Develop your sense of humor: Always have a smile ready!

What would life be without the sense of humor? It would certainly be something very different and boring. If there is a heavenly music for our ears, it is certainly laughter. A good sense of humor, in addition to being a great meter of intelligence, transmits positive emotions and happiness in others, thus being humor the best drug in the art of seducing and captivating.

Laughter is a very positive emotion that we can generate throughout the world. A good sense of humor and the ability to make others laugh will surely increase our attractiveness more than anything else.

Can a person who is not funny become one?

The sense of humor or the ability to make others laugh, spark, wit or whatever we want to call it, can be develop and improve. Like we can improve the lip in many other aspects.

Ask any famous comedian if when it was funnier, when he started doing monologues or now. Or better yet, search YouTube for its first monologues and compare them with the latest ones. A clear proof that truth can be developed?

Ok, you have convinced me, but ...

How long will it take me to improve my sense of humor?

We all have the innate abilities to be creative, only our conditioning and beliefs are different, or in other words, we have had different sources of influence.

Who can be the funniest son of a great humorist, or the son of a mathematician who is very serious? Obviously, if your family has always been very "good vibes", since childhood you have had a better influence to be more funny and have a better mood. Therefore, what you have to think about right now is not how long you are going to take, if not from what base you start.

If you are already funny, you can improve and become much more slowly. And the less you are, you are also in luck, because whenever they leave from a bad base, small improvements will be great steps and will make a big difference in your relationships. Can you imagine what people will say when they see you much being much more fun than before?

How can we improve our sense of humor?

The first step is to adopt new habits that are capable of positively influencing you and uncovering that humorous creativity that you have inside. We can highlight these:

See monologues or humor series: This is perhaps the fastest way to achieve it, because we connect our visual and auditory channels at the same time.

Look closely at the emphasis and pauses that different comedians use. Observe how they express themselves, and above all, keep your attention on how they jump from one topic to another using the threads conversations (we will see them later in this article).

Read books that stand out for the "spark" of their characters: There are many novels, biographies or even humor books, jokes, etc., that can help us face the light bulb.

Again here pay attention to how humor seeks to impact with words, and the effect that these unexpected responses have on laughter.

Surround yourself with funny people: Whenever we surround ourselves with funny people who keep jokes and humor at all times, we will feel like we are adopting parts of their personality.

People with good humor get bewitched by their influence. Open to them without envy and let them poison you little by little.

Increase your vocabulary: if you have a wide and rich vocabulary you will make your fluency when speaking much more fluid, and therefore it will cost you less to navigate your creativity, since the reaction time will be less.

The sources of influence mentioned above will be useful, however there are more effective ways to improve our lexicon. Reading poetry is my favorite, and for me one of the most effective. However, any creative reading can help you, like having a dictionary of synonyms, or just being aware of new words that you didn't use before to incorporate them.

Give yourself time and be constant! Your sources of influence will improve your mood!

These new habits will help you improve your sense of humor naturally and internally. That is, they will be part of you and your personality without having to overact, take jokes learned from home or fall into imitation.

However, Like all true changes, it takes time. My advice is that every day (I like to do at night before bedtime), you get used to at least half an hour or a development of one of those habits or several. This way maybe you will wake up every day being around a 1% or 3% funnier than you slept the night before. It's great right?

Let yourself go at your own pace

The second step is to practice it in a relaxed way, and the best way to do it is to get carried away. You have to be patient and, having adopted these new habits, not force the new skill you are getting.

If you constantly think about being funny, your creativity will go down and your fears will amplify.

Do not become obsessed with reaching the goal ahead of time. The humor within social relationships is very spontaneous, if we become obsessed with being more funny, our mind will start to distract us and will not allow us to bring our creativity afloat.

Live in the present and enjoy it, and when the time comes for action you will flow naturally.

Pay conscious attention in the now. When you interact with other people, get out of your mind and stay tuned for what is happening around you and what others do or say. Remember that our fears are only mental, if we pay attention to the outside and leave our thoughts, creativity flows.

Improve your sense of humor and your lips thanks to observation and conversational threads

We will use conversational threads to find word associations and conversation topics as if they were spider webs.

Observe the text to pull threads that generate humor

The text is neither more nor less than those we hear who are telling us, or what we ourselves say.

Any word can end up leading to another with a seemingly very different meaning. Let's see examples:

  • I also love dogs, they are so happy there moving their tails. They remind me a lot of myself when I have sex. Happiness and move the rabito, what more can you ask for?

In this example we can pull the word DOGS, if for example we are talking about how much we like dogs, and associate it with happiness and move the tail, to later take it to the first person from a sexual point of view that attracts attention.

  • Yesterday I read a self-help book and I think they should ban it. It is not fair to spy on one of the corners to end up selling my intelligence for only 10 euros.

In this other example we would be using arrogant humor, something controversial in many occasions but very effective in others. We associate reading a book, with which they have been spying on our intelligence to write it.

Observing the context to generate humor

Context is the set of circumstances that occur around a fact. If we meet someone in a bar, the answer will be everything that surrounds that encounter (the decoration of the bar, the people and what they do, waiters, etc).

If, for example, a waiter drops a glass and you have been attentive or attentive to the context, you can say something like:

  • Don't worry, he is Casillas's cousin. It comes from family.

Taking advantage of a second context and using some news to make humor (bad game of goalkeeper Casillas in his last games).

Watching people to generate humor

No doubt the other person, or people with whom we are talking, are a great source of information that will help us know what to say and have more courage. The clothes, the gestures, what they are doing, etc.

  • I love how generous you are when you really want to. You make me feel more special than Doraemon to Novita. Every time I ask you something, you get a no from your infinite pocket.

In this case we use irony and exaggeration, both widely used by people with a great sense of humor, to sympathize ridiculously that someone does not give us something.

Self-confidence or laughing at oneself

They say that laughing at oneself is a sign of intelligence and high self-esteem. However, in addition to that, it is one of the easiest ways to make others laugh. The only problem would be to pass or rediculize oneself in controversial points of personality, where we could end up being mocked. But with small doses, this kind of humor is highly recommended.

  • I love leaving my exams always for the last day. It has always seemed to me a great proof that for many hosts I will continue to be just as stupid. Nothing and nobody can change!

In this example we pull sarcasm to make an ironic mockery of ourselves.

  • People often think that I am drunk when I have not drunk a drop, but the truth is that I like drunk people so little, that I need to get drunk so as not to realize their frightful and deplorable state.

Here we are associating ourselves with a horrible and deplorable state. How unexpected it is to criticize people and then put ourselves as pioneers of that same sack, has always had its grace.

Example in self-confidence narrative

I don't spend that anymore

"It is clear that you are of that kind of boy who is walking down the street and looking at himself in the reflection of the shop windows." I already assumed it the day I picked you up from the street… ”I get a little bit with my boyfriend to chop him.

"I don't deny it, but that was until I came across a nose lamp." That day I turned my life around — I can't help laughing while talking. Now I make sure well before doing so, lest I meet again with one of those soldiers in shining armor with light bulbs on my head.

Respond indifferently to my provocations and add to my criticism with an irony that stimulates my neurons; and maybe other things too ...

"Poor thing, you don't know what a pity it gives me, eh!" I will speak personally with the mayor to warn him of the dangers that these street lamps have for the egocentric ones like you, your honor - I end up brushing with extravagance.

"How I like you to worry about me."

"Sure, because you're crazy and you have to be vigilant."

-No way! The crazy people have heads. I no longer spend that. I sold it long ago for ten euros. It is the best business I have ever done in my life.

-Oh yeah? And what did you do with the ten euros?

"I completely invested them in a gin and tonic." A risky bet ... but that gave me great benefits.

We both laugh at our mixes of attacks, irony, exaggeration and absurdities. Because in the end, these types of conversations always make the afternoon sun end up enjoying much more, and as God commands!

From joy to happiness ...

Excerpt from the book Wake up beauty with a model explained with examples to make your conversations more funny, fun and seductive.

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You wait for joy to come from outside. Joy is an attitude that you can encourage from within. Always smile! Throw yourself into the search for the fun side of things. Everything has it, however spoil it may seem to us at the beginning. Look for joy and fun, in the end you will find passes where you pass.

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