Flirt on WhatsApp with the conversation: Guide with examples and phrases

There is nothing more important when it comes to linking on WhatsApp than being able to have interesting conversation topics that keep the other person's attention high and expectant. Taking her to laugh with our sense of humor, increasing our mysticism, exciting her with insinuations and double meanings, and thus a long etcetera.

It will be vital, therefore, that the other person feels hooked to our conversation so that he always answers our WhatsApp and ends up wishing to have an appointment with us.

All that we will see throughout this intense guide of more than 8000 words. In addition to examples that can inspire you in your own conversations and a model of emotional communication tested in hundreds of seduction courses that you can go practicing for yourself.

On the other hand, I would like to mention that everything you learn in this article you can also practice in person, not only when flirting on WhatsApp. So that you can have more labia in any communicative context.

Shall we start?



1. Lengthen your talks using conversational threads

The best thing about flirting on WhatsApp is that in a very visual way, we can identify those conversational threads that interest us the most to prolong the conversation or refer it to other more effective topics for our objectives.

Let's analyze the following sentence:

Me like much the sport, me allow disconnect of everything.

After we have been told this phrase, we can identify 4 conversational threads that we can pull to answer:

  • Like: You can tell him what you like, ask what other people like other things, what he likes most about what he likes, etc.
  • Sport: It can be related to liking, for example by asking what he likes most about sport, telling him what sport you practice, or talking about sport in general.
  • It allows: Here we are communicating the benefits of something specific. In this case, what the sport allows, which is to disconnect. You could answer that sport allows you to spend time with friends, because you love football and stay on weekends to play a game.
  • Disconnect: You may want to talk about sports or not. You may be interested in referring the topic of conversation to another hobby that you are most passionate about or that is what allows you to disconnect yourself. For example, reading. Being able to answer: «I also like sports a lot. Now, if there is something that allows me to disconnect and relax, it is reading ».

Practical exercise

A great advantage of linking on WhatsApp is that you can see writings and analyze with time what threads you can throw. It's like a game where you can train your creativity to also communicate in person

From the example we have just seen, practice in your real WhatsApp conversations to find the conversational threads of the phrases. You can start doing it first in your conversations with friends if you feel more secure. With practice you will see how simple it is and how good it will come to cultivate the gift of labia and use it in any situation. .

2. Seduce with your conversations

To seduce and fall in love with WhatsApp as well as in person, I will show you my seductive communication model that you will find explained in depth in my book Wake up beauty.

This model consists of 5 points. The central point is the observation, on which we will base when it comes to linking on WhatsApp in observing and pulling conversational threads that we saw earlier. The other 4 points correspond to the emotional needs that we can cover when talking. These being our workhorses to seduce anyone we like. Let's see what they consist of!

Trivial talk

The trivial talk is one that by itself fails to create sexual or romantic attraction, nor does it allow us to know each other better to create an emotional connection. However, it is the basis of any conversation. Allowing us to cover the need for entertainment if you communicate in an attractive and funny way.

Examples of phrases to link on WhatsApp:

  1. I work as a designer. I really like the world of fashion. For me, clothes are a way of communicating what we have inside.
  2. Sport is my biggest passion. Since childhood I have always loved the competitive energy and improvement that involves putting your body and mind to work in its greatest performance.


Through the qualification we will highlight the features that make that man or woman we want to seduce special. Justifying why that person is liking us while we make them feel appreciated and valued.

Therefore, we must learn to praise with sincerity and precision those unique and differential characteristics that make her feel special and captivate her. For this, we have to be able to appreciate and discover those qualities that the other person values ​​most of himself, both physical and psychological.

Examples of phrases to link on WhatsApp:

  1. Do you know something? I think you speak with a lot of passion about what you do. I also like fashion a lot, now, than I know you, I still like the enthusiasm I see that you put on everything in your life.
  2. The truth is that it doesn't surprise me. The way you express yourself shows that you are not one of those boys who conform to mediocrity. It shows that you go for all, to put passion in what you like and fight for what you want.

Emotional or romantic connection

Thanks to the emotional communication We will get the other person to open. Learning to speak from what we feel and the emotions we live. Being able to talk about deep issues that we have in common based on needs for esteem, understanding, love, support, etc.

Within this variable we would also put all those romantic messages that often come to us when we are in love. For what will be interesting to mix them with a sexual language that also gets excite.

Examples of phrases to link on WhatsApp:

  1. I completely agree. And I think you don't just get it as a professional. At all times we all communicate what we have inside, and in your case what I am seeing, it is leaving me completely sweetened. I want you to keep marveling like that.
  2. You are seen to have a very strong energy within you. The first time I noticed you, and as you saw, I couldn't help but see if you could tell me something. I have to admit that I was embarrassed, but just to see the sparkle in your eyes, it was worth it.


It is absolutely essential to know create sexual tension with resources such as insinuations, double meanings, suggestions or erotic narratives. Being able to cover the needs of sex and play of the other person.

To this we would add to have conversations about sex as another resource to link on WhatsApp, although with this as we will see later, we must take care and be sure that we have good knowledge to contribute.

Examples of phrases to link on WhatsApp:

  1. Without a doubt, although it is also a way of communicating what we carry out, don't you think? At least I can't get my mind off how sexy you were when I met you. That tight red dress will take me to burn in the hell of so much desire to sin.
  2. Mmmm ... I like you to have that competitive spirit. Although I don't know if you could keep up with me. How much would you rate your physical form from 1 to 10? It is to see if you have possibilities.

From this model we can also start a conversation on WhatsApp in an attractive way using any of its points. Thus generating interest and encouraging them to answer. To learn how it is done I leave this other article with several examples that can inspire you: How to start a conversation on WhatsApp

Develop your labia via chat with the 4th edition
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3. Be dynamic, playful and unpredictable

Being attractive is vital for them to answer and get appointments

As you have seen in the example sentences in the previous section, the difference between the different components of this model is generally based on the emotions they generate.

The trivial talk is usually free of emotions, while the qualification attacks our need for esteem, emotional connection to support (feeling loved) and sexualization to sexual (sex and play).

To flirt on WhatsApp we need to constantly generate a variety of emotions that allow us to know and like enough the man or woman we want to seduce so as not to end up getting bored, because…

The competition can be fierce.

That person may be talking to others while telling similar things, so be unpredictable and have game It is vital.

Of course, be careful. Each person responds differently according to what stimuli. What for example for a girl can be an exciting and seductive hint, for another it can be dirty. Look closely at what kind of communication is responding better, and vary your game according to what you like best. Be brave and don't be afraid to try. If you are wrong, you can take the opportunity to apologize in a mature, empathetic and assertive way (very attractive features).

4. Conversation topics to flirt on WhatsApp

Use them to meet and entertain you talking

Any topic of conversation can be interesting if we learn to communicate with the model already studied. However, we must not forget that flirting on WhatsApp is usually the previous step to request a face-to-face appointment.

Therefore, we will always try to get some issues that will lead us to get to know the other person better, which will usually be those to which we dedicate time: Reading, cinema, television, work, friends, travel, sports, art, etc.

There will always be conversation topics that usually consist of non-shared hobbies that the other person is not interested in. In this case, do not get lost in facts or details. If a girl does not like Formula 1, do not talk about how cars are this year or why Alonso does not win races. However, you can talk about why you like Formula 1. The spirit of overcoming careers, and how you like that spirit to take it to your work and the fight for your dreams.

What interests us is to say how we are, through the way in which we relate to the different topics of conversation.

At the same time, we will implement the model seen above to make seduction seductive and fun.

On the other hand, don't be afraid to ask when flirting on WhatsApp if the conversation flows. If you just talked about something that you are passionate about, perhaps because it helps you to feel the full moment in the present moment, ask what makes him or her feel that way. Seek to generate those connections. Make her relive emotions!

More on conversation topics and how to communicate them here!

5. Use the emoticons

They will save you many problems, and give strength to your message

One of the problems when it comes to linking on WhatsApp is that it is easy for them to misunderstand us. This is due to the absence of nonverbal language. The same phrase, can be very funny said with a smile, or it may sound offensive if we think they tell us ironically.

In order to correct that defect in written communication, emoticons were invented. Thus, when we sexualize we can go using emoticons that stick out the tongue, or the purple imp. We will commonly use smiles to express a positive mood. Or even some less common gestures like the emoticon thinking, the eyes looking away, the sunglasses, etc.

So we can go on expressing what our facial expression could express according to what we say or tell us, and thus avoid misunderstandings.

6. Use poetry to have more creative conversations

Become an artist of the written word

Years ago I started reading poetry. He had never been passionate about her, like many, he thought they were just boring rhymes. Luckily, I found an author who, far from making rhymes, wrote poems that, despite being somewhat complex, gradually captivated me and gave me a great deal of inspiration.

Since then, my way of flirting on WhatsApp has never been the same again. Reading poetry affected 100% of my communication. Recall the previous points. When flirting on WhatsApp we have more time to spin different words. Inventing poetry is difficult, but understanding its use of vocabulary to improve our written communication is really effective.

How we use poetry to flirt on WhatsApp Is there a trick? Yes!
I explain ...

Imagine we have a poem.

A journey I desire towards the infinite dance of your power that falls on my senses,
my heartbeat My tongue walking around your skin, the sweetest smell is honey with your eyes. Evocative of pleasure and sun of planets, the light within my being dawns with your eyes burning its light bulb.
Beats, little beats in my mind. You, guilty without first passing by jury. Light, life and waves that crash, bathing in you the sweet honey of your shine.

You look at me, and goodbye to everything else.

Look at the use of words if we break down some sentences, for example this one:

The sweetest smell is honey with your eyes.

Now, let's change context

Let's introduce parts (or tips of inspiration) of this poetry in a more animated WhatsApp flirting conversation.

-The truth is that I loved how you smelled. I don't know what perfume you wore, but it smelled very sweet. Don't you think about changing it, it would be a sacrilege haha.
-Don't worry, I don't plan to change it hahaha. Now, for me, the sweetest smell would be honey with your eyes. Every time I remember how you looked at me, my mind says goodbye to everything else.
–Well, don't say goodbye to your smile for this Saturday, because I have to look at you much more. Warned you stay!
-Hahaha. You are an evocative of pleasure and sun of planets for my smile. Don't worry, I'll wear her princess.

As you can see, we can use small pieces of poetry to use them in other contexts our conversations by WhatsApp.

Try different combinations

But it goes beyond. Poetry invites us to be creative and communicate generating emotional connection as we have seen in the model already explained.

For example, imagine that we want to qualify with poetry generating emotional and sexual connection at the same time. To do this, we will qualify your smile, and we will use two more random words: navigate and darkness. Let's see what comes out:

Tu smile invites me to surf towards the most parts dark of sin

You see it? The use of poetry radically increases our creativity, because it gives us many more combinations of words. Do smiles invite? What is the point of navigating to sin? Nothing is poetry. Without poetry these combinations are not understood. Therefore, as you read poetry, you will develop your intelligence to make more combinations with more and more words than you ever imagined that they could go together, which will give you a lot more work for your conversations when it comes to linking on WhatsApp, and a capacity to spin multiplier communication issues.

Start reading some of my poems here!

7. Treat rejection as if it were a game

Learn to respond to any rejection without getting nervous

When we link on WhatsApp with entertaining conversation topics that involve both, and with the creativity developed by the previous points, the rejections diminish drastically. However, they will remain part of the game.

First, accept the rejection.

The most common rejection when it comes to linking on WhatsApp, is to stop answering. However, when they do not answer, it does not always mean that they are not interested in us.

Keep in mind that WhatsApp is active 24 hours a day, but we are not always going to be pending. Or even, even if we are, there will be times when we don't feel like talking. There are times that I am watching television and watching the WhatsApp from time to time, but when they talk to me I do not turn off the television to put the 5 senses in linking on WhatsApp. There are times that you don't feel like it.

Even my friends have come to tell me that many times they see it, it happens to them to answer or they cannot, and then as hours or days have passed, they directly pass on the subject.

Be patient. When they don't answer, try talking to him again the next day or after a few hours. In the event that after several attempts there is no form, NEXT.

If they reject you verbally, manage it

If the rejection is not a stop talking to you, but what happens is that they do not want to have an appointment with you, or do not seem to dislike you at all and reject your proposals, I invite you to learn to manage those rejections being more attractive. I do not extend:

On what to do in the face of rejection you will find much more information here!

8. Develop your sense of humor

If you have fun, it attracts attention

Flirting on WhatsApp gives us some time to observe the conversational threads mentioned above and prepare more creative responses.

The sense of humor is a vital resource for seduction. We all like to spend time with people who make us laugh. But it's not just for that. Humor predisposes us to be more social, letting go and giving less importance to logical reasoning.

That is why it allows us to get out of any rejection, recover stagnant conversations, or request appointments to those who answer with a yes.

Click here to find out how you can improve your sense of humor!

9. Use ambiguity and seduce sincerely

Don't make it clear, you can always change your mind

Many new possible couples spoil themselves ahead of time for having different interests. Whether flirting on WhatsApp or on the track, ambiguity is one of the best communication weapons of every excellent communicator.

But it is that in seduction, it is still more powerful, because it gives us an ingredient that is vital: the mystery.

They may have told you that people want to be sure that they will get when they meet someone, but what we think is not the same as what we feel. We have already mentioned the printability, a quality that also brings mystery. However, ambiguity is something else. Let's understand better with an example linking by WhatsApp:

- But you are looking for a girlfriend right now?
- Mmmm, it depends, if he has your eyes, he may fool me
- Haha, it's serious!
- Well, if I tell you the truth, right now I don't look or stop looking. Knowing someone special is something that has to come up, not something you are looking for.
- Well yes, there you are right. But if you had to choose?
- Well, right now, being single, I'm great. I am not actively looking for a girlfriend, but I am aware that I do not command my heart.
- Come on, don't you close the door to meet someone, right?
- I think even if he closed the door, it wouldn't do any good haha. If someone makes you fall in love, no matter how much you don't want a partner, in the end you fall into their networks. So, let it be time that dictates. I will always try to enjoy to the maximum is in the situation that is.

I know this example is a bit long, but when someone asks us these kinds of questions, there is a latent objection behind that has to be resolved.

If in this case we said that we are looking for a partner, we face the possibility that the other person is not doing it. In this way, we cause pressure on it, and we may end up leaving the interaction for fear that we will fall in love with it and hurt us.

In the case of saying yes, and that the other person is also looking for it, we really get nothing more than if we are ambiguous. Moreover, in this second case we are being more mysterious, because we do not make it clear and that can generate attraction in the other person if he really has an interest in us. You can see us more as a challenge.

In the case of saying no, the same thing happens with the examples of saying yes. If we agree on interests, it only helps us to be ambiguous, and if we cannot annoy it.

Find out more about why it is so important to communicate with ambiguity here!

10. Generates connection based on values ​​and beliefs

Make your words define who you are

The three components of lifestyles are:
Activities, interests and opinions.

  • What do you like to do and what does she like to do? Why did you do it and what did you get?
  • What you learn from your experiences?
  • Your interests? What you consider important.
  • What have you learned more than anything else?
  • Things that make you curious.
  • And above all, what and how do they make you feel?

From these three blocks of information (activities, interests and opinions) we can communicate our type of personality and values, and find out those of the other person. In turn, we can assess what attitudes he presents to the different issues that characterize his behavior patterns:

  • Does it make sense of humor when dealing with difficult or controversial issues? Or does it become serious and inflexible?
  • Are you open to change your mind?
  • Do you listen and be curious?
  • Does he stare at you with confidence?

When we want to meet someone, we have to get out of our head and enter fully into their world, learning to look through his eyes to discover his most valued and deep feelings.

Example of real conversation flirting on WhatsApp

To review the previous point, and something else ...

- Well, tell me something before I fall asleep. Are you driving a convertible? ”“ She asks me after 12 pm, resuming the conversation.

- Haha, if I have it already a couple of years. I have always liked nature and the feeling of freedom. Feeling that there is no roof above me - The purpose of linking on WhatsApp is to build that comfort for the appointment, so I begin to qualify my way of seeing life with some creative sparkles.

- Very well thought. I love how you express yourself. Well, I saw it yesterday but surely you never run out of conversation, right? -Here we should be careful, our response can communicate some features or others.

- Hahaha, I write and read a lot, so it is quite unlikely hahaha. But well we all have moments of downturn in which mind and heart go out and only silence comes out - Again we see a quite creative response, first with a cooler tone and then move on to a deeper tone.

- Mother of mine to see if I will be lucky and I have found a handsome and intelligent boy. Well, rather, be the mind that plays tricks on you when the heart is disturbed.

- It depends, sometimes with an altered heart it is how more the inspiration of feelings germinates. More than altered off or withered.

- Hahaha, and when do you get nervous?

- Getting nervous is not bad, right now I am a little nervous because I am talking with a girl that I think I can like a lot, that nervousness makes me feel alive - I show myself vulnerable and make her feel special and seductive. In addition, the good life philosophy of living and feeling life is again underworld.

- Ohhhhhhh, don't tell me those things ... will it be true?

- In addition I am lying on the steps of my house feeling the breeze and the vastness above me, the sensations are still multiplying. I am very much to live in the moment and to feel and forget everything else — I become qualified again.

- Yes?

- You will see how crazy I am hahaha - Here I make a stretch to lower the serious and deep tone to a more relaxed.

- Well, I can make you feel many things - Start qualifying yourself

- I know, crazy poets have a good eye, that's why I gave you so much the tabarra this afternoon even if you didn't answer me - I give importance to her so she feels valued.

- You have a contagious way of thinking. Well, so much tabarra has not been hahaha

- Hahaha, well a little yes. Do you know what I want most now?

- What do you fancy?

- Lie on an empty beach with you, get close to the shore, and whisper in your ear all the sensations that were inspiring me

- Mmmmmmmm

- For example, to tell you that you have lips built for desire and make fluttering sensations bloom all over your body —This is a clear example of the creativity we were talking about. A way to inject fantasies into your mind while enjoying your words. A few words to which you will become addicted.

- If I start thinking, I know that I need someone like you in my life hahaha. 😉

- And gently caress them with the fingertips - A little sexual tension

- You've made me put morritos hahaha

- Hahaha, if you put on little bones, I have more irresistible desire to wander my lips through yours.

You can find out more about how to communicate with empathy by generating rapport based on values ​​and beliefs by clicking here!

11. Persuade by WhatsApp to achieve your goals

Solve objections and excuses pleasing and convincing

When it comes to linking on WhatsApp and achieving our seduction goals, we must be attentive to the objections and excuses that may arise while we speak.

In the field of sales, it is said that The main reason why a sale does not materialize is an unresolved objection.

So, one objection is a real reason by which they can reject our advances. While excuses are disguised objections how well they can be a lie or hide the real substantive objections.

Let's give an example. Imagine, we want to propose an appointment by WhatsApp:

- What do you think if we meet this Saturday?
- Puff, this weekend and I've met my friends.
- Okay, do not worry. We can also see each other during the week. What day would be good for you?
- I don't know if I'm going to be able to because I have a lot of work. But we see it ...

More than one here will think: it is giving me lengths. And so it seems. But the question we have to ask ourselves is not whether it is giving us long or not, but why.

Why do they reject us on WhatsApp? What is the real objection?

Both meeting friends and having a lot of work can be real objections, or excuses that hide a real objection. The important thing is to intuit exactly what the real objection is. Let's look at possible objections to understand it:

  • We have known her very recently, we have barely spoken on WhatsApp either, and We have little confidence. It does not feel safe and it is not clear. Maybe if you stay with us, you will feel uncomfortable on the date. Therefore, he excuses himself to say no.
  • Still we are not attractive enough, and prefers to opt for other plans rather than having an appointment with us.
  • We like it, but it has another proposal on the table of another person who likes more or offers other alternatives. That is to say, the competition is not removing the prize despite doing things right.
  • We like it, you really want to stay with us, but you already have previous plans that you cannot break and during the week it is impossible for work (They were not excuses, they were real objections).

Objections can be resolved

The problem that many people have is that in the face of a rejection they take it badly and begin to act with more pride than intelligence. They may start to make fun of you how to say things like this: Of course, if you don't want to stay with me tell me and that's it. But obviously, that way nothing is achieved.

To be persuasive we have to opt for the way of attractiveness. For example:

- What a luck of mine. Between your friends and your boss they have put together a malicious plot to undermine my plans.
- Hahaha. If people don't love you with me. They are sabotaging you.
- Well, nothing happens. If in the end we manage to see each other even by random juggling, perhaps my lips are in charge of executing your revenge.
- Mmmm, that sounds interesting ...
- You bring that smile when you get a little nervous, and I assure you it will not be due to lack of inspiration.

Objections and excuses are fought with seduction. If you don't have enough confidence in us, we keep talking to generate it, maybe commenting more about ourselves. In case you don't perceive us attractive enough, we may have to play harder and take more risks. Use more humor, make sexual advances, qualify, etc., as in this last example. We have seen it before in the model on how to have labia.

What is clear is that to flirt on WhatsApp you must arm yourself with patience, and above all enjoy the process. Simply because There are no guarantees. Enjoy your now while doing it, And that will be your guarantee. Enjoy your present.

Also, I leave here a guide that will help you to be a more persuasive person in any context and things they can tell you. Not only to flirt on WhatsApp, but for any area of ​​your life:

Find out more about how to persuade and convince: Step by step guide!

12. To flirt talking about sex on WhatsApp, be creative

Communicate your way of enjoying sex with your words

Speaking of sex on WhatsApp to some may be a taboo subject, however, it is something demanded by some people and could not be missing in this guide.

From my point of view, there are three ways in which we can bring out the sexual issue:

  1. Sexualize the conversation
  2. Talk about sex as a topic of conversation
  3. Excite each other with sexual conversations

1. Sexualize the conversation

This section is part of the aforementioned model. Mainly, we sexualize when we provoke sexual energy, we throw innuendoes, double meanings, or we tell you directly what we want to do with it (this last point we will see separately in section three).

It should be noted that compared to the following points, WhatsApp sexualization can be carried out from the beginning. We can be very subtle, or very direct. But the normal thing is that we go progressively and evaluate how the other person is responding.

Previously we have already seen some examples of sexualization by WhatsApp more subtle, let's now see something more provocative:

- So unintentionally, I hit him in the face.
- Hahaha, thankfully I do not play tennis, but would be at risk my life with you.
- Wow ... won't you be one of those boring people who don't like risk?
- Well, it all depends on what risks ... It has to be worth it.
- Does biting your neck consider it a risk worthwhile?
- According to that bite.
- Slow, warm, but firm at the same time. My teeth brushing your skin while I moisten it with my lips.
- Followed by a soft and pleasant kiss? Remember that I am a romantic boy.
- Of course. I would never lose sight of that detail. And as for my hands, you'll have to imagine what they might be doing while.

About sexualization, you can read more in this article:
Seduce by transmitting sexual tension.

2. Talk about sex as a topic of conversation

Sex is becoming a less embarrassing topic to talk about, and more important in our societies. Never forget that providing good sex is important for every relationship.

If it arises or causes us to speak about sex, the ideal is that we know how to transmit our most philosophical opinions in essence. It is not so much to speak explicitly about what we like to do or what they do to us, but to address the issue in general.

Let's look at an example of a sex conversation on WhatsApp:

- For me, sex is a way of feeling and transmitting who we are. It is not just a matter of being pleased, but of enjoying privacy. The touch, the touch of the senses. Looks, caresses. Feel that you travel to another dimension and join another being.
- I quite agree with you. I think most boys just look for the mete takes out, so to speak, but they forget that sex can be much more.
- That's. It is a bit sad, but there are people for whom there is no meaning but there is pleasure. They see it more as a contract. I give you pleasure, and you to me.
- Yes, although good. It depends on who you do it with. It is not the same to have a partner, than a one-night adventure.
- Already, but still being an adventure of a night where we do not see beyond with that person in the future, I like to feel it as much as possible. Have an emotional connection. Not only seek the goal of running or pleasure, but immerse yourself in the sensations and leave the mind blank. That orgasm is the consequence of being carried away by feeling.
- The truth is that if. Even if it is temporary, if you concentrate on feeling and connecting, you enjoy much more and give you more things. Having sex for having is not the same. Sometimes you don't even enjoy it.

Here the key is to know about sex. If we have barely informed ourselves, we can say little more than speak slightly of our little argued opinion. Therefore, if you want to talk about sex on WhatsApp or face to face, I invite you to read a book on the subject.

I also leave you here this article of my own harvest, it will be good for you to start and reflect on your opinions:
More pleasure and duration in sex: 8 Tips

3. Excite each other with sexual conversations

Let's imagine that we have sex talking on WhatsApp. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary risks, It is important that we do this better with people with whom we have already had sex On at least one occasion.

Does that mean we can't do it with a person we have never seen? No, it can be done, but the risk is much greater. In this case, make sure you are progressive and start sexualizing and gradually raising the level. If all goes well, you can go on to do this. But beware, because it is very easy to end up being an unattractive piggy if you do not take care and do not write with a certain level of creativity.

Let's talk about what we would do sexually, and the other person can answer us with what he would do to us or simply get carried away by the imagination without actively intervening.

Let's start with a real example of my own garden. In what I do is excite a girl telling what she would do to her. That is, she does not enter history, I simply excite her (and myself, everything is said).

Example excite by WhatsApp narrating a sex scene together

- We could start with a soft nibble on your neck after those kisses, to see how you continue to react to that stimulus, while I caress your arm with my hands.

- If you do that to me, I won't be able to resist. So you better not keep saying I'm dying of desire.

- Then I start looking into your eyes and embody a smile. You approach to try to merge into a new kiss repeated, but more hot and soft. I stop you, I deposit my finger in the soft curvature of your lip, I put it in your mouth, and moistening it I begin to slide my finger towards your blouse. My other hand prepares indecisively to negotiate a deal. A deal that unbuttons the buttons that enclose you between the cotton, and that ask with emphasis the release.

- I kill you, I asked you not to follow, perhaps you want to see me bite my lips of the fusion between desire and anger contained for making me suffer in this way by not being able to comply immediately with what was said. Come come come come come. Hahahaha

- Like an army waiting to be conquered to achieve peace, button by button they fall delightfully before the struggle that my fingers exert on them. Your skin dazzles exposed eager and receptive to the touch, while my already dry finger begins to walk gently through your body. Brush your bra, but contain the temptation to break free of it and drop it to the floor.

Your gaze burns in the fire of sin, while your body begins to vibrate at a desire too long imprisoned in a maximum security prison. Longing to find escape. Your blouse definitely falls to the floor, and my eyes begin to look at you distracted. Wanting to get lost in a body that begins to remain already desert.

In an outburst I grab you astride me, kiss you and caress your body firmly with my hands while holding you. You bite my lower lip causing pleasant pain. Your tongue is out of control like that of a capricious snake, while your eyes look at me as if they have just arrived naughty from the lands of earthly paradise.

An uncontrolled desire begins to take hold of you and I even feel it makes you tremble. You stick more to me, you merge into a hug demanding liberation. But you open your eyes, it's just a dream, and you only find me in front of a screen that is already too observed reflecting your desires.

- Seriously you are not doing me any good, if you continue I will not read it my lips will end up bleeding from containment Where do you get all that, do not convert me ... JAJAJAJAJA

- Hahahaha, don't even think about damaging your lips. You have to watch over them because I need them for me.

- Hahahaha late, they are already half hurt because of you. I hate you for having such an imaginative head. And I hate myself for being vulnerable to you.

- LOL. I didn't know you were so vulnerable to my writing. I will take note. Don't worry about your lips, I'll take care of them.

At the end of the example, you can see that The tension is lowered with a few laughs. That's important, since we're getting excited talking about sex on WhatsApp. That is, you cannot release that tension except in the bathroom. I explain myself right? There comes a time when you have to calm the waters.

To train this ability to speak explicitly about sex, I recommend you read erotic novels such as 50 shades of gray. They will give you inspiration.

Listen to new hypnosis audio for free and start generating sexual tension:

13. Combine romanticism and sexuality to fall in love

Live idyllic love

In the previous point we have talked extensively about sexualizing a conversation. But what if we add to that romanticism? Well, simply that the mixture is dangerously explosive.

When we use romanticism when flirting on WhatsApp, the intention is provoke an emotional connection that travels beyond the sexual. That is, We create a predestination. We were born to love each other and be together. Beautiful, what if? Well, living it is even cooler.

As an example, I revert to excerpts from real conversations, and this is already several years old. Actually it was through Facebook, but the case is the same. So we traveled to Italy, or rather, to Valencia, where I met an Italian where after a beautiful night, we started talking on Facebook hundreds of kilometers away.

I will not extend to explain the context. The idea is that these examples help you to capture the essence of romanticism and inspire you, so that you yourself incorporate the romance into your WhatsApp conversations while mixing it with the other points of the model. And above all, while mixing it with sexualization.

Romantic example by WhatsApp

- You were right when you told me I linked a lot, but you broke my schemes. You've taught me that as much as I don't want to have a relationship with a girl right now, someone like you can appear, without knowing very well why, you feel in love in one night.

- I have no words, I can't explain this thing. I also didn't want to have a relationship with a boy at that time, but since last night in Spain, you're always in my thoughts and would do anything to be able to look in your eyes again and feel your lips.

- I simply can't believe what's happening. Since that night, every night I go to bed reliving those deep feelings that you managed to wake up in me and that were asleep. That innocent and tender smile, that deep and luminous look, and those sweet and sensual kisses. It's all for today, I'm going to sleep, but rest assured that I will think of you while I smile before falling asleep. I will relive that moment when you told me "what thing" and I just came out to smile and kiss you. Good night Xxxxx.

- I smile when I think of your way of laughing, the way you tried to convince me that you were sincere, and the song you invented for me: Love love love…. and also as you said "Pinocchio" I will be on your side while you fall asleep. A sweet kiss Good night David

- My seducer! I really like your photo. Simply because it represents you. I like your eyes. I still remember your look.

- What do you like my picture? Because I like you, all of you. Your impenetrable look, your seductive tenderness, your sweet caresses. Your hopeful smile. What a torture not to have you near Miss Xxxx, she still smiled when I remember you.

- I want to kiss you Xxxx, I want to feel your heart with mine, feel that I am inside you, smell you and caress you once more. I would like not even the wind to get between you and me, and instead we are thousands of kilometers away.
I have not forgotten you since that wonderful night in Valencia. I don't think I ever forgot her. How can you feel so much in such a short time? I do not know. I had not felt it before.

- Postscript: Stop uploading photos in which you leave so beautiful. As you continue like this in the end I will be forced to kidnap you and lock you in a desert island. Just the two of us and some monkey butler hahaha. You are notified Miss Xxxx.

- Destiny wanted me to meet you before leaving Spain ... You were the best part of my vacation ... it was only one night, but very precious to me ... and leaving you was the most difficult David.

- When we said goodbye our bodies and our hands did not want to let go. For me it was also very difficult Xxxxx. I could enjoy you very little time. From the first moment I saw you, I knew I loved you for me. It was all very beautiful and special. I have an uncontrollable desire to have you by my side right now. I'm sure I could spend the afternoon dumbfounded just looking at you. I imagine making love with you and that must be something magical, letting all these deep feelings and emotions flow. I feel you so far and yet so close Xxxxx.

- It's true David, that night my body did not want to separate from yours and my mouth from your mouth ... everything was so fast and sudden ... I was flooded with emotions and feelings as if you had bewitched me ... and when I left you to go do the suitcases, I was completely out of me ... as if I had lost a precious part of me. I have never tried this in such a short time. How I wish I could hug you again and make love with you .. It would be wonderful… to feel your warmth and look into your eyes and feel your kisses. I feel you too far, but at the same time close to me David. Postscript: Before when I saw your picture and saw your eyes I felt an indescribable emotion ... as if you were in front of me.

That's all folks. Obviously the conversation continues, but to understand the essence of romanticism, I think it's clear. You can learn a lot from Italy and its people. In themes of romance they always inspire.

But remember, The key is to combine it with the entire communication model to have lip. Here I have focused on putting romantic examples, but there were more normal and trivial parts of conversation. As a whole, the roller coaster is created.

You can see in more detail how to combine romanticism and sexual tension by clicking here!

14. Request an appointment by WhatsApp

How to choose the right time

Many rush to ask for an appointment on WhatsApp. Sometimes they get stuck, they perceive that the conversation begins to cut or is getting shorter, and they run to make the appointment.

It is not necessary to understand asking for the appointment as a culminating moment where we play it and it is all or nothing. No. In fact, I have asked for appointments many times ahead of time, waiting in advance to be rejected. There are times when they have accepted them, a show of high interest of the girl towards me at that time, and others have rejected them.

The important thing is that when you reject an appointment, as we saw in the section on rejection, is that you continue playing for WhatsApp. That is, do not come down, be patient, and after solving the possible objections for which you have rejected the appointment, ask again.

Likewise, here are some tips so that you have many more possibilities to accept it:

Request the appointment at a great moment of the conversation

That is, when there is a lot of play and the mood of the other person is high. As I said, some ask when things get stuck as a last resort. That is a mistake, because the attitude of the other person towards us is at a low point. Ask for it when in times when everything goes smoothly.

Propose a specific plan

If you only say to stay, and you do not say where and for what, there are many open doubts. Ideally, you should propose an appointment in a public place, such as a cafeteria or take a walk through a place of interest, where there are no risks to the safety of the other person. Dispense with plans such as movies or going to dinner. Being with a person with whom you have spoken little in person in environments where you cannot speak fluently, because you are eating or doing something else, leads to awkward moments.

If you can, notify before your intentions to see you

Many times the first thing I have done when asking for a phone number is to inform the girl that I would like to see her as soon as possible.

I usually say something like this: Leave me your number, let's talk on WhatsApp, and surely how I still like it as much as you are doing now, for the next weekend I will be absolutely hopeless to ask you for an appointment to see us again.

In this way, you already know that talking on WhatsApp will be a way to meet and have fun, but that my greatest interest is to meet her in person. And if from the outset this has already been assumed, it is more likely that when it takes place to ask for the appointment it does not catch you by surprise.

We can do the same while we talk on WhatsApp. For example: how you keep making me laugh like that, even if Zeus God of the gods goes down to forbid it, he can prevent me from asking you for a date. You are notified.

Finally, if you want to know more about how to request an appointment by WhatsApp, I invite you to see my article dedicated to it:
How to request an appointment by WhatsApp and social networks

15. Improve your communication skills

Empathy, assertiveness and emotional communication

When we seduce by WhatsApp or have any type of conversation, we know that we only have written language. That makes our communication skills still more relevant.

The main ones are empathy, assertiveness and emotional communication. The three as a whole help us to know each other, connect emotionally and avoid conflicts. Explaining them here would lengthen this guide too much. Therefore, I leave three links to their respective articles where you will find numerous examples of seduction that you can apply to your conversations on WhatsApp:

Empathy: How to be empathetic to seduce and fall in love

Assertive communication: Guide with examples

Emotional communication: Express feelings and emotions

brave jungle

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Let our swords fall! Let us invoke the freedom of the heart. With gloom and darkness we will navigate in the inspiration of our souls. Turning away the calm that drives our bodies away and taking over the desire to forget our old brakes. Let's travel to each curve, let's fall into each vertigo. Let's not stop until it hurts!

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4 replies on "Flirt on WhatsApp with the conversation: Guide with examples and phrases"

  • Jose Blandon

    Hi David, I'm José Nolvan from Nicaragua. He did not get used to reading his blog a lot but in a short time I am getting used to it and I tell him that in moments that I do it, I am impressed by his passion for what you love and have, I am a person of a low academic level but I am pleased that I like reading a bit and with what you raise I feel free from harms and fears since we have men oh people who do not have that good habit to have a fluid conversation with people and worse with a woman. Thank you I wish you well and wonderful.

    • David Jungle

      Thank you very much Jose for your message. Messages like yours make me happy and motivate me to keep writing. It is to be admired that people with low education, as you say they have, are excited about reading and overcoming even though they may not have been instilled before.

      I encourage you to remain curious and continue enjoying your growth day after day in any aspect that helps you live happier, and as I say in this blog, with more courage and freedom.

      A big hug, and I hope we continue chatting on the blog.


  • Juan Carlos

    Hi David, my name is Juan Carlos, we spoke recently by mail which I am grateful for the inconvenience.
    I have been following this blog for a while now and the truth is that it is the one I am following the most since here you teach that one is an observer among other things and from there know how to behave before a girl what to do and what not to do, think before speaking and not as it happens to the majority to me less and less and thanks to letting go of the first thing that is passed through the head without analyzing the result that comes later.
    The subject of poetry is very interesting and I think it is essential since women usually express themselves better than men it is not surprising that they get bored with most of them, philosophy is also a good reef in my case to My current case hehe with a specific girl.
    In conclusion I think that these bases that you teach help you to behave as you really are following your intuition (intuition that you have to develop reading the blog over and over again) and not have to memorize rare phrases and strategies ...
    All this knowledge is applicable not only to interact better with a girl but also to perform better in social relationships, a job interview, express ourselves better what we feel and think, in short, be a little happy and have more company more often under our sheets ...
    Let's support this boy who is leading us along this path. Thank you

    • David Jungle

      Thank you very much Juan Carlos! It's nice to read thanks as well, more after a hard day of work haha.

      As you said, the interesting thing about learning to seduce is to do it in a free way. Watching her and ourselves and acting based on what we want or interest. Of course, for this you have to train skills and learn. The more interesting we are and the more pleasant our company is, the more we will fall in love.

      A big hug and thanks again for following the blog!


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