How to start a conversation on WhatsApp

Starting a conversation on WhatsApp in an attractive way has become a headache for more than one. How many conversations start and get no response? If you are single or single, surely you know what I am talking about ... Flirting on WhatsApp sometimes becomes true gibberish.

During this article we will see how Start conversations on WhatsApp by adapting to the situation and communicating in a creative way that fosters positive emotional states. Thus beginning the course towards a longer and more exciting conversation.

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Model to start a conversation on WhatsApp

In other articles we have talked about the Emotional Communication model of my book Wake up beauty, helping us improve our lips or know what to talk about on a date through diverse resources. Let's make a brief review, orienting it now to start a conversation on WhatsApp so that we never lack creative phrases.

communication model

The model is composed of 5 components that we will explain briefly below. But before continuing, let's mention a little tip:

Before starting a conversation on WhatsApp make sure the other person is available to answer. If you are at work or think you may be very busy, it is preferable to look for another time. If not everything we explain here can significantly reduce its effect if you end up answering us after a few hours, or answer us briefly because you cannot speak.

*Important note:
During this article I will speak as if we were trying to link WhastApp with a girl, but the fundamentals of this article and everything in the explanation are equally valid for both sexes. The readers can imagine from these examples that you would have told a boy you like.

See to know what to say

observe to know what to say

The observation will guide to know how to proceed in each moment. This model does not consist of a step-by-step method, but it is we through our own intelligence and intuition who We decide what to do and what to say in each moment. Following our own style according to our personality.

The important thing is that what we say responds to the needs and interests of the interaction itself. Ours and the person we want to seduce.

So whenever we are going to start a conversation on WhatsApp there will be conditions that justify our behavior: Why do we start that conversation and for what? What happened before I justify it?

The first will be to identify the context in which you are.

It is different to start a conversation on WhatsApp with a boy or a girl with whom already We have confidence, that if we barely know her. The message as well as the understanding of it will vary. Therefore, let's see below some tips and examples in the most common cases.

Start the conversation if you know her from a single meeting

This is the most common. You may have met that person in a nightclub or during the day, flirting with her or having been introduced to her. Putting ourselves in the case that you've only seen it once and the contact with her was solid enough to have got her WhatsApp number.

In this situation we have to think about what has happened before. It is not the same if we have already kissed her or talked to her for hours, than if she has given us her phone after 5 minutes of conversation.

The more time we have previously invested, the more he will know you and the more possibilities he will have to answer you. Especially if you have created a emotional connection. Tell him what you say. But if he barely knows you, an absence in his response would not be far-fetched. Which does not mean that we did not like it at the time ...

Start the conversation if we know very little

Let's imagine that a friend has introduced her to us, we were talking to her for 10 minutes and we asked for her phone number.

In this case we must start the conversation cautiously and remembering who we are.

-Hello Maria. I'm David, Juan's friend. I just remembered you and not even the god Odin of the Vikings has managed to stop me from asking you how you have been doing the week.
"Hahaha, I do remember you, how are you?" My week is quite boring. Many eye exams and many hours locked up.

Start the conversation if the first meeting was relatively long

Imagine now that we met her at a disco and asked for the number after talking to her for a long time. There was already a connection between the two and the thing looked good. This example is also applicable if we end up kissing it.

"Hi Gabriela, I'm David." I have to ask you a question that has a bit of thought in me.
"Hi David, how are you?" If I realized the other day that you were reflective of more haha. Let's see, surprise me
"Well, you'll see ... I need a recipe from you." I'm not stopping to think about how I felt the other day looking at you. The depth of your eyes has further reduced my heartbeat. So tell me what is the secret to recover it.
-LOL. Of course you are not exaggerated. I think that with a little lemon and salt every half hour over your eyes, you soon forget lol.
"Mmmmm, I think I'm more of another kind of more physical remedies." I don't trust the potingues farmhouses ...

As the first meeting was more special and meaningful, with more confidence we could and should start the conversation on WhatsApp.

Start the conversation if we already know it

Starting a conversation on WhastApp with someone we already talked to and we have some confidence, is no big mystery. The important thing in these conversations by WhatsApp is to arouse your interest and know ask for a date in an opportune moment. Taking into account, above all, that the appointment should never be requested as soon as we start the conversation, but after a while having a pleasant conversation even if it is brief.

Retake a previous contact

There will be situations in which we are interested in retaking a contact. That is to say, boys and girls we talked to earlier and it didn't work out, and now we want to try my luck again. Maybe it could even be our ex-partner or it was simply an interaction that no longer answered our WhatsApp messages.

In this case I recommend Use humor to encourage her to answer. so that we can reopen that case that seemed closed. And it is that if in court it costs, linking by WhatsApp too.

"Hey!" Hello Cristina! How are you I have not spoken to you since the dinosaurs became extinct. How I miss those animals! Did you get that job you wanted in the end?
-Hello david!! Leave the dinosaurs where they are. They had enough with what they had hahaha. No, in the end I did not get it. But hey, I started studying a master and the truth is that I am very happy.

In this example you can see that We reduce defenses with humor and inject energy into the message. Some simply say hello how about, as with fear. But going from answering to such a message is very simple. In this situation to start a conversation on WhatsApp successfully is important assume confidence to resume the loss over time. If you have trouble writing these types of phrases, try to try develop your sense of humor, It is easier than it seems to be.

Start the conversation after an argument

Misunderstandings, battles of egos and bad rolls in general sometimes happen. So starting a conversation on WhatsApp after an argument requires trying close the door that caused the damage before. That is, we have to heal wounds with a little assertive communication.

-Hello Maria. I know that the last time we talked we discussed and the truth is that I have been spinning my head and I have realized that it was largely because of me. I apologize. I have always thought that the most important thing in this life is to enjoy ours now, and that discussing is a waste of time. But sometimes pride loses me. That you also know that I miss your mischievous smile very much, the one that you put on when you are preparing some heavy joke. Right now I would love to see her.

-Hello david. To tell you the truth, I think I was not a saint either. You went over, but I could have taken it better too. As you say, better enjoy the moment that is important. And see if next time instead of discussing we laugh and save ourselves disgust. As for my smile, you'll soon see it, because I have a very heavy joke saved to make you pay lol.

In this example we can see how We apologize, we clarify a higher end (enjoying our now is the important thing), and later we reduce the tension with a little humor. In this way we apologize and we give an exit to start again to have good vibes between both.

Generate emotions when starting a conversation on WhatsApp

generate emotions when starting the conversation

How I usually explain in my seduction courses, once the context in which we find ourselves is identified, we can choose which emotions we will generate according to the 4 components that we have mentioned above. Let us now summarize what it is!

Trivial talk

The trivial talk is communication without emotions. It differs from the rest of the components in that It does not cover any specific emotional need or motivation. We use it as a basis to talk about anything while we seek to qualify, generate a romantic connection or sexualize, so that we can seduce the other person.

Examples to start a conversation with trivial talk

"Hi, how are you?" How was the day? I almost died of heat. The sun is not forgiving our sins. How to get up there you will find out! 😏

- Congratulations, I have already seen on Facebook that you have finished the race. How you feel? When I finished mine I hardly believed it. You breathe another air haha.

-Hello Maria! How are you? I loved meeting you last night. I look forward to asking you for a date, to tell me no, and to insist again and again while we get to know each other better 😅

-Life smiles at me. I have passed my exam on Friday! I'm the best and roses grow around me 😎

And so we could stretch to infinity. The idea is to start the conversation in a selfless way. With subtlety and trivial themes. Very frequently referring to a current context that we are living.

Here the key is again to be creative when writing and try to get some attention. As we mentioned when explaining the AIDA model in other articles with the objective of have more labia. Generating good vibes and input. Even talking about time can be fun (see the first example). If you train your communicative creativity you will always come up with a subtle way to start your conversations without falling into what is commonly boring.


When we talk about qualification we mean above all praise both personal and physical and know how to talk about ourselves. In this case, starting the conversation by telling the other person what we like about her.

What we seek is to generate an emotional impact making it feel valued and supported. If it is done well, we guarantee that they respond. Who turns their backs on a candy? No one. Now, yes, you will have to learn to praise in a precise and genuine way That generates positive emotions. Avoiding making false compliments that sound like we say them only to flirt when we don't really give them importance.

Examples to start a conversation on WhatsApp with praise

"Hi Maria, how are you?" I just saw your Instagram photos of your trip to Salamanca. The smile and the sparkle in the eyes always accompany you huh. I almost called the devil to agree with him to take me there with you. To enjoy Salamanca but above all to enjoy that joy that you transmit…

"Anaaaaaaaaa, how are you?" I just remembered a lot of you. Don't see the one that I messed up at work. My boss has given me a cigar ... But I have remembered what we talked about the other day to keep calm, and in the end we have solved everything. If it weren't for your emotional wisdom to know what I would have done hahaha. I owe you a beer 😜

Emotional or romantic communication

Emotional or romantic communication seeks to generate loving bonds. Something like looking for evidence in which the universe says you were predestined to be together.

To start a conversation with this type of communication, it is clear that there must be a romantic connection already created. This type of communication is ideal with girls or boys with whom we are beginning to have a relationship, or with whom we had a very passionate first meeting.

Examples to start a conversation on WhastApp with romanticism

-Good night! I hope you are very well Ana. I have remembered a lot about you this week. Your lips, the way you look at me, how you touched me ... I think that on Saturday we live a very special moment and I want to repeat it. I would never have imagined feeling something like that.

-Hello Nicole, I think it's your fault that I'm losing my sense of direction a little. Since we met you have broken all my schemes. I wanted to tell you. I'm looking forward to getting lost again between those candy lips. Sweet, as sweet as you are. All you.


Through sexualization we seek generate sexual tension by WhatsApp only with our words. We use small insinuations and qualifications with sexual content. We can even use emotional communication to make it more powerful. Everything that sounds like sex and creates tension will be as welcome as a good rain in a dry field.

However, be careful. It is not advisable to start a conversation sexualizing when the level of trust is not high enough or we can imply that we only talk to that person for a purely sexual interest. Like for example after sleeping with a girl the first night. In those cases, it is better to start the conversation leaving aside the sexual and to generate that tension again when we make sure that you feel comfortable with us. Trying to avoid feeling dirty or used when we did not pretend.

Examples to start a conversation on WhatsApp sexualizing

"I've had a week." I need to dive into that mermaid hair of yours to forget everything. If we see each other this weekend I promise you to be good for a few moments, and very bad the rest of the time 😈. In both cases, without much air to breathe between us.

—Hello Marta, I hope to have your permission to tell you that I don't want anything to be politically correct with you. I want to feel you. All of you against me. Rub your thighs. Lose me in your legs. Touch your chest and get fond of a placid game with your lips. I may be very daring, but rather I feel sincere 😝

Transmitting sexual tension and knowing how to play with these double senses is vital for conversations to be more entertaining and seductive. In my erotic tales You can find good references about it.

If you are worried about being able to bother the other person, use skills such as empathy to predict how you can feel and get ready to know what to do when they reject you, taking advantage of those negatives more as opportunities than as brakes.

This way you will feel more confident in order to solve any misunderstanding that may arise. Which, incidentally, will give you many wings ... For the more prepared we have our social skills, the less fear it gives us to communicate and with more freedom we can do it.

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Never give up on chasing your dreams. Maybe ending up getting them is not only at your fingertips. But what if you can have total guarantee is that if you enjoy the illusion of getting them, a new enthusiasm will always emerge that will take you to them while you surpass yourself in all your gifts.

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  • Victoria

    I don't know how to start a conversation with a guy I like, who I used to talk to and I stopped talking to him, but when we meet we talk and we are very close. But he doesn't send me any messages and I want to talk to him.

    • Carlos

      I have invited several people to go to the cinema to eat. But I can't find a clear answer. The excuses are always the same. That she is tired Uqe is sleepy, the conversation ends with three unused phrases.

      • David Jungle

        Hi Carlos! That is that she is not interested enough or does not feel comfortable to stay with you and for more plans that you propose that will not change. The only way to accept an appointment is to build that comfort and attraction you need to feel. That is, you need to seduce it little by little through WhatsApp or in person if you have the opportunity to see it so that it earns that interest. For that I recommend that you take a look at this other article:

        Greetings and good luck 😉

  • Andrew

    Hi David, my case is the most difficult yet to see if you can help me. The girl I like is my family's family but on the other hand, she and I are not a clear family, I met her in a communion and it was a crush I talked to her for half an hour and asked for her phone. There was some complicity between us and now I want to start a relationship with her by whatsapp but little by little and without noticing that I like it, at least until later when I see how things are going because the one we share family could reach being controversial and I don't want to have trouble with our family. How do you advise me to wash the subject? PS: Thank you for the advice you give can be very useful.


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