How to request an appointment by whatsapp and social networks

How do I request an appointment on WhastApp? What do I do to meet this girl?

I recognize that my memory has its limitations when I say that I don't remember how many people have asked me these questions. Although there is another question that walks hand in hand with these as if it were a couple in love:

When do I propose the appointment?

Well, whether through WhatsApp, Facebook chat, Telegram, Meetics, Instagram, or any other of that infinity of social networks that flood us, let's see some ideas and tips on how we could ask for that coveted appointment. And if you don't have enough with this, you can always get my book Flirt on WhatsApp, Top sales on Amazon!

After how long talking I propose the appointment?

Much more important is the when than the how. According to the Spanish constitution of 1812 (March 19 to be exact), there is no exact fixed time although many find it hard to believe. And in large part everything will depend on the trust and attraction we have generated in the other. Each person is different and they need different things to feel comfortable in order to jump into that void of the first date.

It all depends largely on our previous contact.

If we were already talking for hours with that other person sharing desires and dreams, and in person she was captivated, it is very different from if we asked for the phone after 5 minutes of trivial talk.

If we have directly met her through a social network, the thing can still be much more complicated. Although as I said, there is no rule. The biggest risk is not trying.

Patience is the mother of science

The best way to avoid temptation is to fall into it? Well yes and no. In order to make an appointment on WhatsApp it is convenient not to fall into that temptation to rush if we do not see that the conversations are fluid and lively.

And it is logical to think that if WhatsApp does not work, on a date with boiling nerves, the thing can only get worse. Although of course, we can always ask for the appointment and in case you make an excuse, keep talking as if nothing.

In my personal case, many times I have proposed an appointment ahead of time waiting to be rejected. I am not afraid of being told not to always feel that I am liking it. Sometimes our first answer is no to think that it is too soon even if we like the other. Other times we feel more adventurous and we like to say yes at first. And many others simply can not or propose better plans for other parts, although we like that person. That is why being prepared to receive that not without offending us is crucial. He will be waiting for us if we continue to seduce ...

Example request an appointment by WhatsApp 1:

"Do you realize that I've asked for an appointment 4 times already?" According to the latest research, the average of rejections before giving a definite yes is 5. So be careful, let's see if we are going to pass and they will get our attention.

"Hahahaha, with me you have to be very patient."

-I see now! With how impatient I am seeing your fire red lips in that mini WhatsApp photo ... Impatience is sometimes also a virtue, you know?

"Haha, do you like my lips?"

"Yes, although having them in front offers many more possibilities."

"Mmmmm, and what are those possibilities?"

"I can think of several, but it is better to leave room for curiosity and not kill the mystery, don't you think?"

"Is it a trap to finally say yes to that date?"

"Yes, a trap that we both will like to fall into."

manage rejections

Manage rejections

Rejections give us information and how we react to them says a lot about ourselves. If we pay attention they mark the way forward.

The questions are:

  • Are the reasons why you are rejecting the appointment real?
  • What personality traits do we need to project so that the objection produced by a rejection is resolved?
  • Can we take advantage of these rejections to have fun and be more attractive?

Examples request an appointment by WhatsApp 2:

—What do you think if we're going to drink something at a rock bar this Saturday? The music is great and watching your roll I'm sure you'll love it.
"Pufff, I don't know." I have a lot to study this weekend, I don't think I can.

At this point we can think that she is not attracted to our proposal because by reviewing our talks, we see that they have not been too exciting. Therefore we can choose respond to that rejection with a sense of humor o sexualizing, while we offer a real benefit to that objection: the possibility of disconnecting to study better.

—There is something that helps me a lot to study. Especially to free myself from nerves.
-Oh yeah? The what?
"A couple of drinks with the company of your scent plus listen to your laughter as we melt into prying eyes." With that I take ten!
"Hahaha, I don't know if it will help me pass."
-Of course! It would relax your mind for a few hours to have the batteries fully charged the next morning. I assure you that I am more effective than DeMemory that or any other pill to study.

Find out more in my article:
Rejection of love: What to do and what to say when you are rejected

Observe, observe and observe

As Dani Rovira said in one of his famous monologues: «One tip: observe. That is the advice.

If we see that the person answers little, late and with the same sympathy as Adolf Hitler, however much we like it, we must assume that he is giving us lengths. If we propose an appointment the resounding NO is more than assured. No need to check!

Does this mean we can't earn your interest? Not at all! We can end up changing the situation little by little thanks if we give interesting conversation topics and we match one good lips Let him get your attention.

How to request an appointment to increase our chances

As young children say with playful tone ... And why?

To propose an appointment we must take into account the implicit reasons that justify that we want to share moments with that other person. Some reasons that are based not only on objectives such as knowing the future mother of our children to a man with whom to enjoy an unbridled adventure. That is, there have to be emotional reasons that lead us to think that what we are going to live may be worthwhile. If you don't feel like thinking much now, I can think of a few:

  • Because we feel very good talking and have a great time telling us all those projects we are working on.
  • Because we have a sexual connection in which we feel vulnerable and want to experience where it leads.
  • Because we value our ways of thinking and can contribute a lot to each other.
  • Because we have many common interests and we are sure that we will get along great.
  • Because we have been a very hard week of work and we want to disconnect having a good time knowing that fun person with whom we have been talking on WhatsApp for some time.

Well, we are clear that to propose an appointment either via WhatsApp, or social networks, something needs to justify that approach. We have that why, how well we can give it to you, or you don't even need to verbalize it. What are we missing? Communicate in an appropriate manner ...

Request the appointment at the right time

Before proposing the appointment we must think about what context we are in, since if the circumstances surrounding that proposition are not conducive, it is better to wait for another time. From my experience I have seen friends of mine request an appointment when the chat conversation was totally dead, as a last resort. Something catastrophic and meaningless, because the mood does not invite you to step forward. But on top of that, let's see more factors.

Examples request an appointment by WhatsApp 3

Imagine that you are a boy who loves politics and you are talking to a very cultured (if a little serious) girl who also likes politics. You have been talking about intellectual rigor issues for several days.

Since you wanted to make an appointment and create a romantic connection, you also bothered to go qualifying it and do sexualizing the conversation in specific moments. Then, in the middle of a policy debate, you ask for an appointment based on a reason:

-Do you know something. I've realized that I love talking to you. I have a great time and I laugh a lot. You are so funny. I am impatient to see each other in person.

Well, let's imagine that this is not true at all. If we have been talking about serious issues, fun and fun, unless you have been joking once in a while, it will not be your best quality to stand out. Therefore, we would not be adapting well to the context. Let's try again:

- I find it amazing how much I have fun with you to be talking about such serious issues. Have I already told you that it drives me crazy how cultured you are? If I have already told you, I will repeat it again in case there were any doubts.
-Thanks, the truth is that I also entertain myself a lot with our conversations. Although sometimes you are completely wrong: p
"You don't dare tell me in person." We should meet this Friday to see if you have guts. Who knows, we end up founding a political party together and we take control of the country.
"I never got back in the challenges!" What time do we meet?

Here we can see several whys:

  • We both like politics and have a good time talking about these issues.
  • We are attracted both physically (that's why we gave ourselves the phones) and intellectually, why this second one with which we have justified wanting to have an appointment.
  • There is play with flirty little bites that can burst into flames of seduction. So the needs of sex and play seem to be met, thus avoiding fall in the area friends. In other words: there is chemistry!

Creativity and sense of humor

According to the OCD (World Trade Organization), the chances of being told that if when you propose an appointment to do so with humor, they increase approximately x5.

Okay, I know that this agency does not take care of those things and there are probably no specific studies on this, but my word is ample guarantee for something so obvious, don't you think?

Humor increases our chances of receiving an affirmative answer and helps us to better manage a possible rejection if we mix it with a bit of empathy y assertiveness.

Example request an appointment by WhatsApp 4:

"I think it's a good gentleman to keep the word given to a beautiful maiden like you."

"Hahaha, and what word is that?"

—That date I told you the other day we could have and in which I particularly think we would have a movie. At least I plan to bring popcorn!

-Hahaha I do not know. This weekend I am quite involved ...

Example request an appointment by WhatsApp 5:

"A little bird told me that tomorrow we are going to share a coffee full of mysteries."

"Full of mysteries?"

"Yes, and while we solve those mysteries of not knowing what he can weigh among us, we're going to have a better time than Heidi jumping through the meadows."

"Hahahaha, I don't know if you convince me." I have to finish a job and I'm just on time.

—Well, I am as convinced as Hitler in his time riding wars, only that my weapons are to distribute love and smiles.

"Hahaha, in that case I'm going to have to hurry up with this." It seems I have no escape!

Examples request an appointment by WhatsApp 6:

"In the end we are going to see this weekend as we talked on Saturday?"

"I don't know if I'm going to be able to, we see it ..."

"Perfect, since I don't want to be heavy, we can do the following." Instead of asking you every 5 minutes what I would normally do, I will ask you every day to talk about it here at the weekend. So until you tell me yes and we have the best meeting man and woman that has occurred on the face of the earth.

"Hahahaha, I think it's a good idea."

"Deal done then!"

Examples request an appointment by WhatsApp 7:

David, I've been exactly 5 minutes and 34 seconds waiting for you to propose to me to have a coffee this Sunday. Are you going to make me wait much longer?

In this last example, the girl instead of proposing the appointment directly, gives the role to him, turning it into a creative proposition with her touch of humor by telling her the exact short time she has been waiting for.

What happens if communicative creativity is not your thing? Well, one of two, or you develop your sense of humor or assume that your chances of success will be much lower. To communicate in a more creative, fun or sexual way, you can look at my guide: The gift of labia.

Choose the right time

We have to propose the appointment in a timely manner. If we are on Monday, proposing an appointment for Sunday may not be the best option. From here to there to know… but something more important is when we do the conversation.

The best option is to choose one of those hot spots in which the conversation is more stimulating, since if you tell us that if when your mood is more positive, there is much less chance that it will later retract (although everything can happen) .

Some guys give me examples like this:

"Hi, how are you?"

"Well, I just came from college." Pufff, what a day I'm busted. What about you?

"Very well, here doing a few things." Do you want to see each other this weekend?

"Well, I won't be able to, I have a mess with the exams ..."

Then it is possible that neither exams nor anything at all. He has left jarana with friends. Or not, or has been studying. You never know…

The point is that it is clear that the boy has spoken with her only looking for the appointment instead of that proposal has arisen because of those reasons that justify it. Why you have to have fresh so that Yes, I want It is said safely and in a live voice.

Obviously, if we have already been with that person several times and trust is already solidly constituted, he will not worry so much about this. But it is very important for first dates. Notified!

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