what they did despite the many difficulties and sacrifices they faced. And it is precisely those states that are the most meditative, the ones charged with illusion and faith made them resist and fight for what they believed.

Enjoy the superficial, there is nothing wrong with it. But enjoy the process even more. For as bad as you can pass it, few sensations can be compared with that which leads us to close our eyes and feel really alive. Feel that feeling of pride that makes us hold the earth with our hands.

Wherever you see a successful person, you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices necessary to achieve them. (Vaibhav Shah)

6. Everything has an opportunity cost that we must assume

The opportunity cost is a concept widely used in economics by companies. It implies that to allocate resources to an action we assume the cost of not allocating it to another action. For example, if we allocate 5000 euros to invest in gold, we give up investing those 5000 euros in anything else that could give us a greater or lesser benefit.

The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to miss. (William James)

During our lives the opportunity cost will always be present. If, for example, we want to have a partner, when we get it we lose the possibility of being single and perhaps finding a partner that will satisfy us more in the future, or live more adventures. Another example, if we get up from bed later, we may enjoy more rest, but we may be missing the opportunity to have done a job that would give us other things.

Everything has its good part and its bad part, however the opportunity cost can become a real headache for some people. However, that would be a waste of resources and harm our well-being. We cannot be continuously calculating gains and losses. The best option is to trust our decisions, accept them whether they are successful or not, and always try to learn and see the good side of them.

7. While the clock marks new hours, there will be new illusions

The motivation is linked to the realization of projects and dreams. Being able to be these in turn very varied. Maybe with 80 years of age one does not wish to be a soccer star, but you can do it thinking about writing a book, enjoying sharing what you have learned throughout life with your loved ones, or maybe you give learn to paint ... The important thing is not to lose that illusion to dream and take actions that are gratifying to each one, regardless of their age.

You are never too old to have a new goal or to have a new dream. CS Lewis

8. The greatest wisdom is around you

Our own experiences. Every moment, every moment and every experience, however simple they may seem, may be loaded with wisdom for those who are willing to see and feel intensely.

An intelligent person always tries to extract that knowledge that nature itself gives us. That it is there solely because it exists. He is able to separate the old beliefs that put pressure on his mind. He is able to separate the knowledge he already has in his memory so that it does not distort its reality, or use it to create something new adapted to now. Your perceptions are variable by choice.

Observe, expand your mind, break the barriers of what you already know, and open yourself to the knowledge that exists around us through reflection.

To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.
Marilyn vos Savant.

9. The king of habits is that of reading

With only 13 years, after years of refusing to read the readings recommended by my teachers, because I wanted to learn to seduce a girl that I liked, I began to be passionate about self-help literature focused on seduction. And what started as a necessity, eventually became one of my great passions.

Books can be dangerous. The best should be labeled "this could change your life."
Helen Exley

I currently accumulate many books at home, most of the self-help section. Using articles on satiety like the ones I write today. From seduction and communication, I went through books on how to achieve success, from there to spirituality and sex (thanks to Tantra), and hence the next step was books on psychology. Not counting the marketing ones, since that is what I studied at the university.

I don't know what the next subject I will be attracted to will be. It has also given me strongly to read and write poetry. Fascinate myself with the magical exposition of words full of feelings. However, if I am sure of something, it is that no habit has brought me so many benefits and good times to my life as reading. Without him, today you would not be reading these lines.

No matter how busy you are, you must find time to read, or surrender to self-chosen ignorance.
Atwood H. Townsend

10. Prepare to depend solely on you

Teamwork has never been as valued as it is today. Many articles and studies support it. However, you have to be careful, because everything good can have its negative side as I have pointed out before.

I have always thought it was better to learn and do something than to ask for something. Perhaps it is my Mother who instilled in me this belief (always so hardworking). I like to trust people and delegate those things that others know how to do better than me. Teaming up and motivating each other is wonderful.

However, in addition to not always having good work teams, as far as possible, I believe that people should cultivate our own individuality. Train us to be able to lead and lead others. Being dynamic people capable of doing many different things. Which allows us to help others in their areas as long as we are unoccupied (something highly valued by companies).

Individuality is very useful, because those who are not afraid to face a problem alone, if unfortunately someday they have no choice but to do so, they will have the confidence that they will be able to face that situation.

To talk you will always find people, to work not so much.
At the same time, individuality is a topic quite dealt with by spirituality books. And it is that he who cultivates the gift of loving and respecting himself without the need of the approval of others, can hardly be reduced to the difficulties of life. Neither emotional dependence nor attachment can harm you.

11. Grow up under pressure, press to grow

When you demand yourself the maximum potential you can be capable of, you are hopelessly raising the bar of your abilities. Only when we are under some pressure do we realize that what we previously avoided or believed impossible has always been there within our reach.

When we cannot take refuge in our excuses and fears, it becomes useless to justify our lack of action, hope comes. We start to think that we canI do it. We have no choice, and given the impossibility of fleeing the mind that used to look for excuses, now begins to look for solutions. Words that encourage our enthusiasm.

That pressure can come from outside, or from within you. You are the one who decides if you want others to be those who place those pressures on you, or if you prefer to anticipate them and be the first to always demand yourself a few meters further. One meter beyond that will always take you further than you thought you could reach ...

Meditation to achieve success

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Success is found when you pursue your passions. No success is lasting without passion. She is the fire that encourages our enthusiasm so that it never goes out. Feed your passions every day. Dream with them. Look yourself up at the top of the stairs, but with more force look happy in every day-to-day struggle. Thus passion and success will always go with you.

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