How to enjoy everything you do

Time is not an investment. If we get used to seeing time as an investment, we may get great social values, but nobody is ever buried with their castle. The castles do not fit in the coffins, neither gold nor silver.

Your wealth is measured in time, and feel and enjoy that time if it is the most profitable investment we can make. Every day, every hour, every moment ...

How to enjoy everything you do

Get excited about what you want to get, whatever you do

Of course, we will not always do what we want at all times. Nor will we always be where we would like to be. We have to work and strive. Sometimes even in times where fatigue is too heavy, or discouragement has come to visit us.

However, Work and studies put us to the test and strengthen us. Struggling to achieve our goals, or simply to fulfill our duty, sometimes it is hard, but We cannot only look at the darkness hoping not to suffer before it. We have to look at the light. Face each other in front of these contexts and say: I will try to enjoy them too! I'm going to smile more! I will dream more! I will be more proud of my fight!

Beauty never hides. It is we who decide to look at beauty or ignore it.

It is our culture, Fighting for what we want enriches us and makes us enjoy life. Move our energy currents with love from enthusiasm.

Likewise, any annoying situation can have a positive side Let us see her with greater beauty. Beauty never hides. It is we who decide to look at beauty or ignore it.

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.
Bob Marley

Time is feeling

Bob Marley knew that very well. Some people feel the rain, others just get wet. What a beautiful phrase to remember when our time emits boredom or despair! Why not feel more every moment?

Some before a couple break up, say they have wasted time. They look at the goal of having a partner: maybe getting married, having children and dropping white doves at the door of the house. But this is absurd! It's fine for stories and cartoons, but not for real life.

Ideals are sometimes not fulfilled. Dreams are sometimes not drawn in reality as we had imagined. But that doesn't mean we don't have to continue accepting, loving and enjoying life in the same way. Because that's what matters! What we get will go away. He will die with our body. But what we live will remain forever ... deep inside of us, in our energetic essence.

Because everything is real, meditate and manage your time

If you ever thought that you were wasting your time, in fact we have all thought about it once, that is not due to the end result, but to your way of understanding time and how you manage it to enjoy as much as you can of it and in turn Keep enjoying it in the future.

When spring comes again

When spring comes again
Maybe I am no longer in the world.
Now I would like to believe that Spring is a person
seeing that he had lost his only friend.
But spring is not even one thing:
It is a way of saying.
Not even the flowers return, not even the green leaves.
There are new flowers, new green leaves.
There are other mild days.
Nothing comes back, nothing repeats, because everything is real.

Fernando Pessoa, Poetry.

We can meditate on how we spend our time and contrast it with our purpose and goals. That is to say, contrast how you use and understand time in relation to what for you is the meaning of your life (purpose: for example, enjoy to the fullest now) and your goals (have a family, start a business, etc).

So we can study if we are really going along the path that by conscience and essence will bring us happiness, or if on the contrary we are deviating and we have to take corrective measures.

You can ask you questions that compromise your beliefs, thoughts and actions and arouse your creative attitude to give yourself answers in various ways.

Here are some:

Can I do all those things that sometimes do not please me and at the same time enjoy that great time they consume?

Can I invest in myself, in my family or in the future without bad faces?

Can I let go of repeated problems and thoughts that lead nowhere?

Can I accept and love myself at any time and circumstance?

Can he enjoy me now build my great future?

Can I face difficulties with a positive attitude?

Be creative in your answers and don't be afraid to face these kinds of questions. Formulate the ones that are right for you, and always find a unique path that leads you to feel every day more than your time is your greatest wealth.

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brave jungle

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The attitude uncovers the trunk of fantasy impregnated in everything beautiful. It leads us to dream, to get excited and to make others participate in our little fairy tales. Encourage yourself to do things with the power of passion. Get ready for it every day and that attitude will be what leads you to enjoy everything.

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    DAVID, I already missed your articles… and reading this one… I continue confirming the enthusiasm, passion and intensity with which you live, and above all, the generosity with which you share your reflections and inner wisdom with the people we have the privilege of have you in our lives .... Thank you for being and being! and I send you a hug from the depths of my being, always grateful for all the light and joy you bring to my life!


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