How not to seduce: 11 tips for not flirting or joking

About how to link has been written a lot, however many times we learn more from mistakes than from the tips that lead us to get it right. And if something has become clear to me over many years of experiences and I study around the subject of seduction, it is that it counts more not to make those mistakes than to be a true phenomenon or super seductive.

However, we become so obsessed with doing things very well and being super cool, sometimes overwhelming us with slaves of perfectionism, that we end up doing real bullshit.

Do you want to flirt? Avoid these tips. Do you want to scare people like flies? Well, don't cut yourself and carry them out!

1. Agobia everything you can and more

I don't know what the good people of the Titanic would feel when they saw that tremendous chunk of ice that they were going to collide with, but I am sure that I have felt worse things with the questions of some girls who wisely decide to hurry things up as much as possible .

She: But you want a stable relationship?


She: You haven't told me anything all week, are we going to see each other this weekend? I see what you care about.

He: I can't keep looking like this, I need something else.

Let go and live the present to seduce nobody likes it. It is best to call our lawyers and advisors to put in papers and establish times and conditions of how and when things will happen.

2. Patience is losers

If you see that boy or girl that you like has told you that he is on exams and he will not be able to be very aware of talking on WhatsApp, you neither case!

Give all the mess you can and throw yourself at force the situation. Keep talking to him every 5 minutes while that person you like answers from time to time with monosyllables. If you go slowly looking to talk at the best moments, you will not generate an intense connection since for this the insistent burden is vital.

3. Talk about how the weekend has gone and how

Have a good lip and be able to talk with interesting conversation topics It is an absolute nuisance. Generating emotions is overrated. It is best to talk about absolutely trivial topics all the time and without the slightest sign of creativity; without any implication or emotion. How was your weekend, how have you been doing the week, the good day it is or how disgusting the rain is. And that's it! So the other person will feel special, valued, have fun, feel uncontrollable sexual tension, etc. Everyone will fall at your feet!

4. Bragging butt

It is that person who is always talking about how fantastic he is, what he has. How nice we always like ehhh! We can think of the case of the typical presumed handsome, or that friend who is always showing that she has a lot of money or that she has many successes.

We love spending time with these people, because they only think of themselves and show that they are better than the rest of mortals, and if they are not angry. There are no more notorious features to have a attractive personality to be a braggart, of course.

5. No emotional communication

Never say how you feel about your experiences or what the other person does or says. You focus only on the facts. What happens and what is seen is the only thing that counts. Be a whole textbook and if possible math. Nothing of emotional communication.

She: Why did you decide to study psychology?
Me: It was the one I liked the most. (Take your eggs, see if I guess, why did you take it? How much new information do you give me ...)

I give you another example with emotional communication so that you never do so, lest you flirt.

She: Why did you decide to study psychology?
Me: Do you know that feeling you feel when someone asks you for very worried advice? That feeling that he trusts you so you can help him. Do you know how you feel when that person really feels your support and you see that you have managed to help her? I wouldn't know how to describe to you what I feel. But I do know that I would not dedicate my life to anything else.

6. Don't shut up anything, the cards always on the table

That mystery we feel when the other person makes us a hint but does not finish rebelling for sure what he is talking about. That's bullshit. Nothing cool. It is best to pass our curriculum as soon as possible. I already have it! Let's go out to the street with several copies of the curriculum vitae and everyone who likes it will deliver it along with a business card.

She: I don't know if it's good that we keep talking. You seem like a boy too good for certain things that I have in mind right now.

These types of phrases are not cool, never say them. Human beings are not attracted to curiosity. And sexual advances even less.


7. Sex is reached with a handshake and a contractual signature

Imagine that wonderful night of Hollywood movie in which boy meets girl and they fall in love. Cupid throws them a crush and unites them forever. Then the boy becomes nervous, does not stand up with a ball, the girl notices it strangely and goes and says:

Him: Do you want us to have sex?

Will she respond? Yes, of course, where do you have to sign?

Well, no.

She: I'm not one of those who sleep with a boy the first night.

What you never have to do is go creating sexual tension little by little and make natural proposals according to the context, this never:

He: I don't want this night to ever end.
She: Yes, it's being super special.
Him: I would like to show you something. I live near here and what we have been talking about will excite you. And calm, that nothing has to happen. Do not be misunderstood that I see you coming. At least nothing we don't want to happen.
She: Hahaha, okay. Let's see what a surprise you have prepared for me.

8. Think all you can and more and if possible in negative

Analyze all the pros and cons. Think the shit you'll feel when they reject you, how the world will fall on you and Zeus will come down from the kingdom of the gods with his lightning to give you a colleja. WORLD'S END.

In seduction, the more you dramatize everything and the more you are, the better, the more blocked you will be and that way you will not be able to say a single coherent word, or be natural, or flow, or anything at all. And if you follow seduction methods, the best thing is that you spend half an hour thinking if your way of touching your hair has been an IDI or a “how you bore me kid, I will see if I am entertained by staying bald). Do we open directly or indirectly? Will my super alpha position see me here in the 007 type bar? Those are the questions you have to ask yourself continuously. Observe and act letting go and facing your fears noooooo. Better analyze everything to the extreme and if you articulate word, let it be stuttering of the cushion that you have created.

9. Always be the same. If you go the chulito / a roll, always chulito / a

People love those other people who know how to play in a fun way. A chulito and arrogant fool who is attractive in various situations many people attract. Now, we are much more attracted when we see that this person is absolutely incapable of ceasing to be cool and arrogant all the time.

No one likes versatile people who have resources. We like predictable people who always do the same. If it were me, I would eat pizza every day of my life until I die. If the chulito works then chulito all the time. Variety is something that humans ... just don't like.

10. Make him see that you sigh through his bones no matter what

There is nothing more attractive in this world than what we know we have insured. In the palm of the hand. Everything we already have has much more value if we know that there will be no way for us to lose it. That unconditional love that will always accompany you no matter what. May your happiness depend solely on the other person. Emotional dependence is repels. It is more cool than the iPhone.

Let him not have the slightest doubt that he can lose you, that you don't care if he is unfaithful, that whatever he does you will continue to sigh for him or her. Nothing more seductive, right? Well, you know, put the other person in front of your whole life and your dreams, you will see how it cannot contain the excitement and it will wet the sheets.

11. Don't have fun or have fun with others

Don't bother develop your sense of humor. Humor is for comedians who have nothing better to do. These fill the theaters because people are threatened at the door with a gun and a giant bazoca to enter and pay the entrance. Actually, what we all like is the complete total and absolute reasoning of things and eating with 7 forks every day.

The more logical and moralistic, the better. Never run adventures or make jokes of any kind, that's the most attractive. The greatest power of seduction is to be serious and bitter to spread that depressing state to others and thus want to bitter their existence with you.

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Seduce is to enjoy every moment, because there is no greater seduction than to feel our present. The touch of a smile, the electricity that conveys a look. Words that walk through the air and ignite us with emotion. To seduce is to love oneself, love others and let ourselves be enveloped by the magic that is created.

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    If following these tips guarantees me not to have a girlfriend or ever have children and live alone and quietly in my house, I buy them !!!


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