9 tips to last longer in sex

Are you ready for good sex? Enjoy much more time in bed, control your ejaculation and advance hers. Excites and seduces, and get the right approach to last longer in sex.

In this article we will see the keys to lasting longer in sex and having more pleasant sexual relationships naturally, without useless tricks of doubtful effectiveness, based on the power of our mind. We are going to bring out that internal potential that we all have and thus be able to make it shine to prolong our sexual relations.

And we will also do it with a sense of humor, so that nothing is forgotten!

1. Control self-sabotage in bed

Sorry guys, but again we are forced to enter the thick fog of our insecurities, and this article is none other than ...


Those are some of the phrases, although each one will have their own, that devastate our minds like a hurricane from the Far East and encourage our little friends, motherfuckers, to navigate to the dark depths of the girl's paradise. Or put another way, to run as soon as possible.

Why do these phrases appear?

  1. Unsafety: Most of the time without weighty arguments, we generate them ourselves.
  2. Focus failures: Conceive sex as an end, rather than as a path of enjoyment.

Let's focus on the second. When we become obsessed that something does not happen to us, what usually happens to us? That they give us in the ass and a primitive god unloads all his anger on you to fuck you. And why do we become obsessed with holding more in bed? Here is the answer to your prayers:


2. Change the approach: From an end to a medium

On several occasions they have asked me: How is it possible that we have been fucking for more than an hour, I have already run several times, and you still do not run and asking for more and more?

My answer is always the same: I love sex, I really enjoy having sex and for me the least important thing is to run.

Let's be honest. Running is 5 seconds or less, feeling the other person, feeling her passion, her animal instinct, seeing her enjoy, and concentrating on the sensations of pleasure that awakens me is what really matters to me. With how comfortable and comfortable you are in bed with that person we like, what hurry is there?

How to endure more in bed? How to enjoy more? What do you think if we marry these two questions, and turn them into a phrase: focus on enjoying sex by accepting and praising all its beauty, and you will not want to cum until the fatigue of your body forces you.

If you perceive sex in this way, as an act of infinite enjoyment in which your goal is only to enjoy every moment and every sensation focusing on the other person enjoying it even more, without a specific purpose, you will manage to control your ejaculation.

3. Many things are done during a match

Well, so far we have seen the "Mental problem", but the dear reader will say: Colleague, if you put yourself on top of an aunt and start giving all his own to a fixed piston, you physically run right away, be Tantric, Mantric, Lexicon or have alien neurons in your cock.

And indeed, my dear reader, you would be absolutely right in the world. I am not a privileged being nor was I born with two cocks, and the only way to really endure in bed is to combine the mental already mentioned, with certain techniques and actions.

¿Techniques? What techniques?

In sex, not everything is ñaca ñaca, just like in football, not everything is door kicking. Having stuck his cock does not mean that to get out you have to leave empty. I explain.

The conception preliminary sex, is for me a misconception. Everything is sex, preliminary sex prepares, stimulates and excites (and humidifies) towards penetration, but That is why we must not abandon it.

We are talking about sex for us being an enjoyment, a process that authentic enjoyment. Probably, although I have already "eaten all his own" before penetrating it, in the middle of the game I want to repeat dessert and since we are, relax a little my excitement and invest in lengthening the sexual process.

Probably, I'm about to run and decide to take the colleague out of paradise and continue to stimulate my partner with those fingers with which I press R1 + R2 when I play Play.

LIKELY, I am very affectionate and I feel like stopping to hug her while I stay inside her, and incidentally tell her pretty things in her ear and / or thank her for everything she is making me enjoy.

LIKELY, I want to change positions for one that I know that puts me less, because if I continue in this I will run and I want to continue enjoying sex longer.

In this way, with an appropriate mental attitude, plus the use of these super smart and super cool techniques that surely no one will have ever thought of, and surely no one can think of any other, we can multiply our time and enjoy in bed and impart envy to our neighboring neighbors who drag chairs at 7 am on Saturdays.

4. Discover how to control your level of excitement

The excitement is a mental game. If you try to wiggle it watching a football game, unless you put the players or do not stop focusing on attractive models in the stands (which takes a lot in the world) you will hardly manage to run, unless you disperse from the game and start imagining on your own.

During sex the excitement starts from that sexuality we feel. We cannot last longer in bed if we ourselves stimulate our sexuality while making love.

Eye, I'm not saying that we are going to go over the shopping list or think if Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone is cooler. This will probably make us focus uselessly on our attempt not to run and be counterproductive. What I mean is to control our mind to stimulate ourselves more or less through sensations and desires.

The really effective in this regard is to put the mind blank in the moments of more excitement, which allows us to relax and escape in a meditative way.

This has its trick and at first it is not simple, although for those who are accustomed to meditate it will be easier. Blank your mind while concentrating on keeping a slow and deep breath, so we can prolong ejaculation whenever we require it and thus last longer in sex.

The moments of maximum risk are when our partner is about to cum (seeing her excited excites us more) and when her way of fucking or what she tells us while we do it, it excites us more. It is in those moments where we have to anticipate those excitement peaks. We anticipate them, we see how our girl begins to alter more and more, and then we take action before it's too late.

5. Talk and seduce during sex

We have already talked about concentrating on the couple, that she enjoys and excites her as much as possible, thus changing the focus of our attention (or an alleged fear of running soon) towards her.

Another way to change that focus of attention is to excite it with the word. The boom of the erotic novel makes it easy for us. More and more girls are the ones who want a man to excite them by "telling him sluts" while they are making love in bed.

The really important thing to control ejaculation and last longer, is that at Be aware of telling or doing things that excite her our mind evades, we change the focus of attention, so we endure much, much more, but since we also stimulate their sexuality, it takes much less. With this we managed to delay our orgasm, and advance theirs.

6. Don't settle for one when you can be many

At first, when I started having sex, I concentrated on lasting long enough for the girl to cum before me, and just after her orgasm I ran. Big mistake.

Now I look for the girl to run the more times, the better. I am in no hurry or need to ejaculate at the same time. The goal is for sex to be lasting and very pleasant, if along the way she has several orgasms (or many, it is incredible how many girls can get to have) because that is what she takes.

7. Forget about the nonsense that is usually said to last longer in bed

Things like thick condoms or retardants, can help. But they are still nonsense, because the real control is in our head, as we have been commenting.

Another one of the nonsense that is said a lot is to masturbate before because our excitement goes down, but we return to the same thing, it is something that can help, but it is not something really effective and on the contrary we enjoy the sexual encounter less.

In the end, both nonsense and the other, help us to give more importance to the problem, and the more we think we can run soon, the more possibilities there will be, because more energy we are giving (this sounds like the law of attraction).

8. Watch your diet

Taking care of our health and our diet as well as physical exercise usually influences our sexual relationships in a very noticeable way. Therefore, treat these aspects with great care to carry out a routine that favors your physical and sexual health.

9. Become a sexual sybarite

The more you know about sex and even about seduction, learning for example to create sexual tension With what you say and do, the more motivated you will feel. More excited you will feel that your relationships last longer to put into practice everything learned and less you will concentrate on avoiding running in a short time.

In the world of sex there are many techniques, postures, toys, experiences ... It is worth knowing all that. Taking into account that the more we focus on learning in any specific area of ​​our life, the more motivation we gradually accumulate about it and the more results we get. A good way to make it very current as well as fun is to be fond of reading novels or erotic tales.

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