How to fall in love and seduce a man with your personality

Do you have difficulty seducing and falling in love with a man? Don't you know how to turn it on? You get seduced and sexually aroused but then it happens and you don't know why? Do you think men are only interested in sex?

Today we are saturated with television shows where we see both men and women acting strangely. Critics fly, grudges jump as if the pipes were broken, a fog casts a shadow over the sky and everyone points out that they are nothing but jealousy caused by love.

But all that we see, are not normal behaviors, but television behaviors that pursue with intense fervor to scratch more attention to our lives.

To seduce and make a man fall in love to his gut, first we will move away from that toxic air that our boredom sometimes considers of adequate inhalation.

Let's get ready to seduce generating positive emotions! Prepare to fall in love with a man with your own true natural personality.

Filing the past to get the seducer in you

Men feel the fire of seduction towards those women who feel the now. Women who have managed to archive their past and open bravely to the second that the clock marks at this time. That already says a lot about a woman and manages to make men fall in love.

These are some of the phrases you should avoid like swine paste, or that man you want to fall in love with will run more than Usain Bolt:

- I had a very bad time with my ex-boyfriend, I feel he used me.
- I've been meeting many guys for a long time and everyone is looking for the same thing.
- I've been cheated many times, you feel like crap.

These kinds of comments are predominant in women who have had a hard time in past relationships. Their wounds make them close their thirst for adventure and passion with the prevention lock. TOSome may even turn their grudges generated by the men of their past on a new man who is there ready to be seduced. But to seduce and fall in love with that man you like, you must put that past aside.

The effects of this past without filing scare the man, who feels infected by the girl's fears. The present dies, the attraction accompanies him to the grave, and negative emotions disturb the environment.

Before continuing, I want to clarify that This happens to men too. It is not a matter of sexes. As many as others, we must heal our past wounds in order to run freely towards a brighter future.

Our past is ours and we are responsible for healing it. If we give strength to the ghosts of the past, fate will take care of putting them face to face again on our way. Or worse, we will stop opening ourselves to the magical experiences of life.

Life implies certain risks, but we will be better able to face them before a mind freed from fears and frustrations. A clear mind is smarter and can see what a blind woman anchored to the past does not achieve.

Meditate on your past relationships, accept what happened to them and try to see the positive side of those experiences.

You can meditate like poets, feeling the beauty of pain, For pain is the opposite of love and always hides great wealth and wisdom. Only when you are healed of your past relationships can you open up with new men who are sure to be delighted to meet your true self. You will have more passion, more desire for adventure, more enthusiasm for living and meeting new people. Definitely, it will be more you and you will be able to fall more in love as you really are, with your own personality.

Open to the future from the enjoyment of your present

To seduce a man and make him fall in love with you you must avoid the pressures of future plans. A relationship is not like a train that is deposited on its tracks waiting to arrive at its station. The future is uncertainly beautiful. Life is uncertainly beautiful.

If you try to plan and guide your future with a man you have known for a short time, it will probably be overwhelmed.

Threatened in his freedom he may want to escape. But he won't do it if he feels that your life with him only understands the now, and it is this same now that will mark the journey and its stops. People who live in the present are able to excite us more, since they are more free from conditioning and hide the promise of strong adventures. Do you want to excite a man? Well, see how much you enjoy life! Let the seduction take its course and not the pressures.

You may want to have a stable relationship with a boy, have children, start a family, get married ... But all those stops on the trip come from the present. It is his magic that makes us fall in love.

Being here, watching your mischievous smile among the floating of his thoughts. An instant, a look that goes through me like Cupid's arrows, strong and soft. Without looking back, I get lost in the tender, soft and warm clouds. The light that penetrates me and burns my thoughts. And I just close my eyes, I feel the fire in me and when I open them you're still there, looking, smiling, dreaming ...

David Jungle

Poetry is present. It is written in the colors of now. Seduction is very similar to poetry. He does not want structures. He wants the mystery of not knowing what will happen. Does not require linearity, wants roller coasters and unpredictable results. He doesn't want fears, he wants challenges, adventures, excitement, love.

Basic skills to make a man fall in love with your personality

Acceptance and Patience

Men are not perfect, wow ... what a great discovery. You have to accept that men have their hobbies, their concerns, their limiting beliefs ... In short, its defects and toxic behaviors.

The points we have just seen above about archiving the past and living the now and opening to the future, there are also few men who have complied with them.

There will be many times when things do not go well and it is not your fault, it may be his or simply the circumstances were too unfavorable. This reality must be accepted, and as many say, lPatience is the mother of science.

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Empathy is the best communication skill you can count on to seduce men and make them fall in love in the long term.

It is the ability to understand your needs and feelings, and thanks to that knowledge that will put you in your skin, You can see what he needs and feels. And knowing that is what that man needs to fall in love with you every day.

At the same time, Men and women need to feel understood. You may not agree on something with him, but if you make him feel that you understand and accept him, even if you maintain your position about it, he will also understand you and accept you.

Now, if he feels that he is not heard and thinks that you are going to your ball or what interests you, then his mind will give him motives and visualizations that will encourage him to move away from you. If you think about it, the same thing would happen to you (remember, empathy).

She: In the end I think I won't be able to meet today.
He: I don't understand, you told me we were seeing each other today. Now you can't leave me lying at the last minute.
She: I'm sorry, I understand you're angry. I would be too, and in fact I am because I really wanted to have that ice cream together and get to know each other better. I would not change those smiles that I planned to dedicate today for anything in the world, because I know you would make me laugh haha, but something important has come up. I hope you understand and we can see each other soon.
Him: Well, okay, don't worry. I'll send you a WhatsApp tomorrow and see another date on the calendar;).

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Courage with assertiveness

Courage in communication and social relations consists of a brave attitude when defending our opinions and interests.

The problem of this courage comes when we are not careful how we say things. Assertiveness is what allows us to go with a lifeguard. It allows us to stand firm, but without attacking others.

Let's give an example

Imagine you have a partner and your boyfriend tells you that he doesn't like you to party with your friends. A passive attitude would be to settle for what your boyfriend says, and despite wanting to go out with your friends, not do it and stay with him. Something that for me, is unattractive in a girl because I value her being free and brave to defend her interests. An aggressive attitude would be to react angrily.

Let's now look at the assertive posture:

- I understand that you may not like to go out late with my friends. But you understand me. I love being with you, but I also love my friends and I like being with them on weekends. I am a sociable person and going out at night now that I am young gives me life. That is something you have to understand and accept in our relationship. It is useless to discuss and generate bad vibes for that. A relationship consists in adapting to each other to be happy together. I will try not to generate problems of this kind so that our relationship always goes well. That is what I want. I only ask that you also make that effort.

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Sex is a pleasure, and a hook ...

Sex, a wonderful experience

Coming from the previous points, when we have archived our past, and open ourselves to the future without fear, sex is a wonderful experience. Some women begin to overwhelm men who know very little after having sex with them.

Stop to seduce and make a man fall in love we have to make him see that what we do we do because we enjoy it. Because it has really caused something in you that has led him to want to do it, without having to receive something else. Don't ask for something in return after sex. This is very important. SIf you feel insecure, you need to accept sex as a part of the seduction process. It is one more step. But don't expect a concrete end from him and much less demand it.

Avoid these kinds of questions or statements:

- Surely you just want sex with me

- But you like me for something else or just love me for sex? I'm not one of those eeehhhhh

- I have come home well, I tell you even if you are not interested (After having had relationships).

- Are you looking for something serious? I do know someone is for a relationship.

What are you communicating to him? Without a doubt you are telling him that he has your interest earned. Worst of all, you are doing it very soon. Or what is the same, you are selling your future interest at a very cheap price. Remember that we barely know the other person to be considering a future with her.

Sex is a pleasure today, not a bet or an investment

To excite a man and feel seduced he has to want to have sex with you again and again and again. And he will not do it if after having had sex before, for lack of patience you have begun to overwhelm him with what will be tomorrow.

If you have sex with someone to enjoy. Never regret what you do in the now with what your body and your heart ask, and you will never feel used. Few things make men more angry than a woman accuses us of using her.

Think that many men (including me) have finished falling in love with women with whom at first they only thought about having sex with them. Smart women know how to take advantage of man's sexual instinct and appetite to make them fall in love. They do not demand anything for having sex with them, they make them understand that they have it because they enjoy it, not because it is a strategic step towards male hunting, or another step in a relationship that urges to be consolidated.

Live now, enjoy, and let things happen. Do not regret.

Do not have sex with someone because at one point you have to touch him, and do not apprehend him because you think it is better to conquer that man.

If you put off sex too much when you really want to have it, just as a strategy to have more time to fall in love with a man, He is likely to notice it and find it manipulative or unattractive. But when that is true, when sex is not desired or the woman does not consider it convenient based on their values ​​and beliefs, the man also notices and value that woman is safe in their convictions and keep them without fear. Remember: Courage and assertiveness.

Without goal, there is no insecurity

I only have to add, that there are men who fall in love from sex, but at the same time They are mentally convinced that they don't want anything serious. Maybe because they had a bad time in love in the past, or because they have fun at their single and don't want to fall in love. The reasons may be several.

These men will want to see you and you will notice love in them, but they will hardly end up compromising. That conflict of interests causes behaviors in man that are not rational and quite toxic to both of us. If you think you're in such a case, don't go crazy. Not worth it. Get the best you can out of that relationship or cut it if it's not what you want.

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The art of how to seduce a man with conversation

Communication is the component that fuels the fire of passion. To fall in love with a man you will have to cover all his needs. You will need to feel valued, having fun flirting with you, and that excitement envelops your senses.
At the same time, let him know you, little by little. Playing with the initial mystery ...

Qualify to make a man fall in love

The qualification consists precisely in observing what you like about a person and communicating it. It will be that which establishes a connection or a deep meaning of why It is that person chosen by you to share your time with her.

To make a man fall in love you have to value him and make him feel supported.

You have to be precise, valuing those traits that the other person values ​​of himself or that he doesn't know he has. To fall in love with a man you will have to tell him what you like about him in a real and detopicalized way. Communicate What makes you feel his way of looking at you, of smiling, of talking about interesting topics, his culture, his hobbies, etc. Connect with him in every way.

- Do you know something Pedro? While we talk I can't help remembering that first mysterious look that had me raptured when we met at the pub. Your way of looking is very exciting and promises adventure.

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Excite a man with sexuality

The man falls in love more with those women who know Make him feel the thrill of the game. Girls who use their lips to inspire sexual emotions and create tension. Women who are not afraid to provoke and dislodge it, who take steps forward and steps backward.

"I don't like boys like you, you seem too soft," she says with a flirtatious gesture in her eyes as she bites her lower lip.
- What makes you think I'm a soft boy?
- I don't think so, I'm pretty sure. And from what I see, it doesn't seem like you're going to prove otherwise. - She approaches and whispers in his ear before giving her a soft kiss on her neck - Do you need me to inspire you?
- As you continue along that path I will have to end up kissing you, and I don't know how many more things can occur to me.
- You're going too fast, Galán, I'm a princess who doesn't look for a prince. You can hurt yourself and we don't want that to happen.

Some women think that this kind of game is too daring, that they would look like "so-and-so" or some "warms up fly." But let's not forget that we talk about PLAY, about making emotions feel.

The effect that this kind of game has is even greater when the woman is perceived as "a good girl" who is only playing to be a bit of a mess. Therefore, to fall in love with a man if you are not a woman too daring, chances are that by playing like this you earn points. It's all about being flirtatious and exciting by adding game to your own style.

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He falls in love, he reaches his heart with romance

To fall in love with a man, romanticism and emotional communication cannot be dispensed with. The society in which we live is very sexualized, and as we have seen, that may be the first step to a love relationship. However, It is the love and enjoyment of that tickling being with the other person that makes us not only see sex, and we can fall in love.

Romanticism is here the most intense form of emotional communication. It is fire, an amplifier of intense emotions, that small valve that makes everything work and causes smooth flutters in the chest.

Examples of emotional communication:

–I don't know how you do it but I feel very comfortable when I'm with you. You make me feel very special and as soon as I see that little smile of yours it is impossible for me to hide mine.

- Why did you decide to study psychology?
- Do you know that feeling you feel when someone asks you for very worried advice? That feeling that he trusts you so you can help him. Do you know how you feel when that person really feels your support and you see that you have managed to help her? I wouldn't know how to describe to you what I feel. But I do know that I would not dedicate my life to anything else.

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Example of romantic communication:

- Every night I go to bed reliving those deep feelings that you managed to wake up in me and that were asleep. That innocent and tender smile, that deep and luminous look, and those sweet and sensual kisses.

- I can't forget the electrical friction of your skin. Maybe it appears sweetly about me in my dreams, or maybe not. But I'm looking forward to feeling it again.

A romanticism in too much abundance impales. The key is to maintain a balance between more trivial talks, Qualifying, Romanticism, and Sexualization. Although sometimes we love to give ourselves a romantic binge. Everything will depend on our intuition.

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Come closer and touch it

Do not be afraid of physical contact, it will stimulate your confidence and help you feel more comfortable. Many men are afraid to take the step towards a closer approach, they need women to make it easy for them. If you assume the confidence of touching him, even with small gestures, he will be motivated to get closer.

Your image speaks of you

What guys do you want to meet? What kind of girls do you like? As a general rule, most men do not usually like girls who are too make-up or excessively provocative. If you don't know your prey well, avoid risking your image and go to the intermediate points. We do not want you to make assumptions of our personality for our dress that does not suit us.

In bed, without qualms

Sex becomes increasingly important in society. It is no longer only looking for a person who provides abundant sex, but does it for quality. And to make a man fall in love it is important to make him fly in bed.

Overcome the shame and don't be afraid to experiment. Take the initiative. If he becomes addicted to the sex you give him, you'll have a boyfriend for a while.

I help you with this article: Tips for making love.

Be natural and get the most out of yourself

Shy and introverted, funny, hooligans, friendly, close ... each woman's personality is different. You can fall in love with a man in many different ways.

Try to know yourself and play well in your field. You have to be yourself and be natural, but at the same time getting the most out of yourself and being your best self.

For example, there are shy girls who speak little but can still stare and flirtatiously. They smile or move in a sexy way and thus awaken an irresistible attraction in men smeared with mystery.

Whatever you are, boost your strengths. Everything has its positive and negative side, take a look at your personality and reflect on what you can do to be perceived as more attractive.

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Help yourself with my audio Seduction now: Fall in love and generate intense emotions

You can listen to it for free on YouTube and download it on this website. With almost 200.000 views, more than 2000 times shared, and 168 positive comments on YouTube. It will become your perfect ally to fall in love with a man and take advantage of the numerous benefits of meditation in an entertaining and exciting way.

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Seduction consists mostly of generating positive emotions.

If the emotions you generate in that man are positive, that is, he feels comfortable and happy by your side, and at the same time sexual tension and romanticism survive, love is born and endures.

Over time men and women learn to value more those people who do not give us too much trouble. The ones we consider psychologically healthy.

Luckily for both sexes, there is more and more literature on Emotional Intelligence. This helps us evaluate our behavior, understand our emotions and thus manage what we do and say. Thus we get to know each other better.

Jealousy, resentments, closed mentalities, anxiety, guilt, frustration, crying, grieving, envy, fears, attachment, anger, chronic dissatisfaction and much more. They are toxic behaviors that both sexes must learn to treat each other on a daily basis to improve our relationships.

On this website you will find many free articles and you can consult me ​​about books or any questions you have in the comments.

On the other hand, never stop seducing. Even if you have a partner, you can always play with her in the art of flirting. Keep your eyes always open, and never stop telling your partner what you like about her. Support her, and excite her. Take it against him, and then give him a kiss. In short, it seduces. As we have seen in previous points. Do not stay in the comfort zone of a dull and too formal relationship. Never lose your youth.

brave jungle

#wearebrave #captivatesensations

Giving up is not an option. We can reverse and withdraw at certain times. We can let go and let some people we love leave. But the most important battle is always with ourselves. We must never give up hope, because it is a fundamental ingredient to sweeten the only thing we really have: this moment.

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